Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Byleth"



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    Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at the new fighter Byleth in this new video presentation!
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    1. coach Elijah Al

      One of the best interviews

    2. Louie’s LPS

      There is a error at the 7:52 mark. Three Houses was released in 2019, not 2017.

    3. Yes It's that time of year

      Tbh Byleth isn't that bad They're different from other FE characters

    4. Kinsley Nacua

      Nintendo please make a street fighter v on switch

      1. 阿軒Nick

        They don't own the game tho

    5. completely random

      Hypocritsy at it's finest when people hating on Fire Emblem "DURR HURR ANOTHER MARTH," when 1) we got 3 separate Links, which no one is batting an eye out 2) people hating on Byleth, wanting Waluigi at the same time, when he's an assist trophy, AND would not bring anything new to the table and would most likely be a luigi clone, really unique huh? 3) hating the fact that a japanese company added a japanese character from a japanese game into another japanese game that japanese people really liked and really wanted, when they already got the overrated bear and bird 4) Not even realizing how much more popular FE has been with 3 houses selling over 3 million and was a contender for GOTY apparently 5) 8/80 isn't even that many FE characters when the characters are the best part about FE 6) in terms of sword users there are like around 20/80, why aren't there "TOO MANY BRAWLERS/GUNNERS" complaints eh? 7) there are more Mario characters and just as many Pokemon as FE characters and finally 8) If they're gonna complain about Byleth without even trying 3 houses, then Banjo Kazooie should also be hated since, "it's not a part of MY CHILDHOOD, therefore it doesn't deserve to be in smash" TLDR: to all the people that go all "Weeb trash" and whatnot, screw off with all that nonsense

      1. 阿軒Nick

        People are just hating what they don't know. Just look at their first reaction when Hero got added.

    6. Samuel Gaspar

      yayyyy ANOTHER FIRE EMBLEM Fuckboi How lovely

    7. Maik Römer

      Wondering if I was the only one who seen the reveal said "Eh dissapointing, but could be worse?" and literally just move on? I never thought both sides (Toxic Smash fans who are so pathethic to DEATH THREAT Sakurai AS WELL Hiveminded oh so funny hoes mad spammers who generalize everything that is not 100% Pro Byleth with this stupid meme.) Sorry for that outburst, call me hoes mad or whatever but this just pissed me off!

      1. completely random

        @Maik Römer Fair enough, but it's still funny nonetheless with all the salt plus I'm glad byleth is in since I went ahead and bought 3 houses, which is an amazing game

      2. Maik Römer

        @Poope Isa I have three Houses if you mean that. I dont hate Byleth, I only think the timing for the reveal was not very well placed.

      3. Poope Isa

        Maik Römer disappointing because you’ve never played the game honestly

    8. MrPigster

      Although the whole Byleth thing is here, I love how Sakurai just enjoyed teaching everyone how to count in binary

    9. josuke from part 8

      Byleth more like not another fire emblem character

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Don't talk like they only add FE characters in this pass

      2. completely random

        Josuke? more like, more salt eh?

    10. RedIsLitXD

      Super smash:crash, Steve, octoling, Waluigi

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Waluigi is an Assist Trophy and Octoling will be just a clone

    11. Anamer Vidallo

      3:58 LOL 🤣😂

    12. The Dude907

      7:45 That for the haters

    13. Sebastian Rojas Rivera

      Dante for Smash

    14. Myden Portillo

      Don't ignore daddy Sakurai dab in the thumbnail

    15. David Hill

      The franchise’s ease of development may have been a factor in how many Fire Emblem representatives are in the roster. Fire Emblem games are easier to develop than Zelda games. Kids played a huge role in the sale of the Super Mario franchise.

