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    Stana Katic is a Canadian-American film and television actress. She is known for her playing Kate Beckett on the ABC television romantic crime series Castle and for playing Agent Emily Byrne in the thriller series Absentia.
    Born: 26 April 1978 (age 40 years), Hamilton, Canada
    Height: 1.75 m
    Spouse: Kris Brkljac (m. 2015)
    Awards: People's Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic TV Actress, MORE
    Upcoming movie: Cadaver

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    1. BGFutureBG

      8:53 Come on, that's from Castle 😂

    2. Olivia O'Riordan

      This video is utter rubbish. When you add a picture of another actress and you can't tell the difference between the actress and a character she played.

    3. Martius

      The real name is : Stana Katić. Father 's name is Petar. Nationality: Serb. Citizenship:Canadian and American.

    4. Wayne Hampson

      Some of those cars aren't hers. she was driving them on the Castle set.

    5. Barbara Kempf

      Lovely lady, miss her on Castle

    6. nikki greaves

      lol the 3rd photo is Hillary swank

    7. Norma Rios Ostos

      You can’t see the information of the video. Wrong typography and color

    8. Claudia Aguiar

      Essa mulher ela é completíssima e talentosíssima e incoparavel maravilhosa Stana eu so do Brasil

    9. Catherine Crowder

      I can't believe they spelt born wrong

    10. Lehanie Struwig

      I wish she was married to richard castle

    11. Lehanie Struwig

      How old is she?

      1. KondzioGDI

        40 right now :)

    12. Vanessa Wachlin

      Hated the music

    13. Taylor B

      Half of these arent true

      1. Taylor B

        slavicworldorder oml

      2. slavicworldorder

        I have no idea what the video means, this is an answer that can only be thought of as incomplete or purposely left without any merit.

      3. Taylor B

        slavicworldorder THE V I D E O

      4. slavicworldorder

        What is not true?

    14. Karina de Baltha

      Vídeo horrible! Música espantosa!

    15. TheAnna2511

      The third photo is not her!! 🙄🙄

      1. kduduche

        Hilary Swank, actually

      2. Avituve Tk

        sorry but you are welcome Avituvetk........

    16. Vesna Panic

      das erste Auto gehört vielleicht ihr keine Ahnung aber alle anderen nicht! das eine Polizeiauto ist der Dienstwagen aus der Serie Castle das zweite auto ist irgendein auto das zut Verfügung gestellt wurde für das Shooting und das letzte auto ist auch aus der Serie Castle und gehört in der Serie Nathan Fillion alias Richard Castle ^^ und bei Born hast du dich auch verschrieben ^^ und der erste Hund der da gezeigt wurde ist auch aus der Serie ^^

      1. Avituve Tk

        you are welcome Avituvetk.....

    17. Ramon Campos


      1. Avituve Tk

        you are welcome Avituvetk....

    18. David Beaty

      too hard to read with the background

    19. Gabriele Hagendorf

      Das dritte Foto ist Hillary Swank - dumm gelaufen!