Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    Scientific proof Pixar sits on a throne of lies. Thanks to Bose for their support and for the dopest headphones I've ever worn: bose.life/markrober
    Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger.
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    More info that was promised-
    What is likely happening is that the sharks can smell the blood but it's just not in a quantity that is interesting to them especially since they don't love human blood that much (btw, I spoke with a marine biologist and mammal blood is all the same from a chemical marker stand point so cow blood is a suitable substitute for human blood). If I did the experiment again, I would want to test human blood vs. fish blood.
    This is the most definitive study done to date in a control lab environment on what is least and most interesting to them: The Biology of Sharks and Rays Peter A. Klimley and Steven Oerding; ISBN-13: 9780226442495. Particularly pages 134-140. Figure 6.7; Table 6.2

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    Summary: I've always wanted to test if sharks can really smell a single drop of blood in the water from 1 mile away. So I went to the Bahamas in shark infested waters and set up an experiment to get to the bottom of things.

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    11. ML Productions

      Sharks are only curious of humans. They dont like doing bad stuff. Sometimes they only kinda bite a lil bit the human but realise that they made a BIG mistake and they go away. There are really small human from shark deaths. About only 70 a year approximately. But humans killing sharks is 70 million sharks killed a year, so sharks deserve better.

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      I've always been told by my dad, that sharks don't like the taste/smell of human blood because it has too much iron in it. That is why they always spit humans out.

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      If you did get a cut in the water with sharks in the area, it probably won't cause a feeding frenzy. However, the boards aren't moving like a human or animal would, and they don't make noise either. Sharks are attracted to movement, as it could be prey, especially a lot of splashing. So it is likely that if you got cut and tried to swim to shore, you'd get a visit from some sharks.

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      From what I know about sharks - not much but yeah correct me if I’m wrong - sharks aren’t that violent and they won’t immediately want to gobble you up. They have amazing hearing so if they hear you in pain , chances are they’re probably gonna be violent towards you. Sharks are very curious animals and aren’t that interested in eating something they aren’t all too sure about - don’t panic when you see a shark Swimming up to you . Like any other animal, it’s curious and just wants to figure out what you are. If they feel like you’re not imposing any sort of threat, you’re fine. Though this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go blindly Swimming in a pool of sharks.

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