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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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      legal quem gostou deixa o like

    2. Marvin K.

      I'm here from "Channel branding and promotions"

    3. القيصر اليماني

      قوه التقييم

    4. Crimson and Arun are the best!!!!

      I've subbed

    5. مول r4

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    8. Max Zed

      The puppet at the end Ed in happier MV ❤️😎😂

    9. magnolia yebes

      Ok bye

    10. Oasis K

      Good content check it out!!!🌊

    11. Ed Lastimosa

      subscribe guys

    12. Gurjot Singh

      Subscribed your channel long ago... Cause I need you,man, you don't need me!

    13. CRØNOX

      Subscribe for... one of the most wonderful humans on earth! :')

    14. ĐẠT NGUYỄN

      I love you

    15. Dubu_NSNL

      Rupert grint?

      1. Randy AmAmbrose

    16. Inayah Cee

      you didn't need to make an ad for me to sub

    17. Noling032

      Suscribe oh Suscribe

    18. Mystic Mell


    19. ayano aishi

      ed is a blessing god thank you

    20. HUMANO

      Trailer fantastico !!! teaser fantastic !!!

    21. Sulaii

      great voice

    22. Didine jokare

      please Subscribe

    23. 甜茶

      I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Ed soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! He's my everything!!!!! He's voice is to good to be true! :-) he's a angel! I would say to him "Ed Sheeran, your a angel!"

    24. J o h n l o c k L P S

      GOD I LOVE HIM WAY TO MUCH!!!!!!!!\\\\\\

    25. antonella Gonzalez

      Ed Sheeran love u

    26. Helen P

      I think I'm falling in love with you Ed Sheeran! I love your voice and your music. I would love to meet you one day.

      1. Randy AmAmbrose

    27. iamrizz herawah

      Ed Sheeran is the best ever!..

    28. Tara B

      Did Mr. Sheeran write the song "I See Fire" from "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"? And if so, did he write it for the movie or other reasons? Thanks!

    29. wheelz.

      Like for Ed Sheeran Reply for Sam Smith Ignore for JB For me j*stin b*eber is a swear word (-;

      1. ashriti jain

        You just praised JB coz most of the people will ignore this

      2. SY FATAL

        I like all of them

      3. GBSHDtECH


      4. Adriana MacLean

        BularkaTV hey

      5. Fajar Ponco



      happy B-day ed!!!!!!!!! (sorry that in late..) i hope you enjoy yesterday :)

    31. Shannin Betz

      cutest Ginger boy i've ever seen in my life :) keep rockin it Ed!

    32. Taira M. Gonzalez De'Ferreras

      I love you!!!!! lol

      1. Lucas Ferrerasvgyy

        Who you love????

    33. Christiane garan

      what was the song at 0:08 ?

      1. Mrinal Paliwal

        'You need me, I don't need you' by ed.

    34. Alessia Crescini

      oddioooo, c'è Ruphert +-+-++-+-+-+-+-+--+-+-++-+-+-+---++-+-

    35. Fiatra Jae

      I soooo love Ed Sheeran!

    36. Buffel

      Ed Sheeran = The King of Music!

    37. Carola Girotti

      Ed Please wacht to yell oh Claire thanks!

    38. Shannon Gilchrist

      How do you put a pic on the little box with the head and body on it plz someone tell me

    39. Jonah Borseth

      what song is used in this video ??

    40. DanijelM

      you sound great on the song "Watchtower", I think everybody would love to hear you do the whole song, just you, No rap!!

    41. Adriana villarreal

      i love your music is so nice and calming and makes me crazy

    42. Lili Tarn

      Someone help me out and tell me what song that was in the beginning? Please?

    43. bgunscfd7 G

      Ed Sheeran your music is king. My daughter and I enjoyed your show in Seattle 2014. I'm 45 and have seen a lot of concerts in my days, yours has been the best. Great talent and a true musician.

    44. Karen Conlan


    45. Chloe Stonier

      ur pretty/ talented/ and ur NOT Justin bieber!!!!! I love u

    46. Diogo Gualter

      Yheaaaa\o/ You´re the best ED!!!

      1. Adriana villarreal

        i know

    47. Gamer Boys Ro

      As the song called at 0:10?

      1. Riz

        You need me I don't need you

    48. Karen Flores

      I love you, Ed

    49. pelolina

      Dear Ed Sheeran, I love you sooo much .Please answer me that were be the greatest thing that could happen in my little world! I loveeeeee you so much .You're perfekt! Love your big sheerio fan pelolina XXX

    50. Robin

      Damn i can't find the song at 0:09 someone pls :x

      1. Flynn GS

        @Sebol FR its you need me, i don't need you

    51. David Buck

      Dude you got to be one of the homeliest guys one earth... Stick to radio... Video isn't for you!

      1. ashley james

        You couldn't be more wrong. Ed is actually very attractive. He is as cute as a button.

      2. Chloe Stonier

        shut up u proberly cnt dance xx

    52. Rebecca Games

      hell yah

    53. Marija Mare

      Fantastic evening in Frankfurt,Thanks ED :-)

    54. wilt

      was that the kid from harry potter???

    55. stmaau

      still waiting ed..freezing in montreal but take you time -_-

    56. xxx

      Sub me and i will sub you twice :)


      Hoodie Allen bought me to this guy's channel, I've never heard of this guy before

      1. RkøØuttaNøwhere1525

        +Justins Journeys Ed Sheeran brought me to Hoodie Allen


        partly, Hoodie Allen did bring me here, but i have heard of Ed Sheeran before

    58. Jessa Batman

      I sang Lego House for my audition in drama class and my teacher loved it... So thank you for that! :)

    59. Lily

      I love you so much Ed you make me laugh ♡

    60. Demi Faulds m

      i went to see ed live last night and it was amazing

    61. Luis Leon

      Ed Sheeran, sing too well :D you should do a cover of 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz :) the song is fun and expresses a lot :D like you :)

    62. I listen to music

      What song is the first song called that starts the video?

      1. I listen to music

        F off

      2. Martin johansson

        Darude Sandstorm

      3. I listen to music

        Doesn't matter anymore, foundit.

    63. Michelle Tabet

      Hell yeah!!!

    64. Misha TiRo

      So all world like him

    65. Angel Jensen

      love him

    66. Camila Madrid

      I don't need this video, You've convinced me a while ago

    67. Karl-Emil Vik

      Ed Sheeran for king.

      1. Randy AmAmbrose

    68. Jasmine Horan

      the fact that people don't know "You Need Me, I Don't Need You." You silly people

    69. Matheus martins fumeiro

      Ed you're awesome man