Star Trek: Picard | SDCC Trailer - Sir Patrick Stewart Returns

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    The Journey is Far From Over.
    Debuted at San Diego Comic Con during the Star Trek: Universe panel in Hall H, watch the 2019 SDCC trailer for Star Trek: Picard, starring Sir Patrick Stewart, coming early 2020 exclusively to CBS All Access.
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    1. spike378

      I need admiral Janeway too!

    2. InDevMode

      I got fricken chills

    3. MichaelTheStuart I have to pay for CBS All Access. BITCHES! I CAN ONLY WORK SO MUCH OVERTIME TO GET MY SCI-FI FIX!

    4. Reservior Dog

      Too the damn Near two thousand thumbs down.... Live less and poor you bitches lol Jk I say dont knock it till you see the Pilot. Patrick Stewart has a way of Drawing you into his performances

    5. Chairman Meow

      I can't wait to illegally torrent this series!!!

    6. Chris Piper

      Damn, lost my data No wait, let me check the zip drive

    7. Tom V


    8. Robert Lombardo

      Picard is the worse captain in star trek. A total asshole boring by the book bastard. Star trek tng was so overrated. Picard was an a hole the borg looked ridiculous data super droid one ep totally useless the next and the real tng killer. Q. The worse fucking character ever. Instead of making the next thing ppl want same old shit. No disrespect Patrick Stewart obviously he is a great actor is the character that sucks

    9. jbx1967! I can hardly wait!

    10. Tactical Derpy

      Just for lol's get John De Lancie in there somewhere

    11. Emm W

      Anyone else tear up every time they see Data? It's like 7 of 9 sets up the ball, Engage is the pitch and then DATA really gets those tears out. Whoever splice this trailer is a genius

    12. Warren Johnson

      Prediction: Final trailer before the show drops is going to have a cut at the end where Picard is looking nervously at the camera. Off scene we here Jonathan Frakes voice "Your orders Captain". And Picard emits a gravely, barely audible "...engage..." and cut to blank. One month to series drop, fanboys going crazy all over the internet.

    13. patriciaKnightley

      Finally something I’m willing to pay CBS All Access (temporarily) for

    14. Jacob Wilson

      7 of 9 tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 01.

    15. Samuel Shin

      Funny I thought they didn't want white men?

    16. Rebecca Waychunas

      Omg ugghhhhhh 💕❤❤❤💕❤💕❤

    17. Child of God

      To see Jonathan and Marina back...YES! Imzadi!! 💕

      1. Vodka Sour

        frakes is behind the camera actually

    18. ChaseValkyria

      You know, I used to have this old Android... I guess you could say it had limited data!

    19. maiden913

      I... I .. I want a new show called KIRK!!... or SCOTTY!

    20. Max Sinclair


    21. Dylan Lewis

      Now, if only we could get a Pike series.

    22. Dylan Lewis

      DS9/Voyager Uniforms with the TNG neck? Looks great.

    23. ElevationEddie

      i got chills and tears.

    24. Mr WCWUS Chad Hinshaw

      Sir Patrick, It has been a long time since we have seen you in Action. Good to have you back in the Star Trek Universe.

    25. DrNooby Noob

      So what will happen if the Borg ever discovers the Nexus? answer that nerds...

    26. ia akra

      Jerri Ryan Yessss

    27. Godzilla-1991

      When the suits finally get Trek right but then they go and bury it on a streaming service and your already paying almost $30 a month for Netflix. 😢

    28. SiepherEX

      im pretty sure data was a hologram sadly

    29. Ryan Geidl

      Borg queen + Picard = new girl?

    30. Robert Wilson

      For the love of God, where is Worf?

    31. Stan Brule

      Is it just me or did Patrick Stewart just age like 20 years in the past 1 year?

    32. Jaythejayzer

      would be really cool to see what became of picard's nephew

      1. Jaythejayzer

        @Brandon Pullen Oh that's right, I gotta rewatch

      2. Brandon Pullen

        Yeah... They explained that in the first TNG movie.... You don't want to know.

    33. ChrisLikesitPure

      I haven't watched a TV show in a long time, none of the recent big ones (Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, etc) But I am all. over. this.

      1. Vodka Sour

        Im a massive trek nerd but bro your missing out on stranger things

    34. Demoth

      Ending spoiler. Hes really Xavier all along. Dundundunnnnn!

    35. Keith Dixon

      Omg! Seven!!

    36. Cosmic Gam3r

      What if the finale of TNG is the finale of this show? If you catch my drift...

    37. Young Queen Cole


    38. Ronald Kurkowski Jr

      Love the idea that she’s the child of Locutus and the borg Queen

    39. Meatsock Mike

      There are four Lights!

    40. Ronald Kurkowski Jr

      I really hope Q makes an appearance

    41. Philip Inman

      AHHHHHH, I can’t wait!

