Steve Aoki & Alan Walker - Are You Lonely feat. ISAK (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]

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    Steve Aoki & Alan Walker - Are You Lonely feat. ISAK
    Steve Aoki & Alan Walker - Are You Lonely feat. ISAK by Ultra Music
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    1. Bo4 live

      mi viene solo da dire.. LENTO.. VIOLENTO! LENTO.. VIOLENTO! LENTO.. VIOLENTO

    2. Estrella Franch

      i love

    3. anonymous pro

      Super sound I love you Alan big kiss 😘 of Belgium 🇧🇪 you like French fries 🍟?

    4. Bon Gimix


    5. Bernard Mijnders

      Dis beaddrop i love it

    6. Devil 66

      TOMORROWLAND 2019❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    7. Bethany Biggs

      This is soo cool I love it do more plz plz plz ! XD

    8. Emerson

      Just tried for driving away from the cops, and the moment that starts at 1:33 is an ABSOLUTE BEAST

    9. sonu kumar

      Who is in 2019?

    10. gino panino

      se sei italiano meti ljiikexdd

    11. Thaiko Karma

      Shoulda have moar bass doe

    12. Robis x9

      make video clip please

    13. sapna guru

      Walkers world

    14. A little bird

      Are you lonely? Me: YEES!

    15. Simone Papasidero


    16. RandomDewd

      fucking goosebumps dont lie

    17. Byn Nguyễn

      What the font

    18. Sadiya Momin

      For some reason this song gives me the vibe of Daft Punk,lol don't know why

    19. Imtiaz Haque

      it is very fantastic song in my story of songs

    20. Leyla Aliyeva

      So cool👍👍👍

    21. Leyla Aliyeva

      Bu mahnı çox xoşuma gəlir.Çünki ən sevdiyim dj Alan Walker o mahnıda iştarak edir😍😍😍😍😍

    22. Max Game

      1:11 :))

    23. Alex Laslău

      No offense, but how can someone dislike something like this?

    24. Tathagat Chawla

      Can anyone just make an extension audio of just the music? The music is quite refreshing from past couple of years.

    25. Natural bodybuildingforlife

      This music remember me the Lento Violento style by Gigi D'Agostino. So, to become an epic song it deserve a remix by Gigi Dag.

    26. YENKO PLAY

      od 0:35 ciary uwielbiam to

    27. Renata Mądrawska

      Świetna muzyka😊uwielbiam ją 💓💓💓

    28. Nishchay Bhutani

      Looks like an Iphone ad

    29. Piksel Gamer

      Polska zapraszam Was do zostawienia lajkacza i koma ! Kozak nuta !!!

    30. Marcin Kamyk

      Someone should make hardstyle remix


      This song is awesom i love it. Song: are you lonely. Me: eeeeeh yes can u not see that😐😐

    32. Azhar Shaik

      Love this song, music forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️From INDIA

    33. Giosue Desantis

      Molto interessante questa canzone di Steve Aoki

    34. JUST FUN



      Why is it that short ? y will repeat it again and again... until Steve & the TEAM invented another one. Greetings !

    36. merycar HDZ


    37. 백홀연

      Song : Are you lonely ? Me : No I have good friends .

    38. Can we hit 500 subscribers with no videos?

      yea... i loved it

    39. Airron _555

      I got goosebumps.

    40. Rafiya Qureshi

      Alan walker FAN like here 👍 👇 I liked it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    41. Marcello Primiceri

      Dl @

    42. zee derra

      i like ALAN WALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Beenu Saldanha

      Also, I can’t believe Isak isn’t as famous as Selena Gomez n cardi b. She’s got an amazing voice

    44. Beenu Saldanha

      Alan walker is genius

    45. galaxysSun

      ''are you lonely,are you lonely, are you lonely...i'll stand by you...i'll stand by you...'' i love this part

    46. Kasper

      I can only say WOOOOOW😍

    47. Czaroo

      Git majonez Panowie

      1. No Name

        Czaroo 😂🇵🇱

    48. Wananya Thamrai

      Walkers ❤️

    49. Los Kamilos

      Hey, what about Isak? She does a great job here.

    50. DVC PRO


    51. Sara Ejaz

      I love Alan walker music I love Alan walker style Who like Alan walker like here

      1. Sakurano Kun

        +WinteR nah U

      2. WinteR

        No you

      3. Nightmare 111

        Sakurano Kun haha 😂 i Was going to say this (Picture profil)

      4. Sakurano Kun

        Well you do like justin bieber sooo

    52. DzJo-DzJo

      i Need A hardstyle Version!!

    53. Barredecharge

      My Bad.... When you think you have a problem with your Subwoofers setting, adjust the Bass Curve and the real KICKS Comes IN.

    54. Rafiya Qureshi

      "Are you lonely "? Yeah "I'm "Alone " &" faded" buddy. Okay I'm "on my way"

      1. Arif Qurishe


      2. Sameer Qureshi

        Wow u are very interjent 😮👍👍👌👌👌👍👍

      3. Sameer Qureshi

        Wow u are very interjent

    55. IzuVii

      I love that sound in the background ❤

    56. Ismael MG

      I know that you're calling me To light up and let the shadow That follows you underneath I know that you’re calling me I don't want to play it safe 'Cause I don’t contend like that Just keep falling into me I know I got your back Are you lonely? Are you lonely? Are you lonely? I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you Are you lonely? Are you lonely? Are you lonely? I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you Whoever said it was easy They never know what we'd do Oh, when these walls fall down I'll stand by you What you believe in I'll give it to you 'Cause when these walls fall down I'll stand by you Are you lonely? Are you lonely? Are you lonely? I'll stand by you, I’ll stand by you Are you lonely? Are you lonely? Are you lonely? I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you

    57. k_73 k_73


    58. bao Soi

      speed 1.25 is cool!!!!!!!

