The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2019 & 2020 (Trailer)

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    Included in this compilation are Terminator 6: Dark Fate, Rambo 5: Last Blood, Charlie's Angels, Mulan, Gemini Man, Angel Has Fallen, Midway, Star Wars 9: Rise of Skywalker, 21 Bridges, Stuber and Jumanji 3: The Next Level.
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    1. Renu Singh

      The King's Man ?

    2. VT_ gaimng

      Jumanji has a 2019 or 2020 update

    3. ANANYA


    4. Some Guy

      Gemini man actually looks pretty good. Midway gonna be another love story im sure ill stick with the old one from the 70's or Tora Tora Tora.

    5. Safi Rouhi

      Why is there an action movie about the life of Frank Reynolds

    6. South Bound

      So, Rambo, Charlie’s Angels, Terminator. 1973 to 1985. These are upcoming? Or ancient history?? Hollywood’s pedo crowd can’t think for themselves.

    7. Tariiq jaceyl

      Terminator. Rambo. Gemini man. I just can' t wait

    8. Grevious 02

      Everybody’s Missing Out On The Best One On Here, STAR WARS

    9. Arnon Kulprom

      Thank you ..

    10. Liên Minh Pro

      i am no big deal with woman right. But too many woman in the film, big mess

    11. Arthas Coop

      And good luck for your ELECTION Sir~

    12. Arthas Coop

      American Navy is not a joke, TRUMP is, huge increase in poverty and lost of money because of stupid trade war, now I have to eat wholemeal and white breads for every week so my children can have hot full meal. Thanks MR PRESIDENT

    13. Lucky Number 7

      Wtf is this Mulan remake.

    14. Arthas Coop

      Even the Disney's Mulan will be reprocessed, Welp... what can go wrong for 20192020 movie lovers

    15. Artty 1975

      Little girls and Hollywood faggots playing tuff guys. None of this looks interesting.

    16. nakurai

      Im so hyped for gemini man

    17. Dominic Fong

      The Mulan leading actress voiced her support for police brutality in Hong Kong and the tyrannous regime; boycott her damn movie.

    18. ZSD

      And I was already upset that Arnie would not be in the terminator, but still there would be! Hooray. Although perhaps the rating will be even lower than that of the previous film, because the Genesis did not go, but personally I really liked it.

    19. [DOJ] 2010 Ford CVPI

      The Fresh Prince Has To Kill The Older Fresh Prince

    20. Yousuf Hasan

      I love how they still push the idea of intelligence failures in movies. I guess if they're gonna buy it, all y'all gotta do is keep selling it.

    21. [DOJ] 2010 Ford CVPI

      Who Are You A Badass Grandma

    22. utkarsh singh

      I thought that was abella danger but she wasn't ....

    23. VK Jacksons

      😭 Why Star Wars 😭 R.I.P Me on December 25th

    24. Akira

      not even gonna stream that shit

    25. Tiberiusduck

      Terminator 6 looks like it might be very "woke".

    26. Prince Sharma

      All of these movies are terrible.

    27. ReadyAimFire

      Not a lot of good movies here, some old hits destroyed by sjw, meh.

    28. Kinato

      Every movie in the list is a must to watch!

    29. Eric Jackson

      BETTER stop messing with that old man Rambo.

    30. black fish

      All trash...

    31. Kangaroo Fern

      nice trailer love it

    32. Obsecure Daniel

      Why old town road

    33. Vikram Khandekar

      Please movie name list please

    34. Jhony steak

      Hello, Need waths song for terminator ?

    35. maxx

      Hollywood runs out of ideas ... so ... lets use the defibrilator and cannibalize some old franchise we already had 6 feet under ... gross

    36. Marco Sul

      the faggot agenda is real . every fucking serie I watch has a faggot character in it and they choose the manliest actors to play those parts , and females now dress Like mens and act so tough . the little kids gender confused . fuck you Netflix and fuck u hollyweird

