The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star



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    Rich Lux - Clock it the House
    Caleb Hurst - (Baby) Blue
    Johnny Guilbert - Song Without A Name
    "l u v t e a" by Autumn Keys
    Instagram: @autumnkeys
    Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
    Andrew Applepie

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    Kara C
    Mary E Makeup
    Lauren Godwin
    Izzie Raine
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    Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
    “Time of the Season”
    Written by Rod Argent
    Performed by Ben Taylor
    Courtesy of Iris Records
    Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.

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    1. dainty moon

      me seeing shanes pfp it looks beautifulll i just saw him change it

    2. Angel Bird

      Shane looks so fierce in his last makeup Look!!!!

    3. HD Movie trailers

      Shane in 2018: I’m scared of Jeffree Shane in 2019: I Am Jeffree’s best friend

    4. haley sanchez

      “manaer” am i the only one who noticed that like halfway through the vid??🤣🤣🤣after meeting the lab manager

    5. maddi roe

      Y’all.... I got the mini controversy and it is NOT IT. I was so excited, touched the pans and they were soft and buttery just like promised. Too bad there was a ton of fall out and the dark purple shade controversy stained my finger from swatching as well as my eyes 🤨 waste of money, waste of time trying to order. Hipdot has better formulas by far, go support an indie brand if you didn’t get to order. If you did get to order I’m so sorry for the loss of your money. I can’t leave a review online so here it is

    6. Tyra Williamson

      Ik I’m a month late but I love you and I LOVEEEEEE A THICCCCCC KINGGGGG🥵😍😍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    7. Kristi Pollard


    8. Lyndsay ann

      I’m just randomly binge-drifting thru these videos way out of order I literally love these two now I wish I could watch this in order easier lol

    9. Kelly Gunnell

      Season 3 Episode 6

    10. Nicole Johnson

      Jeffree needs a reality show. It would get more ratings then the kardashians.

    11. Israel Jimenez


    12. Andrxw 452

      Even years ago, when Shane first blew up... If you didn’t know this guy was a faggot...then you must be mentally ill 😂😂

    13. Sienna UGH


    14. Allie Schumacher

      I am just watching this now and it is November 18th. Going to both Jeffree Star’s and Morphe’s websites and seeing all their things completely sold out is making my heart beyond happy for Shane and Jeffree❤️💙

    15. Ingrid Marjo

      shane’s the type to think being socially awkward and weird is “quirky”. it annoys the fuck out of me when he snorts. he used to be a cook regular guy but now he acts like a grown infant.

      1. Melissa Johnson

        Ingrid Marjo you cant help how you laugh geez. Plus, he’s super insecure about it. Imagine having to stop yourself from laughing because some bitchy CZ-news commentator gets “annoyed AF”. GTfOH

    16. Mr LOC

      the amount of hard work that this man put is infinite

    17. Teddy Hall

      Anyone know who makes the light up suitcase/make-up stand? Did they mention it and I missed it?

    18. Ava Kate

      THE AMERICAN DREAM! Anything is possible and achievable in this amazing country of ours. Congrats Shane and Jeffreee


      I 100% AGREE WITH MAKING YOUR OWN HOUSE INTO YOUR LITTLE OWN MUSEUM OF YOUR STUFF! people could pay to come have a little tour

    20. Scarleto

      It's really lovely to see how protective Jeffree is of Shane omg. I'm living for this friendship.

    21. JenJac 123

      Use code "Shane" for 10% off lol

    22. TheMorgism


    23. idraw Drawings

      turn the house into a Shane Dawson museum!!!!

    24. idraw Drawings

      I got so emotional during the house part 🥺

    25. Layne Mckay

      Shane your awesome.

    26. Victoria Shining

      i wish for them both they had more real friends since they are so alien but rich on this eartth. i would hate it buying friends for making more money but that is what rich ppl do...

    27. naturalpn7

      Who came back here after the pallet sold out.?

    28. Ruby Keyvani

      This is a long time coming for Shane. There's no one on youtube that deserves it more. So happy for him, and just seeing him and Jeffree's friendship, you can tell they're both genuine. GO SHANE!!

    29. duchess eagle

      Bride Of Frankenstein Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial

    30. 11JadeStone11

      Who came to rewatch 23:05 like me?

    31. Casey ES

      You and Jeffrey need a show on Netflix already, like honestly hands down 💜

    32. Jonathan Velazquez

      It’s so crazy... I don’t even wear makeup and I wanna buy this palette

    33. Sam L

      Omg his makeup at the end, so good ♡♡.

