The Babysitter (2017) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat

Dead Meat

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    1. Dead Meat

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      1. Guest 3D

        i watched that movie lol and im 13 years old. and i hardly turned my eyes away or blinked.

      2. sebastiangamer

        That is a lot of text

      3. Nathan Tiblow

        I wonder how many nightmares you have 🤔

      4. why so sweatyyy why so sweatyyy

        My name is cole

      5. gabbymalveaux

        Dead Meat g gf fcccfccfffc

    2. TF FoC Metroflex

      Hope they make a second one

    3. 1960's Clint Eastwood

      Just watched I See You and Judah Lewis still looks the same but only twice as taller.

    4. Itz XRiot

      I love you dead meat but it’s King B-A-CH remember the A

    5. Semaje Evans

      I watched this last night

    6. The Joker

      James, I love you but it’s pronounced king batch

    7. ocean _ rose

      The king of vine is dead with his dead vine

    8. Emilio Fleites-Rosero

      LOL he said king BOC even though his name is kin Bach

    9. KIRI GYT

      Will there be a sequel ?

    10. Ickie Ickie

      You should do a kill count on the horro movie “holidays” it’s a really cool movie

    11. SRVC Pooda

      Who is king bak I thought is was king bach

    12. Gucci McDuck

      DeadMeat: old people boomer talk Me: ok boomer

    13. Coleman Hawkey

      My name is coleman

    14. Umaretsuki

      King Bach has died from falling off stairwells in movies two times.

    15. Jordison Kail

      Sonya I’m still alive Firework I’m finna end this woman’s whole career

    16. phoenixfirex

      What do you call a tiny toilet? A Baby Shitter! **Ba Dum Tss**

    17. Lps Gianni

      Does James know every horror movie ever

    18. Aaron Mullings

      Of course batch dies first and hes a meme maker that's fucked up ☠😠😵😢😤

    19. roominecon king

      Bully :*punches a kid and bully him* *The same kid when kill a full team of serial killers* Bully: something wrong i can fell it

    20. biohalo87freak

      bunuh diri goblok

    21. biohalo87freak

      kung pow penis

    22. Idiotic Badger

      Is nobody gunna talk about how he kinda implied that Bohemian rhapsody is bad?

      1. Manuel Mateo

        Seems more like he's implying it's overused, but James could also dislike it.

    23. Will Boshell

      Did you just buy insult Bohemian Rhapsody?? What a mistake you have made.

    24. Aiden Pearce

      I didnt even know The Babysitter was a horror movie.....

    25. Nick Mejia Paredes

      He said king bac

    26. anissa rhenette

      i love this movie, it’s funny

    27. Dawn Gorman

      #DeadMeat, why didn't you put Bee on the count?

    28. Anonymous

      *B O O M* "HO-LY SHIT!" made me laugh

    29. Orli Azoulay

      Pitch Perfect anyone?

    30. Over Haul

      I laughed so hard at the game glitched joke

    31. Zay Gang

      King bock Edit omg thx for no likes Edit omg thx for 2 likes

    32. Mila Theodara Apic Russell

      my fav horror movie

    33. Admiral Fire

      bach is pronounced like batch without the t

    34. sans

      You know I was wondering why you didn’t and the babysitter to the list.

    35. lil nugget

      Wtf why is king bach there

    36. Gamer Kid99

      12:57 made me laugh sooooo hard

    37. Reapers In the sea

      It feels like this would’ve worked even without being a horror movie

    38. - VTGR -

      Huh black guy dies first 👏👏👏👏 wow movies are racist

    39. Oliversmith0207

      I was enjoying this before he dissed bohemian rapsody

    40. Yuna Peachberry

      She looks like audry for desentance

    41. Mitch Gibson

      I liked this movie a lot more than I should’ve. Also realizing the girlfriend is the pusher girl from Doctor Sleep

    42. Daniel Sturino

      6:42 this is question I shared with Cole: why The Young Situation (Max) shirtless?

    43. Natsuki

      12 years old and still have a baby sitter? *w e a k*

    44. Merk Gaming

      My golden chainsaw is 11:12

    45. Seci. o

      0:18 nice rhymes

      1. Seci. o


      2. Seci. o


      3. Seci. o


      4. Seci. o


    46. Ryan ArtZ

      4:50 deal with the devil The babysitter: 2017 Cuphead”don’t deal with the devil: 2017

    47. The-albino-ostrich 2000

      It’s a ch noise in king Bach’s name

    48. Jason Mationg

      you look like gordon hayward

    49. Tia Holliday

      0:19 woah there buddy kids are here

    50. Brandon Acuenteco

      11:55 not cool man wtf

    51. ZOMBIE M7


    52. The doll and puppet amigos 1,000

      11:16 me when I realized my crush likes me back


      This honestly seems like a funny movie ;-;

    54. GameZ

      6:47 gotta respect him for that

    55. GameZ

      What worse? Saw or IT?

    56. Jake Taller

      And I Thought Vicky From FOP Was An Abusive Babysitter

    57. ZO0M4A

      0:37 actually scared me lmao

    58. Joelle Miller

      Do a kill count on Jennifer’s body please

    59. FoxyGamer 613

      The kil count the earth!🌍 The Numbers 8 Bilion! Pepole died in this movie! Help oh im dying! Help! Aaaaaah!

    60. Chaos Control freak

      We kids were right. Never trust Sexy hot evil babysitters. Also I'm 12 btw so I shouldn't have watch this😕

    61. Valley_Wv0n

      lily from pitchperfect is in this movie-

    62. Epic Hobby Fun TV

      Cole:*smacks max in the face* Max: YES!!

    63. Antoenee reeviruh

      PewDiePie: millenials...

    64. Dunkinator Bro

      I get the tarzan reference

    65. Beatbox Gaming

      Ik this is dumb but I think you said king Bach wrong

    66. MariWolfloveOwO

      When James said “a great purpose” IT WAS PERFECTLY TIMED.

    67. Epic Hobby Fun TV

      WAIT WAIT WAAAAIIIIT this kid toke all of them down?? Hehehehehe cool I’m the kid.

    68. Christopher Ellis

      James: welp, better the bohemian rhapsody! BH: Am I A JoKe To YoU?

    69. Trimmer Wings

      12:57 : when the ugly girl at the dance says “what are you doing this weekend?”

    70. coole gast nl

      10:40 Me want to d i e