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    Stana Katic funny moments
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    Dancing Song by Little Comets
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    1. elijah sessom

      Love her sense of makes her even more attractive!!!!

    2. Lenny Cerny

      Ich liebe Beckett und Castle

    3. itsmariinnax

      she is just perfect👸🏻💜love her so much🌈

    4. Merry Panda

      When I thought I can't love Stana more than I already did, she mentioned One Direction I swear this woman is the love of my life And I'm a girl...and I'm straight (well, not that much anymore lol)

    5. BibiTv9

      Is the full video from 1:30 still on CZ-news, or where did you find it? 😇❤

    6. Joshua Tranter

      Such a wonderful actress and she's very beautiful.❤

    7. Kordo

      Stana Katic Beauty Serb Woman ! Greets from Poland ;-)

    8. 테레사랑해요

      0:43 is that a sexual thing ?

    9. Federico NOse

      She has a similar face than mischa barton, but Stana is so much beautiful

    10. Stana M

      thats my name

      1. silverbird58

        wonderful gal , her 5000 watt Smile won me over .

      2. Joshua Tranter

        You have such a beautiful name.❤

    11. Michael Ferraro

      All I’m saying is if she ever shit in public and I have a spoon in hand.... LOOK OUT!

      1. Ellen Harms

        Michael Ferraro g5

      2. Françoise Silvestre


    12. josh summers

      stana katic is hot

    13. Carmen Hartmann

      That's why she is my favorite actress 😁😘 It's great🤗

    14. Ana Maria Cifuentes

      muy lindo recuerdo

    15. Tanuja Meitei

      thank you for this vid :)

      1. modnafitlum vids

        you're welcome :)

    16. Susan Healey

      Great video, great actress

    17. Stella Alvarez


    18. Юлка Ковачева