Surprising my Little Brother with his DREAM GIRL (Sommer Ray)

FaZe Kay

FaZe Kay

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    I Surprised my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis with his Dream Girl Again on a Second Fortnite Date... LIKE FOR MORE SOMMER RAY!
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    1. FaZe Kay


      1. Estela Quirrin


      2. Ellie - mai Kendrick

        You can win this 🥰

      3. Cici Ortiz

        FaZe Kay she is hot

      4. Cameron Yarlett

        Jarvis is better then you

      5. Tocagaitas XDD

        El pelon de brazzer te pasastes con tu foto xD

    2. Nolan Boone


    3. Good Time

      Your insane javis

    4. A3IM Omar

      15:50 he turned red

    5. stm XiKetic

      Best know that sommer comin for a price bruv

    6. stm XiKetic

      Best know that sommer comin for a price bruv

    7. Harry Gladstone

      Sommer Ray and Max ehrich look it up on Google

    8. Clutch Gaming

      20:34 oh yeah his "guy" is a girl

    9. Mason Moore

      It's your dream grl

    10. FooneyMoonky13

    11. GU_Bubba 30 BU

      Your qute

    12. Nick Xcaliber

      When you have 5 million subscribers but still beat your meat because girls don’t give a dang about fortnite

    13. Mr. Memes

      Wait Kay say to sommer how are you man???

    14. Elijah Jacob

      Try to make Sommer ray flirt with jdog

    15. Elite Fire

      If you think bout it it wouldn’t exactly be legal for Jarvis to date Sommer XD

    16. Rachel Cooley

      Jarvis Is insane bro I play on xbox I'm insane too jarvis ur insane jarvis!!!!!!👍👍😱😱😱👁👁👁

    17. NES Draco !

      Kay’s face 😂6:04

    18. kenzanaki

      jarvis: o no someone in the background: oh yea

    19. space corn

      O my gob he has a epic Fortnite girlfriend, Jarvis im so proud of you and u a alpha male chad

    20. space corn


    21. Jr Matthews

      kid really just fucking played fortnite while sommer ray is over

    22. CALL ME RYNO

      Each second I watched this the more brain cells I lost and imagine cheating for clout 🙃

    23. PuKo_Armand 2.0

      Rip jarvi

    24. Lunadog

      renegade at 10:47

    25. Stephen Sanchez

      Its geting hot in here

    26. Tarji Reid

      Sommer ray is hot

    27. David Denson

      Can I join faze I’m good

    28. Dark Keo

      16:56 umm

    29. Simple fan

      I think sommer ray likes jarvis

    30. Edrese Johnson

      Her laugh tho

    31. Janessa Alofoe

      I have a brother that likes sommer

    32. Jayvan Aialeo

      I love how there is suck calm music in the most insane build battle😂

    33. ra1D xrayy

      Who else watches theses video 24/7 just to see Sommer

    34. jamari dunbar

      I’m Edr

    35. Thisisnot Funny

      When Jarvis is in the room with summer his thoughts are like “ OMG She’s So Hot!!!🤭🤭🤭🤭 “

      1. space corn

        Thisisnot Funny no there like Epic Fortnite Nigerian battle royale epic

    36. Joel Castro

      Bizarro man

    37. Gaming Doge

      Almost every video with sommer ray he says [JARVIS YOU’RE INSANE BRO] or (Jarvis’s Dream girl)

      1. Gaming Doge

        Faze Kay and Jarvis are still the best

    38. Ellis Disbury

      Combat purple

    39. Do it like Capt. Dan

      16:44 she’s tryna get that wood

    40. Do it like Capt. Dan

      1:00 -1:06 He says who his surprise is without knowing it lol

    41. Ace_ FROST

      I subscribed

    42. Typical Gaming

      Everyone: 1:36 - 1:41 Kay:HoLy! Jarvis:HoLy! Kay:HoLy! 😂😂😂

      1. space corn


    43. Hashemi Salamh


      1. Hashemi Salamh

        🤣 🤣

    44. Jude Asare

      Sommer ray hottest cutest out off all

    45. GENETIC

      18:34 wtf was that?

    46. netzteil

      did he get to smash her

    47. Rscaeditz

      The CEO of repeating

    48. OofVlogs 288

      I’m subscribed

      1. space corn


      2. space corn

        OofVlogs 288 ok

    49. ScarletMoonflwr YT

      The HOTEST girl in the world is in ur room and ur playing FORTNITE I'd be playing smash bros if u know what I mean

      1. ScarletMoonflwr YT

        space corn also I didn’t notice faze Kay was there

      2. ScarletMoonflwr YT

        space corn No homo

      3. space corn

        ScarletMoonflwr YT um thats gay because there’s two brothers in the room

    50. Icey clipz Brennen Sullivan

      Kay: one more try Sommer: one more try “Ends video”

    51. XxdabkingzxX XxdoTheDabxX

      If this is blue you will meet Sommer Ray 👇🏻

      1. space corn

        XxdabkingzxX XxdoTheDabxX making a button that gives you hope and self confidence in yourself, that you can make people Laugh and feel good, blue is not going to get me Sommer Ray

    52. big boi george

      16:54 What's with the moan and what is she looking AT?

    53. Talalbosskillet

      1:37 FaZe jarvis:*drinks sheild* FaZe kay: HOLLY

      1. Dreaminqs


    54. Michael Jeffs

      He's will be so surprised

    55. God of the gods Buenrostro


    56. TheVickyGamer_YT

      Jarvis got a girl

    57. wright vcx

      Someone got brotherzoned.

    58. Evan Askew

      She so sexy omd

      1. space corn

        Evan Askew poop

    59. Zach Shannon

      I feel like i'm losing brain cells listening to this dude

    60. Fletcher Lindsay

      If this has no color sommer will twerk on ur brother🧒

    61. wayne kerr

      Your video is interrupting all the ads

    62. NuumairA

      BRUH, sommer ray is at yo house and you be playin fortnite?

    63. Jesus Christ

      Can you surprise me too?

    64. AQF Airsoft

      I feel whenever he talks, he is yelling

    65. Tyler Johnson

      Who fast forward until they saw sommer only to be disappointed

    66. Erion Berisha

      0:05 hey Sommer how are you men😂😂🤣🤣

    67. Knightwing 101

      FaZe Jarvis the ultimate simp

    68. viax

      How many dream girls does Jarvis have

    69. Nednal

      Sommer is so freaking hot

    70. matthew rome

      You guys are addicted to Fortnite