Tesla Model 3 P v Porsche 911 - DRAG RACE *shock result*



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    It's time for another carwow drag race! This week, the all-electric Tesla Model 3 Performance is going against a born-and-bred supercar - the Porsche 911 Carrera S! Victory seems almost certain for the 911, which goes from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds and is powered by a mighty, 450hp, 3.0-litre 6-cylinder engine! The Tesla Model 3, however, only has two electric motors to get it going, but the lack of gears means it can get to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds! Which will emerge on top? Join Mat and find out!
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    1. James Hooker

      Ok next test the Porsche against the cyber truck 😆

    2. Davy Decorps

      Omg a 450hp car is beaten by a 490hp car. I’m shocked.

    3. Tony Wade

      Tesla are boring man

    4. Kayla Mitchell

      Do this but the model s instead

    5. Lucia Hartoko

      Its Sucks When Is itTAYCAN

    6. Kamil 7

      Imagine the turbo s

    7. Louise Mitchell

      In every day use of power on the street, the Tesla is so much quicker due to no need to shift, wait for the power, etc....as he mentions, the only place other than a track where Porsche would win would be high speed autobahn runs. The upcoming Tesla sports car will blow away all other cars on the planet.

    8. Elektroauto_Alltag

      very nice

    9. Fad Met

      This shows how stupid are ice car buyers are. Halve the price more power less expense who cares if the name is Ferrari.

    10. Mouwcat

      I wonder if aero rims on the tesla would make any major difference

    11. alex f1

      10:53 haha

    12. John Locke

      Still faster in 0-60 and never pay for gas again...

    13. boogie7778

      Tesla dual motor AWD, Porsche RWD?! Real plague of Tesla is build quality control issues but they'll get there.

    14. Scott

      A rwd Porsche vs the Tesla is already not a fair fight but that Porsche beat it on quarter mile? Wow that 911is MIGHTY! The 4S would really kick its ass.

    15. Cold Lemonade

      Youve got nothing on my cyber truck in jailbreak 👌

    16. Ikuraga

      Send him a Tesla! Elon you rich b#$%*£€!

    17. Timké Bienda

      Jeremy clarkson: “ Power”

    18. sa22see

      Tesla is 100% American so all you haters suck on that!

    19. Bear Grizzly

      Vive la 911! A real beauty! Fuck electric!

    20. ElectronicLover

      10:24 mirror face reveal

    21. IMyour DAD

      Why do British ppl say teZla with a z instead of with an S

    22. !Paul Cageツ

      Im from Germany and there is an Autobahn, so The Porsche wone

    23. Andrew Crane

      Porsh ?

    24. Dampu Kalita

      Tesla looks ugly

    25. Jake Peterson

      I find it funny that the telsa fanboys always brag about the performance model yet at the 1/4 mile it's going like 20mph less. The telsa absolutely falls on its face at 100mph

    26. WOLFIE Torrez

      good tesla👍👍👍🖤🙂🐺🖤

    27. WOLFIE Torrez

      good tesla

    28. Bernd Peter Marquart

      An idiotic comparison with a lousy moderation. Thumb down.

    29. Bryan Channell

      I mean if ur gonna do an expensive car then also put tesla p100d raven edition against Porsche

    30. Ahmet Özdemir

      Stop calling these EV's eco friendly. The production stage of their batteries actually screw the earth much more than ICE's

    31. George Aguilar

      Love the video...but racing at 100 mph+ with one hand on the wheel and talking into a walk-in talkie? wtf?

    32. ibraheem adam

      We need Tesla v taycan

    33. Rishi Anand S

      Please do a drag race taycan vs p100d

    34. Yahiaoui Fedi

      To me, they are both winners, gorgeous cars!

    35. Finanzleuchtturm

      I love my M3 AWD + Upgrade. Never want to drive another car 😍

    36. Richard Shane

      Porsche has been around for almost a century Tesla will be gone in another year No infrastructure for services No way to recharge your system Who's going to fix your car when it breaks Tesla is fast whippy do That's like comparing a combustion engine with a turbine engine Indy 500 outlawed turbine engines against combustion engine two dissimilar systems

    37. Aman Subunu

      Out on the track, the Porche is leaps better. That's where the extra 40grands go

    38. alexander wei

      Teslas are pretty nice for middle class families that doesn’t have to face Canadian winter. Upper middle class or wealthier people could afford for better

    39. Agnostic human

      Honda civic type-r vs Porshe 911

    40. Jeffrey Hudson

      Lol, why do you have the passenger seat heater on at 6:41?

    41. MK Uis

      I'm a Porsche fan, but I also think electric is the future --> Go Taycan Turbo S !!!!!!

    42. ProgM

      The model 3 looks like ass on the toilet. Needs drastic remodeling.

    43. Russell Smith

      I would still have the porsche, just for the sound!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Bril4x

      The clear winner is the Porsche we all know it.

    45. boshko boki

      Take the Tesla on a rase track and do 50 laps and see what it's made off sh-t or spunk

    46. S G

      Put both on a race track

    47. Simen Åsland

      what test is this. porsch won over the telsa and you are saying the tesla win becuse you done have auto track.. haha wtf

    48. TP

      German car over any american “muscle” 😌😜

    49. TP

      Come on Porsche ❤️❤️❤️

    50. Plonker Singh

      The Tesla is 4wd and Porsche 2wd. Why did you not use the 992 C4S for this comparison?? Answer; because the Porsche would have won. Regardless of straight line acceleration the Tesla looks like crap inside and out.

    51. eggpro1975

      the tesla didnt do a bad job.. that 911 cost almost twice as much..

    52. Andrew Thompson

      Yeah, now race around a track.

    53. MANU PURI

      Unbelievable ... Tesla won that brake test. Hats off to Tesla. 👍👏 (I feel Tesla won looking at the drone shot.)

    54. Clint R

      Heart sais Tesla S 110Kw...

    55. Clint R

      Hahaha somebody likes Tesla.... Good job, just keep it that way...

    56. FANTOM

      But in any way the Porsche is better then TESLA in quality, and its like Porsche ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. DrOzzyHD

        FANTOM boi the porsche is double the price and has less efficiency practicality and it is way expensive to run that thing besides the Tesla so you talk rubbish to be fair

    57. Unemployed Rocket Surgeon

      Anything other than a Teslas is like having a Reindeer parked in the garage.

    58. Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega

      Don’t worry, the ice car will beat you on the freeway after 120mph

      1. Greg Hassler

        Yes, the Porsche is great at racetrack speeds, go figure.

    59. Young World

      Am I the only one that skips the talking and goes straight to the race

    60. Ed Walker

      You can see, electrics are the future, or at least for cars, maybe not heavy trucks. That's if they get the infrastructure built for electrics. I think electrics are great in maybe taking some pressure off gas...

    61. Kevin Keelan

      I’d take the car over the appliance.

    62. MOJI.K. JOHN Shibu

      Tesla wins the brake test

    63. dboy Voigt

      Do a drag race with yianna and joseph his @ is the.collection on insta

    64. steve's art

      Maybe the Tesla model x I think it's faster

    65. Dave Powell

      I though the family saloon did quite well

    66. Mattias Glasnovic

      Yes lets try on The track and you will see

    67. Ashraf Jacobs

      LOL... Your most viewed videos are with electrical vehicles. A. K. A _Tesla

    68. AJH

      "Punch it man, just punch it!!!"

    69. Xyzaal

      whaoooh Tesla ! the battery should be 93% for optimal results ! I am impressed by its braking

    70. Tadas Simasevicius

      Tesla is poor car, never going to be like German car