    59. Murielle Rodrigues

      Really are you lonely?❓❔❔ 🚗🍕🌑🌪

    60. Malo

      Idk why many people are copy comment:v

    61. Brown Family

      I love how it combines different songs.

    62. Kode

      Fack ju nahui

    63. Bounce & Bass

      Hey Walkers! Whaaat'sss uuup?! We got a new Remix that we just uploaded on our channel for this song! Thought you'd might like it,..have a nice day, cheers 👊

      1. Bounce & Bass

    64. Nastella

      THIS SONG IS AMAZING!! I want to cry if I hear it... ❤️❤️❤️

    65. Slimey Piston

      Personally i think this version is better than the "Lonely" version in the album

    66. siem gangte

      wooooo haha best song

    67. Mery Blood

      🔥🔥🔥PERFECT 🔥🔥🔥

    68. Rachman

      the only problem in this video is the duration

    69. Ace Hardy


    70. black clover

      I'm acc lonely I feel incomplete

    71. Fe Fe

      what's leather shadow lol ...

    72. Hemant Rathor

      Are you horny

    73. wisienka0809


    74. Davin Devis

      Who is the best DJ? like:Alan Walker Comment:marshmello

    75. Angela Granados

      It's such an amazing collaboration😙🤩

    76. SAM games

      ¿Are you loney? :) like my :)

    77. R.taraji charz

      1.12...... beast.......🔊

    78. The Thief

      Chris Calling: *Me:* Hi *Chris:* Hi Beauty,Are You Lonely? I Really Miss You *Me:* Yes,My Boyfirend Just Went Out With His Friends. *Chris:* Again? I Can't Believe He Left You Alone And He Went Out With His Friends Again *Me:* Don't Worry,It's Nothing,I'm Used To *Chris:* Nothing? My Sweet I'm Starting To Think That He Doesn't Love You Anymore *Me:* Oh Come On Chris If You're Jealous and You're Trying To... *Chris:* No, It's Not That,it's just, that I want you,I want to see you,I miss you *Me:* Oh Chris I want to see you too but I have already a boyfriend and I just can't... *Chris:* Oh come on please,I'm too lonely in my house,do you remember when we kissed And you told me that you love me so much and we hugged? *Me:* Yes,I can't Stop Thinking about that moment when I kiss my boyfriend or when I sleep with him *Chris:* Me Too Beauty,so can I visit you? I really want to see you,Hug You And Kiss you just like the last time we did it *Me:* I don't know Chris what if my Boyfriend Find us Kissing us,I don't really want that happen *Chris:* ggghh you still loving your boyfriend? Come on beauty you Know I'll Stand By You Forever,now you want to be loyal to your boyfriend When you Kissed Another man in the street,you know you're cheating on him,don't you? *Me:* yes I know but.. *Chris:* Come On You Love Me More than you do with your boyfriend, so how about you come to my house and We Sleep together? Sounds good right? *Me:* Okey I'm On my way. Huh? *Chris:* What's wrong? *Door opens* *Boyfriend:* Baby,I'm Home *Chris:* Is He Back? *Me:* Yes He is Here *My boyfriend Starts Kissing My Neck From Behind* *Me:* Baby *Boyfriend:* Hey,Who Are you Talking With? *Me:* With My Mother *Boyfriend:* ok *Me:* need to talk with my mother just for a second Okey Baby? *Boyfriend:* Yeah Sure *Kiss sound* *Me:* I'll be right back,Love you *Chris:* Did you Kiss him? *Me:* Yes Chris I don't want him to suspicious nothing *Chris:* Okey fuck now we won't sleep together,now what? *Me:* Tomorrow Okey Chris,I'll Come to your house,don't worry When these walls Fall Down We will be Together Forever. *Chris:* Wait what do you mean about *these walls fall down"? I don't understand *Me:* I'll tell you tomorrow

    79. Vicen Santos orejon

      Are you lonley

    80. Prita Anggia


    81. This1Guy PLAYSgames

      I liked the beginning part wish it was more like that, unique

      1. Tyler Smits

        if the song held up the same as the beginning, this would be an amazing tune, but it gets so mellow after, doesn't make sense

    82. AnyaGDaGamer !

      Are You Lonely? I would say yes But. . I know I'm not alone

    83. Ela Deniz Atila

      😢😢😢😢it ends😢😢😢😢

    84. Joy Ray

      wow good song...

      1. Joy Ray

        music mix so good..

    85. Topacio Barraza


    86. Eduard Redler

      Just listen and enjoy, let the sound lead you.. ;)

    87. uLqn

      Very good song! 😄

    88. александр нива

      Ты одинок

    89. Monika Szymankowska

      Kolejny fajny kawałek 😍

    90. WHATDVCK

      I thought it was samsung commercial

    91. Dr Strange


    92. Khansa Arif Mahatma

    93. le zipper

      Qui est la grace à fun radio ?

    94. Don gamer 114

      Los teléfonos latinos tienen algo que los de estados unidos no y es la letra ññññññññññññññññ

    95. Edrya Arashi


    96. Berat Yalçın


    97. Aye Walker #10234


      1. Aye Walker #10234

        +cristian camilo sanchez osorio bueno cada quien tiene sus desiciones a mi también me gusta un poco marshmello

      2. cristian camilo sanchez osorio

        yo diria que alan walker pero marshmello tambien tiene buenas canciones y ademas no son los unicos

      3. Army BTSforever

        Alan walker 😍😍😍😉👍

    98. Mohammed Hedia Abd ElHamed

      Alan Walker + Steve Aoki : they are good team Alan is Healer And Steve Defender Good buff 😁😁😁

    99. 이한

      1:12 I like it