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    Steven’s desire for some alone time unlocks a new room in the Temple that answers his every wish.
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    Believe in Steven! Steven Universe is a half-human, half-Gem hero who's learning to save the world with the magical powers that come from his bellybutton. Steven may not be as powerful as the Crystal Gems. Or as smart. But that doesn't stop him from joining Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on their magical adventures - where Steven always finds a surprising way to save the day.
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    1. Kittycatgamer - my videos are not that smart lol

      Later...where is the thing you bringed for Steven?

    2. DJ Bass Phase

      That whale! ❤❤😭😭

    3. Fun-time Zone

      Tiny floating whale! So cute!

    4. Sesei Lhungdim

      Guys did nobody paid attention to the game's secret ending? The main character opens a door and finds his dad and reunite. That is Exactly what happens with Steven. He meets with his mother, Rose Quartz. Aaaaand wegetanepisodeofcuteemotionalmothersonbondingandcrywhenStevensaysthatRosemadehimjusttogetawayfromherfaults. *O O F*

    5. Richie Cook

      Omg he high fived that tiny whale... TINY WHALE IS LOVE

    6. Ila Arora

      Steven did not include ruby and sapphire and doesn't he have to poop because he ate four cans of creamed corn

    7. 4PPL3_H3ADZ

      No one realized that steven has an n64 and nothing changed about the design or controller (I love the n64 its from my childhood )

    8. Kittycatgamer - my videos are not that smart lol

      They can actually come first go to the crystal heart then the pool then you’ll see pink ☁️ then go there to steven

      1. tyler rhodesmith


    9. XxCandyTimexX kawaii

      im only here because of the thumbnail

    10. Willow Joy

      Ahhhgg the whale is so cute

    11. sean villaflor

      Steven is playing pokemon with modified things

    12. DenisTheGamer Guzman

      Is it me or is the cosole that steven is playing a nintendo 64

    13. Benjamin Liang

      The golf game is literally pokemon

    14. Raquel Tobias

      Wow i love ti

    15. Lynn Pink

      Nintendo 64...later would be the Wii...

    16. ExoticWatermelon 2


    17. Hybrid Wolf E.X.E

      thats funny garnet wearing those pants

    18. Killer star Warrior

      Me in that room: Can’t eat Starts crying I want food

    19. Savage Boi23


    20. Kanoroki Akabane

      Fact: Toby Fox (Undertale creator) and Rebecca Sugar (SU creator) are friends

      1. Amber' Star The Gacha Tuber

        It's a dream come true Also explains this S.U = Sans Undertale S.U = Steven Universe

    21. Terry Troutman

      1:13 when I watch Nausicaa of the valley of the wind

    22. C.L.G. Nothing

      I feel like the audio is a bit too high in pitch. :/

    23. Night Star

      Now that i think about it. Rose (or pink diamond) would go into her room to get whatever she wanted. She was probably tired of hearing no.

    24. Awesome Pickle

      Season 1 was such a throwback

    25. Cardin Vuong

      Best idea, Garnet vs Undertale game play

    26. lady katsuyu

      Is season 6 confirmed ;O

      1. な な

        lady katsuyu yup! :3

      2. Dark Studios

        lady katsuyu mhm it’s confirmed.

    27. Young Dagger


    28. Aditi Chithra Bijoy PYP3C International School of Helsingborg

      0:59 Garnet:(thinks fat) Everyone:(laugh) (Me)... ummmm....

    29. baraxor

      There's been debate on whether the end of the game was the real thing or Steven's imagination. While the latter is certainly possible, I believe that the playback was accurate because the Room isn't particularly good at creating original items or recreating unknowable events, only things/people already imagined or recorded (and assuming that the Room's capacity isn't reaching its limits). Until last year, an argument against the accuracy of the game's ending was the fact that Steven and/or his gem were blocked from the original by Amethyst, etc., but with Can't Go Back we know that there's Gem technology that can perform practically seamless surveillance of at least the Crystal Temple area; therefore it's likely that the Room would have had access to the kind of panoramic view that Lapis used at the Moonbase, and could have filtered out any interference to accurately re-create the game ending.

      1. Katrina O’Neil

        4PPL3_H3ADZ hahaha

      2. 4PPL3_H3ADZ

        Ok calm down game theory

      3. Katrina O’Neil

        baraxor the that's a cool theory. I think that the room could potentially act like this, though maybe it's like the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter.

    30. Azzy Land Fan

      Made 3 days ago

    31. Yuuki Hyuuga

      4:15 Uhuhuhuh~ (♡//▪︎//♡)

    32. Emily Monahan


    33. Jean Arzeno

      3:46 Right, theres "no bed"

    34. BEN GAME

      I love Steven universe

    35. Sloppy

      Is no one gonna talk about how different Steven's voice is

      1. Dag The Kaiser

        I’m kind of uncomfortable with the voice..

      2. iBlueBerry

        Sloppy he needs a young voice

      3. Party Queen

        Sloppy it’s old

      4. Çryßtåł Dåwñ

        Sloppy it might be the guy who voices Steven might be growing up xD

      5. Mika Miniho

        E x p e r i m e n t a l

    36. PB DJ Slap My Ass

      Where is our movie!!

      1. Mika Miniho

        This fall which is still a while

    37. SiriaMixxeen Doodles


    38. Fluffy Bubble

      POKEMON REF !!!!!!!

    39. Sam Samson

      *Steven Universe, please make an appearance on NETFLIX SHE-RA. Season 2 She-Ra comes out on April 26.*

    40. GalaxyAlien


    41. Jason Licos

      What ep is this????

    42. Gracy Gracygreengrass

      But you can wear them garnet 😂😂😂

    43. Tilwon


      1. Tilwon


    44. Vo id

      1:15 is this Pokémon?

