"Stranger Things" Star Gaten Matarazzo Has The Best Interview Ever



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    Is this #GatenMatarazzo's Best Interview Ever? The #StrangerThings star enjoys an 11-pound waffle sundae, grows a mustache, and shows his love for #StarWars.

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    1. nar ́to Uzumaki

      Dustin is funny and cooL

    2. Some Guy

      I have that same chair.


      Oh My God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! 😀😀😀

    4. Mystik-_- Dragoon

      This is even better than danielle cohns “jay walking” Srry i cant spell rn im too sleepy

    5. Reflex

      2:27 lol

    6. Pablo Jan Martinezzi

      Totally could pull that moustache buddy!

    7. Mary Stef

      He is too precious I love him

    8. night bird

      I'm jealous of joy inside his eyes.

    9. oo official playlists

      "Itse meee mario"

    10. Pusheen Life

      Ya know the drill! 1. Eleven 2. Mike 3. Will 4. Dustin 5. Lucas 6. Max 7. Hopper 8. Joyce 9. Steve 0. Nancy I missed out Jonathan :(

      1. hhgv yyhb


    11. Paige Joslin

      I hate Choctae cake

    12. Matteo Soranna

      OMG, Gaten Matarazzo is so polite, every single stuff he received he thanks...

    13. Redfield MC

      Wait, if he said blood bath, did they already have a tub of blood hanging above him just incase??? 😱

    14. Frost Animations


    15. NIB.DAast0naut

      I have a question how come finn millie and noah always have intervenes together and gaten and joe has intervenes together why cant they all have one?

    16. Truly Greg

      He is so cute

    17. penjenta

      I love this kid

    18. basic videos

      Gatens awesome

    19. Cherry the Artist

      The funny thing is, I also have an aunt named Kathy

    20. GreatGamer 64

      Count from sesame street Oh god... he's pretty scary tho..

    21. _Knome_

      *Who would be a better Mum* Like *Steve* Comment *Joyce*

      1. hailey

        _Knome_ steve for life

    22. TessaBear Bears

      Dustin kinda sounds like ree kid from mullenslays

    23. hanna tafolla

      1:45 that sounded like Santa clause it's coming Not to be mean 😥

    24. redfire best

      Nice choice

    25. Aubrey Radford

      😂 is it just me or does he end the interview looking like Ron Swanson?

      1. Aubrey Radford

        In the best way ever

    26. Sharmarlies Brinkman

      Gaten: everyone loves chocolate cake! Me: *slowly slides down of my chair because I hate chocolate cake....I know, it sounds terrible I’m so sorry*

      1. hailey

        Sharmarlies Brinkman hahahhahahaha it’s fine i’m not a huge fan of pizza and i guess that’s pretty much something that’s unpopular

    27. xLexii

      This literally made me so happy to watch. 🥺🥴💞

    28. final smash kirby ßāçk

      and i have that light saber but mines blue

    29. final smash kirby ßāçk

      dusten is meh favorite in dah ahow

    30. XIO-NIC

      Wait Noah and Millie are wed?

    31. MindFloatYT

      Why did my subtitles say she’s my progidy friday

    32. Dee Man

      I look like a serial killer. XD

    33. Violet Santandrea

      "mY aUnT cAtHy'S SnIcKeRdOodLe"

    34. DuckyGaming2435

      I wasn’t gonna click this video..until I saw the Dustin picture in a Harry Potter unform

    35. Jack Bridges

      I hate chocolate cake

    36. TB]Ms Marvel


    37. Toxic_ pancakes4u

      Gatten: everyone likes chocolate cake My sister:wHaT aBoUt ReDvElvet

    38. Supreme furry Hunter 360

      His laugh and look kinda reminded me of that laughing Spanish guy on like a trivia show or something

    39. Bazzer Bazzington

      Anyone else wanna see the Dustin as Spider-Man fan art?

    40. Mario and freddy Island

      0:01 he is wearing will Byers bowl cut and A better Jim hopper mustache

    41. Sakura :3

      * laugh * " oh my god, that's actually 11 pounds?! " * laugh * " it's so cold " I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

    42. Mr SLedGE_MAstER

      Dustin my boy!!!

    43. J&B Nation

      His laugh is so contagious

    44. Milkyway Anime

      Is he gonna finish that sundae

    45. Purple Skinned Potato

      i have that chair. its sitting in my living room right now.

    46. Darian cytherea

      This was released on my birthday

    47. ThatCanOfSoda

      at the beginning i thought he said "gay"ten and i oop-

    48. Coco Swing Oficial


    49. Gary Rayos

      I was today years when I found out Dustin likes mustaches and hates wills cut

    50. Jacobs world Skinner

      Like your Dustin comment your hopper

    51. Prime Standen

      3:38 am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Santa 😂

    52. Rupertrit 83

      Gaten with the moustache and the hat looks like an angry trucker😂

    53. Rupertrit 83

      Gaten with the moustache and hat looks like an angry trucker😂

    54. John Brooks

      4:01 me to man me too

      1. Brianna Cundiff

        John Brooks HAHHAHA

    55. GamingwithSakhar Almusrea

      I also have a lightsaber

    56. Sana Sama

      *oml I love batten so much idk why but he looks like a giant teddy bear 😂😂*

      1. Sana Sama

        I meant Gatten

    57. Minty Blossom

      3:35 Holy his laugh and the mustache make him look like my grandpa laugh crying because I dyed my hair

    58. Adarius Vids

      When yo ma whopping u and u can't breathe 3:41

    59. lucд

      Gaten is literally ME

    60. world around pets

      2:58 me when my mom wants me to make a boy friend

    61. anime fanner

      You know what happened to steve and robin when the season ended steve robin made Baskin Robbins 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Glitchy Hacker

      I’ve watched this 6 times

    63. Naief Alromi

      Gaten probably never saw "the thing" or "the fly" before

    64. Zofia Kuzma

      Was that the guy from hot ones in the background? Idek

    65. Once Little

      Holy shit I just realized he from New Jersey aka the garden state

    66. Jack Creane

      I have the very same chair!!! 😂

    67. Travis A ARNOLD

      I need to have a chat with him

      1. Travis A ARNOLD

        Star wars

      2. Travis A ARNOLD

        Why you ask

    68. Kiara Bumatay

      0:07 is my fave part

    69. Slime Heads

      His laugh with the waffle sundae was amazing

    70. Cybear The Cute

      One year ago: Me: hey friends, look! It’s the nerdy kid who’s in all the recent Verizon fios commercials! My friend: OMG THATS DUSTIN FROM STRANGER THINGS! Me: wait what? Today: Me: I just watched the first episode of stranger things I’m so amazing! My friend: didn’t you hate it two days ago? Me: I thought it would be a soap opera like riverdale (which btw sucks)