The Best Prank On YouTube (not a prank)

Cody Ko

Cody Ko

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    Guys this is not a prank it's a video.
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    The Best Prank On CZ-news (not a prank)
    Cody Ko

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    1. Georgia Sammut

      Far out why are you so fixated with the dobre brothers I mean yes they are good but like seriously

    2. Bright Muffin

      Heh I just came for those little kids comments that they swear in lol kids wher ur parents lmao

    3. Mangali Magar

      They are better then you and amazing people

      1. Dean Epps

        hmmmm sure buddy

    4. Desyia Morris

      Guys this youtuber is a hater

    5. Abbie Kerns

      People like that don’t deserve cars like that. Wtf is this world we live in.

    6. Toast Child

      I can remember the times when It was the Dober twins

    7. Sean Meredith

      I can't get over voice crack barbie.

      1. Sean Meredith

        she's like an orange 14 year old boy

    8. F a k e


    9. H M

      Cody has a really shiny nose

    10. Broccoli Integrity

      Wow dobre brothers should fight you _kid_ man the dobre brothers are _older_ than you kid go off yourself _child_ Heh.

      1. Dean Epps


      2. Broccoli Integrity

        I tried my best to be a dobre brothers fan but I just can't grasp the cancer I'm ashamed.

      3. Slowpoke zZ

        @A Cup of Tea ikr

      4. A Cup of Tea

        @Slowpoke zZ Seriously man, dun have a clue if these are satires or genuine 8 yr olds.

      5. Slowpoke zZ

        where are the punctuation, my dude?

    11. LukelikesLego

      Adrenaline doesnt even sound like a word anymore.

    12. DLCシDŁÇMOツ

      Omg when I saw this I was like laughing so hard that it looked like I was choking.

    13. Your Uncle John

      1:22 dude got that Super Saiyan Trunks hair

    14. Jaquelin Munoz

      How bout u shut up and let them do their thing just like they let u do ur thing tf

      1. Assem Dakhil

        @Jaquelin Munoz Then why did you tell Cody to shut up in your comment

      2. Raw Jaw

        Jaquelin Munoz no dude pick a dang side

      3. Jaquelin Munoz

        Raw Jaw I’m not going for anyone side

      4. Raw Jaw

        How can you support them?

      5. Markus Cutler

        Jaquelin Munoz They actually did a response to this video, and actually challenged him to a fight

    15. StarFøx

      All the dober bros look like they're ready to suck a cock at a moments notice

    16. StarFøx

      You and H3 should do work together and share fan bases so both of you grow.

    17. Gavin Louder

      Cryrus looks like he just fucking nutted

    18. Matt Welliver

      I hope all the Dober bros really do crash and die in a horrible car wreck. I hate the world.

      1. just regulartime

        you ok?

    19. Mary Arnold

      When he "crashes," he sounds like came all over the steering wheel...

      1. John C


    20. DAEMON

      Uh oh stinkayyy

    21. The Salsa

      she definitely hit his car as she was pulling into the driveway. ya know, the whole hitting the gas instead of the brake thing that only fucking morons do

    22. Katie Jade

      Tell me why when he crashes he sounds like he just nutted

    23. Elina Stanford

      I lost so many brain cells watching this dood and his gf

    24. Jack Shakespeare

      Just jealous of their success

      1. Dean Epps

        nah fam

      2. Vic Toria

        don't be, they don't deserve it doing dumb shit like this. their moneys gonna run out real quick...

      3. Benoff

        Cody gets more views wtf


        Jack Shakespeare wtf they’re 5 year olds

    25. Stressful Star child

      Why the fuck did he bust a nut when he crashed? oh wait it was probably all that adrenaline.

    26. morivi vi

      I m so fucking angry :(

      1. Toby Spark


    27. Barret Griffin

      Codi is deush bag and dosnt drive a mckarin like Dobre bros nd dont have mony your a looser kodi co!?!!$&

      1. Dean Epps

        my guy mkarin MCKARIN!

      2. Assem Dakhil

        @Benoff why u gotta r/wooooosh me like that.

