The ULTIMATE Extreme Hiding Spot Challenge! - Hide and Seek



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    The ULTIMATE Extreme Hiding Spot Challenge! - Hide and Seek with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      Subscribe or I'll tell everyone your hiding spot

      1. TNT Playz

        If you tell it ill call you chungus preston

      2. Febie Empedrado

        Preston I did

      3. SamSpinner

        Dont you dare preston

      4. Unicorn 3614793

        I’m subs

      5. Lucy Ninja

        Preston I subscribed

    2. Arianna Jones

      Bit is best

    3. Shawkot Ali

      Preston goes to the gym🏋️‍♂️

    4. James Bell


    5. Junior Avalos


    6. Aarna Yadav

      You have to touch the dener and then say boo and dener is out and last one win

    7. Navdeep Rampal

      Preston = 500 stacks of diamonds and emeralds Brianna = 100 stacks of gold and redstone Kieth = 1000 stacks of dirt and leaves John = 1 seed

    8. Hassan Cool Channel Gamer

      This how many times Keith’s say ow ow and Preston bite him like now this how many times Keith get bite by Preston and say ow ow ow 16:40 I I I I I V

    9. Perro_2_ AJ_0_

      # Preston go to the Jim

    10. Emily Marty


    11. Pradeep Borah


    12. Tommy Mulgrew


    13. Tommy Mulgrew


    14. WittyKid 1.0

      your the best youtuber preston

    15. Karol Euceda

      Preston Barney seid You are bogongest anmile

    16. Karol Euceda

      Preston i'm a big fan

    17. Karol Euceda

      No yuore not a Best hider

    18. Andrés Carrasco

      I love CZ-news che le

    19. L B

      I bought my daughter Preston styles merch

    20. Lays Chips_07

      Preston: FIRST OF ALL, ITS A UNICORN NOT A PONY!! Me: where’s its horn?

    21. andrew du plessis

      I like what you done

    22. Mighty Bos

      # Preston go to the Jim

    23. KHS Pupptry Official

      Noooooooooooo Noooooooooooo

    24. Valerie Rogal

      You're right

    25. Jennifer Bernabe


    26. Ausra Langaitiene

      Wow Preston thats the best spot

    27. Animal Toys

      “I new she was there the hole time” Yeah right that’s a lie you just don’t want people to know XD lol

      1. Anwar Russell

        Shut up

    28. Andrew Horner

      Justin you said no come on the intro exam welcome to the world

    29. candice parady


    30. candice parady

      Helping me out of my room😂

    31. luna Wolf

      Go to the gym Preston!

    32. LaToya Lanham


    33. Kai Moore

      # Preston go to the gym

    34. Valerija S

      OK I just subscribed now

    35. Julian Montoya

      # Preston go to gym

    36. Amy Vance

      Preston I have my moms CZ-news account so I can subscribe and comment and like

    37. Noah Churchill

      go to the gym

    38. Reid Morgan


    39. Lia M

      Did anyone notice that Barney got called John by Preston

    40. Michelle Powers

      # Preston go to the Jim

    41. Sidney Sandoval

      Hash Tag Preston

    42. Sidney Sandoval

      i did

    43. William Armstrong

      she is not cool booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    44. John Frisbie

      go Preston and Brianna I know you can do this I know you can finally get like 1000 wins i hope you get it I really love your channels you guys have a blessed day

    45. Terecita Caballero

      2:24 I agree

    46. Claudia Grace

      Preston?can you make a cat t shirt and short

      1. Claudia Grace

        Can you people say yes?

    47. Jordan Yang

      Preston go to the gym

    48. James Christian

      I like it

    49. Chad Bumgarner


    50. Wah Chan


    51. Luke Bedsole

      Prestons the best hider

    52. Slogo Man


    53. Izzat Sallehuddin

      does preston like anime???

      1. Izzat Sallehuddin

        @Crazy kidz thanks for telling me:)

      2. Crazy kidz

        Izzat Sallehuddin a lot!

    54. Keith Playz

      24:27 who is dat girl??

    55. Gaming With daryani

      I am gifting my next subscribers

    56. Gaming With daryani

      Like if you’re a fan of preston

    57. Nayo NayoChavezn


    58. Leigh Holt

      /go to the gym

    59. Sam Leyva

      # Spiderman powers

    60. Violetta Kline

      Don't touch my leg stick. I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION!!!! Edit: 15:31

    61. Mike Williams


    62. Miriam Fuentes

      Preston you are asome and you go at hide and seek

    63. brian rollings

      Your so funny 😂

    64. christopher gleave

      Keith: Saying random words that I cant remember Preston-zilla: - epicly bites keith - Keith: - c r i s -

    65. Jennifer Unrein

      Okay 👌

    66. Noah Koehn

      # preston go to the jim

    67. Rachel Henley


    68. Jashley Nicole Albaytar

      He didn’t get Brianna Iol