The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2019 & 2020 (Trailer)

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    Included in this compilation are Terminator 6: Dark Fate, Rambo 5: Last Blood, Charlie's Angels, Mulan, Gemini Man, Angel Has Fallen, Midway, Star Wars 9: Rise of Skywalker, 21 Bridges, Stuber and Jumanji 3: The Next Level.
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    1. The KD Blogge

      The Super T.

    2. Buat Teruk Studio

      I loved this channel so much It give me all thing that i want

    3. Black Panther6

      Terminator Dark Fate was AMAZING!

    4. Cats Rule

      What about Ghostbusters - The afterlife?

    5. Ronny Irawan

      where top gun idiot?

    6. balla

      21 bridges. Reminds me of 2fast2 furious paul walker and the other guy named roman in the movie rip paul🙏

    7. Isnihayah Binumbaran

      Mulan is on the house!

    8. Jorge Rojas

      And now, after 5 to 6 months, the title is, the winners of the shitties action movies of 2019! 1: Charlies angels. 2: terminator dark fate. 3: Gemini man. 4: rambo.

    9. Passion off cricket

      Avatar 2

    10. PINK_ SHEAP

      I watch rambo it's so good

    11. العراقي البصري

      الله واكبر

    12. onlythewise1

      another movie glorifying a Mexican , ya only a Mexican can save the world from the machines

    13. That Guy In A Godzilla Suit

      Midway was pretty interesting to me but that’s maybe because I loved playing Battlefield 1943.

    14. cianmeta

      Old connor is arnold?


      That moment when you get a movie add on A video with movie adds...

    16. lazyman 24/7

      when we gonna see a black terminator

    17. j reis

      L like Kristen

    18. T-800

      "The Best Upcoming ACTION movies" Terminator: Dark Fate. Sure it cost $180 MILLION DOLLARS to make, but it raked in at the box office for an amazing $124 million world wide! Amazing profits! Gemini Man also did better than Terminator by losing close to $100 million! It was definately "the best" of what it is.

    19. Dickie Wiley

      I love fighting moves and actions makes me think I'm willing to be part of that action martule leo

      1. Kinza Fatima

        Thanks enjoy 😉

    20. Extinction Gaming

      Fuckin old town road ruined Rambo

    21. funny tube sl.

      Subscribe plz

    22. Helen Hunt

      Terminater: I'll be back Girl : yep 2019 : of course ill bring him back

    23. kent perea

      Mulan in real life Wow I'm dream about it last night and watch this vidio

    24. Valtryek vs Inferno ifrit

      wheres the new redesign sonic movie 2020 they fixed it ok.

    25. nunu sarjveladze


    26. Muneer Saghar

      What's movie name

    27. Russel

      Nothing to watch except the Terminator for me...

    28. Fred Darling

      Message me for New New Movies 2019

    29. hogarth heathan

      i could only watch 16 mins, but every movie i saw involved humans killing humans, dark age repetitive mentality programming.

    30. Eang Keat

      រឿង 202០ ភាគខ្មែ រកំលោះ ខ្ញុំនៅអ្នកក្រមុំ ។សុំ។ត។មេ។

    31. Eang Keat

      នៅក្នុងប្រទេស នូវែលសេឡង់ ៕សុំ៕ត៕មេ៕ សូម អរគុណចំពោះ ។ត។

    32. kleber Meireles


      1. kleber Meireles


    33. boboy gamal


    34. Michael Ray

      Good thing they killed off John Connor because no one with the initials J.C. has ever made a meaningful contribution to the betterment of civilization before... oh wait. In between Rambo getting 'too old for this shit' and more skinny girls beating up men twice their size in Charlie's SJW's I'm not sure which I'm more excited to see. And more shitty Disney live-action cash grabs oh sorry I meant to say remakes that no one asked for. In between that and Will Smith's Looper clone that no one will care about in a year or 2, Star Wars: The Rise of Ma-Rey Sue, yet another one about Pearl Harbor (make a film about the Bay of Pigs already and how Kennedy fucked Cuba by betraying the Freedom Fighters the CIA trained why don't you... cowards) Oh and FYI Rey isn't a 'legend' she's more one dimensional than her movie poster. Oh and a sequel to a reboot that's decades old, and some Americans think Trump getting in again will be the worst thing to happen in 2020... bitch don't make me laugh. Hollywood will have its worst attendance in decades again and they will all wonder why... THIS IS WHY. :) #mikeyleeraysworld where awesomeness lives.

    35. azmi Khan


    36. Sachin Dixit

      Nyc movies i like this

    37. D- Mag

      ------------*Watch my channel, interesting movies*--------------

    38. Backstage Bum

      Lol. Terminator Deep Fake is their thumbnail.

    39. V parashar

      Jai Shree RaaM 🚩👍

    40. Shahriar Tahmeed


    41. bubbles

      That new Charlie’s Angels movie looks so so so terrible. And it has the worst, most outdated trailer I’ve seen for a major film in a long time.

    42. alhadj Mahi

      تحيا الجزائر

    43. Adonis Alkarim


    44. Tig ol Biddies


    45. facayu

      Charlie's Angels is shit ... just like music in trailer ...

    46. Chicky P&P

      Thanks for recommending, i will keep the money and wait.

    47. liliana condori yabar

      Mulan sin mushu no es Mulan

    48. S. B.

      rambo 5 was a bit of dissapointing.

    49. blackflag nation

      Stallone is like 80 man I hope to be kicking ass at 80

    50. Video Movies

      will watch them here for free

    51. toa vids idk

      Arnold Schwarzenegger

    52. Simple Steeze

      Your broke asf having all these ads

    53. NUkekz

      Perl Harbor not that old movie. Why would they make a remake (and use cover to Dunkirk)?

    54. kyleczss

      the second trailer old town road

    55. abu baker

      I think Hollywood doesn't have new stories

    56. perceptron

      really sad, that there are no new ideas ..

    57. NukemJr

      No arnold? Aw man

    58. Mika Dogs fun

      Real life star ⭐️ wars wow bruh this is my life !!!!!!!!

    59. Marc Lemand

      20 Minutes gender propaganda...nice.

      1. Movie Nerd

        Not sure what you're calling gender propaganda but Sarah Conner is supposed to be a raging badass because she trained John. It's canon.

    60. Jodi Ann

      Jumanji had me crackingggg up I can’t

    61. Malsawma Renthlei

      Was hoping for Rush Hour 2


      That damn Hollywood now they’re trying to get us to believe that Rocky still got it he still got it like this let’s be for real 🤣😂😂 i’m done with there ass completely🙌🏿

    63. ten’s pretty

      why old town road......... 🗿

    64. Malcolm Reynolds

      Midway ? Finnally a movie of the outstanding classic vídeogame of Capcom 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

    65. Childeric Gabert

      John connor is a ladyboy.

    66. TUmaDO