The 2020 Jeep Gladiator Takes On The World's Toughest Towing Test Fully Loaded: Super Ike S.3 Ep.1

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    ( Put more torque in your life today: Order a set of Maxx Leverage wrench extenders and see how a cheater bar / double wrenching tool can loosen the toughest nuts.
    ( ) Here is what happens when we take a new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, hook up a 7,000 lbs trailer (max load) and tow it up and down the country's steepest interstate highway - the Ike Gauntlet. It's a Super Ike.
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    1. Wow Wow

      So the gladiator towing is like mounting 37” tires on your jk . The struggle continues to be real .

    2. AuctionAdOnline

      Guys you need to use the same weight for all mid size trucks. How am I supposed to compare if you use a heavier trailer.

    3. Michael Horner

      3.0 turbo V6 - 360 hp 440 trq . That should be the base engine for the price these things sell for!

    4. joseph t

      i have to say i am a dodge fan. i own a 2000 dodge Dakota club cab i super charged the 5.9 l motor 1 week after purchased as well changed the front and rear gears plus headers all items r KENNY BELL . i install a goosneck hitch over the rear wheels my trailer is a tandem dump trailer it weights 6800 pound empty the computer states average mpg on freeway at 60 is 7-8 loaded the numbers r 4-6 at 10000 to 12000 lb at 60 mph. SO how can that small motor get such poor MPG with a six speed trans . My intent was to purchase this new GLADIATOR until l i saw this video. thanks fellas for the heads up. no GLADIATOR for me.

    5. Jordan Scheurer

      You can tow with it people. Just spend the 60k then spend money on an LS swap and your golden

    6. Jordan Scheurer

      This cracks me up. Yes yes I know different engine manufacturers but. My 3.6L in my traverse is 310hp. So why such a power difference.

    7. MrUltimateJuicer

      The only thing the Jeep would tow is the Kardashians makeup bags. Its in the design spec. As they say, mutton dressed up as lamb.

    8. Calvin Nelson

      5:17 Ooouch!! I thought you guys borrowed these trailers??? Hope Transwest doesn’t get mad.

    9. Jesse Shapiro

      Anything over 5k towing needs a trailer take given to the vehicle like a back up camera it's s safety issue in most states 2 axel trailers 3500lbs to 5k will get a ticket with no brakes so why give a vehicle no brake controller.....that jeeps got the 8speed transmission but they are still heavy and underpowered that 3.6 needs a turbo no 4cyl B's give the 6 a turbo like the ecoboost and give a diesel model....they should give a swapped mirror with hex key for towing or a sliding out piece to double the mirror....for the price point I'll stick to my ram 1500 that tows more safer has mirrors to tow and has a brake controller.

    10. Dave C.

      Chryslers always need a chase vehicle.

    11. Solsist __

      That engine is begging to fail. Redline just to maintain 60? That’s not good for anyone

    12. Drew McLean

      The test differently proves don’t buy Jeep for towing

    13. Phos9

      I heard a minute of non copyright infringing "Red Hot Love" in there.

    14. John Nightingale

      That is junk for the $58000

    15. Six pest

      The choice is yours you have 60k spend all of the money on a cheaply made wrangler with a bed slapped on it; Or spend half of that and spend it on something more capable like a Ford raptor or Ram. And if you put it with a Tacoma or ranger (still cheaper options) it still loses hard AF.

    16. Turbojunki

      ZR2 has more payload. 1249lbs

    17. John Rounsaville

      Buy an f150

    18. Dominick Mueller

      You should do it with the hummer H2

    19. Z2357111319

      I wonder if the 04 VW would beat it....

    20. Mihail G

    21. Mihail G

    22. mds19238

      Underpowered, over rated, pathetic towing capability...will be offroad ready after you spend thousands more for lift kit, wheels & tires and suspension mods. Has loud interior noise and listen to that trans search for a good gear. I guess I need me one of these--NOT

    23. SMSuperstrat

      5:50 "you got it comrade "...😆that's propaganda 😂🤠😆

    24. Bass Hunt

      I love you guys, but absolutely hate Chrysler products!

    25. Bruce Fredrickson

      Forget it! Buy a Raptor...not even a close contest.

      1. Longhorn Jackalope

        Bruce Fredrickson Raptors are for poseurs.

    26. John Thibodeaux

      people comparing this to a full size truck is stupid. its a midsize truck and pulls damn well for its size and compared to other trucks in its segment. you don't buy a gladiator for a work horse. you buy it to go off road, have a convertible fun vehicle, and to top it off it can tow a boat or other recreational things. Especially with the max tow package with 7650 lbs towing. NOT TO MENTION, they are pulling 7000 lbs up a damn mountain in thin air. this truck performed phenomenal for a mid size truck. don't be a hater for the sake of being a hater.