      1. ItsMehLily TGC

        Yes its a refrence

    45. Zircon Smug life

      June 9th 2014. That's where the episode came out. Or the next episode.

    46. Zircon Smug life

      Their a little big on my but you can wear them Garnet!

    47. Alexa Rivera

      i want to see part 2 of this vid

    48. A random person

      Earliest I’ve ever been 🤧

    49. Eve The Eevee

      1:15 Its dangerous to go alone take this

      1. Ashley Marie


      2. Eve The Eevee

        The first legend of Zelda game reference

      3. Alex Houghton

        It's all of the above

      4. Sam miyaichi

        Actually its Legend of Zelda reference

      5. Alex Houghton

        The professor is eggman

    50. Surinder Gill

      Pearl is so mean

    51. CPXD


      1. Mika Miniho

        Why would you wanna see him do that?

      2. JSOC Tiger

        ManusiaGG 2:59

    52. Roblox/play with me/ nitsa_nitsa

      I am 12 but still watch Steve universe

      1. Mika Miniho

        Well most of the people now are older since this show was 6 years ago

      2. Chewie Wookie

        when you get older, things you thought you were too old to like were actually perfectly fine for that age. A 12 year old like you is the perfect age to watch steven universe, you're still a kid

      3. Kaliah Thornhill

        Roblox/play with me/ nitsa_nitsa don’t worry we got adults still watching Steve Universe and reacting to it

      4. biggamesplayer15

        15 as well btw.

      5. Stingy Jew

        You're an early, very, very, early teen. Or late child. But more like early teen. Late teen is 16-18.

    53. Jackson Roberts

      Does Steven not save his game and play another time

      1. {sveppelito}


      2. Jackson Roberts

        rjd1922 makes sense, let’s just pray that he was nearly like me and my subnautica save files. Nearly lost over 2 days of gameplay just like Steven

      3. rjd1922

        He said he had to replay the last dungeon, so I assume that was the last time he saved.

    54. Gemtem

      This show used to be so chill wow

    55. designaCÇ

      Room, please C A L L T H E P O L I C E

      1. Aesthetics Qween

        *iS tHiS a BaD tImE?*

      2. sdrre1

        If I'm not back in an hour,

      3. Shanie Patz

        Who wants to go on a *R O A D T R I P*

      4. itsgamercat on roblox

        Why? Just why?

    56. Youtube fan P

      Very cute thumbnail

    57. xXYuni GachaXx

      0:23 Garnet sounds so impressed

    58. Gengar and Haunter

      Was the game like Pokemon?

    59. Ehkaw Htoo


    60. not creative enough to make a name

      Why doesn't he just make roses room his room and like sleep in there and stuff

      1. *insert a witty name here*

        not creative enough to make a name *i d k*

      2. baraxor

        Considering the craziness of his life, Steven probably prefers the simplicity--and reality--of his loft sleeping area.

      3. ivan lau

        He already has a room

      4. EdytaJae Let's Plays

        But if Steven did do that, then what are the gems going to do about the extra space they have when he moves his stuff into the room?

    61. a Gem

      "Tiny Pink Whale!!!"

      1. *insert a witty name here*

        a Gem xD

      2. itsgamercat on roblox

        It’s cute

    62. A J

      I've always considered this episode my #1 fav cuz it was so confusing and creepy and silly all at once!

      1. kawaii wolfie55


      2. Caca048134549434 Sabila

        Caca Spongebob thoughtful gift 43 y you have to do 8th birthday to my mom is gonna get it for me I don't 🔙🔝🔛🔝🔙🔝🔙🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔝🔙🔝🔛⌛♌️⌛🔝🔛♌️🔝⏰⏰⏰♋️⏰⏳🔝⏰♌️⏳⏰⏳⏳🔛⏳⏰⏳🔛⏳⏰⏳🔛⏳⏰⏳

      3. Lonely Animator

        A J Yeah, and the video game references are pretty neat!

    63. KnucklesXAkiza


    64. Fortnite Kaleb

      I was the first one to like and watch the video.

      1. Mika Miniho

        +EclipticSkies404 I care For you and I totally agree

      2. EclipticSkies404

        No one cares

    65. BIG NATE 22

      Kinda hungry now

    66. isaac Báez Zapata

      In mexico the time is 2:14 am

      1. ThatKSKing

        For me its 7:31

    67. TIAN SLAIN

      What would you do in that room

    68. Mr.heavenly bendy


    69. Hayley Aguilera

      This is everything any kids ever wanted

    70. /-\nik- the Gacha/ animator / gamer /-\

      *i wanna eat cream corn*

      1. Mika Miniho

        +/-\nik- the Gacha/ animator / gamer /-\ we have a field of the rice growing and waiting to be harvested But corn is a different story You can see Steven not completely chewing those corn so he probably didn't digest them and got diarrhea

      2. /-\nik- the Gacha/ animator / gamer /-\

        Mika Miniho bruh I ate 2 whole cans of rice so that isn’t gonna make me full

      3. /-\nik- the Gacha/ animator / gamer /-\

        Mika Miniho No u

      4. Mika Miniho

        Eat 4 cans so you get diarrhea like Steven

    71. KnucklesXAkiza

      4:15 we all came here for the thumbnail

    72. It'sLollypopslps

      No veiws five likes 3 comments Come on CZ-news

      1. ThatKSKing

        Ohhhh my OCD why did you spell five instead of 5

    73. Noah Vlogs - More


    74. bonnie e


    75. Soul Killer


    76. Jordan Pascual

      First 🙋

    77. I'm a user on youtube YEET


    78. Andrew Tran