The 108-Megapixel Smartphone Camera?!

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    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a legit 108-megapixel camera. Time to take a closer look.
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    1. Marques Brownlee

      Had to check out the smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera for myself What do you think? Shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.49/mo, plus you get an additional 4 months FREE at: (Promo code MKVPN)

      1. Birax James


      2. S Max Indian

        @Tech Rez but 108 mp mode camera apps and capture 108 megapixel for any android phone

      3. Tech Rez

        Does more phone storage effect mobile speed

      4. S Max Indian

        Sir mi note 10 stock camera aps prot for other phone support


        Marques Brownlee cant wait for the smartphone awards 2019

    2. Furkan Aydın

      please add subtitles in turkish

    3. Mohd Ahmad

      give this camera to OnePlus


      You took a picture of my apartment building! 👀 Lol

    5. Willi Kampmann

      Even with expensive, large camera lenses on 16MP sensors you very often have a drop in sharpness at the edges which only intensifies with increasing sensor resolution. That a minuscule lens that’s smaller than a pinky toenail doesn’t resolve enough resolution at the edges for a 108MP sensor is really no surprise. Actually, I’m sure it doesn’t even do the sensor complete justice in the center! Of course, this doesn’t matter much if the high resolution is used for digital zoom as that’s done in the center of the frame anyway. But for that I think a secondary tele camera is the better solution, and I think the downsides to such a high-res sensor overweight the advantages. Phones these days do a lot of computational photography and I don’t think the processing power is there to do the same thing at the same speed to a 108MP photo that can be done to a 12MP photo. It certainly wasn’t there when Nokia tried it, their phone was much slower when taking photos than the competition.

    6. Diego Pestana

      Man, you start your video with No Fear No More from Madeon. Subscribed for that and for the Doug DeMuro's Corks and Features.

    7. Marquise Thomas

      3:25 definition of a shameless plug 😅

    8. Music of heaven

      iPhone win 12mp

    9. Bud The Cyborg

      With the level of processing available now, I can't see how monolithic sensors are still standard. Take a quad 12MP sensor array and gather detail from multiple exposures off each sensor (so at least 12 pictures in total) and you might actually get the kind of jump in both low light and general image quality that Smartphone manufacturers keep saying is going to attract professional photographers. Not to mention the implications for gathering really good HDR in a single exposure.

    10. Rachelle Vergara

      For the price in comparison with the iphone 11, I'll definitely go with this one!

    11. Ho Homer

      4:23 "Pretty similar" Except that for iPhone, the shadows are too light, it looks like a bright day, while for mi note 10, it looks downcast, and the shadows are amazingly detailed. Not sure how they are even remotely similar, for me iPhone would be a 6/10, and mi note 10 a 8/10. iPhone is missing shadows, and it is overexposed, and whatever Mi is missing. Mi is down 2 for insufficient texture and details.

    12. Gizella Popescu

      Oh, come on with the Apple camera...the Xiaomi phone is pushing the limits of phone photography for less than half the price of the Iphone. Apple has not really innovated in ages...

    13. ZAds Azhad

      8:36 the lens moving ??

    14. mutanic

      I remember that I've used to own Sony Ericsson Satio with 20MP back in the day, even though it's running on Symbian S60

    15. Rogers Daily Vlogs

      Should I get this phone or the one plus 7 pro please reply I need the help I can’t decide

    16. ParaYT

      where to find uncompressed pictures from this phone? I would like to see the quality without any compression

    17. Loris Copa

      The 108 mp sensor makes sense when it has an actual purpose (e.g. the Phase One iXM100MP), in a phone or a dSLR used in standard photography it makes no sense

    18. residentCJ

      Really? Centersharpness ? Every cam with a round lens is sharper in the middle of the shit, even the iphone ! (Is there a reason u dont zoom in on the iphoneshots an compare inner/outer ? ;) Level of centersharpness depends on the quality of the lenses and how big the sensor is. And did you shoot low light in 108 or 27 mode ? 108 is only for bright daylight ! Iphone is a great phone but its not fair if u test the pones not in the ways they are capebale of. Sure everything is easier on the iphone but not everything is better ;)

    19. Oscar Lee

      8:30, you can actually see the lens move.

    20. Nick N

      Great video as always! Please make a review on Realme X2 pro and the touch delay issue

    21. Ashish Gaikwad

      Still the camera quality of iPhone 11 is better than Mi...😂😂

    22. Ashish Gaikwad

      Now we got a 108MP camera in this new heater...😂😂 Hope because of this camera this phone doesn't heat more than before. 😂😂

    23. Czar Khan

      I'll buy merch if you respond to my comment, jk ima do it anyways to support black business.

    24. genghis2510

      I heard the photos it takes go straight to China. For me, it’s a big plus factor. China is a bigger market for stock photos. The question is if China respect copyrights or if burger joints accept yuan.

    25. Alwin Issac

      Review the Jabra Elite 75 t

    26. TTeh

      Oi, Nokia Pureview 808 came first, and it was even better than the lumia. Still an absurd camera to this date!

    27. Ljubo Jankovic

      Best thing on that camera is 27 MP shooting and you said nothing about it.

    28. Ben rockz


    29. Ben rockz


    30. Shenae Juliet Agala

      He made me nostalgic .i used to have a nokia lumia 1020

    31. Rafael Macedo

      I understand your critic about the not high end phone and image processing as it should be but men, you gotta understand not everybody will spend 1000 dollars on a smartphone just to have the greatest features all the time. I believe that this smartphone for that person who wants to take great pictures and not spend so much money, looking just for the cameras for example, is a great value.

    32. Well nas

      if I get to choose between this and iPhone 11. I'll choose iPhone.

