Star Trek: Picard - Teaser

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    The end is only the beginning.
    Brace yourself for the new CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Picard, coming soon.
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    1. Jean Midi

      It's over.

    2. Nunsuch

      “Why did you leave Starfleet?” “I’m rich, BEAAAAATCH!”

    3. Tony C

      Special guest star: Picard’s flute

    4. aussj4link

      Admirals don't travel the stars. Only captains do that.

    5. bingbonga binga

      Michael Burnham will tell us a story.

    6. Craig Daniel

      Shit gives me goose bumps

    7. Javier Mayol

      "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "There's no nudity in it." "What?" "No nudity." "There could be." "Oh?!? Men or Women?" "Either." "Eh..." "Just Women." "Right. I'm back!"

    8. GplusGains

      "Why did you return to Starfleet?" "They offered a boat load of $$$ and you can't spend $$$ in the 24th century."

    9. superbrownbrown

      "Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?" "Deputy Director Bullock blackmailed me with compromising information."

    10. Rebecca Waychunas


    11. Rebecca Waychunas

      ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!

    12. Joon Sato

      This may be the second best show I'll never see...

    13. Erik Seidler

      My only problem is with the stupid space elf ninja.

    14. Marcus Fischer

      Fucking goosebumps!!!

    15. Jaeslecan

      "Why did you leave Starfleet?" Plot Twist: Logan approaches Picard with a wheelchair, pushes Picard in it, and takes him away from the winery.... But not before Picard manages to snatch up two bottles for his isolation 😆

    16. kenny

      Omg Star Trek: Picard looks so so so so so so so soooooo good!!!

    17. Cindy Alexander

      Captain Janeway and her crew on the star ship Voyager was the best tv series. Everybody knows that!

    18. H Sapien

      I felt the flute was a nice touch at the end. We can assume that was 'the' flute from the dead race, one of Jean Luc's most prized and venerable possessions.

    19. Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

      I am excited about this and trailer looks promising but I have a feeling it's going to suck real bad just like star trek discovery because CBS is producing it for its low budget subscription service. I want to be excited but I can tell it's going to be terrible and low budget with bad acting..... sorry to be pessimistic but true trek fan know exactly what I'm talking about. I hope I'm wrong but it's going to suck!!! They show data but bren Spriner is not in the imdb credits?

    20. anonymousabyss

      CBS do you have to show commercials for a paid subscription. Who wants to pay for commercials? I only want you for Discovery and Picard. You have two price points but who would want any with commercials?

    21. quantumflux12

      I'm so tempted to renew my CBS subscription now, but that old saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" after that complete trash that is Star Trek Discovery.

    22. MrLikesEverything

      Patrick Stewart for 17 years, "Not making another movie."...............Movie Executives, "Resistance is futile."

    23. Garou

      Picard left Star Fleet to go kick it on a farm with Thanos.

    24. Garou

      Me before watching the trailer> **DIIIIiiiiinnnnnggggg...** Trailer piano> **DIIIIiiiiinnnnnggggg...** mfw> nailedit.gif

    25. BaronvonPiano

      I'm gonna take a wild guess that this is going to be like Old Man Logan.

    26. Morty Sanchez

      So Picard retired to the hipster life? Fermenting organic hand-made locally sourced traditional wine?

    27. Chairman Meow

      wtf is all access? have to pay more or something?

    28. Mike Conlin

      "Picard, Why did you leave Starfleet?" "I am not Picard, I AM Locutus of Borg!" "Your wallet will be assimilated" "You will pay"

    29. Arnoldo Moran

      I left because I was tired of being an English man pretending to be a French a**hole!

    30. Honey Badger Offroad

      Thanks for this CBS All Access. We look forward to pirating it.

    31. Lee S.

      "Why did you leave Starfleet Admiral?" "I am Locutus....."

    32. kynes333

      "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "Because it was more lucrative to play out the Prof X thing..."

    33. Lulú Irizar

      No matter the reason to leave starfleet anyway I'm wating to watch this.....

    34. Josue2018

      I hope this doesn’t disappoint like Discovery has! Hope Picard focuses on storyline and character and not overdone S F/X and ridiculous action. Roddenberry would roll over in his grave.

