The Babysitter (2017) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat

Dead Meat

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    1. Dead Meat

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      1. Reginald Trollsworth

        Dead Meat how was Bella Thorne not killed that shot looked very close to her heart

      2. Will Giglio

        Dead Meat Bohemian Rhapsody is an awesome song and i love your channel but it kinda stumps me that you don’t like that amazing song

      3. Garlicmobile YouTube for You

        11:55 IM SORRY WHAT DID YOU SAY????

      4. killabeast420

        You should do a kill count to Tucker and Dale vs evil

      5. Beemo Beemo

        Ur video's are perfect lmao,

    2. Izabel Bianchi

      I actually really enjoyed this film

    3. Jaden Raynor

      By far the funniest horror movie

    4. inflated 1one

      Im mad he said king bach wrong

    5. Assasinsam gaming

      Duuuuuuuude king batch plays one of the teens

    6. Johnny Rufus Hill

      Look bohemian rhapsody is amazing so well rethink your comment

    7. Confusion Illusion Studios

      11:54 WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY, JAMES?!?!?! *W H A T D I D Y O U J U S T S A Y ? ! ? ! ? !*

    8. Kara Shea

      "Hey guys, welcome to Jeremy Camp" Me: oh hey I love Jeremy Camp!

    9. FuryousD

      i actually didn't know about the fire fighter kill at the end because both times i watched it i stopped it when the credits hit thinking it was over with no reason to watch the credits since i didn't like the movie at all (i only watched it a 2nd time because dad fell asleep through it the 1st time and wanted to watch it a 2nd time)

    10. FuryousD

      can u believe netflix says this is a comedy movie? yea it's not funy at all

    11. Samantha Etchison

      “Your so good at making me hate you” -James Lol 😂

    12. caitlin

      honestly... i thought it was margot robbie omg

    13. A Nanny Moose

      Watched this film on Netflix last month. Had me chuckling at 11pm.

    14. joel 56

      2:44 .. Weren't we just talking about sexual innuendos?

    15. spiderbro2k99

      James, I'm proud of you for that iron man 1 reference

    16. Hoodbabyshi_

      YOU. ARE. HILARIOUS. !!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀😭💀😭😭💀💀😭😭😭😭😭😭💀😭💀💀💀💀💀

    17. Jace-Fish Spones

      “E.T grow bone, am I right?” Killed me.

    18. GavinTSB

      4:06 is that king Bach??

    19. Andrew Ibanez

      I watched this movie

    20. Jakrispy

      I just finished watching the movie and this was on my recommended lol

    21. Crazy Peakey


    22. Erik Quintanilla

      HeY NoW

    23. Indian TechSupport

      5:10 Not in Asia with actual smart people.

    24. N1COM1LLS

      The way you pronounce Bach lol

    25. Journee Wooldridge


    26. Atomic Vortex

      I guess you can say hes an angel in disguise HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    27. Rian Reyes

      When he said pocket sand 🤣 "shshshah!"

    28. wizard 666

      The E.T. joke tho

    29. ArcRiseGen

      They announced a sequel a few days ago

    30. Molotov cocktail

      I think max is actually a girl

    31. Toasted Butter

      Yo James it’s not king bah-c I more like batch as in a batch of cookies

    32. adam guidon

      Do a kill count on the Netflix film the death note

    33. Pennywise


    34. Progressives R Dumb

      Plot Twist: This stuff really happens but it's not random teenagers. It's your political leaders, Hollyweird stars, Top Musicians, Bankers, Fortune 500 CEO's... etc. They do stuff like this all the time. By that I mean make this movie as a form of mocking how stupid we "sheep" are.

    35. Jason Dominguez

      This was uploaded on my birthday..... Just realized that now

    36. Sam Phillips

      Damn my name is Sam

    37. Marcos Calderon

      You had me until King bach lmao

    38. GodFight 37

      Thanks your so good at making me hate u

    39. Mikewanappay

      Bee is crazy

    40. Mikewanappay

      8:53 (Sonya’s long scream) Sonya: I’m still alive motherfu-- *BOOM*

    41. PLJPro2018 8764

      9 People Really One Dead Body In Garage

    42. Pamela Lavergne

      I saw this movie before kill count. I love this move.

    43. Logan Thurman

      Sacrifice SA(N)UEL

    44. Wuce Brayne

      “I HaTe GUyS, I LOVE W O M E N”

    45. Bloodhybridthedemon lol

      Its king Bach not bak


      This was the first kill count i watched, im glad to be a fan of yours. James.

    47. The Mr. J Show


    48. SomeSanikBoi

      Damn... The kid is more impressive than Jason Brody from Far Cry 3. At least Jason was in his 20's, this dude is 12!

    49. Jal

      12:50 lolol

    50. Kawaii •chan

      I watched it when it first came out and it’s not scary and it’s trash

    51. Felix Christian Juarsa

      I love scott pilgrim

    52. Vince

      You're a millennial

    53. Dis _Chris3

      your so racist you choose the black guy as your favorite death you said im so happy he is gone and he really did nothing the whole movie

    54. leo Void

      john is played by king bach but the bach is pronounced batch it's a play on words

    55. MineWit

      Physics are ok but the fricking throwback is 5

    56. King Kmac

      Bohemian rhapsody is better than we are the champions

    57. pirate parrot


    58. ok

      My friends house is literally infested w tarantulas

    59. Hawk

      giving alcohol to a minor 14 yo german boy “laughs”

    60. thewilsman

      I wish they talked about maxes Jason sounds

    61. SonicSpeed123

      i have to disagree with you on bohemian rhapsody because i rly think its queens best song. Allthough it is a bit out of place for a queen song in a horror film.

    62. DoodleDaisy


    63. Bakari Stover

      Woooowew u were happy for John to be gone the only black character he didn’t even do anything and he died 20 mins in

    64. Puntoni

      Why does Cole like Hailey Steinfield

    65. Emily Foster

      If I'm not crazy then there is a different version of this movie. Biggest difference is Alison death scene. Bea says something like "we can't have any questions about the bullet" something like it. Then she shoots her in the head because she is a liability. The scene in the other house is different and all that.

    66. Sione Toluao

      12.....boi he look 14

    67. Charles Cunningham

      Creature from the black lagoon.

    68. Sicuramente non un'anguria

      8:50 wtf was that firework, a fucking claymore?

    69. Lion of the Blue Vale

      Good this movie sucked

    70. allan truizz

      I saw king bach ! Holy F i didn't know he was part of the movie