Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

Star Wars

Star Wars

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    The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

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    1. EclipsTV

      Chills Chills Chills

    2. Brinny

      No thanks

    3. Goiji 2000

      Cloud City, scraps of the separatist along with clones come together to stop Palpatien’s clone army

    4. Abdurrehman Maken

      I wish that the star war saga should be endless love it so much a big fan it will break my heart if the star war series end

    5. Daily Diesel Content

      2019- The Saga Ends. 2020- The Millennium Falcons Satellite Dish : A Star Wars Story

    6. CTrain Snuff

      2019: The Saga Ends. 2020: FETT: a starwars story.

    7. Ganja House Tv

      Trailer actually gave me chills

    8. Mitchell

      No one cares.

    9. Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

      Wait, there’s a new trilogy? When did this happen?

    10. Roseli Pereira

      This trilogy is about making Money to Disney. Darth Sidious returno ano thais movie.

    11. Emily Green

      2019: the saga ends 2020: the cantina band begins: a Star Wars story

    12. BattleRattle

      “The saga will come to an end” thank god finally some mercy.

    13. giggles worth

      There only ending the skywalker saga. There probably gonna start a story about a different person or group of people. I hope they do one on some clones.

    14. Sreedevi Vedula

      Awesome trailer!!! Waiting for the movie

    15. Jayzues LUPIAN

      Good riddance! These sequels made no sense! Just for money 💴.

    16. Diamond Gatidis

      It is gonna be Awesome !!!!!

    17. ronak mankale

      I wasn't even born when the classic trilogy released but seeing that the great saga is coming to an end is still sad

    18. jersey Mcgee

      Ruse of the soywalker 😂😂💀

    19. Kevin Valones

      Good thing they are ending this saga as it will lose popularity in the next few years. Newer jedis are needed that could hype the souls of true fans. Definitely watching the story of the broom kid using force.

    20. Drmcx

      "People keep telling me they know me... No one does..." Well... You have absolutely no backstory... So...???

    21. Jay Jay

      It’s gunna be a disaster! 👌🏻🤣

    22. David Sibbald

      Boycott! Bye bye Mary Sue! Thanks for ruining the greatest movie franchise of all time!

    23. Cody Ross

      Doesn't even look like anything happens lol

    24. creative gamer

      This will be the final star wars movie the answer is yes I will cry 😭😭😭😭😭

    25. Jordan XCVI

      I just want Darth Jar Jar to appear & I can die happy

    26. Raffaele Passarelli

      Ok nice, are Funko's already out?

    27. K D

      Never thought in my life that I would see a trailer for a Star Wars movie and think ‘whatever’.

    28. Zdenda YT Gaming

      Gosh Disney and Star Wars? huh?

    29. flip dat pickle


    30. Ky An

      Look at little bb8 rolling along side them space horses! Lol

    31. Ma Imal

      Mark my words: this will be even WORSE than The Last Jedi and the Mandalorian combined. Disney Wars can't come up with *one* good story!!!

    32. Jorge Jesus

      Ah yes the senate

    33. James Elliott

      We are way overdue for spaceballs 2.

    34. eleszar1

      2019 The saga ends 2020 Fapulous granny midichlorian's juice

    35. Brandon Scott

      This looks terrible.

    36. Call me Joker

      Give this movie a shield and ur luv guys #WORLDPEACE

    37. Lapis Lazuli

      Rey is Billie Eilish fan

    38. Capriren

      The Saga ended the moment Disney got their hands on it.

    39. M. Blat

      Looks corny

    40. A

      Thats Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalkers) voice 2:00

    41. jag off

      The Saga Ends? It ended when George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney. Disney hacked it all up.

    42. Dylan Plant

      Who put Rose in there?!


      this year Disney says: the saga has ended next year they say: you ACTUALLY believed us?

    44. swifty Mcshifty

      This movie looks corny as a Nebraska state fair

    45. MI ØĐ

      2019 SW: this is gonna be the last we promise you 2020: *gOtEEm*

    46. Annonymus GAMING

      2019 : the saga will end 2020 : *THE HIGHGROUND : A Star Wars Story*

    47. Lenni Arvonen

      2019: saga ends 2020: how does Palpatine have a lightsaber in Lego Star Wars the complete saga but not in Return of the jedi: a star wars story


      Cant waitt🥰🥰🥰

    49. MGTOW Monk


    50. Michael Denison

      You know, my Dad is a die-hard Star Wars fan... (do not insult the Millennium Falcon in front of him) His birthday is December 20th. In a rather sweet way, this looks like HIS movie.

    51. Cody Collins

      Calling it now. To be trendy darth P has secretly been a woman in a mans body 😂. He wants to take over Rey to fulfill he’s destinyyyy heee.

    52. Oofa T Maloofawitz

      I'm waiting for the non-Disney, non-Jar Jar Abrams episode 7 thru 9 complete re-write do-overs!

    53. david allen

      To everything we hold dear, please don’t stuff this up

    54. Ari Fleming

      Okay I wasn't expecting to cry, why is c3po saying goodbye 🙏😢🌎💀

    55. Tyler Phoenix

      This one looks so dumb hopefully it does end

    56. Tyler Phoenix

      Dam I so sick of Star Wars I hate all of them except the third

    57. Darth Patum

      Happy to have conclusion on Skywalker, sad this story line is over. Excited to see what evolves next from Star Wars! 🤗

    58. its caffeine

      2019: the saga will end 2020 I dont like sand: a star wars story

    59. Easyview

      2005: The saga is complete. 2019: The saga ends. 2033: The saga halts.

    60. Vincent Boelter

      This is it guys, huh?

    61. Gryffindor 712

      So excited 1:01 is the ghost for Star Wars rebels on the right of the millennium falcon.

    62. Russian Keyboard Science

      Why are they riding horses in an imperial destroyer. This world is going to hell lads, mind my words.

    63. Asha Katti

      Long have I waited for this to release

    64. Jim Bovens

      Star Woke IX: The Rice of Soywalker

    65. 314407 WMS

      2019: end of saga 2021: The Old Republic

    66. Thomas Lilley

      2019: The saga will end 2020: Ponda Boba’s missing arm. A Star Wars story


      I just pray we get a black widow trailer 🙏🤯

    68. finchborat

      2019: The Saga Ends 2020: Jar-Jar Binks: A Star Wars Story

    69. Mavin Kun

      I want a Ewan McGregor movie which focuses only on the story of Obi Wan

      1. dueeh nyyu

        2019: The saga ends 2020: Revenge of Jar Jar: izsa star warsz story

    70. Shannon Randolph

      I can't wait for this embarrassment to end

      1. dueeh nyyu