    34. Destiny Cordova

      what a queen

    35. Marian Lisboa

      Hey!! Please please make a conspiracy theory video of what is going on in my country, Bolivia. If you need any official information I can recommend pages that tell the story like what is it. It's kind of funny but we took down a possible dictatorial regimen, the OAE confirmed the electoral fraud of the MAS as they tried and won an unconstitutional 4th term in the power, Morales is the president who stayed in the power for the longest time in south America, and what we did is historical for latinamerica, what we did, what happened in my country has so much story background, we barely escaped the fate of becoming the next Venezuela and what we did inspired countries under dictatorial regimens to step out and fight for freedom, people died, all of them were simple civilians and a cop, all of them in hands of the people of the now ex president. It's a really cool story and no one is really talking about it, and the way de ex government tries to excuse themselves is kind of absurd like saying that all was a plan from USA to take him down. Think about it, have a nice day.

    36. Nature's Dichotomy

      anybody else wonder what jeffree stars employees make?

    37. Teresa McMullen

      Ok at 43:20 anyone else recognize Johnnie Guilberts song?!?

      1. Phanic! At The Disco

        hahaha yes

    38. Nabil 7


    39. Annabelle Jones

      Gotta love that Johnnie Guilbert song in there

    40. Kalidou Goloko

      I hate u shane

    41. Sandra Conner

      I was already crying eight minutes into video

    42. Caroline Charney

      The shiney green should be called Garett because they remind me of his nails from the Texas vid.

    43. lily does gachas

      bring drew back

    44. Izzy

      March 13 is my birthday

    45. Daisy Marrero

      Shane - "I've never worked with a store. I've never even sold stuff." Hot Topic - "Am I a joke to you?"

    46. Someartyness

      I honestly started tearing up when you were looking around your old house. I've been watching your videos since 2011, and even though things change and it can be sad, I'm honestly so proud of how far you've come. You're an inspiration to so many, and we all love you to bits. Remember that!

    47. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

      16:01 - 16:08 this needs to become a meme 😂

    48. kanya martinez

      “But we’re not whores, we’re engaged sluts”

    49. c gott

      2:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Daniela Astete

      I'm so glad Shane has found his dreams coming true, he's really a nice guy

    51. Average Granola

      When I saw the unnamed green shade my fist thought was lizard people or something to do with reptiles

    52. Victoria Lomeli

      15:55 😂😂

    53. Erik Gutierrez

      15:58-16:12 😂😂😂

    54. LAU

      The moment where you realise that Shane Dawson has become better than you at makeup 😅

    55. marlen gonzalez

      The good thing is that Shane doesn’t care about the money

    56. Martha Viviana

      42:53 It’s Johnnie! XD 🖤

    57. Anna Barkoskie

      How are you so good at doing your makeup?! It took me years to be that good!

    58. LMBx92

      I recieved an empty box from JFC today instead of my conspiracy palette... i just paid money for it to come through customs and the box is empty!!! Wheres my palette??? ☹

    59. Silvershineee

      I want Shane to do my make up, like wow he's reaaaaally good in it!😵 So proud on youuuuu Shane 💛

    60. Arm Collector

      so sad bc ppl think being famous is so great but I feel so bad for jeffree & Shane ( they work hard for what they got they deserve it all) ppl are trying to destroy them ( out of JELLOUSY we know) sad ppl have to hate instead of being happy for ppl, when the other video showed jeffree crying after the robbery u could see he is broken hope they catch them, i love these 2 guys friendship the most they both have to deal with BULLSHIT and are there for each other!!! TO ALL READING THIS GOD BLESS HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!!!

    61. Makayla Skelton


    62. Patricia Sones

      love the johnnie guilbert in the background:)))

    63. Sophie Mendoza

      i am literally exactly the same with my items. house, cars, even bags. I always have to say goodbye.

    64. Yago Vandoros


    65. everydayisrose

      I really cannot get enough of this series, and your true friendship

    66. Benjamin Baltazar

      Excuse me jeffree Michelle is better and prettier that u

    67. Benjamin Baltazar

      Jeffree looks like a fucking snake

    68. Andrew Minyard

      okay but when drew was shown, i legit teared up and smiled. The good ol days :,)

    69. Nemxi

      Watching Shane's reaction after the launch is everything because they sold out so fast

    70. Ally Reynolds

      Y'all is it just me or is this series tugging at the heart strings a bit. Like I'm crying I'm so proud of Shane and Jeffree, they're blossoming into their own beautiful selves and I'm beyond happy for them