      3. Benoff

        @Assem Dakhil r/woooooooosh

      4. Assem Dakhil

        Wow, maybe you should go to school instead of watching the Dobre Brothers, it really does show.

      5. Jordan Lee

        You are the reason that I sort CZ-news comments to newest first. It's to find gems like this. I applaud you.

    28. Bodey Jensen

      She sounds like the girl in bigmouth with suspenders

    29. Bodey Jensen

      Up next: Killing Cody ko (NOT A PRANK)

    30. Regina Olé

      watching these Dobre guys with Cody's commentary is pure laughter XD

    31. Jesus Corona

      Can nobody in that fucking family talk? Even the girlfriend has a speech impediment

    32. Agram420

      that chick got some straight fortune teller look going on

    33. killzone3234

      love how the smoke in the thumbnail is coming from their bumpers 😂🤣🤣

    34. Adriana Ortega

      “I don’t want to film while driving” he had no problem with it 10 seconds ago lmao

    35. J L

      Fucking epic, epic intro ! Also, why did he cum when he crashed?

    36. Americanhooligan

      His bitch looks like Geronimo Stilton

    37. John Meléndez

      And your a bitch

      1. Barret Griffin

        Don’t forget the period at the end of your sentence little Johnny. 😂😂😂

      2. solitary peach


    38. SortedPants

      13:10 This man definitely slaps his girl, fucking abuser lookin ass

    39. SortedPants

      Cyrus the kinda guy to nut before she even has her shoes off

    40. CometBeam

      The houses in that neighborhood all look the same it reminds me of the live action cat in the hat movie :P

    41. Mishela Peters

      First of all she is not 15,and CODY KO cryus is not the name you called him his mom named him

      1. Billy Mays

        Congratulations on passing 2nd grade special ed!!

      2. Bodey Jensen

        Mishela Peters somebody needs to take away your internet privileges

      3. HamsterK1977

        Um, what?

      4. SortedPants

        Mishela Peters these dobre kids be everywhere

    42. Jett Putland

      You mongrel piece of shit if you keep and talking about the dobre Brothers I'll send my uncle straight across the road to your house and then you'll see what happens from there won't you what's how long you'll be bragging on CZ-news about this ONE so stop it 🐗🐗

      1. Benoff

        Also, learn punctuation.

      2. Benoff

        Bruh, I lost cells.

      3. katie uwu

        Jett Putland no one is scared of your uncle

      4. Bodey Jensen

        Jett Putland imagine your parents naming you jett

      5. HamsterK1977


    43. nosamreklaw

      Hey mr cody😡 Why are you being mean to the dobre brothers. It’s SUGAR GaY

      1. Vic Toria

        your pfp omgg

      2. katie uwu

        nosamreklaw please explain what sugar gay is

      3. Russell Jimmies


    44. Scared Puffin

      I love how these guys “spread positivity” but then proceed to send out their child fanbase to harass a channel who commented on them.

    45. george kern

      Imagine being that dumbass broad who's with him. What a sad life

      1. virgo and scorpio rising

        george kern imagine being that dumbass that left this comment in the first place. What a sad life.

    46. quenten

      You’re like a funnier version of Atozy

      1. Noah Springer

        quenten no Atozy is a wannabe Cody Ko

    47. Sujan Shrestha

      Have a boxing match beach

      1. bruh moment

        @Raw Jaw I wanna buy myself a boxing beach. Buy my own sand, my own gloves, it's a dream of mine.

      2. Raw Jaw

        aussieitalianman the amount of emojis you use only highlight the fact that you’re devastated with your life choices and that you weren’t successful enough to own your own boxing beach. Why don’t you support this man and his accomplishments instead of loathing over your loses. What a loser...

      3. Benoff

        No have a boxing match lake

      4. aussieitalianman

        Bruh are you 7 you don’t know how to fucking spell 😂😂😂🖕🤦🏻‍♂️

      5. B r e a d

        Oh no -

    48. Bruh

      Stupid fuckinng bitsch you are so dumb and ugly and you are a meany and you are jelis of the Dobre brothers because they are super rich and your not

      1. Billy Mays

        @HamsterK1977 he already said he was joking idiot.

