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    Welcome to the first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the round means losing hair... down there.
    Who do you want to see next on SPELLING BEE-KINI WAX?! Leave a comment and let us know!
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    1. Alexa the Furry


    2. Sour Warriors

      literally their spelling bee words were easy af. they act so dumb

    3. Desiree Cariaso

      Get Rhett and link to do this!!!!

    4. Laura Anna Koskinen

      4:26 Looks like she’s about to deliver a baby

    5. Gabi Wolf 77

      12:51 My brain: A to the G to the U to the STD (Agust D) (BTS) Just me? Okay.

    6. Science Cat

      13:50 y does the first part sound like “my heart will go on” by celine dion? Whatever.

    7. The CaliGamer

      I think it has now been confirmed that Courtney doesn’t shave down there...

      1. The CaliGamer

        Side note: there’s nothing wrong if you don’t like to shave down there. You do you

    8. Wistical Gacha

      Courtney X Shayne

    9. The_Irish_Bruh

      Thats not how exhibit is spelled

    10. Escipion92

      Great vid, but the sound was weird AF

    11. Amy Shamburger

      Sarah has the exact name as someone in jumani.

    12. reverse ASIAN Still Billy BOB

      Bet you Courtney got somewhat horny

    13. Rajan Powar

      Part 2 Oliva, Noah, Shane, maybe Keith. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Adam Thompson-Sharpe

      I originally read this as Bee-Knit Wax...

    15. Sara T. Vlogs


    16. Sara T. Vlogs


    17. Sara T. Vlogs


    18. Sara T. Vlogs


    19. Sara T. Vlogs


    20. Sara T. Vlogs


    21. Sara T. Vlogs

      Z dood

    22. Zion Day

      Ian is a confirmed masochist

    23. quinn alley

      ian officially scares me

    24. Jeremiah Bartlett

      Real Talk: Why does Damien look like Stingy from Lazy Town in this video?

    25. ZURY PEREZ

      i still dont get the game....

    26. Robloxian Studios

      how ian make's me disgusted: Z DOOD

    27. Mujtaba Baig

      Xude the perfect episode to wax joven, im a little sad, but the vid was funny asf reguardless

    28. dark animals

      It was like Courtney was giving birth at the first round 😂😂

    29. Mimi53

      Sarah: “Comment down below how much is Ian making you uncomfortable?!” Me: “Z dood”

    30. Gαchα Glσríα

      Next they should do, NAME THAT WAX.

    31. Knight Rami

      Dude u made of Velcro because that what it sounded like

    32. Gracee Plays

      I have 7th grade this year and now I’m scared

    33. ZNG16

      So are they like just naked underneath those box sheets?

    34. Lizzie dkx


    35. Koloska 12

      Do joven olivia and noah next

    36. Philippos Nikolaidis

      i want to see keith in the show

    37. Talia Buckner

      At 13:36 turn your playback speed at 0.25x it’s worth it

    38. Soup master 64

      Anyone else get anxiety watching the video

    39. Annabelle Westby

      “Comment down below how uncomfortable Ian’s making you right now” Me: wokka flokka flame outta ten

    40. UmbreonErick

      Bring Mari, Joven and Matt Raub😂

    41. C P

      Im kinda impress by the singing tbh hahahha

    42. DanceDanceAtTheDiscOH !

      Z dood

    43. Melanie Thompson

      are damian and sarah dating?

    44. poltergeistx

      I had a good time

    45. Logan Productions

      Do a try not to laugh and if you laugh you get kini waxed

    46. Michael Weiss

      First Trivia Bidet and now this.. its so good!

    47. That little Animator

      Damien: huh- Courtney: PLEASE SOMEONE END ME AAAAAA Ian: I feel no pain this is great!

    48. Scott Bourasso

      Make keith noah and shaynne do it

    49. C.C Yuu

      Ian: I have it once so I've been bikini wax more than you. Damian: W-W-Weird Flex.