      1. Poope Isa

        David Hill it’s more like there isn’t really much Zelda characters to add

    16. Elite Coleman

      Sakurai: *adds FETH character * *Everyone who was trying to get added in smash: ಠ_ಠ*

    17. norma alaniz

      Super Smash Brothers ultimate new character Shantae 700

    18. Myden Portillo

      Daddy Sakurai where the next dlc

      1. Myden Portillo

        @阿軒Nick no where the sadness flows through me I am a person who if not for daddy Sakurai I would have even less patients please help in the shadow of dark and mist of dark o and also today's sponsor is raid shadow legends my daddy Sakurai is not a slow person so Maybe you stopped daddy Sakurai

      2. 阿軒Nick

        @Myden Portillo Where's your patient for waiting

      3. Myden Portillo

        no where he is daddy Sakurai the best smash character P.S I mean he can buff characters and nerf characters

      4. 阿軒Nick

        Where's your patient

    19. Sosa

      Please add Chris from Deltarune

      1. 阿軒Nick

        @Sosa Which he haven't

      2. Sosa

        They can add them after Toby Fox is done with deltarune

      3. Sosa

        Oh sorry :)

      4. 阿軒Nick

        And why would they add characters from a unfinished game

      5. 阿軒Nick

        it's "Kris"

    20. Phú Hoàng

      With the cast of this game, maybe we can have a jrpg with all of them.

    21. DoctorDreamcast

      My top 5 characters for smash are: 1. Champion Leon- Pokemon 2. Doomslayer- DOOM 3. Max- Shining Force 4. Fossil Fighter- Fossil Fighters 5. Eggman/Amy Rose- Sonic The Hedgehog

    22. s0nic X

      Any mii suit is more relevant than this character

      1. s0nic X

        @completely random account fake haha

      2. completely random

        @s0nic X Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye.

      3. s0nic X

        @Poope Isa a hacked vote, we are in 2020 now everything is possible haha

      4. Poope Isa

        s0nic X fire emblem three housesliterally got the game award from the gamers. Like the people voted it for goty

      5. s0nic X

        @completely random I just left my comment friend, if you want to discuss that with me, discuss it with the air because I won't do it.

    23. pro noob

      Please launch a smash DLC with tails as a character and not as mii I hope Sonic tails series from melee I beg😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. RobertTheGamer219

        I feel like they wont do that

    24. Kars

      Everyone:We have to much fire emblem characters AHAHAHAHA Me:don't we have like more mario characters!?

    25. Blaze Fox

      Smash saved Byleth's skin, what a first for Smash.

    26. JAVI

      Supe Fire Emblem ultimate

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Yeah, 8 sure is a big number compare to 88.

    27. Chan Tim

      I did not expect another fire emblem character

    28. Ricky Laredo

      Who ask for this?!? No ask for this!!!

      1. Poope Isa

        Jo Gio nobody likes cuphead lol fire emblem is an actual good game

      2. Nicholas White

        I asked for this

      3. Jo Gio

        @阿軒Nick Are you sure those likes aren't for anyone else? Like let's say someone with a cup for a head.

    29. just flowers


      1. completely random

        honestly that would be cool, but idk if there would be a moveset to justify it though as a mii costume tho, let me hear a remixed Dirtmoth an that'll be perfect

    30. SkyLizardGirl MsArianna

      Look who's joining Smash! Look who's joining Smash! Look who's joining Smash!

      1. Poope Isa

        Already joined

    31. Slavin Ragnavoire

      i love Byleth moveset

    32. EndermanPierce Or Void Soul

      I really, really hope Rayman makes it in. He’s such a iconic fighting character who needs more light and attention, their game is currently dying right now. Rabbids costume give this just a bit of a chance, aswell as being a spirit.

      1. Draftey

        Deconfirmed already. Hes a spirit hes already has some repersentation in the game.

    33. Zapper 34

      Sakurai: what character should I add for the final challenger pack ... Sakurai: oh I know Bylenth Waluigi: WAAAH

      1. 阿軒Nick


    34. gavinyt 12

      Don't flip us off

      1. RobertTheGamer219

        Are you referring to the middle finger moment?


