STORM AREA 51: The First Raid Already Happened

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    Today, we have an update on the STORM AREA 51: THEY CAN'T STOP ALL OF US Facebook event. The first raid has already happened - an INSANE story you've never heard of!
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    1. Kayla’s World

      I know y’all saw that alien in the backseat at 9:53 . Or am I just high?

      1. jorge perez

        nope thats an alien

      2. Tproductions _

        I saw it bro omg

      3. Lil buger no

        Low key high key that looks like E.T

      4. Joshua Wood

        Nahh it’s actually there lmao

      5. A weird boba drink

        Oh shit

    2. solomon harris

      Someone is going to die if they storm area 51

    3. I will kill oompaville stanoev


    4. K RDP

      thats how i feel about area 51 raid @1:02

    5. melker ahlback

      HOLY SH-- UR RIGHT¡!¡! 💢😮🤐😲😵🤪👽🤫O. M. G.

    6. Haruhi Suzumiya

      gate 0 orange line 2 sedans look at a hill.

    7. BigDre357

      I can confirm that Los Alamos National Security is a contacted lab for the military and or federal government as I used to work for their retirement benefits administrator

    8. Kentity

      . . U I l -👎🏻 “Hmmm” Me -he say raid the hell out of Area 51 and his name is hrmmy

    9. Lloyd Lee

      I've been to Alamo many times, I'm from southern Nevada, it's not creepy. Haha.

    10. Tivoughn's Smart

      100k likes to go there? I hope you've got your stuff packed.

    11. Michael Keene

      Oh i. Think it would be a modern Woodstock on September 20th.

    12. moonucky hellen

      Hey don't..its dangerous that's why its off limits aliens just a top secret test site...move along myob

    13. ghw1985

      can the word literally be excluded from every sentence. its unnecessary. if you do something you obviously Literally do it...

    14. Benicho

      This Naruto run bull shit is so retarded, you can’t run faster then a bloody bullet wtf

    15. ToyKevin YT

      Mabe there's no ALIENS there. There just making us think that! But it's kinda fun to believe

    16. Jess'x

      My birthday is Sep 20th ;)

    17. Prince Chawmin

      Trumps gonna woop you all!!!! All 3 million of you..

    18. Taco Productions USA

      Naruto leaders vs Area 51 guards *Naruto leaders* “Rules of engagement” “Crew Expendable” *Area 51* “Remember.... No Russian”

    19. Xx_taco Xx Spicyteaqueen

      You see everyone’s so unpatient and beg as hell to know what’s in Area 51 they go early police chase them go to jail they say “it’s worth it” i say”it’s not worth it there’s no aliens”

    20. Natomus Nate

      I think they will have extra staff to arrest people

    21. Tekken

      Looks more like a prison.

    22. English Training

      storm with drones

    23. w!ld p0t8o

      My first P.A. day is on September 20th...

    24. El_ Legendツ

      14:50 a big massacre will happen

    25. AtOm FuSsPiLz

      It's easy, scavenge a M1A2 Abrams and knock at the gates! Knock, knock: Here's Johnny!

    26. sgtjoe2008

      this would be epic! military massacres thousands of civilians! make it happen! this would be the greatest news for many centuries to come!

    27. J Howard

      Hopefully they use just one big bomb so they don't waste ammo.

    28. Larry Richelli

      Military madness is killing our country!

    29. Jennifer Vaughn

      If you happen to get inside the base you will be reprimanded sharply and escorted out.

    30. Jennifer Vaughn

      Actually that Storm Area 51 thing was just a thing for this event called the Alien Stock Festival. It is a music festival.

    31. I A

      It's not illegal to storm area 51 u stupid it's actually our right to see what the corrupt government has been hiding for years.

    32. Jennifer Vaughn

      Oh and nice vid by the way.

    33. Jennifer Vaughn

      Oh and Gipsy Sr., etc., Cobalt, Calico, Orangie, Sterling, Red, Cacto, Big Blue Sr., Big Gray Sr., etc, Quball, Shorty, Magneta, Blue, Big Red, and Big White are watching it.

