"Stranger Things" Star Gaten Matarazzo Has The Best Interview Ever



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    Is this #GatenMatarazzo's Best Interview Ever? The #StrangerThings star enjoys an 11-pound waffle sundae, grows a mustache, and shows his love for #StarWars.

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    1. Liz Moore

      Lalalalalallaalalalallalalalallaallala love this

    2. moony lepord

      Gaten is so relatable in real life

    3. Jack bailey

      I’m 12 and I’ve watched all the insidious movies and I’m not one bit scared by them

    4. Izzy B

      Gaten is so wholesome, like woW☺️💗

    5. Felix Auger

      2:50 when your moms sees your internet history

    6. Snoe berri

      "Oh! Thank you!, Really, Thank you"♥️ THE CUTEST

    7. Vikki Aguiar

      3:34 Santa Claus?

    8. Scp and more

      I'm a big fan

    9. AhOy LaDieS

      What kinda drunk banana bread muffin would choose a blaster over lightsaber!?!?

    10. uhh commenter??

      if you put eggos on a sundae, your a monster

    11. Randomized

      1:07 2:50 0:04

    12. Peter Pascoe

      I dont Like chocolate cake

    13. Henry Beardsley

      Anyone else wanna see all the other options

    14. Matthew De la Cruz

      They're going to more stranger things

    15. I Want To Die

      *M I K E, I F O U N D T H E C H O C O L A T E P U D D I N G*

    16. toonies art

      Gaten is just so nice and sweet thats why he is my fev actor

    17. Pieter van Haaften

      Lovin it

    18. galaxy moon wolf

      I live in New Jersey and not even joking I live 5 minutes away from the neighborhood gaton lives in🙂

    19. Born2 Play

      It should be 11 pound eggo sundae

    20. Sequanita

      I was watching it 4:00

    21. hazars world of gaming

      what does him as spiderman look like

    22. Gamfluent

      Now I wonder what the blood bath would be

    23. Christopher Nixon

      He looked like a mix between John fogerty(CCR Version) and the dating game cereal killer!

    24. Spike Productions

      Tchck out my channel 0 focus

    25. Sir Walrein

      omg its Elixir

    26. Jaeden lieberher

      watched it 3 times and I still cry (stranger things season 3 Final) (Hopper is not dead ı now)

    27. Gamer Drift

      Hey! This video was made in july 10! My bday ahahaha

    28. Evans


    29. Gacha Sophie

      Ah look at gaten enjoying his best life

    30. XxIsaac_Gacha With_Meh_HamsterxX

      His laugh just brightens my day

    31. It's yer boi da mane

      Love the mustache

    32. myrten 18

      i actually dreamed about you tonight. we were best friends (nothing more) and we played video games talked and i dont remember anything more so when i woke up i was so disapointed that it was just a dream. But when i think about it, i dont really know if i would want to be best friends with someone that is like ten years older then me but i am still a really big fan

    33. ReXyo

      Gaten is so wholesome

    34. Sam Weller

      My friend does not like chocolate

    35. I really don’t know what to call my youtube

      TUTORIAL: How to become Dustin: First, lose some teeth, this step is very important. Now become friends with a kid who didn’t go to college/university named Steve who is friends with a lesbian named Robin. Now you also have to befriend a 10 year old named Erica. Now adopt a little baby demogorgon, and call it Dart. You’re done!!! Happy scrolling! You might see me on other Stranger Things related videos.

    36. Shy Guy Offical

      Boy you’re flexing Gucci shoes

    37. Ayla Siddiqi

      I think ElEvEn would the eLeVeN pound eggo sundae

    38. XfireMLG

      3:41 u look like that Mexican meme guy when he laughs

    39. Phantomartist !!!

      Booiiii, you better share that ice cream.

    40. Super Mario Carmine and Aldo

      Last digit of your like is what you are 1. Eleven 2. Mike 3. Dustin 4. Lucas 5. Will 6. Alexi 7. Joyce 8. Hopper 9. Jonathan 0. Steve

    41. DAIN


    42. •Mxchi_Chxn•

      I got the chocolate puddHANG

    43. Sydney Miller

      in the first five seconds in this video and i’m wheezing

    44. pasDeNom.MP4

      I looks like a serial killer 😂😂

    45. Comrade Doggo


    46. Werner Ernst

      Members only by X?

    47. Darth Vader

      Obi wan or Luke Skywalker's light saber?

    48. justin Avila

      Same here mac and cheese is bomb

    49. Sofía Ramírez

      I love when they gave him the 11 pounds of ice cream 🍦

    50. Sofía Ramírez

      These aren’t dislikes they are just likes from the upside down🙃

    51. E1i_xir

      Same I want to be Obi-Wan

    52. Madden Stegman

      Who else saw a IPad or something on the table in front of the light saber at 3:43

    53. TheConfidentialEnderman

      3:41 Gaten Matawheezo

    54. Paul Hasenauer

      great kid, and awesome actor!

    55. Ducksquad

      this is so fucking unfunny they’re milking stranger things for all the money

    56. Dragonbyte

      Yes someone who likes canolis as well

    57. ZBUTTERZZ _

      Fuck you

    58. Aidan koch

      Who else is CRAVING the orange Julius My mouth is watering looking at the drink Where can I find that IRL?

    59. Marissa Furrier

      I love this video

    60. Squirrelygirl 17

      I love how he says thank you almost every time they gave him stuff.😂❤️

    61. Push rush

      I look like a serial killer XD



    63. MrDeluxe

      I wonder what would happen if he chose the carrie bloodbath

    64. Radom clan Conner gabby heath

      YES thank you

    65. •Katelyn Sunlight•

      The video is 4:16 minutes long. 6+4+1=11

    66. Violet Molloy

      My grandma is friends with gatons mom and they did a cosplay together wish I had proof but it’s true.

    67. Violet Molloy


    68. Violet Molloy

      “Everyone likes chocolate cake” My friend does not even like chocolate

      1. Cookie Crumbulls

        My friend doesn’t like sugar

      2. Tjallazzz023 Tjallazzz023

        Not human

    69. David Roberts


    70. Jason Steinbrecher

      11 pound waffle sundae in front of gaten The one thing he thinks ThAtS tHe SpOoN