Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. cassey louviel

      One of my favorite singer 🤣🤣🤣thank you Taylor😘😘😘more songs please😍

    2. byeong s

      This is taylor

    3. aaron corpse

      This reminded me how much of a Taylor Swift fan I am 🤣 I just never realized it lol

    4. aaron corpse

      I loved this version of Trouble 😍

    5. CamzJauregui adn

      You look Lauren Jauregui?????? What minutes????

    6. Pricy Yermias

      If she sang a song from reputation, it definetly will be the end of scooter and scott

    7. Vee U.S

      I’m happy because of her happiness 💛💛💛💛 The best version of Lover I think :3

    8. B. Max

      I love how her parents are singing the lyrics with her ❤️

    9. Nitesh Asthana

      This performance should have been an hour long at least.

    10. waysav

      8:50: Is that ballerina Misty Copeland?

    11. Evelyn Guijarro

      I will never not hear "got along with Starbucks lovers" 🤷

    12. Celina Chiurco


    13. Jahbouris

      Im taller than Taylor swift

    14. blakayttv

      The best you are awesome

    15. Katt Nelson

      She lipsyncs from "trouble" onwards. Artist of the decade should be able to sing live.

    16. Plinio Gonzalez

      Alguien me dice como se llama la primera cancion

    17. Kim Dionaldo

      A successful career and a happy relationship. 👏🏼 hmm. You always makes me cry taylor. I am very happy for u. ❤️

    18. Lauren King

      Nostalgia hitting hard

    19. Racy Kantu


    20. alifa aya


    21. alifa aya

      queen slayed!

    22. s s

      3:36 THE BEST

    23. Bangtan Youniverse

      What's the title of the last song she performed?

      1. Bangtan Youniverse

        Thanks 💜

      2. donna easty


    24. Afonso Snow


    25. Angelica Villas

      I love you Taylor Swift💙

    26. John Ferguson

      Shake it of shake it off

    27. John Ferguson

      The taylor swift of car shows

    28. Adelyn Vigil

      Did anyone else see where the little girl got hit it was hilarious 😂 0:24

    29. rai plays miller


    30. Lashaunda Brooks

      So nobody's going to mention that the little girl got punched in the face by one of the other dancer at 0:24 😂

    31. Brooklin Roberts

      I love you so much Taylor! I'm Brooklin, and i'm 13 years old! I play the guitar and love to sing. I want to be just like you when I grow up!

    32. Sefinat Yahaya


    33. Abbey P

      She truly is amazing! 🥰

    34. Legend Xegned

      She's the most butiflu girl ever

    35. Kiet Hoang

      Selena Gomez looks so happy for her lol



    37. A O_

      I just do not like het omg

    38. amsya rious

      I saw billie eilish omaigaddd

    39. Синтез Белка

      По-моему, ты немного поправилась (растолстела немного, если по-русски)

    40. Синтез Белка


    41. Angela Mendoza

      You know that she deserve the award when everyone knows the lyrics and it more looks like a concert

    42. Angela Mendoza

      am I the only one here who's tearing up because I am happy for her :'(

    43. John Ferguson

      Awsome taylor awsome propeller song

    44. Vera Shek

      an absolute legend❤️ so proud😭😭

    45. Jasmina B.

      The man 0:00 Love story 0:40 I knew you were trouble 1:55 Blank space 4:06 Shake it off 6:14 Lover 8:30

    46. Tiết Kiệm Là Một Đức Tính Tốt

      So great 👍

    47. Tristan Cloyd

      I keep watch this over and over I love it so much

    48. Ruthie Burleson

      The only reason people hate Taylor Swift is because they aren’t her

      1. Sigita J

        i dont hate her, i hate her fandom. for them its okay hate on iconic artists. yes she amazing but i dont think abot her as icon yet.

    49. Monica Torres


    50. Monica Torres


    51. Juan Rocha

      18 Mi

    52. demetria villanova

      She definitely deserved this I can’t remember a time when her songs weren’t in my childhood

    53. Lady Li

      Does anyone knows If there’s like karaoke version of the parade of her songs ?

    54. Soulless Shadowz

      Anyone else see the girl on the left get hit in the face at 0:25

    55. Isaias AoS


    56. augustin


    57. Azad Sarwari

      Bad blood ?

    58. Pedro Henrique


    59. Gloria Chery

      I love her omg !!

    60. A Gz


    61. Sal M

      the only person who can rock bangs and a red lip for ten years and not get old

    62. gobbi ponto

      quem é o cara do lado billie eilish cantando blank space? acho que me apaixonei!

    63. K HM

      Artist Of The Decade "Taylor Alison Swift"

    64. K HM

      I'm so proud of this baby❤

    65. Sami Dunlap

      These albums are my entire childhood into adulthood, and I've loved every single one of them passionately. This made me cry

    66. Lawrence 2000

      Okay why only you can watch the video in 720p!

    67. Yare Yare

      Te amo ❤️

    68. Eurovision Battles

      Love story is still and always will be her greatest song to me. (Lover is probably second fave and trouble third) It's a pity she didnt wear a big ball dress for love story. And then rip it off for the next song.

    69. Alaa Bowba

      one question: is this actually live cuz thats impressive

    70. Карина Ражик

      What a smartie! Bravo!💘💐👏❤️💎👑😘🎈🔥🎊