Technikore Production Tutorial #1: How To Make A Pumping UK / Happy Hardcore Bassline



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    In the first of what is set to be a series of production tutorials catered for producers of UK/Happy Hardcore, I run through the sound design and processing on a pumping Technikore style offbeat bassline.

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    1. Everymonth

      Love it! Thanks for sharing openly. Been into the scene since late 90’s and always loved to mix but never got on well with production. It’s awesome to see uk producers of this genre helping the next generation (even the old). In my eyes it’s what’s needed to build the scene up again and keep it from dying out.

    2. Dezzee Rascal

      this intro would be so good for Come Running :D


      Thank you much for this, I've been wanting one of the best Hardcore artists out there to show how they create that hardcore sound. This helped me a lot with a remix I'm currently working on. Despite not having serum, the layering and sound design with stock plugins can replicate a rudimentary version of this, maybe if you're interested I can email you one of my tracks or eventually I will upload one of my hardcore tracks. :) One day I want to produce a banging tune like yours, maybe perhaps end up on a Hardcore Underground compilation, that would be sweet. Keep it up, HTID!

    4. Andreas Andersen

      Hi, awesome tutorial! Really learning a lot. What is happening with effect rack at 12:58 for bass extra punch? The video kinda skips them.

    5. IAN happle

      I thought "you can't polish a turd" great tutorial, keep posting and sharing

    6. Tom Binary

      Very nice ! Thanks you !!

    7. Yamarashi Myuzik

      Jakka B, then Technikore , all my favourite producer is making tutorials right now! Dream comes true!

    8. The Broducerz

      Thank you!!

    9. Jorge Retwill

      Do a tutorial on drums, please?

      1. Yur3 Music

        1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 12 3 4 1 2 3 4

    10. Ure muther


    11. Ed Porter

      Dream come true, please more of this!

    12. elektroshockk

      Thank you so much Alfie!!!

    13. Elektrik

      Thank you!!! You helped me a whole lot! I appreciate you!

    14. Vy0h

      Great tutorial! But whats the track in the intro? Its so great!

    15. Chamber of Sins

      this is wicked love these videos :)

    16. DJ Shougo

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge man, i'm a huge fan of yours.

    17. gary hardwick

      Very helpful ty

    18. paul reynolds

      Great tutorial man, very detailed. keep them coming. Perhaps a kick drum and percussion one?

    19. Limahl Verney

      Do you ever use sylenth to make bass? as I do not serum

    20. Adam Dixon


    21. koteotake

      I like this sound 3:37, even without distortion. Good starting point to experiment with effects.

    22. DJZ

      Bamford midis crew!

    23. stesmeg

      Nice tutorial. Thanks for showing us how you make basses. Look forward to future episodes

    24. Stu Finch

      Any chance of the fxp patch file mate ha

    25. Mark Agana

      sick guy cant wait for next totorial

    26. djcomrie

      do u produce much the same when it comes to your hard trance productions or are the y made in a completely different way?

    27. Charlie Hinchliffe

      Wicked tutorial Alf, very useful to see the sounds broken all the way down and then built back up. Really looking forward to more of these from you!!

    28. viewtifulday

      It's cool to hear the distinct layers individually, I've never made my basses multilayered before. Gonna give it a try now

      1. viewtifulday

        @KirtashTheLegend Cheers! I got some stuff on the way, don't worry

      2. KirtashTheLegend

        plis, we need more of your tracks ;-;

    29. Timmy Turner

      I love these sounds!!!!! I've been looking for something like this but I could never get that right sound of base and I use FL studio and ableton. Thanks for the tutorial m8

    30. pendarr

      Super neat stuff. :) You've been one of my favorite producers and a huge inspiration since I started making hardcore, very cool to see this insight into your approach to sound design. Looking forward to more!

    31. ZombiekittyGaming

      Curious what software is this?

      1. Mark Agana

        cubase 9.5

      2. Technikore

        I use Cubase Pro 9.5 :)

    32. Carlos Muñoz AKA Sarco

      now i'm gonna try again to produce... thx

    33. SyntheticBoy

      Nice tutorial bro!

    34. Dancefmlive

      This is all good but I'm guessing from what you are showing here you already have to know how to build all of this, See m8 I don't id need to start right from the beginning Blank screen... and shown in Fruityloops, this is the only program I've played with and I'm still lost.

      1. Technikore

        Yeah you definitely will need some prior knowledge before tackling these kind of basslines, this is certainly a mid level / advanced level tutorial. I don't touch Cubase at all in this tutorial, we are simply looking at the synth work and effects plugins. There are certainly more resources out there over CZ-news which will be more helpful for you if this is overwhelming.