Spying on BEST FRIEND FIRST DATE with Her CRUSH! (Kissing to get Event Secret) | Rebecca Zamolo

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    Rebecca Zamolo spies on her best friend Alice’s first date with her secret crush! After Rebecca did a Lie Detector Test on MY BEST FRIEND to Find TRUTH! (Game Master Brother Reveal), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Lie Detector Test on Matt with a Pregnancy Simulator to Find Truth! (Best Friend GM Challenge) and Alice had to call Agent R. Rebecca helps Alice get ready for her first date with her crush Agent R and they make a secret plan to get information about the Mr. X switch date. Rebecca has a giant secret for her best friend that contortionist Sofie Dossi is coming to do a surprise performance on the date. Alice searches Rebecca’s closet to find the perfect first date outfit but fails. Rebecca helps her best friend get ready by curling her hair and doing her makeup. Matt must get our favorite food for the picnic but seems hypnotized when he hears a mysterious phone ring. Matt gets in disguise at the park and sets up hidden cameras for spying . They all have spy gadget listening devices to communicate and Sofie puts a tracking device on the crush. Agent R reveals the switch date will be happening before Christmas.They almost have their first kiss but Agent S runs out and ruins the date. The squad begins arguing and Alice walks away. Who picked them up in the mystery van before they went missing? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

    #firstdate #crush #spying

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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      Hey ZamFam- Do you think Alice really has a CRUSH on Agent R? Let me know if you're subscribed with my notifications on!

      1. Laila Shrourou

        No or maybe a little bit

      2. BellAir Screen Inc

        Yessssssss Rebecca

      3. weaselmaster mason

        Yes, and i think that agent S should ask agent R out because they are kind of cute together👨‍❤️‍👨

      4. Ruby Ormrod



        Subscribed and bell on 3 years ago

    2. DYLEVANS7


    3. DYLEVANS7


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    5. DYLEVANS7


    6. Emmanuel Sitsha

      I mean R

    7. Emmanuel Sitsha

      I don't think Alice likes agent x

    8. Emmanuel Sitsha

      I would buy your merch but l have no time. No offence plz have a shout out.

    9. Audrey Hunter

      I'm your bigest fan

    10. Audrey Hunter

      Yes I totally agree

    11. Samantha Gosstray

      They make a great couple

    12. April Lahman

      I think they are going to kiss!

    13. The Alex's

      Did anybody else see RZtwin running into the bush

    14. Tiffany Templin

      Same feeling Rebecca

    15. Mia Minoletti


    16. Jon Locy


    17. Jon Locy

      Cute pictures

    18. Aubree Johnson


    19. Emily Meere


    20. Emily Meere

      I think Alice has a crush on him

    21. Caleb's world the best

      She does

    22. Vianeth Ramirez

      dont trust her alice

    23. Sienna Roberts


    24. Lydia Hetherington


    25. Kevin Mayers

      Alice is so pretty 😘

    26. Chuck Weber

      yes she dose

    27. Cristina Meneses


    28. Zamzam Shaqlane

      I don’t think so

    29. Ieng Sarith


    30. Hannah Mccarthy


    31. Ayan muse

      You are coo

    32. Mrna Mzln

      kiss agent R kiss

    33. Mrna Mzln

      kiss kiss

    34. Samuel Maddux


    35. Samuel Maddux

      She is just sore so she only has 12 subscribers please help her reach 100

    36. Samuel Maddux

      Oh yeah by the way my name is Jodi

    37. Samuel Maddux

      Hey go check out zombie family gaming channel

    38. Samuel Maddux

      I love Sophie Dossie I wish she was my friend

    39. Taco Cat


    40. Lizzie Sanges

      Rebecca zamolo

    41. Marleny Salcedo

      I like nothing from agent r the truth

    42. _cassidy_goeken_ 11

      Alice is a player

    43. Julietta Damas


    44. Erasmo Martinez

      hello alice

    45. Kathy Rei


    46. Kathy Rei

      Emma's folks at masing she's beautiful and I think the gym I is gonna like Earth look

      1. Audrey Hunter


    47. Silvia Diaz


    48. Martha Acosta

      alice has a crush

    49. Zuriah Robinson

      Matt Rebecca the food the food the food

    50. Yaneth Lopez

      Wait who does Agent R like, Maddie or Alice Also tbh I dont really trust Alice

    51. Roblox Bee swarm simulator

      His hair

    52. Hilary Steele

      Rebeca: THE MILKSHAKE Alice:OK Agent R:erm I’m ELEGIAC TO MILK Agent R: farting Me:LOL

    53. arunsovath kong

      Omg gmi r was kissing alice

    54. Naturally Trash

      What was mat looking at?

    55. Linsey Pick


    56. Jai Konwar


    57. George Kontaxi


    58. George Kontaxi

      Hey zamfam

    59. George Kontaxi

      Allice looks amazing

    60. Pete Juarez


    61. Pete Juarez

      Hi jhsjshsjsjjsj

    62. Emoni Clark

      yes cut

    63. Zunairah Saeed


    64. Alice Watson-Bryans

      He is funny

    65. Paul Oxbury

      I think so

    66. GabeGamer Pls no judge

      I love you guys you’re my favorite person in the whole world 😁

    67. Najet Bowie

      She looks soooo cute

    68. Kaitlyn Carter


    69. Mary Patnode


    70. Meagan Long