      All I really want is master chief to be in smash fu*k I’ll even pay $30 for him I just live master chief

      1. Jo Gio

        This is the dumbest thing I've ever read

    36. Jack Sithlord

      So smash is like a fighting game that’s celebrating all of gaming so it’s a celebration to games while being a fighting game

    37. punk788 mod

      New Pokemon will be on Smash Zeraora's

    38. TheKille Boii

      Anyone else think how byleth flys through the air like olimar and the onions

    39. Aiden Rutske

      Wait this isn't master chief.... WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL Jesus fu**ing chist i meant this as a joke

      1. 阿軒Nick

        This is totally legal Randomly using meme won't make you look cooler, but stupider

      2. completely random

        nope its perfectly legal, 3 Houses was awesome

    40. Daniel Greer

      Hi I have a character that I would really like to be in Spanish I know it’s most likely not gonna be one of the top 10 or top anything but it would be cool if you will be in smash he’s my favorite character whose name is Ravio You know the legend of Zelda character and I would really like him to be in the game because there’s only like three legend of Zelda characters I would love to have one more just one more to make it extra spicy special because it’s one of your second top games because you have almost all the Mario characters Yeah that is my most wanted one please make it work if you could make it work

    41. baritekey

      "I've never asked for this"~Adam Jensen

    42. Hadif Alkitbe


      1. 阿軒Nick

        "Suck" in here is adjective, you don't need to add that "s"

      2. completely random

        no u

    43. Daniel Alvarez

      I dont play this game, but i literally only get videos like "smash full of fire emblem"

      1. 阿軒Nick

        8 sure is a big number compare to 10 (Pokémon) and 14 (Mario) They are just hating what they don't know.

      2. completely random

        they're just salty 8/80 isn't even that much

    44. David Hill

      I’m not expecting a Fire Emblem character in Fighter Pass Vol 2, but I’m expecting a Pokémon in it.

      1. David Hill

        completely random Also, it will be a surprise the next time another Fire Emblem character joins the roster. It’ll happen when we least expected.

      2. David Hill

        completely random Pokémon sells at nearly the same rate as Super Mario. Kids play a big role in their sales. The adult audience matters more than the kid audience. There are popularly requested characters I’d rather not use if they join the Smash roster, like Lip from Panel de Pon, which is from the same developer as Fire Emblem. There is also at least one character on my wishlist that some will grow salty about but that many others would actually main.

      3. completely random

        @阿軒Nick There's the problem then, more people really need to try 3 Houses, especially the people that are so salty that they send death threats

      4. completely random

        Sounds reasonable, but if the smash community doesn't say "too many pokemon, we don't need this many" then we know that it's full of hypocrites actually no, we don't even need that, it's already full of hypocrites since people want Dante, 2B, and Sora, but we can't have them, ToO mAnY sWoRdFiGhTeRs those people should really just say, "I never played or liked that game, therefore they are a waste of a slot if they join smash" I'm really going off topic aren't I

    45. OX


      1. completely random

        but no Terry?! 😢

    46. The Big 1up Mushroom

      Hey Sakura you minus well add a another Mario character. It should be a bad Mario character that it can be the The good guys from super Mario vs the bad guys from super Mario

    47. Weston Welch

      This means future hackers can add Dimitri, Claude, Edelgard, Dedue, Ingrid, Lorenz, Hilda, Dorothea, and Petra as alts

    48. Random Guy

      Next will be Matt from Wii Sports mark my words

    49. Giovanik Flow

      Mr. Sakurai this character of smash you know of mii fighters of present ok right now

    50. Bhavan Dogra


    51. Bhavan Dogra

      Can you plz add waluigi?

      1. RobertTheGamer219

        Hes already in the game

      2. 阿軒Nick


      3. completely random

        no, hes ASSist trophy

    52. Sacky Kai

      Ah yes, Altaïr, my favourite Gameboy Advance JRPG Horror game

    53. Elliot Loh

      Well, they did add Cuphead spirits

    54. NickolopitaTV GR

      2019:sans in smash 2020:cuphead in smash 2021:shrek, Kermit and waluigi in smash

      1. completely random

        waluigi can go die

      2. 阿軒Nick

        Sans in Smash... As a Mii costume Cuphead in Smash... As a Mii costume

    55. Mauricio Kenji

      Azura fire emblem fates in the smash bros ultimate

    56. scary monster 7

      Senator Armstrong for smash please

    57. Mibubot


    58. The Dumb Mario Bros

      Ideas for smash dlc fighters Ann Takamaki Shadow The Hedgehog Cuddle Team Leader Bandana Dee Futaba Sukura Tracer Toad Ideas For Mii Fighter Costumes Steve [Minecraft] Marshmello [Fortnite] Mugman like if any if you agree dislike if you dont