    33. Nishant Pandav

      8:43 so much effort into that shot! (bottom left)

    34. Dustin Opoku Asante

      I wish to see how a ported google cam app will do with the 108MP sensor

    35. Слави Аврамов

      objective review, but “sometimes“ Hahahaha

    36. BHZ Motovlog

      I really don't like curved screens, not natural to fingers and also is very expensive

    37. BHZ Motovlog

      Imagine Gcam in that phone...

    38. FIREFIRE CPB:- Advance Beyblading

      3 years later:- Xiaomi released Note 13 Pro with 1 Giga Pixel Camera

    39. MatkisD

      yeah great idea to compare upcoming s11/s11+ phone for $1k+ and mi note 10 which price is ~$500

    40. Samuel Kurth

      Guys, I need help. I’m currently using an iPhone Se, but it’s kind of wrecked and I’m gonna repair it. If that doesn‘t work out, I‘m gonna need a new phone. I really like both iOs AND Android alike and my favourites are Samsungs phones, iPhones and Oneplus devices. I'm probably not going to use a Galaxy because they don‘t tend to get updated enough. So I‘m left with either the OP7t, or the iPhone 11. Or I could wait for the iPhone 11 pro to drop in price on Ebay or Refurb... sooo... if you‘ve got any thoughts on that, I‘d be delighted.

    41. Tibor Penczinger

      Anyway. Mi Note 10 destroyed the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the camera in my opinion. But I'm an android fan, so I hate every Apple device existing xddddd. Sorry. Not like a care. I get it, the focusing is bad. It's losing some objects...and I don't like the software colors of Apple camera, Xiaomi has it better, people need that darker saturated thing and not the washed out white real-ish color template (not everyone but the majority likes saturation it used to bring some "life" to already good pictures). Anyway Mi Note 10 is a great phone and definitely cheap for the quality (It's only 400€ wtf). But it's not the best from Xiaomi. And last thing. Your copy of Redmi K20 Pro was problematic. You had a faulty selfie mechanical camera. Even if we don't really agree in some things man. I like to watch your videos. But you know Xiaomi is doing it better than apple in the last 8 months. You made us to see how the Poco F1 camera destroyed 90% of phones just because of the software adjustments. This proves that people liked the worse camera more than the better ones which were imitating closer to "life" photos... And that's what makes the win for Xiaomi. It doesn't matter if a phone gets Snapdragon 855 if the software is actually trash, some phones run SD 845 and with a software optimalisation they run even better. Everything depends on the person using the device.

    42. M Fazil

      Could please help me to download full hd plus wallpaper for OnePlus 7t pro

    43. Topu

      I like that the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a large battery and a fast charger along with a 3.5mm headphone jack and an IR blaster ;) However, they should have opted for Snapdragon 855 which would have been better than a mid-range chip processor. Also, low-light photos and ultra-wide are nothing special :-:

    44. vlekacha lupi

      No need 100 megapixelels it is enough 300 kilopixels. These are electromagnetic waves. With Software intelect you can have REAL QUALITY, I REPEAT: REAL QUALITY with no limits. See Comments down.

    45. Lhuchin

      Marquez gracias por compartir buena información.

    46. Just a mental fellow

      I’m broke and not gonna buy any phone anytime soon, but your videos are like entertainment news rather than review for me. The clarity of the video is so good.

    47. Anthony Koon

      Holy...his guy and his shots! He's on a whole nother level!

    48. BigSmokeVEVO

      Finally someone says that megapixels don't mean everything, my friends saw this phone and were like "YOOOO THAT CAMERA GOTTA BE SICK EVEN UR PIXEL CANT MATCH THAT" and when i say more megapixels isn't better they just laughed at me

    49. Umair Khadim

      Consider 108MP sensor with 10× optical zoom! 😍😍

    50. Meet Patel


    51. Random Tech

      Megapixel arent about quality megapixel is about DETAILS.

    52. vlekacha lupi

      Better quality

    53. vlekacha lupi

      There could be real software correction of the image.

    54. D6

      More Xiaoshit trash. 😴

    55. My Nontraditional Life

      Unless you are planning to print the photo for a billboard or extremely zoom in, why would you need such a high resolution? Also thank you for reminding us that there is more to how a photo looks than megapixel specs. I also was not expecting you to talk about the functionality of the phone while taking a photo. Thank you for doing so.

    56. Chilli 55

      the iPhone pictures still look better

    57. Karol Palazej

      If you need a 108 megapixel image you arent going to be using a cell phone.

    58. Ronald Cheng

      Mi note 10 MEH

    59. Lewky Charmes

      First off great vid as usual. Second, did Linus leave his sandals there or did he send you some?

    60. Chilly Wizard

      Your videos are so thorough and genuinely agnostic and informative, thank you - a quality CZ-news channel in an ever quality diluted and channel saturated platform!

    61. - Stormygaming -

      I would get it but sadly it has 1080p, looking for a 1440p

    62. Spooky Psyche

      An IR blaster?? Damn, I miss the days when that was a common thing. It was sooo useful.

      1. Black Sun

        It's still useful

    63. Cheif

      I'm gonna be honest: I really don't like Xiaomi''s color science.

    64. Cheif

      I'm gonna be honest: I really don't like Xiaomi''s color science.

    65. horsthorst11

      Red arrow in the tumbnail? Nah thumbs down and no watch time

    66. K3V0M

      High mega pixel count vs RAW/low compression photos taken on other phones next, please.

    67. And Wut

      Verdict: I'm not gonna buy it.


      Smooth push on the merch !!!

    69. king puyol

      Youre just a fraud why do you never review realme phones

      1. ChumpCena

        Indian niggas be like^

    70. Josh Green

      IpHoNe Is ThE bEsT