The Biggest Questions After The GoT Finale



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    There are threads left dangling, prophecies unanswered, and portentous warnings that now seem strange and pointless. Were these questions intentionally unanswered? Did the Game of Thrones writers simply forget about them or purposefully shunt them to the side when the show took unexpected turns?
    From the White Walkers' introduction in the first episode to the moment Arya Stark dispatched them all with a well-aimed strike, they were a terrifying mystery.
    Here and there, Game of Thrones dropped tantalizing hints about the White Walkers' culture that we never saw brought to any sort of coherent conclusion. We know that the Children of the Forest created them from human men, and that they needed healthy human babies to continue their line. We know that they took these babies to a place in their home in the Lands of Always Winter, which looked an awful lot like a civilized settlement. We heard them emit what sounded like screeches, but to them seemed to be a sort of language.
    Had they succeeded in tightening their frigid grip upon the world, they might have had plans beyond mayhem and death. Perhaps, as in the books, there were female White Walkers hidden away up north, and a mysterious and unique brand of ice magic unknown to any other race.
    Watch for more about the biggest questions after the GoT finale!
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    Were the White Walkers intelligent? | 0:17
    Are there more Children of the Forest? | 1:13
    What's the new Night's Watch's job? | 2:06
    Is the Lord of Light the only powerful god? | 3:03
    What happened to Slaver's Bay? | 4:03
    Did the Faith Militant give up? | 4:56
    What happened in Dorne? | 5:50
    Did the prophecies mean anything? | 6:47
    What was up with Quaithe? | 7:37
    Why are the seasons so long? | 8:27
    Does Bran's warging even matter? | 9:33

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    1. Public Relations

      The expectation of meaning has been subverted.

    2. MrSharp905

      The ending was a big waste. A let down to everyone who lost there time whatching this show. How can you let down such a big fan base... Shame on them.

    3. She Fain

      The biggest question- Will D&D ever admit their mistake?

    4. Joeml91

      Some very good questions indeed but: 1. How can you talk about all those religions but not mention the Old Gods of the North, the gods of the Starks who are the main characters? 2. Grey Worm and the Unsullied were not returning to Essos, they were heading to Naath which is part of the continent of Sothoryos

    5. Nathan Jimenez

      Too much material not done yet

    6. Edward Carter

      Mourning death of Daenerys; she did more good than bad.

    7. Edward Carter

      Mourning death of Daenerys; she did more good than bad.

    8. Tina C. Lee

      Pretty sure: 1. White walkers were not intelligent with the exception of the Night King 2. Children of the Forrest went extinct when they were all killed by the white walkers 3. Night's Watch is more symbolic than anything. A place for "bastards and broken things" as Tyrion put it (roughly). 4. No, they will not rebuild the Wall as there is no point. 5. #4 is a dumb question 6. Unsullied went to Naath, not back to Yunkai or Meereen or Astapor 7. Daenerys died so there would be no reason the Ironborn stayed in Meereen 8. Faith Militant in King's Landing died when Daenerys torched the city 9. Prince of Dorne was chosen based on closest living relative -- I'm sure the ENTIRE royal family was not wiped out 10. Prophecies did not mean anything since they were sometimes incorrect 11. "Why are the seasons so long?" This is not reality. It's medieval mixed with fantasy. The season length is being questioned when, in the same video, the existence of Children of the Forrest and white walkers isn't questioned? Dumb question. The season of winter is also metaphorical for "dark period." The entire video is kind of dumb.

    9. Joedrine Saragle

      Wtf,Jon Snow has became powerless,he is a Stark and a Targaryen yet he ended just like that!

    10. Sheila Ivery

      Whatever happened to the mother from Dorne that was in the dungeon to be kept alive while her daughter supposedly turned into dust and ashes?

    11. Shelbymaldita

      It was all a fantasy lol🙄(sarcasm)

    12. Barry Ybarra

      The first six seasons consisted of 10 episodes, Seasons 7 and eight cut back to six. From what I can gather, the two men responsible for GOT's success were hired to work on the next Star War's trilogy scheduled to begin 2022. George R.R. Martin was agreeable with a 10 season 10 episode run for GOT. HBO was agreeable and ready to spend for the additional money needed to fund GOT. The problem was replacing the two and so it was agreed to limit seasons 7 and 8 to six episodes. That meant the flow of the show would be changed for those two seasons. This resulted in GOT feeling hurried and bloated. Seeasons 7 and 8 were, technically, brilliant. But the story suffered under the weight of expectations and the arcs of characters had to be cut, shortened or eliminated This would leave fans disappointed and angry. Fans would be left to wonder, what if the producers had stuck with 10 episodes per season.

