Tamar Braxton Gets Real!

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    Tamar Braxton dishes about her love life and the new season of “Braxton Family Values”.
    Then, she tells us about her tour, “Welcome To The Dungeon” with Kandi Burruss, Trina, and more!
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    1. J Peavy

      She has that plastic surgeon face.

    2. Jacqueline Falls

      She not.

    3. MHNbysheterram Beauty

      Ppl want ppl to be depressed so bad ugh so sad... it's called life , moving forward & becoming I healthier person win 🌹💋💕

    4. MHNbysheterram Beauty

      Lol ain't nothing like a healthy bounce back good for her 🌹😘 People speak soooo negativity about Tamar , Haters learn you care more about the individual more than YOURSELF you lost already..

    5. Goss Jaleesa

      Hit her like she ain't no more lisa raye.

    6. Goss Jaleesa

      Deck her too frivolously.

    7. Goss Jaleesa


    8. Goss Jaleesa


    9. Goss Jaleesa

      That's what I was about to say?

    10. Goss Jaleesa

      Bullshit you need to hire her.

    11. Goss Jaleesa

      Wouldn't you have long hair.

    12. Goss Jaleesa


    13. Goss Jaleesa

      Genesis 1:29 God says he has given man he shall ever need.

    14. Goss Jaleesa

      Yo audience

    15. Goss Jaleesa

      Well sit still after you've ate cumin and garlic.

    16. Goss Jaleesa

      Wheres whitney

    17. Darlenne

      Crazy talking to crazy= crazy!! Omg Tamar ITS WHAT YOU SAID!! Stop blaming the producer

    18. ArianaSaré P.

      Wendy so damn messy

    19. Ari Raven

      "cute show" they won an emmy. She was fired how was it the other hosts fault as if any of them have any say in anything at all

    20. Silver Oasis

      loni is a liar! she tricked all the co-hosts what a disgusting person! Using all the guilt trips and the cards she had...just a disgrace! I feel bad for adrienne, tamera & jeannie for just not knowing that is was Loni "the lying" Love (aka HATE).

    21. Blue.babe_1 the hunny

      We need #TamarBraxton back on TheReal

    22. KIS4Beauty

      I'm sorry what the hell does Tamar have on! Why just why...she looks and sound crazy as HELL. Spanx are meant to be worn under clothing not out in the open on public and especially not on freaking TV! Where the hell are her friends...why didn't anyone tell her this wasn't ok....I'm floored! Recap.... Tamar: No need to style me today, I'm just going to wear this spanx on the Wendy show Stylist: Are you 4real?! Tamar: Damn straight....no games! Stylist: I quit...I'm not ruining my reputation over this bad decision.

    23. Boulai Anorath

      Girl please. Sometimes u can't grow without cutting out the toxic. The show improved after you left and they damn sure didn't need you on the show.

    24. Becky Solorio

      Tamar walkin around in SPANX 🤦🏻‍♀️

    25. Naami W

      Is she wearing spanks?

    26. Seth Pearson

      She really didn't say anything worth "The Real" crew responding to. I thought she went in on them the way they responded...

    27. LitGirlablaZe

      Tamar is talking about not feeling mentally good unless she’s physically good. With all the work on her face done, you’d think she’d realize that ain’t it! It’s the opposite!

    28. charles jones

      If they say “here’s the thing” one MORE MF TIME

    29. monique johnson

      I miss Tamar on the real

    30. Monica Browne-Smith

      Miss Tamar Braxton is going to get her talkshow very soon indeed.

    31. Samukelisiwe Mbuthuma

      The reason why I stopped watching the Wendy show is because of how ignorant she is. She keeps disrespecting Africa. Insinuating that we eat crickets in Africa isn't the first ignorant and insulting thing she has said about us. I question her level of intelligence sometimes.

    32. Mayayaya

      The real fumbled their bag and look where they are now....still struggling to find someone nearly as entertaining and talented as Tamar....their loss

    33. Elijah Dejesus

      Hey Wendy u called it a cute show no it’s a two time Emmy nominated show get it right honestly ur always Stirling controversy up like let them be ur doing it on purpose and mind ur own damn business already please

    34. Molisha Thanis

      The cricket comment was so unnecessary... Wendy is so stupid

    35. Christina Jackson

      She so ghetto!!

