Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich



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    Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)

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    1. TheOdd1sOut

      Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

      1. Raven the Rooster


      2. th lim

        Im 500!

      3. Suzie Burns

        I love your videos, please upload a lot more👌😎🥳

      4. DailyVideos

        I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!

      5. Ruby Love

        TheOdd1sOut rules

    2. Ulrika Jansson

      1M *Likes* OMG

    3. Coouge

      Are you worried about COPPA and FTC?

    4. American History

      Sad day for America

      1. Kaylanae Kunz

        HEY RANDOM PERSON. Have you drank egg nog before?

    5. Sonic Fans

      Bill c is bill cipher morty c is morty smith

    6. TD

      J- just A- a M- man E- eating S-subway

    7. Kaylee G

      Legally, restaurants cannot ask you to prove if your dog is a service animal or not and they cannot ask you about the service they provide. This is because there isn’t a universal verification system in place and it’s highly invasive to ask about someone’s disability.... This doesn’t mean that you should claim and untrained dog is a service animal, but it’s a fun fact all the same.

    8. villamadam

      I've dreamed about meeting with you, but then I woke up :'(

    9. prisca butoyi

      I watched part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 now l want a sooubway

    10. JDOgg Plays

      You should upload more

    11. TheLegend 27

      M O T H E R, F E E D M E C O O K I E

    12. diesel boi

      Hey make a furry video please I'm begging Because I'm a furry ••

    13. Pepsi Stronk

      Fun Fact: James only likes comments from CZ-news channels that are verified.

    14. Billy bob

      You should check out daks dominos theodd1sout

    15. Yrd Boy

      Me when I clicked this video: hmmmm... I think there will be a dramatic opening... James: BUY MY GAME IT'S AT TARGET

    16. Datlolz

      You dont have a real job, u work on youtoobs!



    18. ReaperSCP

      Hey James, when you reach 50M can I start donating sprinkles?

    19. Hashir choudhery

      Your vids aren’t showing up in my feed

    20. Gilly Perrin

      didn't even think of the turtles 🐢

    21. Cyber wolf

      i was eating a su- sooub from sooubway while watch this

    22. Orange

      Make a video about getting punched by that kid

    23. IDoGamingStuff

      Who can never take James seriously even if he made a sad ending

    24. Jeremy Bomboy

      You wont die alone you’ll have jaiden

    25. No name

      Есть люди понимаюшие русский

    26. Lizard Fish

      Make a new video nooooooooooooooooooooooow

    27. Kaiden Schell

      Legit buried a perfectly good sandwich

    28. Het lego kanaal PD

      With your 10 million subs video you did not say anything about the European subs😢

    29. Super shark gamer -SSG

      1:28 who saw the bird

    30. Ivy Ponce

      2:37 when my mum tells me to use normal language

    31. Basement comics. Inc

      1 like = 1 pray for sooubway

    32. Erik Herrera

      Congratulations on making on the top donaters in team trees For donating $33,333 worth of trees

    33. MrBeast

      Petition for James to buy that subway building and call it sooubway

    34. Bravepanda_ TTV

      More sub way

    35. death Uchiha

      When you watch your old videos and you have to turn you volume to max Freakin mint

    36. Marie

      Why did the burial part feel like a filthy frank video (back when he made videos)

    37. Just a Microwave

      COPPA better not pass

    38. Dustin Ramos

      Are we all gonna ignore Pringle Man? 1:54

    39. Tran Thi Le Dzung

      Hey James this for you .......... I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!

    40. Marcel 0001

      S00ubway 5 you mean. Because you said S00ubway 4 somewhere.

    41. Knight

      I actually worked at Subway for a year between this and the third vid Needless to say, I hope the company burns down to the ground

    42. Flashing Oof

      No one: Not a single soul: CZ-news: Congrats, you dweeb. Have a plaque.

    43. RainyZack81 ,

      Since you do animation will the new 2020 January rule eddy you

    44. TTkittygamer kittycat

      please make this year count, next year you might not make it. along with the others

    45. Fortnite Help

      Finally 1m likes I’ve been waiting for this a long time

    46. eagles 11887

      so did james admit to being a furry or is this a joke or something well known

    47. CreeperTNT

      10000 years later... Kid: Mom, is that a fossil of a sandwich? Mom: Yes. Kid: Why is there a sandwich fossil here? Mom: Nobody really knows, but theories suggests that a young man called James buried the sandwich because his old work place closed down.

    48. Dammit Dabears

      *Forgive me Lord Nuxanor-sama... But I must go all out, Just this once. * Please help us force Nux-taku to remake EVERY pokemon cry against his will for the meme by liking this video

    49. Mason Scott

      ONE MILLION LIKEsS?!?!!!!?!!?!

    50. Bryan Wilson

      I went back to the place you dug up the sandwich and I did not find it

    51. Gavin Gamble

      Did flute really jump on the counter and P

    52. skeppy’s a6d

      my friend has can’t catch harry, and she brings it to school, but there are seven of us :( (max six people)

    53. Keith Blair

      #saveyoutube STOP COPPA

    54. D Arch

      has you eva mwade vid bot fake fwriends oop i was half sleep

    55. Michael Joseph

      Matpatt kinda looks like James

    56. Bruh _

      This is funny Russian man. Me and a couple friends are trying to get him views because he was way too shocked by our first discord campaign. So please watch and subscribe.

    57. Thomas & friends Trackmaster storys

      Rip Sooubway 🥪

    58. Paige the Minecrafter

      Sorry this isn't related to the video, but this is important. I'm really not kidding. James, if you see this please pay attention, this might seriously affect your career. The short version is that YT broke some sort of law and they got sued for it, so YT is changing, people might be sued for their content (you heard me), and all that. I won't make you read a whole essay about what happened, but if you search up the CZ-newsr Bijuu Mike, he made a video explaining everything. I don't think I can put a link here, but if you're a CZ-newsr or are planning to be one, please go check out his video.

    59. fat_frog_69

      Rip 2020 😢😢

    60. Awesomeal82

      I'm just asking, but what do you use to animate?

    61. Fade Dude

      HOLLLYYYY F*** IM CRYINGG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    62. Rhett B


    63. christopher brown

      please don't end the channel anytime soon🍅🐧🌚⛄

    64. Mr. Bear


    65. LPSP

      “Mother, I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates.”

      1. Noah Tumblin

        "Yeah, whatever nerd. Go get something at subway"

    66. 5-minute crapper

      James, Dow you still have your snow globe collection from that episode of your grace trip in 2015?

    67. Chilli Animations

      So I saw a comment about “signing a petition to buy subway and call it sooubway” *hEy wHAt AbOut ThAt mOnEy FRom mR bEaST?*

    68. Spencer Le

      I can’t tell if James is joking about his dog peeing on the olives and biting the dude, or not...

    69. •sannyplayz gaming•