Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever - Ice Bucket (ALS Challenge) Rus sub



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    1. giulia costanzini

      0:56 her laugh is so cute!

    2. Akakibara Caskett

      I love these dorks

    3. Daeyeon Kim

      Looks like the are on castle

    4. Livia Platkova

      that moment when we do it every Easter in Slovakia XD

    5. Zoe Peterson

      Lol this is super funny, like this is what goes on on the set XD

    6. azure rainbow

      It was so noble of the 3 stars of Castle to accept the ice bucket challenge to help fight ALS.

    7. Senica Ptica

      Stana je prelepa!

    8. Julka kovaceva


    9. LYNDSEY Peterson


    10. Mallory S

      Does Seamus have abs or is that my imagination acting up again...?

      1. RosaliaGaming

        ABS! :D

      2. Brina Gorza

        abs ☆♡

    11. josh summers

      Stana looks good in a wet shirt

    12. P&J Entertainment

      Stana got Jon good. love you guy

      1. Ward Luca Docter

        PMR TV I

      2. keely gimenez

        +patrice reid que tes moche potto

    13. CrazyCreeper 2002

      Seamus was soaked more than anyone

    14. CrazyCreeper 2002


    15. Karolina Srnova

      good challenge!!:)

    16. JKRAS

      That act like brother and sister like on the show omg 😍

    17. Aleyna Fazlaoglu


    18. OurUnsungHeroes Halliwell-Ryan42344

      0:47 to 0:52 ish OMG

    19. Vento #

      What a song it this(1:40)?

    20. Kirsty nicole

      they say it in the show etc but the boys are like her younger bothers

    21. 음유시인

      오구오구ㅠㅜ왤케 다들 귀여운거야*-_-*!!!

    22. Lori M

      Good lord Seamus looks good in a wet T-shirt

    23. Melly B

      HAHAHAHAHA! They are like kids! 😂

    24. Cheyenne Hernandez

      Poor Seamus got it 3 times!!!!!

    25. Hannah Oh

      that was epic


      😂 this makes me smile every time

    27. Keziah C

      Seamus' laugh when he pours the ice water onto Stana oh my gosh :D

    28. Buster Minal

      Love the chemistry they have in the show...

    29. TheCz2000

      after shes soaked with a bucket of ice water her makeup and hair and everything still look perfect #goals



    31. SAW Table

      why isn't Nathan the one who damP STANAAAAAAA? :(

      1. Filipe Ferreira

        he is not in video

      2. Kristijan Ignjatovski

        @Renee Maurice imagine this on bf3 style.... Basically a bit teamworkish And uhh Buckets changed with a nuke????????

      3. Renee Maurice

        I'm sure he dampens her all the time ;) :P

    32. BatmanFANizationReborn

      omg i love castle. stana is just so beautiful and i love her in the show. espo and and ryan are also awesome and this bucket challenge was awesome and one of the best i've seen

    33. Patrick Di Stefano

      If only Nathan were here.

      1. Иван Грозный

        + Патрик Сандерсон April 25, 2015. Stana Katic + Kris Brkljac = Wedding&Love&Forever

      2. Kristijan Ignjatovski

        MLG bucket challenge noooo A BIT MORE LATER AFTER THINKING SHITLOAD OF TIME kkkkkkk We have an idea Fastest nuke in mw3 challenge WARNING NO HACKS OR CHEATS meh............. Uhh Let it be with underpowered weps coz I have no ideas left so....., All right fuckoff with talking and do it The winer gets million dollars plus steam account with all games plus a PC with 10000000000000000 ram and the best graphic card

    34. Maggie GD

      straight up favorite ice bucket challenge

    35. jaNeca McTawish

      soo funny!!!

    36. Lucy Granger

      BEST ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE EVER!!!!!! It's like sibling pranking!

    37. Dave Matthew


    38. Daphne Yejerla

      hilarious! Puts all other ice bucket challenges to shame!

    39. Marina Murphy

      ALS is wrongly diagnosed Lyme Disease. How about someone support the actual cause of this crap......?!

      1. Miz J

        Actually,whether there is a connection between Lyme and ALS is very controversial. The two diseases certainly do have many symptoms in common, such as fatigue and joint pain. Like you, several websites think they are the same, but the major research institutions in US medicine think they are different. According to the Mayo Clinic,anybody who gets a positive result first on the ELISA test and then on the Western blot test definitely has Lyme ( while both MedlinePlus and the ALS Assocation say that there are no definitive tests for ALS; it has to be diagnosed by ruling out other similar diseases like Lyme (

    40. B Vidalis

      Hahahaha oh my gosh!! Best ice bucket challenge I've seen so far!!!

    41. Swathi Raju

      ha ha ha h.. awesome

    42. Vitandrea La Maida

      Ahahahhahahha troppo divertenti