    36. Lena May Duzen

      The meme at 2:55 ,was what I was looking for

    37. Lisa Autry

      She needed to wear a spanx for publicity no one is talking about her

    38. Dre Day

      HOW MANY TIMES WILL SHE SAY HERE IS THE THING Couldn't even make it through this damn interview. Gawwwwwd

    39. sophieee

      "cute show" that won a grammy WITHOUT tamar, i dont think so honey

    40. Rachael Jarrell

      Tamar so funny

    41. Rachael Jarrell

      Tamar you have such beautiful skin gid bless you

    42. Koben's Kreations

      Did they just say The Real needs tamar. Omg, they won an Emmy with out her help. I love The Real so much.

    43. Aisha

      Where is her outfit?

    44. Carlos Clayton

      Speaking of Trina she's marrying a black man. 🙄

    45. Allen Downer Jr

      “Ain’t that jacked up, I heard that too” Tamar is a fool.

    46. Sile

      Lol so Africans eat crickets??? Must be nice to be ignorant 🙃

    47. Tiffany Chisholm

      Relax sis .. she so over the top with everything .. just relax and talk without all the dramatics

    48. Rare Rare

      The boyfriend!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂david😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Mandy Yang

      I love you Tamar...you so real ❤️

    50. Alero Glitz

      I can't stand wendy...who talked about the real? That is why I am here.

    51. Kasparov The God of War

      Tamar lost her damn mind Wendy's like"this is TV Gold"

    52. M K S

      Why is she just wearing Spanks? Aren’t you supposed to wear something over that? Cute shoes though.

      1. M K S

        Tyasia Diggs Ah, thanks! I didn’t stick around after the shoe cam & then I skipped up to the part about The Real....🤣

      2. Tyasia Diggs

        She explained in this exact video that this was the last time she would wear Spanx and that this was her way of showing off her last time

    53. Amanda Knox

      She is so ratchet 🤦🏻‍♀️ no one can take her seriously like this.!!

    54. Callalily

      Is that body spanx she's wearing? no time to dress up?

    55. janette martinez

      did she accidently wear her spanx??

    56. True King

      “ I can’t stand you with your hair” 😂

    57. Sekena Mcmurren

      She's not wearing a dress, Tamar will do anything for attention.😬

    58. Tinker Vance

      F O O L will do anything for attention 😝.

    59. The D.A.R.C Banks Channel

      Hey guys! Please come support my channel! cz-news.net/online/video-61OG_7QvL7U.html

    60. MizzHayreli TV

      Amen to the new tamar I love her.😁😁😁😁😁

    61. antwoin moon

      so even though tamar and vince divorced they are still friends

    62. HiDianne

      wendy's a fucking moron 🙄

    63. colsome miah

      Golden Lady...inappropro but she looked spectacular, despite her self denigration...love those Tamarisms....tv show somebody...

      1. colsome miah

        I watched the Real right after work, only because of Tamar...the other Ladies are lovely, but the draw for me was Tamar, as it was for everyone I know who watched it: Emmy notwithstanding....

    64. ariana king

      (Only watched this because the real talked about it and skipped to the part where they mention the show.)Wendy really tried it saying the real is "cute". And ironic seeing as only their CZ-news channel has 1 million more subscribers than this one.😕😐

    65. Living My Life In Monotone

      I saw a clip about the Real so I wanted to see what that drama from Loni was about. First off: the Real is ..... let’s just say I don’t enjoy it. Loni’s monologue about it - there was nothing to it.

    66. inspire beinspired

      I love Tamar & miss her on The Real 💕

    67. Ella Bella

      but HERES the thing

    68. Akiele Kujichagulia

      She forgot to get dressed!

    69. NolaBaby83

      Love her in doses, but she's team too much!

    70. Lorraine Cousin

      She looks good with short hair 😍