SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott - “Power Is Power” Lyric Video| Game Of Thrones (HBO)



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    Stream “Power is Power” from SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott:

    The final season of #GameofThrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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    1. Matthew Lazowicki

      All I'm saying, when Westeros finally thought of good enough cover stories.... that one guy obsessed with Khaleesi she made stay in Easteros won't let her alleged death go so unavenged...

    2. Kuhra Ezah

      I've watch GoT almost entirely for Jon Snow, and I'm a straight dude. That man's the ideal creature. Questionable decisions at times, but overall excellent man. Even though I know this song is about GoT, I'm listening to it and thinking it's 100% about my boy Jon.

    3. Alexandra Almeida

      Why cercei is not in this video?

    4. angel love kurt

      decepção esse final

    5. Potate -O

      Too bad the season sucked

    6. Thank you I’m good

      I mean the song is kind of good, but the fact that these people probably just have seen like 2 episodes of Game of Thrones is just frustrating lmao

    7. The Truth hurts


    8. Diana Georgieva

      Bullet?? 🤔🤔

    9. Mohora Alex

      i wished for kendrick, not travis :(

    10. bobby joth singh

      2019? Anyone? 😂

    11. Anna Berry

      No one: Literally no one: Travis Scott: *TUTUTUTUTU*

    12. Mia Veranika

      Watching this make me wanna invade lands or something.

    13. Nasser Saidoo

      pretty sure khaleesi got f'd way more and by way more men than Cersei! lol Still Cersei kept it familiar friendly xD xD xD xD

    14. Sammy Cross

      In the video they say "crown is heavy for the weak"... Jon is the weakest bastard there ever was cause he never took the responsibilityvof ruling and only stole it from the ones who deserved it. Aka Dany

      1. dreaming

        Sammy Cross YUP! EXACTLY!

    15. prathmesh X

      Stupid just stupid

    16. Mr Blue

      Good song to conclude the decade

    17. Aveddy Estrella

      Power is power.....without Cersei.... What blasphemy is this.

      1. dreaming

        Aveddy Estrella damn, true. 💯

    18. Lad's Lounge

      Season 8 sucks. This song does a better job of telling a story at a good pace than D&D.

      1. dreaming

        Lad's Lounge so true!!!!!!!

    19. Rymell Atkins

      I like it

    20. omez salman

      this is really a good song

    21. angel love kurt

      Bran fdp

    22. Truth Peace

      Winter is coming ❄️❄️❄️

      1. dreaming

        Truth Peace YESSSS!!!!!!! THE NORTH REMEMBERS!!!!!!! 🌨❄️🌬⚔️🐺

      2. Truth Peace

        @dreaming winter is here 🌨️

      3. dreaming

        Truth Peace yes it is!!!!! 🥶

    23. Bandit

      Hahaha what a fucking joke this show became. We went from interesting politics, dangerous secrets and medieval warfare/brutality to a cartoon

    24. Minigun101

      Beat dropped harder than the writing quality. 🎶

    25. Ultron-5

      Loyalty killed Ned, Trust killed Robb, Justice killed Oberyn, Honor killed Jon, And love killed Daenerys.

    26. Pink Bettas

      Sep 2019 anyone??

    27. Ugandan Nockle

      Can someone tell where can i watch full GOT (free😊) On streaming? Thx😚

      1. Truth Peace


    28. Harish Joshi

      The only good thing this season was the music.

    29. the legendary SHILISH of 612

      The beginning picture or 1.40 represent Solomon temple in Israel Even before Solomon temple There was another temple (Gods temple) done in great flood

    30. Hafsa Haq

      We really had to see this video not s8

    31. Tex Prime

      When this song was the best part of the final season 😂

    32. Loots Margolin

      Who doesn’t even know what game of thrones is and still loves the song

    33. Samiul Alam HimeL

      Season 8- Game of Trash 😠

    34. Noftertatus MEFISTUS


    35. Rob Minshull

      ‘I’d die looking up at your face’

    36. Dante Vergil

      ujohane snow

    37. Psychedelic Rock

      ok no lannisters?

    38. Ernestina Dos Anjos Tati

      Question, Why did he kill Daernys? I don't watch the series

      1. KeshaDEly

        It’s not worth watching...waste of time trust me

      2. Ernestina Dos Anjos Tati

        ​@Truth Peace Nah, I'm good, I don't like the series, could never watch an episode due to the nudity and all.

      3. Truth Peace

        You should watch it. Don't want to spoil it for you. It's good. Watch it.

    39. LeandrothekidRS

      In my opinion... It's still better than The Last Jedi

    40. Just__Rady Just__Rady

      It's song veri cool.🤗😘😘

    41. Michael Black

      next time make stereo :D

    42. Purple Bunny

      The Weeknd: Heavy is the crown only for the weak SZA: Heavy is the crown, but never for a queen Travis Scott: do-do-do-do-do

    43. Kid Peen

      This video gives me goosebumps

    44. Teresa Beatriz Neyra Macedo


    45. Pabline Suaye

      cara eu não gostei nada a ver com a pegada da série

    46. Jxe Austtt

      A knife in my heart couldn’t slow me down, the fire never goes out??? Dany resurrected ????

    47. Xallus

      End of season 7 Jon stick his dagger into daneres foreshadowing at its best

    48. Nur Uddin Tamim

      I havent watched a single episode of gof But like this song

    49. Mariann Vadász

      The internet is dark and full of spoilers...

      1. Truth Peace


    50. Eduardo Alvarez

      Watching this is depressing. What could’ve been..the writers sure were in a rush to start working on Star Wars 😤😩

    51. Matheus Marquezan

      Just figured out that the mv has spoiller at the last seconds

    52. debbrota chatterjee

      HBO was sure we are idiots that’s why they released the biggest spoiler 😢 the whole last scene was mention in the song!

    53. Fearlicia F

      nice spoiler

    54. Hashir Mannan

      Still can't believe that this series had a pathetic ending.

    55. Kid Peen

      "a knife in my heart couldn't slow me down" Daenerys:

    56. wishmomichi

      Because of this song, I started watching GoT on June, now I'm on season 6 already. This shit got me hooked. Despite the shitty ending everybody talked about, it's getting there omg.

    57. Emilce Diaz

      You guys are so right. This WAS a spoiler...F**k you HBO/D&D!!

    58. hijelhlu yorok

      daenerys is the best fictional character ever

    59. Hh Igj

      At the end arya kill the night king ....... Jon:* crying*

    60. Giuseppe Caruso

      ‘I’d die looking at your face’ omg they told us like months ago

    61. Giuseppe Caruso

      Am I the only one realising just now that the lyrics of this song were actually the scripts for the last episode?

    62. Den Ber

      Daenerys 😭

    63. Optilian

      The Weeknd: A knife in my heart couldn't slow me down SZA: Only love could kill me, god bless Travis Scott: b r e a t h e

    64. Milan Patel

      i love this song

    65. وميض القمر

      Oh amazing song ❤❤

    66. Lilly K

      I'll love it forever❤❤❤❤

    67. Peter Germishuys

      Pray for me take my pain for me. Danger's on mind I'll live by my own law . 💥👑:-) Never failed for love this by my own law. 💜💕👀

    68. Desi Merri

      I'm ALL about this! I didn't know I needed this in my life!

    69. jocey grijalva

      “Heavy for the Crown, Never for the Weak” “ Heavy for the Crown, Never for a Queen” 🤔 Makes sense if you watched the Show... the weak is for Jon and queen is for Dany