    13. VT

      LMAO just making videos huh? The only question Jon that's it period. No one cares about the other bs you are talking about. Because the storyline was not about them. They were part of the story on the way. No one cares what happened to people who Dani freed. Because they were still going to be free under her reign. Thumbs down.

    14. Omair Javed

      I bet even D&D doesn't know the answers to these questions!

    15. ziggy stardust

      Biggest question, ok. “Why did it suck?”

    16. MsAirbrenda

      It's heartbreaking, those guys did to the entire series what Daenerys did to Kings Landing. I can't even watch the old episodes now, none of it makes any sense since the show runners went mad and decided to end a story driven by prophecies by doing what was "unexpected". It's sad as hell.

    17. Nancy Basile

      Yeah, my biggest question is just, why is there a wall? Why is there still the Night's Watch? TBH, I actually liked the ending.

    18. WinnieTheGrizzly

      When will the reshoots begin?

    19. Michael John Torcuator

      What if the twist is like this. The Night King may have foreseen a disaster to fall on Westeros. The white walkers aim to increase their numbers because there is impending doom in the future, which Westerosis will not be able to handle alone. What if that threat is greater than the white walkers themselves.

    20. Luis Alvarez

      Bran was watching hentai while people were dying trying to protect him.

    21. Lizerio

      *We Kinda forgot everything* -D&D

    22. Derek Meeks

      MOST AGGRAVATING QUESTION.?What did the voice from the fire say when the witch threw Varies genatials into the fire! What was the point of the 3 eyed raven? What happened to light bringer? Wasn't the point of the show was the prince who was promised? How does high garden have money again after the lannisters stole and spent it? What was the point of Ned hearing Brandon yell dad when Brandon was visiting the past?

    23. pristane

      I am a very big fan of your comedy but your review for game of thrones is rubbish, agar war me log marte he to terrorist jab civilians ko maarte he to vo Sahi karte he,kyuki war me log marte he terrorist ke liye bhi to ye ek war hi he na, deneares ne bhi cersie jaisa Kiya MATLAB dono me koi Antar Raha hi nahi, cersie ne bhi fir sahi Kiya, or Jo Aapne bola ki war me log marte he Hana ek Baar seria jao fir aisa bolna gaand haat me na aaye

    24. Arystan Beck

      So, Jon Snow gets betrayed and killed by Janos and other conspirators, then he gets revived and kills them being very righteous. Then he betrays and kills his queen who didn't just trust him but also loved him. Then he just go back to his old job. How just!

    25. Olivia Williams

      As for Rholorr I still don’t know if even exist all I got from Mellissandra and other red priests from the books is that blood magic work. Not that their god exist

    26. Olivia Williams

      The Children all died in the episode the door. They had said they where the last one

    27. katyrosiely

      Would have loved to see more of Quaithe

    28. BadassUnicorn

      I'm still wondering when the right S8 will come out. you nailed it on the dangling issues. I'm still SMH.

    29. mr watcherofolde

      Jon left the wall-after his ''death'' by stabbing his ''contract'' was up. He went with the Wildings to LIVE with them.

    30. Kal S

      I think DandD got a few phrases from GRRM and they tried to connect the dots in their own piss poor way. I think even in the books Jon would still slay Dany but the motivation for that would be very convincing, powerful and explained much better. I also think that the iron throne would be destroyed possibly by dragons. But I do believe we will get a less rushed up convincing ending. Though we may not like it.

    31. emirose russell

      I think it took 2y to shoot becuz in 2017 the original script was hacked and shared online, so hbo decided to change the ending and turn it into a peice of shit

    32. Big Dave

      Bran never did warg into a dragon. Seems like it might have helped.

    33. Kathrine Scott

      Laaaaame!!!!! A wasted Sunday night

    34. Slim Pickings

      When did the white walkers decide they needed a uniform? And why did that one Walker decide to rock a man bun? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    35. Mordred Vesolvo

      Is everyone who says this season was bad sarcastic? I honestly can’t tell. I find it the best season, it was really awesome, enjoyed it a lot. I can’t understand why would anyone think is bad

    36. Frosted Cat

      what does the night watch even do when the night king is dead ????

    37. InternetJuror

      **Ride of the Valkyries Intensifies**

    38. G Harold

      why is everyone ignoring GOT dragons vs Japanese dragons?

    39. Amber Thrailkill

      This is a crap video... Where will god go? What happen to people we hardly saw? Stopped watching pretty quickly as it got annoying

    40. Manoir X

      The Unsullied do not return to Essos. They leave for the island of Naath on the coast of Sothyros where Torgo Nudho promised Missandei they would go together when the war was over. Even though she dies he keeps his promise to go there and become the protector of her former people.

