Surprising my Little Brother with his DREAM GIRL (Sommer Ray)

FaZe Kay

FaZe Kay

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    I Surprised my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis with his Dream Girl Again on a Second Fortnite Date... LIKE FOR MORE SOMMER RAY!
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    1. FaZe Kay


      1. Suse Santos

        I like your vid

      2. Xman 2011

        FaZe Kay hi

      3. Pretty good Gameing

        Can I play a game of Fortnite with you

      4. Mi1lky_UDDD3RZ

        FaZe Kay u mean turn he on 😏

    2. aye moe han

      Look at those edits man. Jarvis always like bored during playing Fortnite but when Sommer Ray came in he is like Oof Let’s Go!!!

    3. Austin Keith

      Normal boys - takes girls out or something Jarvis - yo you wanna pay fn with me

    4. Kwasi Malezi_

      She’s is so a gold digger. Probably she’s the biggest gold digger

    5. Sure Strike

      I hope Jarvis slammed

    6. Dillan Randall

      Charlotte. Cheated on you

    7. Ivan Todorovic

      Faze kay's job in video :Wow Jarvis that is insane

    8. inconnu

      kay : hey sommer ... how are you man

    9. spence29xxツ

      She said an a swear 21:40

    10. Scott Radley


    11. Vortex Clan Asia

      Does she look drunk

    12. Alan Corral Ruiz

      Can I 1v1 you

    13. Matthew Skelton

      On god I’d ask her for a kids

    14. Gridlock Photography

      This is sommer ray💋👄👩🏼

    15. Gridlock Photography

      Look Kay’s face🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    16. Gridlock Photography

      All you say is that’s insane bruv

    17. Jire Olanlokun

      You to good Jarvis please teach me your ways

    18. Ahmed Khaled

      He was like so embarrassed 😳

    19. Cepls


    20. Govany Garcia

      Summer ray is not that good

    21. Crazy Vimix

      This was the shittiest video ever

    22. chris easter

      ‘He just pickaxed the guy, with his pickaxe’

    23. CoolboyYT 1465

      Jarvis always says that he’s low on hp but he has 170

    24. The Moz

      Is Kay like that or does he put it on for videos

    25. juava gamer


    26. Angel Guerrero

      You are so cool at fortnight

    27. cesar reynoso

      Want it pokimain

    28. erronous fish

      her face 16:08

    29. Austin G

      Frazier’s face at 6:01 😅😅

    30. Lungile Ndlovu

      Is she here his boyfriend If you don’t know what I mean I mean Javis

    31. Chance Keifer

      She lgy

    32. YT_paperpro

      He killed a renegade raider

    33. lelly wetd

      reagade raider on the mountain late game

    34. Aaden Brandt


    35. William Yang

      I cringed my ass off watching this

    36. Tonetone Gaming

      14:31 weren’t they just playing fortnite why are some mp4 files open and clips wow

    37. Carlos Munoz

      If the girl my dreams was next to me I would not be playing fortnite i'm with zetric

    38. FulLFr- Doc

      jarvis is your brother 😱😱

    39. Willis Rigdon

      Jarvis: “I’m out of mats” 5 seconds later Kay “YoUrE oUt Of MaTs BrOoOoO”

    40. Willis Rigdon

      I think we all know damn well why we clicked on this video

    41. Tyler Pollard

      Do you know FaZe Highsky

    42. louidine jeudy

      She’s a gold digger

    43. Forticle

      Stop talking so much be yourself

    44. Brandon Tarbard


    45. キリトKIRITO


    46. Grant Black

      She wants to smashhhh

    47. Soccer_montages

      Who is better? Like for Mrs Thotiana Comment Sommer Ray

    48. NoVa Pain

      Did he smash tho?

    49. Akiira iOS

      5:38 huh nice 69 shield. 3:45 stop the video and 69 shield nice

    50. bitch slayer

      Sommerray arrive: Kay:how r you man

    51. Stephon Lee

      Stick to gaming

    52. xHoney Badger11

      He totally knows at the beginning

    53. AirClover Playz

      He is literally the faze version of morgz

    54. Yandel Olivas

      Can y play vuf yu

    55. Melanie Walker

      16:11 Sommer ray gave hime the dirtiest look ever lmao

    56. shadow

      Goddam Jarvis if I was u I would do somethin else then fuckin play fortnite

    57. Austyn Oliver

      Faze Jarvis is a hoe

    58. Halllo

      Fraziers faze AT 6:03

    59. Marley gaming Rules

      The girl of his dreams is pokimane

    60. amina belhadjelet

      You dont win ur fault and is kay and Jarvis bris

    61. matisse claeijs

      If this is blue, sommer will twerk all over you ⬇️

    62. Hector Cardona

      Ow mi god

    63. dounles get over here

      funny thing is I got my dream gf when this video came out

    64. Sonkakarot

      Faze Kay talks to much lol

    65. TTV_Nova Razar

      Jarvis:*Drinks a mini shield Kay:HoLy Jarvis:*Drinks another mini shield* HoLy Kay:Holy 1:37

    66. ImNameless 14

      This is how many times he said *Bro* | | V

    67. Linda Neal

      I use your support a Creator code FaZe Kay😉😊😄😃🙂☺😏🙄:)

    68. Linda Neal

      I'm on my grandma's phone so this isn't my grandma doing this

    69. Big_Red_Oh_4

      Jarvis be thinking “don’t get hard.. don’t get hard”