1. Max Wilson

    If they’re referring to the Hobus incident, when Romulus was destroyed. Through that tragedy, the new Romulus Republic was formed. A more enlightened governed group of Romulans, allied to the Federation, and led by D’tan, the young Romulan that was shown in TNG Unification. Ushering in a new age of cooperation between the three major Alpha Quadrant powers. One of the few things I can actually see Picard leaving Starfleet for is if something happened that The Federation council forced him to lie about something so heinous that made him go against everything the uniform stood for. The first duty, and so forth.

  2. Jason Carto

    This better not be some regressive _meetoo_ SJW bullshit. Leave 21st century politics out of 24th century stories.

  3. Desdinova69

    it became Lib Trek

  4. Anarchist86ed

    Why did you leave Star Fleet, Admiral? To fry, Claire, under the hot tropical sun!

  5. Joseph Nichols

    "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "They would not let me do cocaine on the bridge" cz-news.net/online/video-_IkFB6OuCXE.html

  6. Henry M.

    I'd rather see him on The Orville

  7. ksbrugh brugh

    He left Starfleet because everybody was so damn woke. I'm sure he won't be back for two long a stay. Get woke go broke!!!!!

  8. smakfu

    “Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?” “Because Alex Kurtzman trashed the place.”

  9. jamie peterson

    Heard Alex kurtzman got fired on the show and they screened a rough cut of the episodes they shot to test audiences they didn't like it. Hope they bring back the borg get a lot of eye balls on the screen

  10. John Thomas

    Why did you leave Starfleet? Cuz I'm a straight white male and Starfleet went woke

  11. Andy Dodds

    "why did you leave Starfleet?" "One seven three four six seven three two one four seven six Charlie three two seven eight nine seven seven seven six four three Tango seven three two Victor seven three one one seven eight eight eight seven three two four seven six seven eight nine seven six four three seven six. Lock"


    Picard might really be confined to a wheelchair if this last more than a few seasons.


    There's only one problem with this......humans will probably all be dead by 2030

  14. John McKenna

    This trailer is crap.

  15. PackerBronco

    "why did you leave Starfleet?" -- Because Season 7 sucked.

  16. HighrevR3

    Yes!! Darmok and jalad reunion tour 2020!

  17. Harpsikord

    Did anyone else who grew up with this (like I did) get chills at the teaser alone?!

  18. gundorethemighty

    i just can't beleave he is making a come back ...... i really hope we get to see some more older member's of the Star Trek .

  19. foodeater42

    Why did you leave Starfleet? Picard: Oh I've seen everything, I've seen it all...


    "why did you leave starfleet" picard: because i am 90 years old bitch

  21. me that guy

    That is Gina Torres 😃☺! FIREFLY BABY😎!

  22. prophetic0311

    Reasonably sure the lady talking was the Romulan commander from Nemesis.

  23. Brad Smith

    Is he wearing Captain Kirk's pants

  24. Jackal

    Yes. I am very thankful for this. I grew up with TNG. My Dad, TOS. My nieces and nephews, DS9 and Voyager. Every generation NEEDS a Star Trek.

  25. Jay Quinn


  26. LeafyFilms

    We better see the Enterprise E leading the armada, missed opportunity if they don't

    1. Anarchist86ed

      Enterprise E is property of Paramount.

  27. j s s

    who is doing the voice over?

  28. SheldonAdama17

    “Why did you leave Starfleet?” “Because hejustkepttalkinginonelongincrediblyunbrokensentencemovingfromtopictotopicsothatnoonehadachancetointerruptitwasreallyquitehypnotic”

  29. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "I temporarily lost the use of my legs, gained telekinetic abilities and then taught..."

  30. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    You know, the more I watch this, the more I see a love letter to disenfranchised "classic" fans. I'm someone perhaps a bit too critical of Discovery. And disappointed with the reboot offerings. If that be the case, please God don't miss the mark with this one, but I'm willing to boldly go out one last time.

    1. Slyguy threeonetwonine

      Oh my God the Why did you leave Starfleet comments are brilliant!

  31. Holger Danske

    yeah i'll skip this, time is one thing in your life you can't get back and this looks bad.