    50. Dope Pope // StevenShotMe

      Dude what Ian is a freak i love it haha

    51. LycanrocScar Jackson

      He was making me really really uncomfortable more than when he had bread hair years ago

    52. LycanrocScar Jackson

      She was so shook

    53. RUFUS VAST

      See has nutts

    54. warrior gamer

      Nobody asked for a different word!

    55. Jasmyn Prouty

      Z dood

    56. Andrew Shumate

      Ian in this video made my dingus shrivel up into my body, i think I’m a woman now

    57. Kailee Palardy

      but its a free wax...

    58. Danielle pickens

      Can I say I love damien

    59. Gacha Emma

      Ian uncomfortable scale 7.5/10

    60. Brodie Brown

      Ian is my spirit animal

    61. sydney borso

      is it just me or does damien sound like thomas sanders

    62. BabyGirlAlice Lovely

      If i did this i would laugh during the waxing

    63. Craig addict

      But what if you shaved just the morning before? *Hold up*

    64. Phia 5000

      Bro I had the word zucchini when I was in 5th grade

    65. EdgyBoi

      Ian is so weird😅😂

    66. Valerie Chew

      Anyone else wanna see the Smosh Saviors - Rhett & Link or some GMM crew on this game? Because that could be so funny!

    67. A Rice

      Keith, Noah, and Lasercorn

    68. Andiere Inhell

      Its making me puke

    69. Breanna McKamey

      So hypothetically, what would we need to do to get Rhett and Link to do this with them next time?

    70. Crow of the Abyss

      Man how can we even be sure if theyre getting waxed. For all we know they could just be covering the lower part of their body I wish they add a camera down there... Specifically courtney's.

    71. Oliver Andriopoulos

      It’s a hairy baby

    72. Pope Fam

      Tyler Joseph needs that microphone

    73. Eian Bauzon

      13:28 and so on... why isn't anyone talking about Damien's reaction?

    74. Cathie Brotherston


    75. Yasi Pazzi

      What did they wax

    76. JamesCPotter13

      Damien "Is Psychic" Haas

    77. Andrew

      Courtney: "I still cant believe theres an H in zuccchini dude"

    78. Queen of Arkham

      Shane, Noah, and maybe Joven or Lazercorn if you could get them in

    79. Riley Edgecombe

      Ian is making me feel z dood

    80. Blood Snow

      5:45 only reason I know how to spell it is because the first time I saw it I thought it was pronounced ling-gear-ee

    81. ZIA PAZ

      Im uncomfortable on how they'll probably have undone bikini waxes

    82. Lady Dyke Vader

      the rappers would get me, but as a Polish native speaker I'm glad I would have a better score on some of these words than English speakers

    83. Spooked Malk

      Me right after knowing how i did in the finals: 15:34

    84. Erin Daye Holleman

      I literally punched it

    85. Avery Phillips

      that is not what quotient is. Sara defined quota. quotient is what you get when you divide two numbers

    86. Venn Shade

      I hope you guys do this more. I'm really digging the new stuff you're putting out 👍

    87. Tyffanee Lavely

      Ian, you ain't fooling me. Once you exited the room, you ran to the closet to cry.

    88. FloppyFace2.0

      Contestants: Can you use the word their in a sentence? Spell the word their! that's your sentence.

    89. Rayne Greathouse

      Veryyy uncomfy!!!

    90. LadyHacknSlash

      Wish the camera angels matched.

    91. Sean Speegle

      Brazilian. Wow

    92. Grayson Johnson

      Ian is my spirit animal lol

    93. Emma Clark

      Very Very uncomfortable

    94. George Prewitt

      Ooh get joven to do this next

    95. the awesome boy

      13:49 why does that sound good

    96. Sallyann Spirit

      Keith Shane and Noah Needs to be here

    97. Kayla Landers

      Rachel in the back is so excited to wax them except Ian

    98. Dave Ridlespriger 2

      What if maria didn't show up with 150 gangbangers aiming AK47 'S

    99. Weight Overload

      Courtney says z dood gets z word

    100. Joewolf26

      Joven should host a Smosh games special of this show