Stop finding my old SCHOOL PHOTOS!!



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    1. I Had An Unique Name TBH

      6.9M views uwu

    2. Person


    3. Ruby Grabbe

      This is how many presents Santa 🎅🏻 will give you V

    4. THIEK

      @0:48 even the views is 69

    5. abirneji

      when you said 2000 was 19 years ago I started to think for some reason, that 19+2 is 22 man I must be tired

    6. Liamcreeper503

      I remember the original ducktales theme song and I am a zoomer, call me a boomer all you want All the comments: OK boomer

    7. Buttstank McGoo

      That’s why I’m naming my kid Cletus or if it’s a girl clitoris

    8. Samuel Gauthier


    9. Lucas24709

      It's so weird to see Felix call Eric and Anna common names, because I live in America. Those names are very east-European.

    10. Synatro

      That british accent tho, killed me hahaha mate

    11. Matthew Owen

      Hold on how tf is t-series on 121 mil subs and Felix is on 102

    12. Cody L

      Wait why is Justin Bieber in a year book with pewds name under it?

    13. Ch3kM4te

      Elon: Less graphics, less protection, less speed, MORE SPEED

    14. 10000 subs without dying

      The girls in his class are trash

    15. My Friend

      Don’t tall people go in front

    16. Chase Born

      I can't get over the fact that he pointed at Gronk and said don't know who that is.

    17. Tea Napier

      Changes from 9 year olds to 19 year olds Me being a 19 year old: 😭

    18. Miss Liane

      Me, walking away from the screen to wipe down my kitchen counter Felix: "turn around, turn around, seriously turn around!" Me: "awh.."

    19. Laila Boudaia

      Pewds:Do you want a pat on the back Me:*puts phone on my ass*

    20. Ignacia Valentina

      I’m 19

    21. Batata Mama

      Dick Van Dyke's name though

    22. Dario Kucej

      Felix I am taller than u and i am 14 and i am not even in top 3 highest in a class.Stop lieing that u not that short when u are.Stop Felix!

    23. PintOf Ostrich

      I want a terraria series, i’m starting to play and it’s so fun

    24. Harold Simarmata

      He is literally a girl at eight grade

    25. Julio César Urueña

      Where is the black guy in your class? Black guys doesn't exist in Sweden?

    26. Days of French 'n' Swedish

      I am a class photographer (seriously) and yep, we will seat anyone anywhere we like to obtain balance in the photo. That being said, that student formation is actually pretty crap by the looks of it. Also being short compared to other Swedes doesn't mean much, they are massive.

    27. 20,000 Subscribers 0 Videos

      6.9 mil views, 5 ads. You’ve done nicely

    28. Aatu poropudas

      You're my life pewd 🙂

    29. Miki B

      This video currently has 6.9 million views

    30. Nick Wilson

      On another note that girl next to Felix to the right is probably done Swedish model now

    31. panado

      Be ma daddy

    32. Ogs

      duck tales! wooooh!

    33. •Denysa•

      Hybrid pikachiu

    34. Dooode McBaggins

      Yes Felix i too think the fact that I’m 19 is impossible

    35. Radhiyan Ihza

      Even felix struggling in his earlier ages of puberty

    36. Thehider 1234567

      It hurts me that there’s no comma between his name.

    37. Carson Fletcher

      Holy shit pewds your amazing you made my day better with the your great ❤️ I love you bro 😂

    38. The Lookan Channel

      "if kanye west came out of that car..." felix, wrong man

    39. Fanatica Feax


    40. Nii Key

      actually being a 19 year old... crying

    41. Ocean GamerYT

      He looks actually pretty good in his old school photos No HoMo

    42. Heather Perry

      About weird names. So ok in high school the Varsity field hockey team helped coach the Middle school. And one Girl was named Penetration....

    43. Sarah oakes

      You sound like the bird of out happy feet 2 that they thought was a penguin

    44. Homie Unicorn

      10:27 Felix: “Who’s Herobrian?” Me: -Say sike right now-

    45. Illuminate Every thing

      Hey pewds you in your school photo I look exactly like you

    46. Eric Akira Rodrigues Terai

      My name is Eric :(

    47. hannah michaels

      18:42 :-(

    48. L

      MineCrafters: Cave update pls Mojang: let it go

    49. Yung

      i seen the turtles. they look like rocks from a distance and when youre swimmin in the ocean they like to pretend to be sharks

    50. XDaRkModzX

      Felix: 🤵 Everyone else: 👦👧 *Good one guys, well done I’m glad we all pulled through*

    51. Lex 1

      You look like Billie Eilish as a child

    52. 미싸추Missachu

      Also play that Herobrine game thing alone- sorry I don't remember even though I could easily go back

    53. marta

      Wait what did I miss, why we re 19 yo? Don’t get me wrong, I am 19 so like that’s pretty accurate but how when what?

    54. Drop Flair

      "Who names their child Dick?" Every Richard is sweating

    55. galad riel

      How short exactly is he?🤔

    56. Gavin Nelson

      I’m short too Felix it’s ok

    57. Moon_ _Gaming

      I looked it up he’s taller then jack and mark both

    58. Keira Muselbeck

      Felix the nine year olds at school dislike you but I am older

    59. Ichmagkekse 123

      I love the Liway intro

    60. Nicolas Lacey

      *A boy named Sue has entered the chat

    61. Fat Hippocampus

      i din't turn around in time and got a slap in the face. Thanks, PewDiePie.

    62. Rawan

      Hes the guy all the girls had a crush on in 5th grade

    63. Teague is Trash

      u should name bebe cthulu

    64. Barış Stüdyo

      Exams start, you'll get 100 good 20 subscribers can do 40

    65. 7. Killer

      18:10 WaaHAHAAA Classic pewds

    66. Agingger Gown

      Why he's wearing headphones ?

    67. Erik N. G

      When pewdiepie says your name first of the normal names.

    68. JP Argentina

      Who else put there head up to the screen so u got pat on the head by the lord himself best day ever

    69. Otamabread

      Kurt Cobain knockoff

    70. XxPastel CloudxX

      pEWDiEpiE: welcome to LWIAY, let's watch memes. :) others: Welcome. So today as you see in the title, we are doing the 50/50 challenge and buy the merch... **8 minutes later** ok so let's start with the video now :) (I just realized Felix posted this on my birthday) :o