  32. Saeed Khan

    I have never watched Star trek before Can someone tell me where this show fits in the timeline

  33. KittyCat217

    Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral? YOU MFS ARE GONNA KILL ALL MY LILIES *bang* *bang*

  34. Mike Baker

    ...too bad no one is going to be able to watch this.

  35. Wayne Ace

    wolf 359 was not a good day to die :)

  36. Simon Gonzalez

    I think I have a hunch of why he left. It's because of what happened to either data or Romulus. It makes sense because this takes place during the same event as in the alternate Star trek films if you think about it. But my main theory is he left star fleet because he probably thought data had survived through B-4 so he wanted B4 now data to become captain of the USS Enterprise E. That's my guess.

  37. Evan Mc

    "Why did you leave star fleet admiral?" Because, "There are 4 lights!"

  38. Joseph Rodrigo

    I don't like Star Trek Discovery. The Klingons aren't the Klingons I grew up watching. Not really a fan of CBS All Access. I wish I could just buy the episodes on Google Movies

  39. FlyFreshTaDef

    "Why did you leave Starfleet??" "Well because Xmen was Clearly the classier choice!"

  40. Robert Johnson

    Looks like it will be pretty good. I hope they don't get stupid like the CW did with the Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl series.

  41. Fierysaint1

    "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "Because I knew there would be 300 more cash grab wannabe remakes, spinoffs and movies of Star Trek that would replace me. But I knew they would all fail miserably so I'm coming back by popular demand."

  42. TD139

    "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "Because it was time for me to, disENGAGE!!!"

  43. WonderingAboutThat


  44. seth Thomas

    Picard was a Diplomat and explorer its likely he finally quit because Starfleet became too militarized. The fleet he lead was likely composed of less cargo and relief vessels and more Federation Warships. Also news to CBS if you incorporate any left wing BS Propaganda into this like you did with STD, then I hope you loose a large amount of your money. After all going socialist doesn't pay well now does it.

  45. J R E

    Maybe he left Starfleet because he's 100 years old.

  46. Damir Babic

    I hope Picard explain to us what happened to the cardassians after the Dominion War

  47. Z T

    Will Q make a comeback?

  48. TheCaptain

    @CBS All Access Dear CBS, In time of video on demand everywhere, keeping something this appealing limited to just your network will severely limit exposure. You're advertising it here on CZ-news. Please make it available here as well. CZ-news Red/Premium would be great! Learn from from the series Kobra Kai.

  49. Steve A

    “Why did you leave Starfleet?” “I no longer had the high ground, and Disney took over.”

  50. Elite Casino Events

    Q: "Why did you leave Starfleet? A: "Trouble with Tribbles"

  51. Nathan Paddock

    I left Starfleet, because it's no longer included in my cable subscription...

  52. Doris Barkler

    I suppose they are not going to follow the continuation of the books. 😣

  53. your mom

    Star Trek Discovery was one of the worst things I've ever seen. CBS has a lot to prove.

  54. chukwuma otuata Otuata

    We need a star wars live action show.

    1. The Brennan

      The Mandalorian is coming soon! It's being directed by Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man, and voiced Pre Vizsla in The Clone Wars!

  55. Johnna G.

    I thought paying for one channel was ridiculous...now I have to!

  56. Jack Rabbit

    I'm a huge trek nerd.... That was one boring ass teaser.

  57. Jonny C

    The narrator sounds like the Borg queen actress from First Contact

  58. D. R.

    You just dont get it CBS, your progressively decreasing your audience with then 'Pay Per Views'. Either go and put them over the airwaves or do something like Amazon prime or even Netflix. Your just shooting yourself in the foot and killing the franchise deliberately if you dont. Entice the new generation with some conservation of the story.

  59. Firecriss

    "I left starfleet because you made that #$%^^%**&^ janeway admiral before me!!" Seriously cbs, don't waste your time on this. Move ahead with a captain pike series.


    Is Mr Spock going to be this?🖖

  61. guyfroml

    If the writers for this series have at least half a brain, they will bring Q into the story line. Q always played a part in the developed of Picard. And, as I'm sure everyone remembers Q's last words to Picard..."see you out there." That tells me Q and the Continuum are not quite finished with Jean-Luc.

  62. SweetTea Conspiracy

    Why did you leave Starfleet? One word. Poontang!!!

