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    1. Noah Koski

      There’s no way he pulled his C1 30 in 30 seconds

    2. hamsterArmy lolp

      Good job dad

    3. ninja

      He always says my man

    4. Norma Rodriguez


    5. George Dillemuth


    6. Darwin Javier

      Hi mommy daddy

    7. Natasha Lammerhirt


    8. Destr0yer YT

      This is how much times yode said He’s a animal 👇

      1. Bingo Gaming

        Destr0yer YT 2 time 😂😂😂😂

    9. Robert Pabon

      Your so week

    10. Artie Vega

      Yodeled looks like messy yourself

    11. Shen Ram

      Shut your fatass up

    12. Oskaras La

      0:12 Zydrunas Savickas Lithuanian 👉 Like visi Lietuviai😷

    13. Z C

      Is yode messyourself

    14. rosko zlatanov

      Bulgaria is strong

    15. Colette Fox

      3:40. Must have been a really ligt car because world's strongest people can only lift about half a ton because some of the lightest cars only weigh a ton

    16. Jacqueline Mettie

      3:35 slow mo the vid he said My n****

    17. Beverley Tapp


    18. Emma Duncan

      Somebody: He’d be a great dad! Imagine if you were getting bullied! Dirty Minded Me: That is if a woman can handle the creating of the child…😳😵

    19. Bowie Mackinlay

      At 1:15 that’s in fast mode( idk what is called)

    20. Jimmy Rich


    21. Jace Kaloke

      Boring and Annoying my opinion

    22. Guest 666

      Am I the strongest

    23. Guest 666

      I can throw people and cars

    24. Georgie May

      Hi yode

    25. Bad Gurl

      Lasha talakhadze is strongest !!❤️🇬🇪

    26. niceboy vadovo hater but pz group sorry yt

      I wont lir im weak

    27. Snosed ?

      His nose

    28. MEM3 T1M3

      Thumbnail is fake coz the bar would bend

    29. Dab Lol

      Y y Yy Y y Y Y Yy

    30. aiza rogayan


    31. FANG BOSS

      Buffalo bill is the strongest man in the history he was abused by his dad and likes to fight and has broken out of prison

    32. Fortnight raven

      Your videos are awesome

    33. Austin Ericson


    34. Skye Roche


    35. nikks 9

      1:03 is a Bulgarian am a Bulgarian too

    36. Zachary Hawkinson

      This guy makes the same face every thumbnail

    37. Даниел Станков

      КОЙТО е българи да лаикне

    38. Holly Lamovsky

      Big oof

    39. Andrew & Avery

      That is not possible yode

    40. Andrew & Avery


    41. J Sanchez

      You are crazy

    42. Sports vines All day

      My dad is strongest

    43. Deffy Xx


    44. RUN scary

      Did his eyeball fall out ew😝

    45. flying gorilla

      Brian shaw

    46. Sulaimani Retaj

      That is so cool

    47. XXX gamer kai XXX

      Big z is from lithaunia horray even tho i knew that

    48. bocoy noiu

      0:19 That's What I Say On All Of The Clips

    49. Random video

      00.58 fake

    50. VINE LORD

      There all fat

    51. Alvin Almo

      Dude my arm is already fractured

    52. Mr Mann

      Subscribe to Mr Mann

    53. Levi Flynn


    54. Kaden -_- YT

      Poor people

    55. Alex Perez

      1:12 oh:3

    56. Alex Perez

      0:41 take a big poop you ok?

    57. Lh Fr

      He is not the strongest man in the world okay the strongest person is from the Bible

    58. Nevaeh Roberts

      Make your videos 10 minutes long instead of three minutes

    59. White Thread

      Pointless load of crap..who cares about lifting heavy something useful

    60. Cristhian Nascimento

      Oi blz sou do Brasil, gostei do vídeo

    61. Shaun Davidson

      I now one of the.

    62. Vernon Stuckey

      3:04 is strong

    63. Area51 BOI

      wate sump

    64. afutla qian

      Jsyn furtherist is not a work yode 😂😂

    65. Harvey Woolley

      Jsyn furtherist is not a work yode 😂😂

    66. rudek pihlak

      Are you dumb its not Kg idiot its kilogramms

    67. rokas brokas

      Man in second flip iš for my land lithuania

      1. afutla qian

        The blood in every clip is fake

    68. Deva K07

      1:04 PUT CAPTIONS ON! 😂 Chinese norma’s hippota

    69. little bat

      You know you sound like MessYourself on CZ-news

    70. Smoke My Pipe

      You’re extremely annoying. Thank god I know not to watch you again