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    Steven’s desire for some alone time unlocks a new room in the Temple that answers his every wish.
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    Believe in Steven! Steven Universe is a half-human, half-Gem hero who's learning to save the world with the magical powers that come from his bellybutton. Steven may not be as powerful as the Crystal Gems. Or as smart. But that doesn't stop him from joining Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on their magical adventures - where Steven always finds a surprising way to save the day.
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    1. Oh Boi


    2. autumn x rose


    3. Emerald 819

      So this is legend of Zelda pokemon and earthbound in one game about mini golf so that’s why Steven is so mad

    4. Jaz Waz

      the game that Stevan plays reminds me of Pokémon go just me?okie just me

    5. C4PT41N N1K0L41

      He is playing an N 64

    6. mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe

      **steven eats four cans of creamed corn** I’m kinda hungry now

    7. Nicolás Nicholls

      Thanks padparadsha

    8. Tåkö!! ò_ó

      1:14 references: Legend of Zelda: It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this! Pokémon: Gotta catch ‘em all! “Gonna sink ‘em all!”

    9. Unicorn Diva XoX

      ooooooooWOOOOOOooooo 4:13

    10. Drakkius Gaming

      Funny thing is, there actually is a Golf RPG now.

    11. Jennefer Raynol

      The game is look like a pokemon game and Steven universe game has steven say thing i chose you like in the pokemon go

    12. Jarco Plays

      Honestly I would be like 5 dollar coupon *secretly throws corn in the trashbin* MOM I GOT A 5 DOLLAR COUPON FOR GOLF

    13. Chloe’s Animals

      I want my room to be like roses lol

    14. Banana Boi8683


    15. BonnietheGamer [plush productions]

      Wow the Nintendo 64, look at the console

    16. Nyrif

      ok I want a room like Rose's, just a place where you get whatever you want instantly, do whatever you want.

    17. NothingElseYT


    18. OkayKK

      Flog golf Project flog Tcejorp golf

    19. JrexxTV23

    20. Lawrence the gamer X vloger

      Steven u can save the golf course for later right

    21. Owl Productions

      Stevens character development started from childish to serious

    22. Jason Krane

      Fun fact, Susan Egan, voice of Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond did the voice of the tiny pink whale

    23. Gloomy dark

      Garnet was like NOPE when she saw those golf pants

    24. Hi Everyone

      Steven is playing the N64 1:14

    25. Blueki Animations

      Everything in that room is fake... Just like rose quartz were fake )0-0(

    26. Holly Foulkes

      You know what's cute? A tiny floating whale. You know what's cuter? Steven being being amazed by a tiny floating whale. Here btw 4:15

    27. Samantha Latson


    28. Asher S

      The whale looks clueless

    29. Bejan Bharucha

      That whale is zo cute 🐳🏵

    30. Bejan Bharucha

      GOTTA SINK EM' ALL !!!!! GOLFEMON totally not a ripoff

    31. chris stone


    32. clownbottle

      “what do you want steven?”

    33. Sky E

      I M E E T D O Y O U K N O W R O S E

    34. Sky E

      Y O U A R E T H E B A S T I L O V E I S A N D D O Y O U R O S E

    35. Gamerdan8y UwU

      Now that I realize how did he see the ending of the video game when he didn’t know what happened when he tried to see what peradod was talking about the cluster before she got poofed?

    36. Errin Rowland

      Amethyst could have ate at once in half the time steven did

    37. Twilight Sparkle

      At 4:18 steven’s left hand now has 6 fingers

    38. tim p

      I would’ve asked for a way into area 51

    39. Awsonedogeguy

      Steven could've just looked up the secret ending on CZ-news

    40. theofan 1984

      At 4:06 Stevens laughter is so pure

    41. Sackybacky

      Is golf quest basically earthbound

    42. Professional anime watcher

      They dad is mei because mei does Cryo-stasis

    43. Jaybloggs 34 GX

      We’re gonna sink them all! Me: that doesn’t make sense...

    44. Oofer Gangster

      The gems are yellow blue and white Steven is pink always left behind

    45. Criz Paolo MP

      Did he also eat cream corn when he asked for his mom in the room?

    46. burbuja9126


    47. burbuja9126

      1:30 the girl with yellow hair reminds me of sadie

    48. Fujoshi Fluff

      reminds me of pink diamond’s room with her pebbles

    49. Claudia

      I love that whale!!!

    50. M a g e n t a Glowing

      So they HAVE ears.

    51. PawerMMC

      Is no one going to talk about the pokemon reference at the beginning?

    52. Oceanic Candy

      1:31 there’s a kind of a pride sign in the background

    53. Neja Roshani

      Is it just me or does that game look like Pokémon

    54. ApisRulez DC29 2.0

      If Amethyst got closer to Steven it'll look like they're kissing lol

    55. Alexgamezz

      Steven:*casually has a convo with tiny whale*

    56. Oᴡᴏ Legends

      I wanna join Steven :0

      1. Oᴡᴏ Legends

        OH SHI- NVM

    57. Essa Al Boainain

      Did you see the dad cry 4:37

    58. Test Subject

      Anyone notice how Pearl and Amethyst said "Steven, wait" while Garnet said "Steven don't go in there!" Garnet saw what was going to happen lol

    59. squishy 1

      I wonder if steven ment that garnet was THICK rather than fat

    60. Weird Kamryn

      Omg this is when Steven couldn’t go on missions

    61. Gabby Miller

      I like this episode

    62. Margo Bailey

      1:14 Zelda reference

    63. Speed'o Goku

      Steven roasted Garnet and tRiGgErEd her. 😂

    64. JohnsAnimations

      if I'd never go hungry or thirsty, I would love to live in that room for ever

    65. yourgod010101

      nintendo 64

    66. The weirdo Ronald turner O

      1:38 look at the chips and that face that face looks familiar

    67. flower kitty

      Steven play Pokemon

    68. Traci The Rebel

      *says bed* hm- *knocks out* zzzzzz.....

    69. smashmaster 02

      1:15 isn't it a little early to be getting mythril equipment?

    70. Samir Kayed

      *eats 4 cans of creamcorn* “Now I’m kinda hungry now…” - Steven Universe