  63. SweetTea Conspiracy

    Why did you leave Starfleet? Two words. Dick Pics

  64. SweetTea Conspiracy

    Why did you leave Starfleet? Three words. Star Trek Diversity Whoops! I meant Discovery

  65. John Camacho

    "why did you leave Starfleet?" "I started a School for Gifted Youngsters"

  66. Hüseyin-Ali Eser

    There ... are...four.......LIGHTS !!!!

  67. Uden One-Eye

    Was this a commercial for wine?

  68. metaldave08096

    I hope to god they don’t make Worf look like the Discovery Klingons!!

    1. Julian Ruiz

      I don't think they have confirmed that worf is in the show

  69. Nicolas Anderson

    Hahahahha so bad

  70. Muggy

    Now I hope yall don't go crazy with some new all-inclusive junk, just please stay true to his character and don't pull any wack unnecessary twists. Hopefully better than Discovery

  71. Fadviews

    I wasn't strong enough! I wasn't good enough!

  72. Aaron Waldorf

    Is that Gina Torres' voice? Zoe Washburne confirmed?

  73. Vedran Noneofyourbusiness

    I was born 94 years ago. For 35 years, I have commanded as the Enterprise's captain. But for all these years I have never been the commander of my own dreams. I have seen the gates of Iconia, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in darkness a doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of August, the year 2399. These are the closing days of the 24th century, and the final hours of my life.

  74. Kepner Tech

    That is a trash trailer.

  75. elronman

    Can't hate it, but I'm not expecting much! :D

  76. Arik Soong

    The narrator sounds like robin Curtis

  77. crispyspa

    Captain, why did you leave Starfleet? SHUT UP WESLEY!

    1. Deuz 311

      lol yes.

  78. mike anthony

    this isn't a teaser, it's more like a minor irritation. jj abrams couldv'e made a better teaser about the ditzy delaney twins 😕 this is like an ongoing snooze-fest of the st: the motion picture timeline i've seen bolian detergents leave a better film than this. . okay, i'm finished. i'll edit in more if i think of them later 😎

  79. starwarsfan 54


  80. Daniel Ring

    Will this become Star Trek Cincinnatus?

  81. MrArtist1971

    Because playing Professor Xavier paid better.

  82. J Pasby

    Sorry Picard, i can't enjoy your new Series because of CBS greediness with there CBS All access. I should only have to pay for 1 TV service to enjoy all that I watch! not 2 to 5. the internet is my TV service these days + my computers.

  83. Restless Classic

    Need to bring back Hugh from the television episode "I, Borg". Also, Kamala from "The Perfect Mate".

  84. AlphaTrion92

    "Why did you leave star fleet Admiral"? Because of the #Metoo movement.

  85. MPhilbin MP2019

    "...15 years ago, today...or this upcoming fall..or winter...whenever!" This ad was made in 15 minutes.

  86. Michie C

    Why can't you caption your teasers. Hearing impaired people want to know too you know!

  87. frank234561

    Such originality in these comments.

  88. Jeffrey Lynn

    So excited for picard!😃😃😃😻😻🎆🎆

  89. Armsman

    "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "Their pension plan didn't cover the Blue pill..." ;)

  90. Anna Gruber

    Who will have the greatest comeback? Picard or Palpatine?

  91. Simon Gonzalez

    How is it that Picard is an admiral? I thought in Star trek generation Kirk told Picard never to let star fleet promote him or transfer him?

    1. freezingicekirby

      Look, the guys writing this show only had a single sticky note to write down some notes of things to remember, but then they lost it and decided to just go by whatever they could recall from memory.

  92. FF5754

    Why did you leave Star Fleet admiral? When Data died, I realized that the X men still need me too.

  93. HueTubeR

    Who’s the Chinese guy at the end?

  94. Oneoftheskull

    Is this a limited series or something? Because, y'all pushin it.

  95. Jacob S

    "Why did you leave Starfleet?" "That boy Wil... I mean Weasley became a real a-hole"

  96. Justin Harrigan


  97. Mr. xllxDooMxllx

    another flop because its not on network tv only pay for tv app

  98. Chris Nealis

    I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING! 😭

  99. Blue condition A

    If the crew from Star Trek went where no man had gone before ? Why did they keep bumping into angry 😤 people ?

  100. MasterJediDude

    "Why are you coming back to Starfleet?" "Because CBS rolled up with a garbage truck full of money and dumped it on my lawn."