The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE is an Excellent Luxury SUV

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE is an excellent luxury SUV. Today I'm reviewing the GLE to show you why the new Mercedes GLE is a great luxury SUV. I'm driving the new 2020 GLE450, and I'm taking you on a tour of the quirks and features of the GLE.
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    1. Satan

      watching cars i will never aford is the most relaxing thing

    2. Zak Jones

      Leave it up to Doug to make you hate a word "configurable" 😡

    3. Sunny_Doir Runner Singh

      Hey Doug Doug can you review the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLS thank you.

    4. chi u

      It high key looks old.

    5. Quarrel

      I want the lighting to change brightness to music ;)

    6. karlo

      Doug the type of guy, farting on a driving bicycle and driving back to smell it and give it a rating


      I feel priviledge to even watch this 😭😊

    8. Ramon Ggg


    9. Yarmannii Production

      It's a C-Class W202 at the first aid instructions.

    10. Arumugakannu Narayanan


    11. Kamau Samuel

      nice review with the funniest car journalist... keep up the good work

    12. Matty231

      * 1942 themed mercedes GLE450 * Hey Mercedes CAR: Yes? I'm Jewish CAR: GTFO Just trying to be funny sorry don't mean to offend but just thought it was a good one.

    13. Sohan P

      No thanks gonna *spend my money on Apple’s 999$ Mac stand*

    14. King Judah

      Dude you are boring as HELL!!

    15. Izy To Nv

      maybe by 2030 lol

    16. RP

      I owned a 2013 ML350 and it was the absolute worst vehicle I ever owned. Every month there was something wrong with it. Finally we sold it with 50K miles as I got tired of spending 2K every time I took in for a repair... Also, I was convinced that at around 80K miles the vehicle will become financially impossible to keep running. MB reliability is a sad joke. Good luck servicing these headlights when they stop working, as with MB product it is only a matter of short time...

    17. Jesse Turk


    18. svtrader

      Come on Doug E. Doug, you can't compare it's acceleration to a Bugatti Veyron - 5.5 second to 60 is very quick for a 5000lbs. truck. You need a different yardstick for SUV's.

    19. outwestlawns

      Doug the type of guy oh f it that ambient lighting looks so oooohhh

    20. Kicks Solid

      It’s cool but I couldn’t get with that small touch screen. I’ll stick to the model X being my dream car.

    21. Mad Insanity Official

      You said you’re cold but it sets to 65°. Yeah totally smart...not

    22. CSH Studios

      He reminds me of bill nye

    23. Terence Patrick

      Doug said he was cold and the car set the temp to 65F degrees.

    24. ManiaMusicChannel

      That rear camera won't work in 3yrs 🤔

      1. Matty231

        @ManiaMusicChannel Ahhh yea can't answer that then - mines just always out but don't think it retracts.

      2. ManiaMusicChannel

        @Matty231 I was referring to the popout mechanism of the camera idk if yours has that

      3. Matty231

        My old 2007 mercs rear view camera still works mint! 12 Years on!

    25. The Riemann Breaker

      Previously, I would only buy an SUV because it is useful. However, I would buy this SUV because it is useful AND beautiful.

    26. RAYEES P

      Kitna deti hai😏

    27. My name is WHAT

      I imagine how is the ML going to depreciate now

    28. Abbi Ravindhran

      The Mercedes Benz Emblem just gets larger and larger....

    29. Burger Birger

      It's so much to fiddle with inside the car, no wonder it's equipped with first aid kit, in case u hit bicyclists or something.😯

      1. Gabe Moser

        Burger Birger half that fiddly stuff is safety features to prevent u from hitting a bicyclist or something

    30. Joe Joseph

      I hate the design of’s still a square after all these years, so many better ways to spend that much money


      What is the height of the host please? Thank u

    32. Twitta Velli

      I enjoyed the front cargo joke, just thought it worth mentioning.

    33. iAm

      That infotainment is lit! 👌👏🔥✔

    34. Darkside 91

      No need to say ‘Two THOUSAND + twenty’.........a simple 20/20 will suffice.

      1. Daniel Smith

        This is the most autistic thing ive ever heard anyone complain about.

    35. Wicked And Bad

      When's the coupe version of this coming out????

    36. El Eze

      8:42 doug the type of guy to rely on a machine and not his wardrobe

    37. shafiq rahman

      column link not working.

    38. CL Gap

      G Class G Link A G Link C G Link E G Link S GLE is the third name of this car. M Class --> ML Class --> GLE They skip M Class very soon because of BMW.

    39. James Hawkins


    40. ​Nathan Zhang

      interior good, exterior................

    41. Davide Selvi

      Doug Demuro: the Quentin Tarantino of car-reviewing

    42. Indrani Sharma

      You are biased towards Mercedes Benz. Even BMW has voice commands, Voice assistant, swirl wheel and a touchscreen. Even BMW's iDrive is better than Mercedes' MBUX

    43. KingRizzy

      The new GLE is UA-GAA-LEEE!

    44. Brent Fairlie

      Frankly I am over all these Centre info screens. Surely they are distracting for the driver

    45. A1234

      Doug the type of guy to be a type of guy guy

    46. russell perez

      Doug the type a guy to call it a Climate vent.

    47. Oddreign Odd

      Doug looks like a young Jay Leno

    48. Nintendong

      Hey Mercedes- I’m cold- Setting temperature to the lowest setting possible 🤨

    49. S G

      This car is very well engineered but I'm disappointed with some of the materials inside. Not as nice as it looks in places

    50. Alan C

      does the infotainment in this still say "Bluetooth Telephony"??? I've been around quite a few that say that when you go to pair your phone

    51. C. Le

      Mercedes ml was the first German luxury suv. Then every other German company started making suvs. Mercedes cls was first to make 4 door coupe sedan. Then every other German company started to make the same.

