SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott - “Power Is Power” Lyric Video| Game Of Thrones (HBO)



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    Stream “Power is Power” from SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott:

    The final season of #GameofThrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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    1. Єгор Притула

      Ахуенно 😍

    2. Muha Bez Kurca

      Does anyone else start crying when SZA sings and they show scenes of Daenerys? 😢😢

    3. Targaryen Boy

      i rise from my scars? may be season 9 :D :D

    4. Souhardya Dutta

      tu tu tu tuoooooo

    5. Fashion Square

      He says watch me burn it down but in the end Jon turned off the fire (he killed Daenerys)

      1. hijelhlu yorok

        song is mostly for dany i'd say

    6. Sagar Sheth

      Night king and Travis Scott didn't make any sense actually. In this GOT season

    7. Shahbaz Anwar

      Here after the 32 Emmy nominations 🙋‍♀️

    8. The Danish Physicist

      The fuck is this shit

    9. SPONGE BO!

      1:06 that sick beat feeling thoooo dammnnn!

    10. Pedro Valente

      the fuck?

    11. Optilian

      "a knife in my heart" "watch me burn it down" "only love can kill me" "i'd die lookin' up at your face" "who can i trust'" "you wouldn't take my place'" Me: watching the finale episode Hey...wait a minute

      1. Fatima Hekmet

        Optilian 😭😭😭 Spoilers

    12. Q.Hasnain Asad

      "Only love could kill me god bless" Jon kills daenerys......f*** you Jon

    13. The Dancing Vegan Atheist

      This song is better than the finale. A thousand times better.

    14. He lå e loi la

      Knowledge is power -Seize him Cut his throat Stop Wait I’ve changed my mind, let him go Step back three paces Turn around Close your eyes *Power is Power*

    15. Gabby's Make up

      This is a spoiler for season 9 or a after story. ( A knife in my heart couldn’t slow me down ) is the part where Jon killed dany. ( My fire never goes out ) the fire is her heart or something. And her fire never goes out. Maybe I’m right or wrong but I hope dany is alive and that drogon went with the red witch’s and maybe they helped dany out?

    16. Rushikesh Joshi

      long live the king in the north 🙌🏻

    17. Cindy Munoz

      Because of this song i decided to watch the show :)

    18. Axel

      Cersei is iconic this song is based on her quote let that sink in!

      1. hijelhlu yorok

        actions speak louder than words Dany demonstrated absolute power many times ie when she dominated cersei

    19. Axel

      This is perfect for GOT

    20. Weirdo 64599

      Everyone sings normaly about game of thrones Travis scccot:do do do do

    21. Lily Adams

      Travis shouldn’t have been on this don’t @ me

    22. Kaca Neskovic

      It is so deep, freezing,amazing!Listening over and over...😘

    23. Peach Cola

      It literally sounds like who’s gonna pray for me from black panther and literally has the weekend on that track 😹😹😹

    24. Longasgiraffe

      Not a soul in the seven kingdoms: Not even Tormund Giantsbane: Travis Scott: BULLET

    25. Prateek Mohanani

      Danny in the song : Only love could kill me, God bless Jon Snow : Yes

    26. alfina sw

      my poor danny😥💗

    27. Leithian

      All of them using autotune,no talent in this song just random voices, guess Eminem gotta make Kamikaze 2 cuz this 2019 music shit is hilarious.

      1. Zaynab Azam

        You should listen to zayn.

    28. Kanden

      I like how the male singer is about John's story and the female sings about Dany's story.

    29. Ni N

      I miss Danny 😭😭😭😭😭

    30. VK Lifestyle

      We want our Queen back .....😔

    31. Mano Varshini

      Cause power is power now watch me burn it down!😎

    32. Carmelo Navarro


    33. Ahmarel Virgio

      No, you were born in the sand and dust

    34. Awesomesauce24

      1:35 S8 Finale: *sips tea*

      1. hijelhlu yorok

        dany is the greatest fictional character ever.

    35. Damaris Ramos Herrera

      Makes me want to watch the show all over again


      "Heavy is the crown" is just a great line in general. Then he mucked it up by saying "only for the weak." A crown would be heavy for anyone, of course, even jon. It's just a great line that gets looked over and ruined.

      1. hijelhlu yorok

        dany >>>>>>>>>

    37. Just a beginner

      1:46 only love could kill me god bless, this line had me worrying before the season finale ...


      The weeknd is legend

    39. Pallavi. S.R

      The BGM accurate to Dragons

    40. Angel Duenas

      Did anyone get goosebumps or is it just me

      1. att timmm

        for daenerys' part yes!!!!!!!!!

    41. Neuza Braz

      nunca vou aceitar o final de game of thrones pqp acabaram com a minha daenerys :(

    42. Film Freak


    43. Alina A.

      I never watched GOT, but I love this song there's so much meaning to it ❤

      1. hijelhlu yorok

        dany will one day rise again

      2. att timmm


    44. Anna L

      actually such a good song

    45. tiIbeshLiSa stoqnov

      2 months since this came out.. I really want a remake

    46. Dyer Lighter

      I can confirm that this goes well with Titanfall instead and it's great!


      If you love Jon snow,or maybe your the fan of Jon snow like here

      1. att timmm

        daenerys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    48. Aquαяιυѕ Cαмυѕ • 水瓶座 のカミュ


    49. Zoscha Lemmens

      cool song i love it

    50. ahgase 7


    51. JHA's ERA

      1:47 it was already teased that jon would killed danerys

    52. Ana Camila

      How do I know if I let you stay? How do I know if we did it your way? You wouldn't take my place Am I the only one who thinks that this part Of the song is Dany talking about Jon being Aegon and thinking he would stole her throne?

    53. Analee Ortega

      I love this song

    54. Ishwari Deshmukh

      This ended is the biggest reality

    55. raluca.editz

      The knife in my heart couldn’t slow me down... if Jon couldn’t be stopped like that nor can be dany can’t wait to see her burn them alive

    56. PeppoTube

      Travis Scott part❤️

    57. ViusGaming

      GOT is project xD i love it

    58. Novak Kavon

      That is just plain bad you make this offical song ,omg so bad that auto tune that high pitch squealing they call singing ...just so freaking bad...

    59. by Kelsie Please check out my lyric edit ❤❤ Thank you 💕🙏

    60. Cecee Cynthia

      When the dragon spits blue fire😭😭

    61. Jake 'n Logan

      Logan Paul music videos gets better than this

    62. Chayan Pongriyawattana

      Change this theme from got to three kingdoms is better!

    63. Mia Veranika

      Producer : Don't get out from the story line. Travis Scott : *BULLET.*

    64. Zuriel Owsla


    65. Hatty May

      Why do y'all (black people) have to but y'alls heads in everything. Leave game of thrones to white people and leave y'alls ugly asses out of the soundtrack.

      1. Animal Lover

        go fuck yourself and leave your ugly hateful ass out of the comments 😘

      2. Tessa Odeh

        Hatty May Excuse me ☝🏾

    66. Sweet Love

      I couldn't find any fkn damn line of Travis...

      1. Regine Castillo

        Sweet Love dangers on my mindddd

    67. Boukrif Romayssa

      a knife in my heart💜

    68. Daenerys Nieve

      1:46 "Only love can kill me"......And Dany die bc of love....R.I.P Mother of Dragons, for ever in my heart

      1. Victor Pettersson

        Daenerys Nieve in mine as well :(

    69. Diana Jacob

      Daenerys forever ♥️♥️♥️

    70. Louka Doukissis

      So sad, Jon Snow didn't appear in Season 8..