Spin the MYSTERY WHEEL Challenge w/BABYMOMMA!!! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

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    Like Ryans new tattoo?!? haha I told him I'd get a matching one.. well, only if the spinner lands on its fate. :p
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    1. Dayanna Quintanilla

      She is so cut

    2. cindy Skee


    3. Cloudy Edits

      11:14 did she just say brian??

    4. Elizabeth Flores

      I usually don’t comment on any CZ-newsr but u guys are goals the relationship u guys have makes me have hope to have something like that❤️

    5. farzad raxi

      Smail i bybe tato fuke ,😜😜😜😜😜😜😀😜

    6. 1204_ZT_2007 ZT!!!

      Bro Ryan is so brave bro like I would be scared to get a tattoo I don’t even really want a tattoo and to get it on ur freaking butt and show us! That takes a lot of stuff

    7. sabreen bi

      I love you guys 😂❤❤❤

    8. Coolkidava 123

      Hi ryan

    9. Diya Patel

      When Ryan sang I was dying “😂l

    10. Kaitlin Baker

      i did those 2 things

    11. Brenda Hernandez

      I did the two things. Also I love you guys y'all make a good couple. And also Bellamy is so cute!!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!

    12. Emely De La Rosa

      The way she screamed "shit" lmaoooooo😂

    13. Katty’s World

      10:45 😭

    14. Reyna Torres Tavarez

      *if like .........through our eyes you beter give his comment some thoms up* if yo love it*

    15. we3ōōd Al-Yami


    16. Juana Rodriguez

      Team Leslie

    17. Averee Sandoval

      Bellamy is so cute win she laughs does anyone agree with me

    18. varuni persaud

      Team Leslie

    19. Jenny Puzova

      this is the most funniest video everrr lolll

    20. Selena Garcia

      The beggining sound like they had a baby or something

    21. Kazlyn Lazarus

      Leslie was dying when she had to touch the worm 😂

    22. Kazlyn Lazarus

      The little giggles that Bellamy had when her dad got a tattoo was the cutest thing ever 🥰😍😘❤

    23. Eliza Thornton

      Haha when Ryan threw there feet 😂😂😂 Leslie is so pretty 😍😍😍😍

    24. Stacey Lynn-Babez

      When ryan sang man had me laughing.. 😂😂

    25. Christina Ali

      Love you guys best CZ-news’s I wish you make more videos like that they are so funny 😂

    26. Kylonie Philip

      7:27 I mean so funny 😂

    27. Kylonie Philip

      7:29 Ryan reaction

    28. Lexi List


    29. Lexi List

      What was the first bit 😒😕🤔🤔🤨

    30. Alicia Nicole

      The way Bellamy was laughing while he was getting tattooed was the cutest thing ever

    31. Hazelda Davison

      Is it just me or leslie looks so much prettier after giving birth? 😍😍

    32. Karen Vargas

      9:27 Bellamy was laughing she so cute

    33. Puro G 4 Lyfe

      *Ryan is funny asf*

    34. Hailey Garavito

      I did those two things 🙈🙈😇 hope I get a shout out I love watching your videos 🙏🏼🥺💗

    35. Elizabeth Lindsey

      When he sings to her with the helium. His face when he said "show you the wooooorld" omfgggg ☠😂🤣 Bellamy laughing at him getting the tat and how sweet he Is to leslie. 🥰😍 THE cutest family 🖤😍

    36. Sharice Shorty

      I love Ryan's necklace ❤

    37. Yajaira Jones

      Post notifications on and Ryan and I have the same birthday July 15th🥳♋️❤️

    38. Argenis Vargas

      I haven’t got a shoutout yet and I subscribe and I follow them on Instagram

    39. Lorena Luis

      Do more of spin the wheel

    40. Griselda Vanegas

      When Leslie liked the kiss Ryan gave her then ... IT ALL GOT RUINED From this💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋to this😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    41. Griselda Vanegas

      #Reslie Aka Ryan and Leslie's couple name

    42. Kaitlyn Longenecker

      Hey Leslie and Ryan, this is Kaitlyn Longenecker and I have been subscribed since day one, and I love you guys so much and your daughter is so cute.

    43. S M

      Leslie: "when i was 7 we went to the supermarket......BUT I WAS 6!" 😂😂😂😂 ????

      1. imma sax

        She said she was sick

    44. Sofia Taylor-White

      Team Lesley

    45. landry martin

      I did the 2 things lolol

    46. Breeann Kies

      why did ryan suck that helium so fast tho 😂😂😂

    47. Shahbaz malik

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    48. Angie Klotz

      Ryan won! Funny challenge😃 He wasnt scared at all. Lo

    49. Mimi A

      Bellamy's lil giggles make the video better aww🤤😂

    50. Itsivetteslife

      I love you guyssss 💘💘💘

    51. Itsivetteslife

      I did those two things all long time ago 🥰❤️I hope I get a shout out 💗💗

    52. Maria Morales

      I died at 10:46 😂

    53. Esther Jirikani

      It seems Ryan is in love with the tattoo

    54. Linda Beckering

      😂😂😂how do you not know the words to Aladdin song

    55. Kasey Molfetto

      I love Leslie 😂😂😂

    56. Fernanda Giselle

      Leslie is with me bugs and basically anything that moves that isnt a dog or cat 😂

    57. Hani Bazhi


    58. Micah Neupane

      Noone: Leslie: it's looking at me😆😆

    59. Maria Ortega

      OMG cutest couple ever 😍❤️

    60. Linda Fuentes

      Leslie’s scream is everything 😂😂❤️ Ryan make more videos with the RAT gang

    61. Roxanne & Sammie Munguia

      This was so freaken funny. Love you guys.

    62. Brianna Moncada

      Imagine if ryan didnt go up to leslie at the mall it wouldn't be the same

    63. shaylea shimmel

      I did those two things❤️🥰

    64. Ava Mae

      That fake secret

    65. maria sumithra

      I want shout out in the next video

    66. Oriana Zambrano

      I’m subscribed and have notifications on 😊👋🏻

    67. Jennifer Rodriguez

      Hate watching couples where one pussies out of their challenge 😫 Ryan definitely did his dares and got the worst ones for sure 😂

    68. Laloni Loza

      Make in intro pls ryan

    69. Shania Williams

      leslie looks so pengg. Her hair color suits her and her make up is on fleek

    70. Mary Miller

      Love you guys you are so funny. Keep up the good videos.