    41. Andy Harrod

      leaving questions is great news, it means these stories can be developed further later

    42. Michael Cortez

      Season 8 was a big middle finger to the fans of the show. Showrunners are so undeserving of star wars, especially after this season 8 shitshow.

    43. Zulu Nation

      Bran plan it all. He act like he doesnt want it, but he want it all

    44. utubekebs

      Jon Snow the Queenslayer!

    45. Stu Smith

      Biggest question how can two idiots ruin the best show on tv

    46. margarida m.

      But... Where did dragon took deanerys body?

    47. DJ

      I have one Question: why the f@ck did it end that way??? And i want answers damn it!

    48. winterfell corazon

      Season 8 so disappointed..

    49. Rob Mainville

      There’ll be a movie in three years to cash in and answer questions

    50. mxt mxt

      When John Snow left, leading the wildlings North he basically became a fugitive and deserter. He wasn't supposed to go North. He was supposed to guard the wall. Bran already set himself up for a troubled and, most likely, short rule. Bronn is a terrible financial manager. He'll bankrupt the kingdom(s). Besides that, he doesn't have Sansa's support anymore. When Daenerys' loyalists find out John went North of the Wall they will want to kill him. Sansa will have a problem with that. You have a conflict right there. Also, if one of the aristocrats that elected Bran doesn't like what he's doing, they might try to secede and there are others that are just waiting for a moment of weakness to follow suit.

    51. A R

      Poor Jon Snow. So much for being a Targaryen

    52. drsupremo88

      Surprised not seeing more professor x jokes

    53. drsupremo88

      When they killed stannis kid Was the worst

    54. drsupremo88

      They went super shit on last season

    55. North Sea Brent

      To the narrator, your accent is horrendous, it makes my ears bleed, please stop.

    56. Katy Bell

      Fucking Star Wars.....

    57. ButrzV2

      This is probably the best thing for people who finished the series to watch. If people can withstand new sets and/or graphics, and a new cast, these could all make new seasons.

    58. ChelseaJanelle

      Everyone in the faith militant was blown up in the Sept of Balor.

    59. Rob Hudson

      Greatest show ever!!! Sad it's over!

    60. thebag2787

      Jon left the nights watch, sure there's nothing to protect against up there???

    61. Ronnie Farnsworth

      Even the most ardent Pro writers groupies have to agree by now with the Millions of GOT fans around the world that are Disappointed with season 8 !!!!!

    62. Golden Boy

      How the f..k did the wall get rebuilt all of a sudden?? Like wtf

    63. JagerMain12

      They fucked Jon over so bad this season. Shit writing. Why didn’t anyone mention that Jon was the true heir to the throne during that council meeting? Killing Dany? I’m sure they all liked the fact he did besides the unsullied and Dothraki. Like come on. Bran does not have the best story Tyrion. Jesus.

    64. Polat Ozdemir

      So how about arya shutting them green eyes forever? Where’s that

    65. Michele Conley Eckert

      Alright, there’s not a hundred endings to please everyone, use your own imagination and make it a great ending you and only you want. Or you can go to school and become a literary legend. Nah, you’d rather just hide behind the fake name you chose and bitch. Do something great in your life, Game of Thrones was a book/ tv show, imagination not reality. Get over it! IMO 🐉❤️👍🤓

    66. Cassidy Scaglione

      1) Really??? Effing Bran!!! 2) Did they even watch the first 6 seasons of their own series? 3) Why is Greyworm being treated like he matters at all? 4) WHO DID VARYS WRITE TO?? 5) Why, in the name of all that is holy, is Samwell Tarly still alive? 6) Why did Cersei and Jaime run to literally THE ONLY room where the ceiling fell? 7) Where in the hell do all these extra Dothraki come from? I thought they all died! 8) Will George RR Martin ever finish his books? 9) Why didn’t ALL the kingdoms go independent once Sansa did? 10) Are Tyrion’s arguments for making Bran the King REALLY convincing enough to get him a unanimous vote? *11) WHO IS QUAITHE?????*

      1. chill pill

        And most importantly. What the night king wanted with bran

    67. Isaiah Purnell

      My biggest question was how was uncle Benjen was able to even find John those two times he saved his life

    68. Cherryfan001


    69. luk3dawgnasty

      Okay so you’re complaint about the metal face bitch but you’re not gonna mention Catlin being brought back to life by the brother hood? This channel is TRAAASSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    70. Fartin Garrix

      The white walkers will never be the same thanks to season 8 so how in the actual fuck is it necesery to make a prequel about the long night?