    52. Rich Buddy

      I am thinking of replacing my 2014 ford explorer with another ford explorer then I thought I would consider this Mercedes since the price is similar, but thanks to your video I can see the back seats and cargo area is not going to work for my wife and 2 kids. Ford is king for family cars.

    53. Karen Lara

      In every thumbnail you manage to make a new car look old.

    54. Ibrahim Aden

      Pin my comment

    55. Chengyou Jiang

      I think I prefer this one over the new X5

    56. Toots RR1


    57. POB108

      The only thing i dislike mercedes benz is they turning them into a fleet of hearses

    58. Ayat obaidullah

      Doug please do a review on lexus is300 2001

    59. Ivann the greatt

      Beautiful omg 😍

    60. Julian Perez

      What about the Cadillac xt6

    61. T D

      Doug the type of guy who have a "luxury SUV shopping list"

    62. Refit Musaj

      Boeing 737 Max has to learn from MB software 😂

    63. Roger Skagerström

      HAHA that Audi burn!

    64. Roger Skagerström

      Car doing light dance when hood latch is pulled cause it's happy - as it knows it will probably bring some money in to mommy Mercedes ;)

    65. Matyaz84

      250 HP isn't enough for US market. LOL, most of cars here have 100-170 HP and we doing just fine.

    66. The Lions Pride

      Me: How much money for the car Mercedes? Mercedes: Yes.

    67. meng-lung chao

      Boring car

    68. Bloggman

      I hate when car makers overdo it and put in too many ways to control the infotainment system. Way too complicated

    69. SergeTheBlerge

      Doug: "The Mercedes is an excellent luxury car with cool interior ambient lights and a great front electronic gauge cluster!" Scotty Kilmer: "Those cars are insane money pits that don't last 100,000 miles because all those electronics will wear out."

      1. Eighty One

        3/10...failed to mention 1994 Celica

    70. Earl James

      Might as well go back to broadcast TV for all the ads. Way to CZ-news.

    71. Jayy Desir

      Mercedes basically copied BMW with the inside lights,hey mercedes,wireless charging,halo lights I love Mercedes but I'm sry BMW is my favorite car in the world

    72. Jahrusclut rusclut

      love your passion, the little things do matter and add up to a whole

    73. Florian Walter

      Doug is the type of guy to testdrive a offroad SUV only on the road

    74. David Taylor

      Maybe it's the color but it just looks bland. My neighbor's new Hyundai Kona looks better.

    75. W

      I used to like this guy but now I see that he is a very dislikable snob who thinks very highly of himself.

    76. W

      What kind of a retarded command is "I'm cold"??

    77. Mahir Labib

      Why the heck I am watching this, when I can't even afford Toyota corolla.

    78. Eric Handler

      Review the top of the line vw atlas

    79. Dildo Schwaggins

      If you can’t parallel park you’re too stupid to be driving.

    80. DarkoSayd

      22:58 I'm putting this thing on my luxury SUV shopping list right away, Doug! :)

    81. Thomas Forster

      I hate these new lights. Way too bright at night. Blinds you.

    82. joetube121

      Just got this car and didn't know it did most of the quirks you described. How do you find out all this stuff in such a short time?!?! Good stuff!

      1. Kenan4444 _187_

        Lol nice joke btw

    83. Good vs Evil

      I am going to buy this.

    84. Dylan Wells

      This is an ugly SUV but the interior is very nice.

    85. Ivo Fixzone

      Sorry Doug, but "insanely configurable" does not mean that is the best infotainment system. Efficient and easy to use is the standard.

      1. Ivo Fixzone

        @TheMoonIsDarker 17 ...and Audi

      2. TheMoonIsDarker 17

        BMW is way better

    86. Tweack Tweck

      Who's da fuck is going to pay 75 grand for mecredes' chromed toaster

    87. Da Fuq

      It's always funny how amazed he is from the first-aid kits. They are mandatory in Germany.

      1. Jose Zaragoza

        Not in America

    88. Da Fuq

      The last thing we needed is RGB in a car...

    89. Adkham Izbassar

      Maybe review of Audi A8 ?

    90. DatAviation 340

      *Mercedes or Tesla?* (Just wondering, because I prefer a Tesla)

      1. ꧁Lukeson Gaming꧂

        each to there own

    91. David Talgo

      can you do more volvos

    92. ron simpson

      Why the crummy T-shirt and shorts.

    93. Feb ndina

      All Benz they the best cars ❤️

    94. Bitter Gay Man

      I have no clue what to do with a DougScore. It doesn't help me figure out if I should buy something or if it's reliable or if what. It's kind of useless subjective bullshit. 5/7.

    95. Kaleb Yacob

      Review the glc

    96. Oğuz Kaan Yılmaz

      23:08 Have my like Doug.

    97. Jason Morris

      Rev up your endless money pit....oh..wait...wrong channel 😅🤣 same difference anyways 🤣😅😂

      1. XXraycerXX 01

        *Scotty kilmore has entered the chat

    98. kevs

      I honestly dont like it, I think the past model looks kinda better idk

    99. Jaden Rintharamy

      Every tine I hear Doug say the car in the intro, I feel blessed,

    100. Gummylox

      Doug: how much quirks and features does this Mercedes have? Mercedes: Yes