    35. Albert Giagnacova

      Have you ever given yourself a stranger

    36. Boris Nova

      nice try cbs... im not paying for another subscription. i didnt cut the cord to pay out the ass for garbage content. netflix and hulu is enough.

    37. Zhong Ping

      This is the first time I've been excited for Star Trek since Nemesis. The only problem is I'm not sure I can justify a subscription to another content streaming service just for this one show. Put it somewhere accessible or provide a better content value on your service so I can justify canceling another and I'd love to watch this.

    38. Robert The Doll

      He left Star Fleet To work at the CIA

    39. TrouBull

      Why did you leave Starfleet Admiral? Because it was NOT GOOD ENOUGH DAMMIT! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

    40. Old Troll

      So is that B-4? (Data got blown to bits in a huge explosion) Why does Picard have B-4 in his underwear drawer like some serial killer?

    41. Old Troll

      Giving this trailer a big thumbs down.

    42. Reticuli

      2379: Star Trek: Nemesis 2382: Rescue Armada 2387: Destruction of Romulus (Star Trek) 2395: “All Good Things” future scenes (not relevant but fun to note since we see the vineyard!) 2397: Star Trek: Picard

    43. h jock

      Why did you leave Starfleet?Riker and Kirk got all the women. I got stuck with Deanna Troy's stalking mother and I saw her naked.

    44. Legend Senko

      Admiral picard?

    45. destinedtogame

      Is that Ikora....

    46. Nuclear Weapons

      This is Whoopi Goldberg talking right? Guinan confirmed?

      1. hewakens

        Doesn't sound like her to me, but let's hope! I'd like to see Guinan be explored more. When she and Q crossed paths on the Enterprise for the first time, he warned Picard that she was dangerous, as she put her hands into a "I'ma cast a spell on you" pose. What the hell was that?

    47. Anthony Cruz

      I love how, at the end, they used Picard's 'flute' for the outro music. This may end up on my list.

    48. Cool Hand Mark

      "Why did you leave Starfleet?" Too many circles around Uranus?

    49. Axeir

      What's with the Mary Sue wokeness? Captain Marvel wannabee.

    50. Mr. HAHN


    51. Leap Tech


    52. baptized by Jesus

      Why did you leave starfleet? My uniform didn't fit?

    53. Michael D. Epperson

      That intro was a little dark for me. I hope it's better than this trailer.

      1. hewakens

        Everyone has dark times. Could be interesting to see Picard have some vulnerability.

    54. MP197742

      Shouldn’t that iromodic syndrome be kicking in by now? Maybe he will be insane from that and the whole show will just be a delusion taking place in his head.

    55. Su Khank Chung

      "why did you leave Starfleet?" "Data's infernal whistling"

    56. Chris Pielacha

      Shut up Wesley!

    57. haschengrube x

      "i left because there were only 4 lights. when i requested 5."

    58. Andrew Recreator Music

      "Why did you leave starfleet admiral?" "Well, to make wine of course!"

    59. Andrew Recreator Music

      I wish so badly that this show was an episodic documentary on Picard's winery

    60. Riko Saikawa

      O Captain, my captain!

    61. ja go

      WTF that's what you call a trailer. Better do better than that are this is going to fail.

    62. Joshmeself Highup

      He might just be in a couple of episodes

    63. jaymorpheus11

      I wish there was a storyline where picard went back in time to that planet where he got that whistle from... mixed in with the supernova being caused by the romulans who whent back to their time to test out the ‘utat device’ on a species which would one day cause them trouble... sort of a time war thing...

    64. Tom Dotson

      Why did you leave star fleet cause Beverly crusher wouldn't put out

    65. Little Miss Sure Shot

      No,just no.

    66. Jason Adank

      "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "Shut up, Wesley!"

    67. Brain of Brian

      He left starfleet because Star Trek discovery entered into the Trek universe! He’s only gonna come back to go back and time and erase that story line.

    68. aknightofcamelot

      Oh my god!

    69. Super Intendent Chalmers

      "Thanks lady. Because I really need YOU to tell me just wtf I accomplished during my service." - Picard

    70. Steven Borck

      Coming soon, but not soon enough.