    27. Johnny V

      Payload 1200 pounds...... So basically you can take 4 male members of my family and a cooler full of beer. The 3.6 V6 in our JK will flash the Check Engine light at you if it runs wide open like that for more than 3-4 minutes, which isn't a lot of fun. I pulled over about ten times when we crossed the continental divide going to and from Lake Tahoe. Built in brake controllers in most new vehicles can cause you a trip to the dealer if one of your brake magnets wears down and shorts out, I prefer the truck to be pre-wired so I can use my Tekonsha P3. I was told by an Engineer that the 2.0 wasn't up to the task of moving the gladiator and towing and that doesn't surprise me, it in my opinion is just too small of an engine to be in a vehicle that most people are going to put 35's on. I want to like the Gladiator but Jeep not offering a Hemi 6 speed Manual or a Diesel 6 Speed manual is a hard no for me. They also need to allow you to set the vehicle the way you want to drive it and have it remember those settings. (i.e. Stop/Start mode off, Traction Control Off and Auto-Park off) The systems that are standard on these new vehicles are causing manufacturers to miss a lot of sales, many of us simply aren't willing to give three times what we did for a good vehicle for one that won't do half of what the old one will. Huge payments on a vehicle that annoys you daily is adding insult to injury.

    28. Buddy Brickhouse

      If you're going to be towing, you're going to buy a real truck not a tranny crossover. It might be great at climbing rocks on the side of a mountain but not on a highway with a trailer behind it. Poor lil Fiat~ jk.

    29. Bill Walsh

      Before you do these tests, you need to reset the transmission. Aux on, gas pedal to the floor, turn off, and release the pedal.

    30. csr326

      Driving at 5k RPM? Apparently affording gas is no issue for them

    31. billy ????

      Wow glad I didn’t buy one. Where I live there’s 10k mark up on these. No thanks. They want close to 50k for a sport. That thing drove like crap swaying all over the road and no tow haul. All that hype and fail.

    32. Devo Dar

      Why would you be timing the run but you're trying to keep the MPH at 60? That makes no sense. As soon as you let off the pedal because it's going too fast you kill the momentum of the vehicle and put it at a loss.

    33. Robert Ireland

      Thanks, very useful Information.

    34. Dragon Gamer

      what a pile of crap this thing is

    35. Prl

      expensive turd

    36. M Hanna

      This is the worst truck out there , extremely noisy, leak water, loose / play steering wheel, very cheap plastic interior, stay away, get Tacoma

    37. M Hanna

      This is the worst truck out there , extremely noisy, leak water, loose / play steering wheel, very cheap plastic interior, stay away, get Tacoma

    38. Marcus

      Two minutes slower than the Ford Ranger😂

    39. Brent Jessop

      I still don't get why they didn't offer a Hemi option. The results would've been different

    40. Phillip Craggs

      also, did you know the Gladiator grill slots are larger than the Wranglers, this is so they could get the towing capacity they wanted.

    41. Phillip Craggs

      i didn't a height measurement after the weight distribution thingy was installed. It didn't look like it did anything.

    42. Brian Austin

      I love your videos!,but sorry Andre that thing was struggling massively coming down the mountain,imagine catching a 40mph side wind,and seeing how much the trailer pushed you around and out of your lane.thats not having control. I drive 18wheelers from a living all lower 48 states. Grew up with 3 generations on both sides of the family with owner operator cattle haulers. I have a little experience.

    43. mcfc

      That's probably the toughest towing test this gladiator will ever have. He said others were tested at 5klbs and yet this wasn't too far behind without all the extras that would increase the price of the vehicle. Some things being said can easily be misleading.

    44. Dave Labossiere

      Please do this when the diesel comes out and see how the cooling system handles it the grand Cherokee diesel runs super hot when it drives this route towing and I’d love to know if they have solved this issue

    45. Vincent Kostiw

      Tekonsha's pigtail listed for the 2014 Cherokee plugs into a connector on the left side of the steering wheel and operates my P3 controller perfectly, in my 2018 JLU Rubicon.

    46. dent tech

      I feel sorry for the person that ends up owning this gladiator in this video. That was a hard pull. That why I don't trust used vehicles. You never know

    47. Gaitchecker

      I like the trailer

    48. Adam Westbrook

      No way would I buy this to tow anything but a small 4 wheeler trailer

    49. Lowen Blau

      All good acdc ....🤟

    50. Beowulf Grendel

      If they keep the 4.10 rearend with the 3L diesel? Wonder if the tow capacity will increase or if the brakes and suspension going to keep ratings the same

    51. Dirty Harry

      60k for a want to be truck

    52. biz4two biz4

      Ok...the Gladiator DEFINITELY needs a TOW/HAUL mode!! The coming diesel will help too. Jeep engineers, Hope you are watching this video. Otherwise, I think the Gladiator might make a really nice mid size truck.