    42. Carl Math

      I hope Worf doesn't show up looking like the Klingons from Star Trek Discovery

      1. LPS Jazz Kitty

        Carl Math Same oh my gosh, what the frick did they do to the Klingons?! WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE KLINGONS JUST WHY THEY WERE AWESOME BEFORE NOW THEY RUINED THE KLINGONS AAHAHHHHH

    43. Damir Babic

      it's great to see Picard and seven of nine in the same show but they never shared a single scene prior to this show and she's acting like they know each other

      1. Damir Babic

        @Xeex Xelthaz that's true they also would have been part of the collective at the same time

      2. Xeex Xelthaz

        @Damir Babic Lets not forget, Picard was assimilated after Seven. It'd be fair to accept that, even tho they never physically met, she knows quite a bit about him. She even referenced it (sorta) in wunna the voyager episodes. They may not have ever met in person, and im honestly hoping they do explain that a bit, but, surely she'd know who he is, and be comfortable having a nice chuckle if she is meeting him for the first time.

      3. Damir Babic

        @Xeex Xelthaz I get what you're saying but it was never done on screen, it just feels like we're supposed to accept they met each other at some point and had an adventure or something this really feels like more they should know each other by reputation kind of like when Picard and Sisko met as opposed to when Worf and Miles O'Brien met

      4. Xeex Xelthaz

        its been 20 years. it cant be that hard to think that, the only two humans fully integrated and brought back, from the borg, juuuuuust might hit each other up at some point and compare notes... juzzsayin

    44. 909sickle

      I give this trailer a 7 out of 9

    45. lil 3rey

      Never watched the star trek movies but this sure damn look good

    46. case styer

      I can't love this enough!

    47. Ktap 11th region

      Beautiful, fantastic👏👏👍👍👍

    48. Sarasdad91 Tim

      Kirk...."Close to retirement?" Picard..."I'm not planning on it." Kirk..."Well let me tell you something....Don't! Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while your there, you can make a difference." I guess Picard, who didn't follow James T Kirk's advice, is now understanding what he meant.

    49. beetheb

      Now THIS is a Star Trek show I'd watch. Bring it on.



      1. David Pauley

        Let's wait and see who she is first...

    51. Tom Gardella


    52. Tom Gardella

      The brood of the BORG....SOUNDS GOOD.....

    53. Seth Bushnell

      tbh, It might be kinda cool to bring back Wesley and have Picard hand over the reins, that would be the truest form of and purpose behind this, Discovery is junk and I'm disappointed. I still think Voyager was a refinement of TNG, (same writers but refinement), and it'd be nice to see some sort of continuum. I'm happy to see 7, doc would also be great.

    54. Cody Budris

      and i see there brining picards clone back to life and or using it for somthing?

    55. Cody Budris

      weres warf

    56. ezzz9

      That is not Star Trak. I see another flop, I will not be watching. Thanks for the warning.

      1. Howard Rash

        The trek we grew up with was the Rick Berman trek.... the budgets he was working with meant that the ships & sets looked utilitarian, unlike Abrams-trek & discovery where everything looks like it was shot in a glass & lighting showroom. And it's gonna have some way-too-deep social message that will make this series like The Last Jedi set in the Star Trek universe.

    57. Scorch428

      I actually live down the road from Patrick Stewart. I was driving past his house the other day and saw 2 large dump trucks full of cash just dumping money into his front yard. I didnt know why, but now I get it.

    58. Scorch428

      oh sweet, ALEX KURTZMAN IS WRITING! I can shut my brain off and let the movie think for me!

    59. Rob

      It doesn't really look like Star trek to me. It looks like days of our lives.

    60. Thomas Dillon

      Please don't screw this up as bad as you did Discovery. I looks great keep it that way. Keep Less MOONBAT as far away from it as possible. I'm talking edge of the universe far away. On the upside STD is why I like The Orville so much. Seth is a Trekker.

    61. mikeyh0

      I'm still not paying for it even if it is passable. At least, no one can accuse CBS of being a socialist network. LOL.

    62. fallreach2552

      Does anyone know what the name of the trailer music is?

    63. Tim Bo

      I think Data is a holo deck program, I hope I'm wrong!!

    64. Tim Bo

      The magic that's make's Star Trek is back!!!!

    65. Erin Meddaugh

      Seriously can't wait. Never liked the original star trek as much as I loved next generation so I am so glad they are doing another series on Picard

    66. 83rdox

      I was so excited. I love tng and i love 7/9 but it doesn't look like it has any of the elements from tng that I liked aside from PS acting

    67. jonathan atkinson


    68. Seta-San

      I been looking at Spiners face to see what looks so different. it's his freaking eye brows. they are so fucking then compared to when he was younger. Seriously, make-up crew do your job.

    69. Katie Carr

      Seven of favorite Star Trek character, was the hook for me!

    70. Chris Baughman

      Picard will always be the captain of my childhood he knew how to take care of business he was one not to mess with