      2. HamsterK1977

        Get off social media then go study. Your English is horrible

      3. Savannah Buerk

        yes I can feel the positivity that the dobre brothers must have shared with you

      4. gravemantis8

        @Bruh nice

      5. SortedPants

        Bruh fucking legend, I respect the troll.

    49. Adrian Regel Rivera

      i cant believe what im seeing anymore, i have so much adrenaline

    50. Pep Aroni

      What degenerate humans watch that insane shit? Lol

      1. Eric Jourdain


    51. Koplop

      Flex iPhone 11 pro

    52. dockoston

      wat a stumpyd bich

    53. Yahaira Medina

      I don ,t even think you have a girlfriend and stop saying that she is 14 and saying that he is a bitch and you are not rich so shut up you peas of shit you just have to shut up or karma is going to come for you and you did it for real 🖕🖕🖕

      1. Billy Mays

        You're literally 4...

      2. Bodey Jensen

        Yahaira Medina who the fuck allows you to be on the internet

      3. solitary peach


      4. alison -

        Me too

      5. 516WolF BaD

        @Ruby Red it's probably a joke if it isn't than what you said is true

    54. cupcake


    55. Yahaira Medina

      Ok you shut up

      1. alison -

        Maybe think before you say things like this Unless you’re making fun of people who say things like this

      2. TomDotCom

        @516WolF BaD lmao I'm saying that ironically

      3. B r e a d


      4. 516WolF BaD

        @TomDotCom oh you were just joking sorry but she is for real

      5. 516WolF BaD

        @TomDotCom lol you kids are funny

    56. Jania Gordon


    57. Jawad Booley

      His such a stinkayy husband

    58. Nell McBride

      this is so stupid he could hurt her what the heck

    59. Juan p Barrios G

      you can not tell me he didnt cum while fake crashing.

      1. TomDotCom

        Lmao I'm dead

    60. John Norris


      1. Lord Farquad

        Dobre bros suck

      2. Lord Farquad

        Screw yourself loser

      3. Anonymous A**hole

        merry christmas

    61. Mitchell Miller

      That's how love works. I bought you an expensive ass car, it got hardly scratched, so I'mma buy you an expensive ass dinner.

    62. cpnjr3

      god forbid they reproduce

      1. RL

        God forbid their channel then turns into the fucking ace family

    63. Carlos Aleman

      Hey! Cody ko is funny af 9yr olds, stop hating on Cody ko, it’s just a joke get over with it

    64. miguel almaraz

      Haha bro your the best man


      Bruh nutted when he crashed

    66. Joe Smith

      Making fun?!?!?😠😠😠 hold my milk you old bitch 🥛👩‍💼🔫

      1. SortedPants

        Savannah Buerk cuz he’s a preppy suburbs kid who’s dad stayed to buy him milk

      2. Savannah Buerk

        how do you have milk if your dad never came back from the store?

      3. SortedPants

        Milk? Bitch drink apple juice, that’s a mans drink

      4. 516WolF BaD

        @Joe Smith yeah I've read other comments and yeah you are right And next time I not gonna use give him a slack without some in the middle I am not being sarcastic

      5. Joe Smith

        @516WolF BaD Nah I was as obvious as I could be and it's SOME slack

    67. Stonewall

      Your the man Cody don’t ever stop what you do. We need people like you calling out these people. Especially him trying to cover up the fact that the car was already messed up. great video

    68. Karolina

      Lmfaoooo I thought this video was done and then he says " Him and his wife they make songs together"

    69. Cassandra M

      His cars are worth more than their house. They either rent them for videos or their going to be broke at 30 years old. Also crashes don’t sound like a man nutting 💦 It’s sad how incredibly truly dumb they both are.

      1. 516WolF BaD

        It's normal for cars to be like that I am not defending I am just saying and yeah they are probably rented

    70. Ben Amidon

      8:30 10/10