    34. Jennifer Vaughn

      And raiding the base is not smart.

    35. Luke Bullimore

      CJ is just Laughing at y'all

    36. TheColdWish

      I can really feel that stupidity in this. What the hell is going on with u ppl. U really think that area51 is so important? Im laughing so hard. When the aliens come, do u really think they really give two shits about area51?

    37. Tamaku Games

      Third world war?

    38. Claudiu Coldea

      When 1 guy shows up at area 51 Guards:XD It's John wick Guards: D: He has a pencil Guards: we're fucked up D:

    39. Oof The Movies

      Well this became a meme... Nice!

    40. Zamantha Arendain

      Did someone see the alien at the backseat???? 9:53

    41. Sin Eater

      "BEAR TOOTH" A way To communicate over vast distances without Cell

      1. Sin Eater

        Also compatible with "Walkie Talkies"

    42. union 나라soviet 소련

      Its bad idea to raid the erea 51...its sooo proactive the erea looks empty but....the soldiers in erea 51 is like vietnam soldierd frok vietnam war you cant see them one steop in your dead one step out your dead

      1. union 나라soviet 소련

        Damn it my grammer againl.

    43. Nitrox playzyt

      Ps don,t cross the line or you,ll be shot!😨

    44. sean young

      i love the bye at end lol

    45. Lucky One

      9:53 thats a bag that is fronting the back..

    46. Cookie Man

      How to rush Area 51 Step 1:dig a hole to Area 51 Step 2:put as many nukes as possible Step 3:blow dem up Step 4:*catch as many aliens as you can* Step 5 show people Step 6 get arrested for raiding and stealing Step 7 don’t drop the soap

    47. Johnbobbymore Howdoyoudo

      We need a meeting place to plan it

    48. Johnbobbymore Howdoyoudo

      Or we will lose and someone record it we need to see the pokemons

    49. Johnbobbymore Howdoyoudo

      Bring guns

    50. Johnbobbymore Howdoyoudo

      Because why would they a freaking baseball field

    51. Johnbobbymore Howdoyoudo

      It probably underground

    52. Johnbobbymore Howdoyoudo

      If this actually happens this will be greater than world war

    53. robloxtopic

      They are all gonna die boi

    54. Bob Smith

      Do it!

    55. Connor Swinny

      They will die

    56. Linken Hughes

      Nobody: MrBeast: last to leave wins 1 million dollars Chandler after he gets killed: MY BODY IS STILL INSIDE

    57. Jonathan Mile

      Area 51 Pillagers : kill villagers who come near our outpost Villagers : FIGHT

    58. JOsh LAm


    59. mark galetti

      Area 51 stormers: there's a million of us what can they do!! News at 6: 1,000000 and Counting dead at Area 51 The gene pool: Thank you Lord Jesus..

    60. zion chan

      Wasnt raid yesterday?

    61. ThePiggleman

      Simply create a "Fake hawk" that can fly around and has a small camera on it so that it can fly over area 51 and record video

    62. Austin Grimes

      I feel like that many people in one place, I think there will be terrorists

    63. Myst Sylver

      All men are created equal. So why shouldn’t everyone know?

    64. BIG AL

      I think they'll use Mk Ultra and Microwave systems, I highly doubt they'll use 5.56x45mm and 50 bmg bullets first. 🤔🙌🏾

    65. Rasheedah Talib

      Katie , the government is the people. Those in charge are elected officials. Sometimes I think we forget that. There are so many secrets, too many secrets.

    66. A Drop of Water Salted With Fire

      16:00 - Who are you, creepy Tom Hanx? Let's DO THIS!

    67. BLASTGAMER18


    68. Astrit TO

      9:53 Alien in the backseat

    69. Rise Of The Epic Scout

      Man.. the payday gang really needs to stealth area 51.

    70. Joshua Ailport

      it would probally be a better idea to drive their cars into the base lol