Saturday Stand-Up - We Got Hit On 7/11

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    A little old flashback to 2010 to my #GreenCardTour special...
    #SaturdayStandup #DontBeOffended #JustLaughThatsAllYouNeedToDo

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    1. Ravitej V

      India never hits back. URI surgical strike: Am I a joke to you?

    2. Junior

      Prian, why you have to say it like a dick, lmao!!

    3. Chandrathilaka Kapukotuwa

      Amazon (i 11 pro)

    4. Brian the Trainer

      Hurray Indian Joker is here 😂

    5. MrCasquenoir

      The bleeping is irritating as hell...

    6. Suman Lata

      He is an Indian

    7. 007

      Why you are so boring man..

    8. Devanshu Singh

      At 2:20 ..Subtitle writer don't know"behenchod" he wrote "that's all.". 😀😀😀😀😀.

    9. k k

      Narendra modi - say thay again pal 😎

    10. Adorable Princess

      That's why I hate sitting in the front row of a show so I won't be the first joke of the show lol

    11. Алеску Ретрова

      Russel you fucking idiot

    12. rubu dollo

      "Bhenchod I said stop"🤣🤣🤣

    13. Rupesh Sharma

      Time 2:16 is osm 😅🤣

    14. carlo fasfafafds

      I search the 7/11 bombings in india and it is fucking true hahahaha

    15. Leo Plays

      Best part 02:20 *"Behnchod, i said stop"* 😂😂

    16. Law

      I bet almost all of the comments here are Indian just like with Filipinos.

    17. مع زاتك

      And the indian killing Kashmir economic people

    18. M N

      NOOOO RUSSELL, The BIGGEST Terror act / genocide was Committed by Winston CHURCHILL, SEVEN MILLION DIED!!!!

    19. M N

      (at 2:08 mark) OH YES You do HIT back.... Muslims die for cow, YES A COW if you have a cow meat in India you die.... By a Mob

    20. madhav raj

      Ab toh danda kr diya pak ki gnd m

    21. Ricky Rahman

      Uncensore version pleaseee

    22. Sameer Wavhal

      Now the joke isn’t true anymore...

    23. Hakuna Matata

      We began to shoot back.... brother.... ask Pakistan

    24. Night Howler

      Russel- banchod Subtitle- that's all

    25. Jehov

      I spat my food when he said BEHENCHOD! 😅

    26. God


    27. m Hin

      when I see a white girl I wonder what their breath smell like, wine? cigarettes? asshole?

    28. Kayvon12321

      The British audience didn’t laugh that much at the 7/11 joke bc in the UK the date is written 11/7.

    29. Anand Potukuchi

      This is so true

    30. Deepak Jadhav

      Its not funny

    31. Ruslan Bereziychuk

      Russell you are not funny fool

    32. anmar aljanabi

      Can someone please tell what is seven eleven cause I keep hear it every where I watch a video on youtube

    33. Student Kong

      I didn't get the 7/11... can someone explain

    34. Fulgrim

      Please, don't mute f***** parts. Bplep them, at least, but not mute. It realy gets to ears, blasts. Or there's a better way. Just leave them the way they are.

    35. krazzy nisha

      benchod= that's all and unmuted.. lmfao

    36. 4K Quran for Relaxing, Stress Relief, Deep Sleep,

      *I love You, Greeting from East Africa*

    37. John Doe


      1. John Doe

        The Simpsons cartoon is a good example!

      2. John Doe

        @Tat Tvam Asi because most 7/11 stores are owned by people from India

      3. Tat Tvam Asi

        I did not get the joke. Why the date is so funny?

    38. Keith nunya

      If everytime you hear the word "bombay" it makes you think of the Greaseman referring to the "bombay doors",hit the like button

    39. Bartek Wysocki

      Russel Peters censured... most pointless thing ever

    40. badguy blah

      He din say "that's all".. he said behnchod

    41. Mad Max

      In that 20 min entire US on Fire And you just kidding us that we spent more time to save our People Ba@#$ud

    42. Samad Robinson

      Damn on my birthday

    43. Vikram Shrivastava

      Wow Russell, making fun of such an awful event. You forgot to tell what happened to all those terrorists, don't you see news?

    44. Jayson Castro

      This guy is not funny at all. Retard indian.

    45. KNG CELSIUS is so fucking funny

    46. Muhammad Talha

      My family get hurt in that attack and you are making fun of it you fucking ass hole

    47. Saurabh Narkar

      You are bastard..... chutiyaa

    48. Christopher Greed

      Hotel Mumbai. Watch the movie.

    49. Nathan

      "..We got hit on 7/11" 420k views.

    50. Saleen S7

      just gonna pretend my birthday isn’t on the 11th

    51. Fleetfoot S

      You're getting more and more unfunny with each video. Fuck you Russell for wasting my time.

    52. Dale More

      America was 9/11 India was 7/11. There’s a joke right there.

    53. Anonymous Ahmed

      This guy is disrespectful

    54. uttario sarkar

      Russell peters,u think u can shame india,our prime minister went to houston,gave a brilliant speech,that every one watching him became speech less,u don't know ur own culture,u r a bastard man,u idiot Russell peters

    55. B. Lalthazuala Thatea

      Worst ever

    56. Raju Kumaran

      That was under the old croak Manmohan, who had no guts, Now India under Modi has squeezed Pakistan’s testes into torsion.....painful, and more to come when the Russians deliver the first S400

    57. Michael Bradley

      Wanna hit

    58. Sreyas C.V

      But now India fucks........

    59. Coco Nut

      I don't find him funny at all. I didn't even laugh at all the.

    60. subodh badola

      First of all , the terrorists weren’t Indians but Pakistanis ( as they usually are ) , secondly, try something new, imitating “Indian accent “ to get laughs is not a thing anymore. Lastly, you are a bit late on uploading this clip as India has started hitting back pretty good.


      idk why people laughing for the terror attack., if indians laugh then i watch something stupid

      1. Obama is Gay

        Nothing like the terror that's hiding behind ur mom's bush smh

    62. Muarmaniarez

      Subscribe my Channel and i'll Subscribe your channel. Just want to had experience how it feel to have 1000 subscribers.

    63. Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

      Russell stopped being funny a long time ago .. his best stand up were the ones in the studio where he wore a baggy jeans . Seems being famous and wealth has got into his head . Lately he's been condescending in the manner that he interacts with the audience.

    64. danandr25

      Хеллоу, мистер Пидор

    65. Douglas Fox

      Any Country that allows Filthy Radical MUUUUUSLIMS is going to have attacks...The Goverments are doing it all on PURPOSE...their building up their street Worriors to attack Citizens...then call you a RACISTS when they kill in masses and you speak up..

    66. Mr K

      Indian Army has kill 70,000 Kashmiri India is no innocent country like you try to make it out to be 🤣

      1. Anita Kumar

        What kind of weed do you use?

    67. Hamaad Khan

      India doesn't do anything back? What are they doing in Kashmir !!!!!! You do these things to people and then they strike back !

    68. Ace OV

      Ehem Does 7/11 being Terrorist now 😂😂😂😂 so basically they terrorising our Body system Via junk Food 😂

    69. Divyanshu Tripathy

      It's so true, India used to be like that but not anymore

    70. je suis Informaticien

      we are in 2019 and stupid people still beliving 9/11, zionism behind 9/11 , make some search, search about aaron russo and more