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    1. cyrus gonsman

      That fat dinosaur looks exactly like the rideable piranha shit in the mandalorian

    2. NotFilthyZak

      9:50 tusk

    3. Joseph Culbertson

      Who's eating potato mash on Halloween?

    4. YungSaiyan٦٦٦

      Avocado on toast is the shit

    5. Seo Dynamite

      Ewwwwwww 13:18 20:40

    6. Hombre de Ley

      12:12 LOL IM CRYING !!! XD

    7. Manuel Rodríguez


    8. Kindred Player

      "humanity was a mistake" THAT ONE GOT ME, NICE PEWDS

    9. Zach Z

      ok boomer

    10. Señor Cornbread

      Felix: I hate eggs Me: I eat the fetus to become stronger

    11. Edmund Chan

      Where Lemonkey montage

    12. Ashlyn Overy

      You do not like green eggs and ham?

    13. Fat Thor

      Pewds: sees spider video Me: create new world

    14. Moriah Galindo

      Love how pewds was abouta say “that’s how you get that mad pus-“ then fuckin says “gamer gorl “😂

    15. MysteryFexROBLOX

      3:58 Stinky....poop XD

    16. Miniamires

      DISGUSTANG sauce

    17. Lizzi Beetle

      Pewds: the esrly 2000’s were a lawless wasteland Me: PTSD flashbacks to matrix and denim fashion

    18. Glitch Lynx

      *Me gets a Pewdiepie ad on this video:* Good job Felix


      The soft coconut got me

    20. Weebster

      God forbid green mash potatos. Get that shit outta my face.

    21. Nixon Lennon

      I hate this stuff

    22. 3rdworld girl

      About the meme Pewds hates, 10:27 why that dudes eyes blue in the first panel but brown in the rest???🙄🙄🙄

    23. Sai

      im french..... and ive laught..... EPIC

    24. AutisticArtist

      Caviar is also a very popular form of edible child.

    25. FATEvz

      Like it for the diss

    26. bluechespin

      9:42 thats me in 1000000000 years

    27. Dr gamez

      شكرا، أنا أكرهه

    28. Dr gamez

      شكرا، أنا أكرهه

    29. Michelle 1006

      I just got a PewDiePie ad on a PewDiePie video wtf.

    30. Mr. Mendes2000

      13:20 that never gets old

    31. Logan Redd

      13:34 why does he sound like morty crying in that one episode where they have a 6 day adventure in season 3 episode 6

    32. The waspless fig

      I was trying to take my first bite of my ramen when i got to the ‘spider fungus’ part

    33. The waspless fig

      I wanna see a video adressing the teacher with the hair on fire

    34. Myra X

      Pewds calling Marzia his wife was so sweet, idk why. 😊😊😊

    35. TissenVIII

      banan, curry och jordnötter felix... de ä vad som ger

    36. nh13

      Omfg 🤣🤣🤣 has pewds never seen a trap door spider 🤣

    37. fernand holtz

      18:38 it mean "what is this?" and i'm french, so when i heard Felix trying his best to pronounce it, my ears got raped if you read this then you are dumb

    38. Jarvis bro

      6:20 I’m at school Oman do

    39. Pradyumna Chandel

      I have made pizza with bananas, using a chocolate sauce and it tastes amazing!!

    40. Oleander Flowers

      # His Breath Smells Like Hot Dog 😂😂🤘🤘

    41. Prabu Galuh

      i thought it was "simple creatures" video clip

    42. Lapis Lazarus

      thanks, I hate pew die pie. ugh

    43. Fletcher Bielefeld

      what about green eggs and ham

    44. Andrew Macias

      13:17 you're welcome

    45. Sulli

      I'm so proud of pewds for also thinking eggs and milk are gross.

    46. TheNessteea

      why do people watch this asshole?

    47. Mubarak Begum


    48. Mubarak Begum


    49. Jasmine Petra

      13:20 I had a minor stroke.

    50. Panda Clementine YT

      Ok Boomer

    51. MçÇârtñéy 4422

      Felix has such a late reaction to the trap door spider

    52. Umut Savcı


    53. Sophie Nguyen

      Wombats have square poo because they use it to mark their territory and they don't want it to roll away

    54. Hi my name’s Catrina

      fun facts: since chickens (female chickens to be exact) don’t have the same reproductive system as humans (obviously), if a chicken does not have her egg fertilized, it will just drop out and the reproductive cycle will start over. when a female human doesn’t have their egg fertilized, her uterus will shed and fall out, much like the egg of a chicken. so therefore, the eggs you eat are more or less chicken periods. second fact is that the milk that you drink is from a cow’s boob. meaning cheese is basically solid cow boob juice. you’re welcome.

    55. Dino Nugget

      Wait a minute what are you doing in innconito mode other than shearching up fat animals

    56. Stanzpeterson P

      Egg is actually a chickens period

    57. Elrightio


    58. Snufkin Snufkin

      4:05 still waiting for that montage

    59. DeadFroZT XD

      13:19 when she tell you,I love you.........But as friend

    60. • Moonie •

      3:53 *_Incongnito has entered the chat_* 🤔

    61. Rufus Robertson

      4:01 It looks like if radical feminism was a person

    62. Sans TheSkeleton

      4:28 Papyrus, is that you? **You hear Bonetrousle in the distance*

    63. ZOM BAY

      "testicle sauce" is helpful tho, it can cure as much as i know--

    64. Amanda Navarro

      Okay but I highkey want a trapdoor spider...

    65. NekoMiku1234

      I wanna make a long furby with my boyfriend but he hates them :(

    66. Cédric S

      Honey is insect vomit. Yes but potatoes was grown using excrements of animals (and some places even human..) bon apetit

    67. J. Frost

      I always thought it was weird humans drank cow milk.

      1. Verity

        Hence the confusion of vegans at the vegetarians and meat eaters 😂

    68. Damien Kearley

      nice trapdoor spider

    69. Emma Farish

      pewdiepie: i hate milk, egg, and guacamole/avocado me: huzzah! a man of culture

    70. Its Lit HD