Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. Ronylson Santos

      Never will be Lady Gaga.

    2. Trisha Gupta

      Leaving a comment so after year I remember I was here when this legend won the award.

    3. moua64

      She gave us IKYWT with Don’t Blame Me Vocals. That’s the best!!

    4. Jojo Gray

      My wife said I watched this video an unhealthy amount of times.

    5. Kenneth Rey Lorenzo

      I can see at 11:33 who is very supportive friend. Thank you for inspiring us Taylor, throughout the decade.

    6. Surasak Saehlim


    7. Alejandra Sotelo

      Her mom crying at the end 😭❤

    8. Joan Bowman

      I love her, she’s such an amazing artist.

    9. Camilla Farrar

      I respect Taylor Swift, she carries herself with pride

    10. Edson Junio

      linda demais carismática venceu e conseguiu oque e dela!!!

    11. Eimaan Ahmad

      when she started singing lover I got some endgame vibes of Captian America dancing with his girl :)

    12. Maddie Bear

      im going

    13. Crazy 254

      Literally no one can overpower the swifty army

    14. Ultimate Dumpling

      She deserves it bc she has so many songs over the time so congrats 🎉🎈🎊🍾 Taylor Swift

    15. sunny blue

      WOW!!!!!!! Taylor you something else girl!!! Love lives in you! -It happens to be the greatest gift of all! THANK YOU, Taylor!!!

    16. 乌龟

      I cried

    17. Sneha Elizabeth Manoj


    18. Pedro González

      Belleza total especial excelente música perfecta electrizante grasias Pedro x desde Miami

    19. LIDIA SOLA

      The man has to be a single

    20. Neveah

      She is beautiful enough but it would be better if she wore a more beautiful costume!! I like golde color but not like that

    21. Sailor Mars

      When she started singing Love Story I just got hit with the realization she's been with us since the start, she's blessed us with so many songs and we grew up with her

    22. Naomi Andrew

      Iconic bop after iconic bop after iconic bops, a whole career of iconic bops

    23. Pete Robert

      a class act she is most deserving of this award!!!!

    24. Gezelim Görelim

      reminder button to me

    25. Maaida Ahmed

      5:33 omg that guy looking at everyone who’s singing along and being like: I don’t know this

    26. Lisaaa

      6:15 yess queens 👑

    27. naila jilani

      I don't know why I was feeling so proud while watching the performance☺☺

    28. Cherry Lee

      i love you dear idol ❤️

    29. Jodi Hummel

      She artist of the decade bc she is “ TAylor SWIFT”

    30. Luis Correa

      Te amo❤❣😻

    31. Christy Guite

      Omg she's burning the stage

    32. kirk heyden

      My Juliette never cared at southern cross uni lismore. Wow concert

    33. Nils

      anyone noticed the girl getting hit in the face at 0:24?

    34. E VP

      Glad to see that Taylor still can’t dance

    35. Edgar Noriega

      Play back ! Obvio haha Hay no que dientes tan más falsos tiene la perra

    36. Michael 916

      Is no one gonna talk about the girl on the right get hit in the face 0:23

    37. Nik Top

      Тейлор ты лучшая❤️

    38. 何浩源

      so excited

    39. jAtA

      She is a legend

    40. Jung Im Na


    41. Tasha Farmer

      I literally have watched this a million times!!! So obsessed with every minute of it. She’s truly the most amazing artist and person ❤️ I love her so incredibly much and have from day one back in 2006.

    42. Alexandra Portnova

      Taylor is really cool and really beautifu, Blank Space a very much music.

    43. Mokhammad Rokhib

      she is amazing

    44. renee rogers

      up until this performance i really did think the lyrics in shake it off were "and the bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake" skdjfks that's awkward

    45. Tyler Herrera

      Sigan mi canal de CZ-news cómo tyler Herrera y suscribanse con las notificaciones activadas y siganme en todas mis redes sociales @TylerherreraGT

    46. Nishitha Krishnan

      Okay... I lost the count but I'm still here watching this entire video for hundredth time now. This always feels like new and sends chills down there!! Taylor Swift deserve more than Artist of the Decade 😍❤️

    47. Prynz Theprynz

      man that red lipstick is really iconic

    48. Kawaii2034

      My favorite thing about her is that she didn’t do any drugs or anything crazy she barely had any scandals she just worked hard and she deserves this

    49. Nicole A

      A legend 💙💙 Forever...

    50. Annika Felton

      7:33 peep the iconic Halsey mic roll

    51. Ayaat

      واو ياعطيك الصحة ابنيتي عظمة على عظمة ياست

    52. pietro boselli

      Te amo

    53. Jaime Chaves

      Dance for your cat

    54. ciao belli

      Honestly I am not a fan of Taylor... I don't really like some of the things she has done but of course I am not a hater, like I would never wish something bad for her. But even though I don't really like her, her music is art. She is honestly an artist, everyone knew her songs and her performance is incredible. She really deserves to be the artist of this decade, she deserves everything she has achieve.

    55. Butera Backdrops

      1:00 billie yass

    56. Joshuatheplotagoner2012and jason Con

      0:58 why these bile eilish

    57. Habib Alvin

      Perfect of her performances ever 🤩

    58. Levys RST


    59. @ngel

      The more I listen to ts songs the more I fall in love with her songs...

    60. Abel Ahmed

      Love seeing the dudes not tryna sing the songs, but then succumbing to it eventually 😂☠️it’s so hard not to

    61. Agent J

      She write and composed her own hits. Yeah, she deserved this.

    62. Daniel Death

      She looks very cute and happy when she sang Love Story

    63. Swiftie and Selenator

      Taylor: Performce some of her old song Scooter Braun: Am I a joke to you? Taylor: yes

    64. Matthew Martin

      Taylor swift 2021 Super Bowl TAMPA Florida please

    65. Alexa Octaviano

      WHY AM I CRYING 😭😭😭😭

    66. jaydeeeze

      She seems so sweet and down to earth. I once had a girl like her but messed it up like I do.

    67. Alvin.won Won.lucky

      Malaysia guy like taylor swift song💋

    68. Maykon Sato

      The lover