Solve the RIDDLE, Survive The KILLER DOOR!



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    1. David Nashed

      Who applauded when Dan's pug came? Who cried when she left?

    2. David Nashed

      Worm! That's a snake Dan Not that I have anything against him

    3. Ana Aguevara

      It says escape tonight

    4. Ana Aguevara

      The sailor said: i want the ugliest woman to kill me

    5. Ana Aguevara

      A lion that has'nt eaten in three years cause it will be dead

    6. ACBG The subscriber

      Who heard Naruto music

    7. fnaf luver 63

      Inertia means to have a tendency to work against motion

    8. Grace Prince

      Dan I’m 10 and I know what inertia means

    9. Tyler Meyers

      I love when he plays the naruto music

    10. Ginnie Burns


    11. melissa bouderbala

      Tony is my friend

    12. Rafay Lefafay

      The sailor said”let me go, build me a boat and give me some food

    13. Katelyn Alumbaugh

      And I’m going to steal your Crown oh ah and I’m going to steal your wife💔and I’ll Mary her👰 we will be Queen and king👸🏼🤴🏼💏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    14. Katelyn Alumbaugh

      I live in the us to Dan and your Beautiful💃👗👠👒👛👜👡👢🏵🌅🌄🌇🏞🔮📿🎀🛍💖⚜️🔱

    15. Pumpkin

      At 0:27 it's the lion door because it hasn't ate in a long time so it's dead

    16. Mr. Xterm

      did you get an editor?

    17. Beybey bwnbwn fhBenben

      Rules of survivals

    18. Daniel Cates

      We both are stupid I guessed C on the houses to but we were DUMB

    19. Roblox Player29

      I haven’t watched dan in so long did he get his brown hair back?

      1. Piglou

        Roblox Player29 Yes he said the hair dye was messing with his hair

    20. Kailyn Hodges

      dan:a worm me: thats a snake! 🙄

    21. Mark Ay

      is the lion


      Wait what if dan wasn’t joking about being in prison🤭🤔😯😮

    23. Genesis Randall

      Where’s grim were is Minecraft



    25. Ed Watchorn

      EXCUSE TO ASK FOR TO..... pls play overwatch

    26. K I t t y w o p Wop

      My dad is a police 🚔

    27. Obr6257 Gaming and vlogs

      you should do bright side riddles

    28. Jackson Blumengarten

      Just write the disappearing ink words on a different paper

    29. Emperor Of Fun

      Inertia is one of Newton’s laws

    30. Samuel Carino


    31. Samuel Carino

      The titanic sunk

    32. Samuel Carino

      Cute dog

    33. Adam Mcmahon

      I watched your video when I exactly turned 11

    34. Funnel James Humphrey

      When you said no electricity my electricity ran out and scared

    35. * TOXIC12YEAROLD *

      14:34 Spiderman can go through spiders and web swing across abyss and quicksand

    36. Sans The skeleton

      6:31 Dan: I don’t even care what he says Dan 11 seconds later: nah. **rejects what it says**

    37. cotton candy sweet that's Milly

      You could pass time I'm go out somewhere and grab attack or something come back punch him in the face you good😓

    38. Bennett Brenner


    39. Donald Callands

      Do u even have kids cuz they need to be with u in vids and have there own channel

    40. Teddy Suri

      Naruto music

    41. Unicorn Gamerlove


    42. Eyelin aSadiq

      I go i go i go i gooooooo!!!

    43. lama Expert

      Common sense 7 Seconds riddlers a massive fire would burn down the door

    44. Chloe Sandifer

      I love spider man

    45. Millie Bourne

      🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄no he hasn't eaten in days

    46. Zi Xuan Yeoh

      Dan,think about it,if you choose the fire door, you can wait till the fire goes out, so you actually have two safe doors.: )

    47. Flying_low

      Why is no one talking abt the fact tht dan knows gmm

    48. Grace Garcia

      Omg dan im your fan im only 9 years old i love video and im so but shut up your funny haha but i am will give you some questions what you will choose love your girlfriend and the subcribers will not suscribe you the second one is love the followers but you girlfriend will leave you never love her again that my riddle for you dan

    49. Nash Shepherd

      I remember

    50. Javorine Nicole

      How are we suppose to know 5:45

    51. Spaceinvoider

      You meant boi

    52. Mr. Doobz

      “The door can kill u!” -Overprotective mom 2019

    53. Ac Watters

      Naruto music!

    54. Itz_Gabby_ UwU

      6:00 the grills are lesbians (grills=girls) TwT

    55. Concert Tour

      I was close i said he would brake a tree branch, and wack the snake then the snake fall and would make the lion focused on on the snake then the boy/man would climb down and grab the axe cut the tree and fell on the alligators then killed both lion and snake Dan:grab snake by the neck and through down:

    56. Jixster H

      3:45 phhhhhggggg hahahahaha

    57. Deon Kriel

      ICEMAN CAN FREEZE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. Michael Armstrong

      I love Dan

    59. Mint Ng

      Dan pls play PUBG

    60. Coolythe 1st

      If snakes get cut they don't die they stay alive

    61. Thaddeus Garcia

      14:51 dan forgot fortnite!?!?!?!?

    62. jingsong zhang


    63. jingsong zhang


    64. jingsong zhang



      I always go to that channel

    66. Agus Hidayat


    67. Daniel Catlin

      Middle for all

    68. Nathan Rodriguez

      Who ever made Spider-Man is a spider man fanXD

    69. Why you Bully me?

      My smart side: inertia means if an object is at rest stays at rest or if an object is in motion stays in motion unless a unbalanced force acts upon it My I don’t give a crap side: WTH

    70. TheGamingGuy 01

      Inertia doesn't have anything to do with water.