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    Rebirth of the FIRE ANTS: After the tragic death of our OG fire ant colony, the Fire Nation, I sought out a brand new starting fire ant colony to assume the mighty fire ant throne. In this episode we meet our young fire ant queen and her brood, and provide the colony with something truly special. The footage captured in this video is truly magical. Hope you enjoy the humble beginnings of a fire ant colony, as we welcome them to our growing Antiverse. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #QueenAnt #AntColony

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    Directed/Written by AntsCanada
    Co-writer Heinrich Domingo
    Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
    Executive Producer RJ Garcia

    Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints:

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    1. AntsCanada

      AC Family, meet our new fire ant colony! Aren't they beautiful? What should we name the Royal Queen? Taking name suggestions now! BTW - Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support last week at the announcement of the Fire Nation's passing! All the messages moved me deeply and it helped to see so many of you sharing in the loss. Ant love is truly forever! We begin all over again with this new fire ant colony! Pls remember to SUBSCRIBE to join our growing family and to follow the journey of this colony and others of our Antiverse!

      1. sarahlanz04

        AntsCanada you should name it the blazing fire

      2. Alice Su


      3. Topplayer 2005


      4. Logan Shepard


    2. mateo rodriguez

      The Empress

    3. leon trejo


    4. Elliot Henderson

      Who dislikes these tho

    5. Sir Hellfire

      Magma nation then if they die out lava nation then we just get hotter and hotter

    6. dark llama

      This is related to lava and fire magma nation (I know its a really bad name) 😢🔥🌋

    7. animeweeber weeb

      How much back muscle is that?

    8. Katame Kothriis

      It's perfect because at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Lord Ozai named himself the Phoenix King

    9. MegaSteven011

      Phoenix Nation

    10. fat noot

      Could we have a video of you hunting for queens :)?

    11. thundercactus

      I'm just waiting for him to move to Central America so he can dedicate half his house to a leafcutter colony

    12. Jacob Fann

      An insect mouth to mouth feeding is called Trophallaxis.

    13. Isaac Clifford-Jones

      The Fire Nation lasted longer than most antivax kids

    14. The Gaming Lizards 101

      R.I.P FIRE NATION. 👇🏻 Like to pay respects

    15. Stranger6 Danger7

      Aaaaahhhhhh!!! This is what im talking about! Im sorry for your loss but this was beautiful!!

    16. Mr. IKnow

      The fire dynasty!

    17. Maxwell Dabhi

      Phoenix Nation

    18. John Sucker

      Maganda po and video mo AntsCanada kasi miss nakin ang Fire nation :((

    19. cookieman 3000

      You should name it the Inferno Nation

    20. Pamela Pyle

      I remember the spiders


      A new beginning and a new nation


      I use to hate ants but now I generally think there interesting

    23. D Reconic

      When are you getting bullet ants

    24. Phantomartist !!!

      They protec They atac But most importantly... They come bacc

    25. Lucive D.

      Wtf, a year ago i accidentally clicked on one of these videos... and over time i just kept coming back somehow. Mostly when high, its calming sort off in a weird way.

    26. Josh P

      I eat ants

    27. Savage Lucas

      Phoenix nation

    28. kholoud almassri

      Hi i am new

    29. alakardglanoth

      Whats your opinion on bulldog ants? Do you think they would be too dangerous to be kept or would you ever consider starting a colony of them?


      We want to see honey pot ant in this channel


      We want to see honey pot ant in this channel


      We want to see honey pot ant in this channel


      We want to see honey pot ant in this channel

    34. Reign Bazarte

      Please help! How do I remove the ants on my laptop? For some reason they love living inside my laptop.

    35. KaibaKush Og

      Its been a while i need to catch up! 😣😣

    36. Justthatguy K

      Tropolaxis Is the answer

    37. Yurema Rodriguez

      Rest in peace fire nation. hello Phoenix empire!

    38. jvhunko

      Hi I'm from the future

    39. Inferno Games

      “Let’s feed them” *gets an ad for dressing gown*

    40. David Harris

      this queen should be called Queen Lunala. Im sorry about what happend to the fire nation.

    41. ChunkyMonkey CST

      Ugh I LOVED this video !😭 It's so beautiful, I can't wait to see this journey , so glad to be part of #RiseOfTheFire lol Nation .🔥🖤🔥.

    42. Kyle Frey

      The Byz-ANT-ine Empire, as the Byzantine Empire was the remnants of the Roman Empire which felt like the fall of the Fire Nation to me

      1. Koji3

        Kyle Frey oh I *AM* THE PARADOX COMMUNITY! if you count playing casual hoi iv and vic ii

      2. Kyle Frey

        @Koji3 you've obviously never talked with a member of the Paradox community.

      3. Koji3

        Dont compare them Rome wasnt that sad

    43. Tristan Misja

      It's so incredible seeing a colony start up!

    44. Missfit

      I love watching your videos ^_^ I may not have an ant colony but I do have a 2yr old Dubia Roach colony that I've grown attached too (I started breeding them for feeders for my reptiles but now I find it difficult to feed them off >_

    45. Reptilesarecool

      Can we get an update on the golden empire?

    46. Jake chang

      Rip : nanitics

    47. Firefoox

      Give us an update on the bullet ants!

    48. RM Roa

      Are you pilipino?? New subscriber here

    49. XxgeorgeXD Gaming

      The empire strikes back

    50. sean miller


    51. Ardy Tunribali

      i told you not to ditch it

    52. Ardy Tunribali

      name it the pheonix nation

    53. tRitch727

      The mouth to mouth process is called ''trophallaxis''

    54. xslaiderman play's

      my favorite moment of the firenation was when you gave the a turkye head and i love seeing your videos first i thinked you wont apload anymore but you gave me sperance and now i have an ant colony too(andts name formica fusca)

    55. Mystical

      This is absolutely beautiful...

    56. Finite Gringo

      This is truly beautiful and exiting

    57. lewis clowry

      bruvv there ants why do you need to go in to detail

    58. Mr. Rocket69

      So I leave for probably 6-12 months and the fire nation dies out 😢

    59. Juju Master

      How bout Solar Empire?

    60. Futuristic Minecraft

      Phoenix nation becsuse Phoenix represents rising ashes

    61. Wolfygamingdog Yay


    62. Eyo wagwan fam Wots ur bbm pin

      It’s been a month, not trying to rush but are they ok?

    63. MsHrabianka

      hey we have a and problem and can't track to them down we can nearly even go there because the keep coming

    64. Alex Lara

      can you get an army ant colony or a leafcutter ant colony next?

    65. Carlo Bayani

      neo fire nation

    66. William Gamerdude

      Name it the New squad

    67. RiboEon


    68. NXL x RIOTZ


    69. 727vdj uvbvx367

      Got that KSP background music.. THAT'S when you know its gonna be good!

    70. Shu Liu

      The new ant colony name should be: 1. Melting Successors 2. Flaming Angels 3. *The* new Hope (Star Wars reference) 4. The Middle Antpire (Egyptian origin ‘cause I’m sorry to say that nothing lasts forever) Edit: I messed up...