Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel

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    Police say a teen girl was caught on camera defacing a sand sculpture in a luxury Hawaiian resort Monday night. Surveillance video at the iconic Royal Hawaiian hotel shows a girl climb over a barrier in front of the sculpture and knock off the head of one of the carved bodies. She then rips the nose off of another and claws at the sculpture. After climbing down from the barrier, she throws a green pillow and another object at the sculpture.

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    1. Leroy Gallagher

      They should put her bloated body on display as a warning to all, fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life!

    2. mmm mmm

      That fat woman is stupid beyond stupid, is she the representation of woman of great america?

    3. chaotic twig

      Look at that fat ass. Can hardly get over the railing

    4. a k

      must be anakins daughter? ;)

    5. Ken E

      She was having a flash back of being beached , triggered .

    6. Mick Silva

      Just a dugong playing in the sand, don't disturb the poor creature.

    7. Spicy Milk

      of course, it’s 2 white girls :/

    8. thegrandfinale2

      I hope that she will be arrested and spend 10 years in prison. Also I hope she has to pay full costs of replacing the sculpture, plus damages. In short, I hope she will pay for this for the rest of her life.

    9. A_Chained_Angel

      That’s what happens when you leave the gate open to the cow pen....

    10. UnoriginalAsshole

      As a fat, unwashed, troglodyte living in my parents basement I can happily say I have accomplished more than this land whale has. And...it feels good...

    11. Victor Nunez

      She’s white she’ll just get a slap in the wrist suprise she actually got over that fence

    12. Alien : Sky

      Man. I used ta like white girls...now i dunno.

    13. World’s Okayest Marine Grunt

      It’s a shame that fat girl didn’t land on her face and break her nose

    14. Fargo Clemens

      So not only the hotel had to pay to fix the sculpture but they had a Fly the dude in lmao 😂

    15. jules ;

      of course she’s white

    16. KickingAssDaily

      Shes disgusting on the inside and outside. Like Tommy Lee Jones.

    17. Langdon Alger

      always the entitled Americans

    18. Roxy lee

      He should make her pay for the damages

    19. Chan Xavier

      She is jealous the sculpture is slimmer than she is

    20. ImDarthGamer

      Listen I know you’ve got a Muffin top and you’re mad. but you don’t have to ruin everyone else’s time

    21. Lazlo Lesley

      Anyone know her name? Asking for a friend

    22. Trydodis

      Plot twist: her father is the sculptor and he’s gonna get paid to repair it

    23. sugarmilk28

      So it's a trend to be stupid and distructive....oh nooo

    24. Big Trips Keepin it real

      What a idiot

    25. Justin Mcare

      Yet just another rich spoiled white girl from America on vacation , daddy’s probably gonna come bail her out by throwing money at the problem like he did her whole life.

    26. xXlMarijuanalXx Weed

      Sounds about white...

    27. _TRL!TH _

      As Cartman would say, "she's probably got sand in her vagina"... This little piggy played in fast and the furious, and this little piggy....

    28. Mrs. Newton

      Disgusting!! What a joke

    29. Jeffrey Flowers

      I’m surprised the glass barrier didn’t break under the immense weight

    30. Jabami Yumeko

      Not on her side or anything but if it was made of sand why didn’t they fully glass it so that people were unable to touch it 😂

    31. Stendersen Hendersen

      Women moment

    32. Indigothe Knight

      Lesson one: never ruin art

    33. Vinmassa

      100% haole

    34. ItsWolfyy

      She so fat she made the barricade wobble even the guy stated she wobbled

    35. wadafefe

      So many kids think it’s funny to ruine art, they should be arrested and charged

    36. Rigo Cm

      A pig 🐷 with not brain 🧠!! Sorry two pigs 🐷!!

    37. PerpetratorX

      Horrible on the inside and on the outside.

    38. mark smith

      Ive heard she just despises low entropy.

    39. Dianto Xentar

      Wow is that a peppa pig

    40. SZskits

      I'm reminded of the impulsive nature kids show when you show them a bubble or leggo set. They just can't help but destroy anything fragile.

    41. Annie Im

      Title: teen Reality: *fat ass 30 year old woman*

    42. Charbel Alam


    43. CreepyGuy908

      Fat whale

    44. Garl Vinland

      Fat people: Exist Society: waiting for them to do one bad thing so they can zone in on making fun of their weight.

    45. Blue Skys

      Poor barrier, probably still traumatized.

    46. • One •

      Looks like she was angry at sand. Not surprising when you take into account how Hawaiians cook fat lumpy hogs under the sand and leaves for Luaus. She was probably feeling threatened by the sand.

    47. Praveen neevarP

      Best charge would be to put her in jail and only release her when she makes an exact replica of it in sand.

    48. Zerg Brood


    49. proxima centauri

      Wow what an incredible mix of cringe, stupidity and obesity in one video lol.

    50. Aaron

      Teen is a Bernie supporter.

    51. Cyndi Cleveland

      She needs banded from Hawaii and made to pay for the destruction and jail time

    52. Hardcore Bunny

      Of course it’s a teen girl, literally worst people alive.

    53. Alex Bertani

      1000 hour of Community service at the gym!

    54. Gaby Jade

      Ugly with bad attitude

    55. FairySlothUnicornMermaid Blob Fish

      I feel bad for the artist

    56. Shar O


    57. Vergil

      must be american can we pls ban americans from beautiful country

    58. Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts

      So disrespectful and spiteful, the artist will practically have to start from scratch with all that damage she caused, I hope her friend got charged also.

    59. Qdude10

      She needs to lose weight lol

    60. Fruit Cat

      Suprised her fat ass didn't break the barrier apparently the local zoo lost a hippo.

    61. Drew Lovelyhell

      They should bury her up to her neck in sand, then make a snapchat video of her screaming for mercy as the tide comes in.

    62. On Thoychajiapum

      WoW! stupid Teen's they do everything to get Like'$ 🙄

    63. Victoria Stamps

      Something is wrong with these two. I hope they get slammed with the expense to repair, travel expenses, jail time, community service. Ignorance is a choice. Doing stupid things to go viral is ignorance.

    64. John Britton

      It's like someone brought a Wendy's Double Baconator to life with some kind of magic spell.

    65. Ray Kah

      What a dumb news channel. Just described what's seen on the video. Didn't said anything about the reason behind.

    66. RS 1990

      DESPICABLE! >:(

    67. AmericanPewDiePie

      An entitled land whale. I’m not surprised at all.

    68. Darksoul angeL

      Americans really needs an brutal teaching of good manners...😆😆😆😆

    69. Alex Kilgour

      Too bad it wasn't in Singapore. I think their solution would be effective.