    37. BLahBLahBLah

      Cant wait for Terminator

    38. selva raja

      How many times they takes same stroies in diffrance actions terrible

    39. Pune Trip

      Mind hacking video

    40. cricket mancis

      amazing trailers

    41. Hannah Ferdon

      Only 2 movies I want to see: Rambo Last Blood and Mulan. None of the others are that interesting, or even a little interesting. Reasons: I'm over the Terminator robot, I don't like Kristen Stewart, I don't hate Will Smith, but I'm almost tired of the story line of time travel, and twins or whatever: get's boring, I mentioned in the official trailer that the story line of Angel has fallen seems similar to Taken 3 when Bryan Mills is accused of killing his wife, which is the same idea with Angel with Mike being accused of trying to kill the president, so that's repetitive and boring, Midway didn't spark an interest, I'm completely over Star Wars. I stopped watching the star wars after Anniken became Darth Vador in 2003 or so. 21 Bridges didn't spark an interest. Stuber seemed too stupid for my taste. Lastly, I won't write a book, but I'm a heavy Robin Williams fan and almost idolize the original Jumanji made back in the 90's and, when I see a remake where they're making the board game into a video game, and are putting actors in the movie that I feel don't fit the idea of Jumanji: it almost makes me feel insulted. I know that Robin Williams is dead, but you don't have to dig up movies that had a main character that the actor died in real life and think about redoing the movie. That's why I wasn't impressed with some of these movie trailers because Hollywood can't come up with their own original ideas, so they're taking movies that were already made back then, and just redoing them, which is in incredibly bland and boring. Yes, Mulan was done back in the 90's along with Jumanji, and they're making a live version, but I think the movie will be good because you can take away the fact that the story is based on a Chinese myth of a female warrior and just see it as a movie where there is a woman hero. Obviously with the Rambo, if you guys have been keeping up, there were rumors that Rambo Last Blood was supposed to be released I believe back in 2016, and took 3 extra years to finally make happen, but I'm not mad. I've seen ALL of the Rambo's, and I'm ready for the final installment of the Rambo saga. For those who wanna know which Rambo is the best: my opinion is either Rambo First Blood, or Rambo 4 that was made in 2006 (same year as Rocky 6) when he takes the group of people to Burma, and then he gets to shoot a machine gun at the bad guys towards the end (won't say too much in case you haven't seen Rambo 4). So, Rambo Last Blood comes out in September of this year, yay! and Mulan won't be released until March 27, 2020, which is a little over 7 months from now so, yay... If people wanna go see the other movies, obviously go if you want, but I won't watch them because my personal opinion of most of them was not interested enough to even consider thinking about going to see the movies so, yay...

    42. Burns Audio


    43. Hajduk


    44. Matt The Builder.

      I love Kevin Hart

    45. RodrigoBorgia

      muaaaaHAHAahahahah... another pathetic Pearl Harbour wannabe hero fuck shit?! really? this makes ´murica even more disgusting again. there are so much more fantastic events, battles, moments in history, yes even in WW 2 that should be told, but not another `mrica hero shit that is dripping trash

    46. Mad Hat32

      Wow they actually all look pretty damn good... well except for that God awful Jumanji crap. The original was filled with mystery and fear, secrets and adventure. This new shit is just a joke :/.

    47. Mad Hat32

      I think it's sad that Robin Williams Jumanji has been turned into this joke of a movie that doesn't even come close to decent.

    48. Joseth Cortez

      Primero no la rifo con Capitán América ..... Ahora va a salir en Terminator

    49. Fridrih Darko

      The new Terminator the bad one ..looks like accountant or maybe social worker ....

    50. Erik Sana

      Mulan wooow

    51. Erik Sana

      Charlie's Angels bulshit

    52. The Happy Taco Kat

      9:03 it’s rewind time

    53. kartikay sharma

      Stuber and jumanji will be great hit😎

      1. NINJA BOT

        kartikay sharma Yesh

      2. npx20

        Stuber 8.5/10

    54. Alex Qair

      Holy shit the upcoming movies are bad.

    55. pitch bitch

      Am I the only one here who heard that Chadwick Boseman said "And get this man a shield." Iykwim

    56. AngryDuck76

      Gave this a thumbs down instantly after seeing Terminator in the thumbnail!!! That looks garbage! Edit - oh and Charlies Angels!! Shame you can't do a double thumbs down!!


      Terminator 3 hubiese sido 100 veces mejor si la hacia James Cameron

    58. 이제임스

      She is communist

    59. josh johnson

      so what im getting from this is that the FUCKING 80S ARE BACK

    60. BrassSpyglass

      “Oh a jumanji remake that might be cool” *Dwayne Johnson* Nvm

      1. Aaron W

        Huh? I don’t get it, he was in the first remake too...

    61. 7Bones Studio

      00:42sec WTF ? That movie have so poor budget?Thats CGI looks so terrible like The rock as king scorpion...Totally amateur..

      1. 7Bones Studio

        @Aaron W So WHY even show that very,very,veeeeeeery bad scene?Also dont remember in any trailer show totally craped FX and fix it in final.Could You show me any example?

      2. Aaron W

        It’s not due out for a while, usually effects keep getting tweaked after the first trailers come out.

    62. Nvidya f02

      the next Terminatorヽ((◎д◎))ゝ

    63. Bryan Hines

      It's so fuckin pathetic that they're still trying to do Terminator movies in 2019. Blatant cash grab, same shit, not getting a dime of my money.

    64. Mentesenot Addisu

      where is mushu??????

    65. Ass ho

      first 2. Ohhhh shit , I Have to watch this one !!!! I'ma collect all this movies

    66. Say Hi

      Where's maleficent 2 ????

    67. largon 03

      Angel has fallen is basically Harrison Ford's The fugitive..

      1. Javi Granados

        I thought it was fugitive movie too

    68. Juan Ar

      remakes remakes remakes

    69. JShady7620

      Rambo “It’s my house, I have to defend it “

    70. Francine Dufour

      Francine go to the right to be a good time to get the best way of doing things are going to rind not sure what you think about what you are looking