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    Welcome to the first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the round means losing hair... down there.
    Who do you want to see next on SPELLING BEE-KINI WAX?! Leave a comment and let us know!
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    1. Draco Belle

      I loved Ian's reactions XD.

    2. Alexander Diana

      Courtney is so goddam attractive. Legit think she’s gorgeous

    3. Invernahavon Caravan Site

      Boys roll courtney

    4. Megan Mei


    5. Jesus Zalmeron


    6. Cindy S.

      Hi me and my cousin love your videos so much

    7. Skitaculour Backup

      Shayne is my favorite. “Guys, Rachel touched your pubes”

    8. Isabella Quick

      W-w-weird flex😂

    9. AnimeAyla

      This was the first video I watched of them and I was scared 🤣

    10. May Emojiangel

      Uncomfortable level 10/10

    11. Andie Proctor

      ok ok, how can u not be able to spell those words like i'm in the fricken 9 year old army like BRUH

    12. javien Rodriguez

      Ian is making me realy uncomfortable

    13. ღ·Sammy's Studio·ღ

      dude if those are 7th grader words, IM ABOVE 7TH GRADE SP (And im in 5th)

    14. Eli Ramos

      if you do cc at 14:19 that so funny

    15. It's Me

      Stop waxing courtney's hair ....I want to smell her hair when we married

    16. Animal and Food Lover

      Waka should have been the easiest to spell or is it because I'm from New Zealand??

    17. Line Juhl Laustsen

      17:44 Okay Ian seriously what kind of Kinky shit did Pam get you into!! 😳😂

    18. no name

      ian please stop looking into the camera i can’t feel my soul anymore

    19. Sydney Rearick

      Did anyone else notice that the overhead shots are flipped compared to how they're laid out?

    20. Cassie Vaughan

      Nothing like a wax with the boss!

    21. Zoe Whitworth

      he made me really uncunferdibol

    22. A66yz1lla Gameing


    23. A66yz1lla Gameing


    24. A66yz1lla Gameing


    25. A66yz1lla Gameing

      my thing is paused quotient

    26. A66yz1lla Gameing

      im in 4th grade and I got all those right

    27. Alexis Fleming


    28. AstroNut Productions

      I’m not sure is men are just more tolerant to pain in their groin region or if waxing just hurts girls more :/

    29. Cosmic Gaming

      Can someone clarify what was said in the intro?! 😂

    30. keavi robertson

      god bless courtney

    31. Tuesday

      Anyone else think the words were too easy?

    32. Melanie Avelar

      Wheezing* he w was si sining 😆😆😆

    33. WikoTheCuber

      Ok you cant say im wrong cortney looked like she was giving birth at 5:05

    34. chloekc kc


    35. chloekc kc

      Ian is making me feel very uncomfortable

    36. Rose Ravenclaw

      Damien Haas hair Damien Haad hair

    37. Avnee Patel

      What does a professional dragon walker do? They Waka Flocka Flame

    38. Pantti

      he is making me so uncomfortable

    39. Andre Yang

      10:19 I feel bad for Ian look at his hand slowly fading from the screen

    40. Nihit Khunteta

      13:49 it feels some what like the Titanic theme song (my heart will go on)

    41. Rhianna gutierrez

      I think the lady thats holding the microphone is crazy because of the way she laughs

    42. Nugget Nugget

      Sixtey nine

    43. Gacha_ WillowYT

      ℝ𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕝 𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕤 𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕟 𝕟𝕠 𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖

    44. Daniel Shandley

      This is how u spell Ian’s first word. Lingerie

    45. dc74156

      I like to wear Langerie on Tuesdays and Also Wednesdays and Thursdays I knew you were gonna hit me in the balls - Shayne 2019

    46. Luz M. Mason

      Put a random persón

    47. Robert "the other" Weasley

      I want to see Gus Johnson on this.

    48. Jake

      There weren't any before and afters, you cant even prove yous actually did it

    49. Bakugou Katsuki

      5:56 so his balls are in his stomach?

    50. Avery Humphreys

      Very very very veryyyy

    51. AudioPlayz

      It looks like there naked under that thing

      1. George Mitchell

        AudioPlayz it’s cos they are

    52. thegalaxygamer sdonuts

      W-w-w-weird flex lol

    53. Corbin Phillips


    54. neosapiens


    55. neosapiens


    56. HatemyselfFlying YT

      I think its spelled "Rythm"

    57. Evilwithin 66

      it made me so much more insane

    58. Bl00ster

      just realized "person of the year" is POTY.

    59. Kelsey Woods


    60. Wynter Fleury

      When he started to sing i almost choked on my donut

    61. black snow wolf

      Ten Thousand

    62. Brookelynn Carter

      Very uncontrollable

    63. Isabella Thomas

      Oh meh gwad So uncomfortable 🤢🤮

    64. Patrick142099

      Hopefully it's their legs

    65. Hannah Wheatley

      I now will always learn words that I don’t need to know in fear one day this will happen to me

    66. Teagan Sewepagaham

      1000 000 000 000 000 %

    67. Monkeyojacko

      It hurts me to know that they are naked under those

    68. Awkward Ghøst

      13:11 that one made me laugh way harder than I thought...my eyes are watering,my face is warm and bright red

    69. Can you not?

      I aspire to have a friendship where my best friend holds my hand while I'm getting bikini waxed.