The ULTIMATE Extreme Hiding Spot Challenge! - Hide and Seek



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    The ULTIMATE Extreme Hiding Spot Challenge! - Hide and Seek with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      Subscribe or I'll tell everyone your hiding spot

      1. Jett Mann

        Yes but not me

      2. Taiba كمهأرا

        I love you so much and Preston is the prank

      3. Ibrahim Alasadi


      4. Mariah Fannin

        I have been subscribed sence 2014

      5. Nyadude 123


    2. Jelly Souriyavong

      This is How Much Preston Ate Hot Pottit

    3. Zeenath Banu


    4. Kaz_Light

      keith is funny

    5. all gamer houses hard house

      Why do Keith in the elevator

    6. Kaz_Light

      Barney rlly wanted that beef jurky

    7. Hussain Yooh

      Preston go to the gim

    8. Senpai Bray

      preston your awsome

    9. Renz and Cousins

      Kheit should be kicked out in this channel

    10. Oof God

      Preston won twice why didn’t he win?

    11. Jayden’s Challenges

      # Preston go to the gym plz

    12. Megan Strawbridge

      You are cool

    13. Zach will you guys come out poop Byby

      / pressin go to gym

    14. Zach will you guys come out poop Byby


    15. katy phillpot

      Preston:You all need to be quiet Me:screams loudly

    16. PaperDave MINECRAFT

      this is for preston go to the gym or ill never like one of your vids again for you!!

    17. Mickey Lucero

      Brianna is dum

    18. Christian Ekwonye


    19. Gacha_MillyRose Playz Sarcia

      Can you do hide and seek With Unspeakablegaming Moose Kayla Brianna Preston And Keith is the It for 24hrs

    20. Benjamin Kg

      Is me Benjamin

    21. Benjamin Kg

      hey Hollo

    22. CC Animates

      18:04 was that a bad word or was that just me?

    23. Mary Kerlik

      # Preston go to the gym

    24. Zophia Gabrielle Sunga

      And also like for bear to survive and Preston never ever found

    25. Galaxy_Wolfe

      Yes they will find you Keith

    26. Malek Kara

      Hash tag praetor Godwin to the gym.

    27. kayla lakin

      Some body trying to steal my tiara 😂😂😂.... Thank you thank you thank you very much :Brianna:

    28. Totally Not Ein

      22:26 IS THAT BABY CHUNGUS!?

    29. HoggyDogggy

      Preston fat

    30. Joanna O dela Rosa

      I am!

    31. Howard Hinchlife

      Ok He he I like evryone of your videossss

    32. Matilda Wills

      Preston cheated

    33. keeley parker

      What does no scope mean

    34. Cinthya Prameswara

      1st round barney is cheating

    35. Acun Hendrikus


    36. ItzGGamer Law

      Make more hide and seek videos plz ;-;

      1. Alize Powers

        Preston hit the gym more like everyday😡😡😡!

    37. Somyata Nagpal

      Any body else see all of the anime posters around the room?

    38. Kathy Hemi

      Go girl

    39. Somyata Nagpal

      Who wears loafers for a hide and seek game? # Prestongotothegym

    40. Rene Mendoza


    41. Adin Begic

      # go to the gym Preston

    42. Gavin Goucher

      Barney he's going up in the tree pictures of the tree

    43. Sara Pelobello

      hello preston :]

    44. mOne Soft

      Love this CZ-news video

    45. Eveefamily 10

      Preston actually won because he was found last two times

    46. Vanix Gaming

      Adults acting like children but I love it

    47. Carter James

      Why do Keith and Barney look so similar?

      1. Daniela Strashilova


    48. Hasan Hasan


    49. JoshTate Vlogs

      This is how much ant was in his pants I I I V

    50. Alex

      Why is this cald extreme

    51. BYRON Rivas

      Preston is the coolest

    52. Stella Haryadi

      Preston is the coooooooolest and

    53. Huey Nee Chong

      I saw a one punch man poster

    54. cyber clone 2

      10 ads 👏

    55. Laura Roman

      Don't trust Nick

    56. Jake and Nate Montgomery

      Your an idot

    57. Madi Mariesworld

      This is how many people hate the ads ⬇️

    58. JacksKoolGaming


    59. Kyle Nixon

      18:18 rip teddy

    60. Manoj&alpa zalavadiya

      Motor. Lodge AryaZ

    61. Umar Kamran

      💯 Preston jeem

    62. Mohammed Alqasemi


    63. Marzimi Ruzi

      Genius and that was a great hiding spot

    64. Alex Pang

      N n

    65. Felomine Flores Pe

      Preston is going out and claiming the tree

    66. William Zegart

      You hid on the roof

    67. liamplayz

      i laughed so hard when preston bit keith make more vids your channel is cool

    68. M Aviles

      I love you so much Preston 😘💖🍜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜♥️🖤💞😺💗

      1. Aaron Medina

        @M Aviles sure why not

      2. M Aviles

        @Aaron Medina want to be friends?

      3. M Aviles

        Want to be friends?

      4. Aaron Medina

        @M Aviles oh ok, I guess nice to meet you!

      5. M Aviles

        @Aaron Medina my name is Karina

    69. Abdullah Arshad

      Preston why did you bit Keith on the shoulder at 16:40

      1. Kyle Nixon