      1. Poope Isa

        The Dumb Mario Bros switch or ps4

      2. The Dumb Mario Bros

        Me know that protagonist better anyway which u prefer ps3 psv ps4 switch

      3. Poope Isa

        Liam's World N p4 and p3 are confirmed better games. Also p4 protagonist is cooler than joker

      4. The Dumb Mario Bros


      5. The Dumb Mario Bros

        Even I have a yt Channel

    59. Meynard Colon-Rodriguez

      who is disappointed that byleth join the battle then say number 2 if you guys like byleth say number 1

      1. RobertTheGamer219

        1 Even the likes agree

      2. Mana Wata

        He fine Slow but fun to play so 1

      3. Daniel975


      4. Johan Yuudai


      5. RFIR 199


    60. chester

      I like blyeth, and most of the other FE characters, but never add another Fire Emblem character again. Please.

      1. chester

        @David Hill Roy and marth already exist

      2. David Hill

        Stop dwelling on the past. What you just said makes my blood run cold. I wouldn’t mind them adding another Fire Emblem character if it’s one I like and has a unique moveset or play style. I don’t care what character he or she is from as long as he or she fights uniquely, even if that franchise is both niche and overrepresented. It has nothing to do with Sakurai’s own preferences. One of the characters on my wishlist is a Fire Emblem character, albeit a legacy one (from a 2D game), but that character is the only Fire Emblem on my wishlist. I’ve even come up with a moveset for that character and that the character would turn out to be one that many would main. Most of the Fire Emblem characters in Smash originated from its 3D iterations. So why not add a legacy one?

    61. Sean Kraus

      RWBY for Smash

      1. Nördisk

        RWBY isn't a video game series, it's a western anime series.

      2. 阿軒Nick

        Not a game series

    62. captnJakk

      Nintendo can have all my money. I think that suffices as support.

    63. PurpleColonel

      Not even Byleth wanted Byleth to join smash.

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Um, what?

    64. The Meme Inspector

      Wouldn't have happened if they added puss in boots smh

      1. The Meme Inspector

        @Nördisk people these days lmfao

      2. Nördisk

        @阿軒Nick I don't think you realize OP is joking.

      3. Nördisk

        everybody gangsta till the swordfighter starts meowing

      4. RobertTheGamer219

        @The Meme Inspector because can't

    65. Chimichanga

      "So, what IS Fire Emblem?" b r u h

    66. Pyro Luigi

      Beep beep what is that I hear, disappointment coming through

      1. completely random

        you should not have expected anything in the first place, too bad, better luck next time

      2. 阿軒Nick

        Boop boop what is that I hear, Saltness coming with butthurt

    67. Okasune PlayS

      *Super Fire Emblem Ultimate*

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Damn bro nice joke Just say it again and I might laugh

      2. completely random

        8/80 = totally a Fire Emblem game haha lolol so funny original joke

    68. completely random

      everyone here salty that Byleth is a character, and here I am just noticing, and asking the true important question that needs to be ask WHY THE HECK IS THERE TOO LITTLE REPRESENTATION OF THE HOUSES AS SPIRITS?! seriously, I mean you cannot have Reah without Seteth, or Dorothea without Ferdinan (I forgot his last name), or any more of the other colorful cast of characters that 3 Houses offered

      1. completely random

        @Misa Tange I never understood the appeal to the woosh thing anyway

      2. Misa Tange


      3. completely random

        @Misa Tange lol that was the joke

      4. Misa Tange


    69. Matti

      For Nintendo, can you make smash bros over the phone?

      1. EndermanPierce Or Void Soul

        Matti Do you are have stupid?

      2. 阿軒Nick

        Your phone will explode after one match.