Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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    These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies

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    1. Cristina Margulescu

      *F U TERESA*

    2. Jared arquette

      The avatar Plug in play game though

    3. leah adrid

      Jaiden she musted lock the door in that video game

    4. milo21-

      Battle fo bikini bottom for the ps2 was a complety different game and it was THE BEST THING EVER.

    5. nootle

      I remember battle for bikini bottom on game cube

    6. Bella Biscoe

      Isolated saga

    7. Vanessa

      I wanna do this when I get older

    8. Brianna Singh

      You should play the battle of bikini bottom on the GameCube! It’s actually really fun

    9. Alphics

      I can't believe I used to play that Barbie game and that Congo was terrifying

    10. Gobotimus84


    11. Jason Rhoades

      I played the Battle For Bikini Bottom on ps2 and it was a lot different than the game boy version and it was a lot different

    12. Destiny Tyler

      YAY!!! I’ve played the Disney plug and play! I even played with an old VSmile!

    13. HennyConCranberry

      Ok but that Barbie game for the GBA was a BOP. I would steal it from my sister so I can play that Conga Line lmao

    14. Geometry dash Kid

      ARI!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU MESS UP DA RECORDING??????!!!!!!!!!!????????

    15. FavChanger

      Plot twist with the Connect Four game: The other guy was messing with you, or is bad at the game. He could have won the game on the move before yours.

    16. Bon Fayar

      0:41 “yare yare daze” - “Jaiden kujo”

    17. Victor Su

      Lol, snerf

    18. AngryFish 5

      If anyone remembers spore for the DS then plz let me know. It's a very strange game but fun and occasionally horrifying 😂

    19. MsNeverSay

      There is a different spongebob battle for bikini bottom game now

    20. Bruh 203

      G A M E B O i

    21. Toxity Remon

      They have another version of that spongebob game but for the ps2 and it's AMAZING. You'd like it SO MUCH BETTER!!

    22. Ketiya Soeurn

      That spinning thing looks like a ghast from Minecraft

    23. Manuel Vargas

      I play a Kirby's return to dreamland on the WII and I LOVE IT!!!!💙💚💛💜🖤💙💚💛💜🖤

    24. Julia Pecchio-Hill

      I think football was her favorite sport while she was playing the jimmy newtron game

    25. Lian Lozano

      Is there invader zim in Nickelodeon plug n play?

    26. LittleLove Heart

      May I just say Jaden is really good at drawing plankton from SpongeBob and it looks like she was one of the animators for SpongeBob

    27. A weird Somebody

      Who saw what he box said in 1:19

    28. Gamma Emerald

      There was actually a Battle For Bikini Bottom game on GameCube as well as Game Boy

    29. Caelix Spooner

      I sUre DO LuVE My MeMerY bOx.

    30. Jonny

      Wasnt Soongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom a 3D Platformer?

    31. Kristie Fortin

      Battle him is actually part of a trilogy of games

    32. Dion Florencio

      Lemme subscribe

    33. Questionaut

      you should play the playstation one version of battle for bikini bottom

      1. Questionaut

        or playstation two i don't remember

    34. Matthew does stuff

      I played spongebob battle for bikini bottom but it was 3d and cooler for the playstation 2 it had better gravity and double jump.

    35. Aesteticboi

      His hand: squish

      1. Aesteticboi


    36. Random Thoughts

      Yeah I played some weird games too!!😂😂😂😂😄😅😅😅

    37. GolfnGame Approach

      This is wonderful to watch

    38. Transformerbrett Productions

      5:57 Is that what she calls it XD

    39. Alone -

      Jaiden: f u teresa teresa:👁👄👁

    40. Anjelica Rose


    41. Tayven Kirkland

      The arrow in the frist part and it looks like a dic

    42. Kasey Carlin

      I AGREE THATS TERRIBLE,OH MY LORD *holdss up a cross to the conga line

    43. Lingendary :]

      There’s an ad for the spongebob game that u talked about. It’s now “refreshed” battle for bikini bottom

    44. numaTruehome 100

      The battle for bikini bottom game for GameCube was pretty fun

    45. mickey sanchez

      Min 1:36, george jetson from the jetsons :v

    46. Cam Ana

      Why dose that women have a beard🤔

    47. That Montage Nerd

      Jaiden: "But that wasn't my favorite aspect of the game. I liked THIS part." League of legends ad: *starts* "Man, this game's boring."

    48. Tristboy12

      It’s buffbles

    49. Magicfoxy 1234

      The door could be locked because the girl that went inside could have locked it

    50. Mr. Blue Sun

      5:57 Oh My Gosh, you made a Spongebob Reference.

    51. fish the mighty

      ur not a real gamer until you've played hannah montana for the nintendo ds

    52. Jakeria 64

      It’s the avgj (angry video game Jaiden)

    53. Ur mom gAi

      The spongebob plug n play is pretty cool not gonna lie

    54. J Nebby

      am i the only one who noticed the GBA was turnt on by the volume slider?

    55. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      Who remembers golden eye n64? Wonder if jaiden played that game

      1. tax fraud

        I always fought over odd job

    56. Solarflare Rick

      I had the Disney plug and play

    57. Hannah Laurenzano

      Nice! I had the SpongeBob plug and play too!

    58. Sakuya Narukami

      It’s alright, everyone is a champion at connect one. Unless you go second.

    59. Nicolaas nick

      When you play tic tac toe the guy already won :-*

    60. Mr Stike


    61. Mr Stike


    62. Labelle Lace

      Okay but the barbie princess and the pauper game slapped. Idk if anyone else remembers it lol

    63. Ibrahim Dulac

      Please in french

      1. Error 404

        Im pretty sure she doesn't speak French, but if i ever learn it, i will attempt to translate it to French

      2. Ibrahim Dulac

        Because i dont speak english

    64. Ruby [Left Army] / s p e c t r u m s a n s

      Nobody : Pokemon seller : You started a new game yesterday *and haven't done shit-*

    65. Cool Clamperl

      I played this plug and play as a kid OMG!!!

    66. Funny Things

      HEY ARNOLD!!!

    67. Lynn Heo

      the bullet was the missile bullet not from a gun:)

    68. Philipp Bergamin

      Wait what you can use GBC cartridges in the GBA (SP)? My whole childhood just got blown🤯

    69. Infinity Hammer

      I remember some of these games. Im only like a year or so younger than Jaiden. We are so alike, the only difference is I cant draw for the life of me.

    70. Pat Carrillo

      GBA was my childhood too