    53. Flexin

      Thanks for the video. A question, since the max is 7000 pounds, should you have instead weighed yourselves and equipment and then added weight to the trailer so the total was 7000? To me you were actually towing 7500 or more but closer to 8000 lbs and not 7000 lbs. Or consider making this a disclaimer in the challenge. However, measuring this way is still helpful since some will want to buy a trailer at max weight so this is what would happen. Thanks again for all the work you all put into this channel.

      1. Ray Laux

        GCWR ia less than 12,000lbs. NAFTA (US)

    54. Prophet seven

      Sounds like the bad are easy fixes and no ones in Rush where they have to save 2 mins going up a hill. But the good if not good would be a harder fix if at all possible. So I would be happy with it.

    55. Oslec Liedbag

      Not for towing shit

    56. AEon Fluxer

      Why is everyone complaining for stupid shit. This truck is for hauling dirt bikes, motorcycles, small boats, bicycles, jet skis, snow skis etc. The problem is the max tow weight shouldn't be as much as advertised... It should be lower to 3500lbs.

      1. NumenVonKryt!!XD

        They won't lower it because it would be a marketing nightmare for FCA, not to mention they already proved in MPG video that gladiator with petrol engine can't handle 4300 lbs. And think about how the Wrangler community would react if FCA just went and released information that they lower towing capacity from 7000 lbs to lets say 3500 lbs(in metric thats 1,5 ton) that you stated. It would be a total shitstorm for the ages "Jeep Gladiator a truck with towing capacity equal of a freaking VW Golf with TSI 1.4 engine" ROTFL.

    57. Supraman1987

      Oh my God that minivan engine sounds so horrible. What an obnoxious racket that's not powerful or economical. The only plus I can really think of is I've never heard or one failure. I'll stick with my tuned ecodiesel jeep grand cherokee with the off road package. Economy, towing, and capability wrapped in comfort. I don't think that truck ticks any of those boxes. Thanks for the review though!

    58. Josh  Dixon

      I don’t think anyone will buy this truck to pull with it!

    59. Holly Taylor

      It’s obvious that this vehicle is not for towing under such conditions. It’s for the trails and boulevard cruising! Here’s a Grand Am, let’s put a 20k trailer behind it and see what happens.

    60. kyle walton

      i could see maybe paying 50k for this thing but for 65k i want a hemi. that peace of crap v6 is barely strong enough for the unlimited

    61. Floreypottery

      Wonder how long till jeeps sued for overeating the load handling capibilites of the gladiator it can’t handle 7000 safely

    62. Floreypottery

      Like the comment seems like it pushing you nooo. Then you see the truck and trailer moving all over the road lol

    63. Bob Pfaff

      Why haven’t American’s embraced diesel’s. Toyota Land Cruiser. Problem solved.

    64. Terry Waters

      Tow rating has nothing to do with HOW FAST you can climb a hill. It’s that you can do it without overheating. The Jeep passed the toughest test in the hands of idiots that held it to the floor revving it to redline the whole way. How can anyone not be impressed?

    65. Chris Tesseneer

      Another overpriced grocery getter

    66. good cars

      Why not use manual mode

      1. NumenVonKryt!!XD

        Because using manual mode in automatic car is the worst possible thing that you can do while driving it. The thing is those automatic 7 speed and more transmissions are designed to work without any input from driver for best performance, economy and reliability. And mind you changing gears in automatic car always have lag when you compare it to the true manual transmission so think how much damage you will do to it in thi way.

    67. Andrew

      Dude says its not fair to say its pushing the truck around and then it shows it all over the lane?? Stop being a paid shill you asshole and be honest.

    68. Andrew

      That precious little naturally aspirated V6 had to push 12,000 lbs up that mountain..... It was never intended to be worked that hard and Jeep should keep the limit at 5000 realistically. Its simply not capable. That engine has less torque (and HP than some) than modern turbo 4 cylinders, thats why its revving to the moon.

    69. Ryan Bevilacqua

      Yet it tows more than any truck it's size. so really it did awesome!

    70. Ryan Williams

      I think FCA was a bit too ambitious rating the Gladiator to tow that much. It can do it. The proof is in the (video) pudding, but it was too much weight.

      1. Andrew

        Yeah, a lot of trucks "can do it" and not have issues once but to actually slap the 7000 lbs rating on the thing is insane... someone WILL die or lose control in one of these things. I can already see the lawsuit and subsequent derate to 3500 lbs.