Soap Fish {Catch Clean Cook} Sweet N' Sour Snook Fillet

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    1. Fccv Ccfff

      What artificial lure are you using?

    2. Greg Sampson

      Love watching these videos; and Great parenting guys!

    3. LdLehmannH

      So incredibly fun to watch on a snowy day in Minnesota.....

    4. Christopher Collier

      Nice Robert

    5. David Jacobs

      It's bull 🦈 in brackish water & Gator's becareful…..

    6. Cameron Dickson

      Watch TA fishing if you like this style of videos and fishing!

    7. BackcountryMedic

      Alright, big time... these ads are getting out of hand! In 18mins I had 6...

    8. chevyc10805

      Do have any good ways in making broiled oysters?

    9. SquonkerO vape

      Hoping to see a giant red squid catch clean and cook and very excited to see some content here in the philippines next year... Take care and godbless to all your adventures sir!!!

    10. Youtoobe Commentor

      You ever heard of Pokemon, Bubba? I thhink you'll really like it

    11. b09 Ss

      I think this dude might just be the definition of a true God fearing family man who enjoys Gods natural green blue earth and its offerings!

      1. b09 Ss

        I love their family interactions so beautiful and natural

    12. Marea Gear

      Great video Robert and killer footage!

    13. Amanda Pittar

      I cannot imagine getting in the water OFF the boat to fish. That was bizarre. I suspect the fish thought so too.

    14. Jordan Purdham

      Looks like a fun fight too

    15. Repile Madness

      Do a catch and cook of walking catfish, bonefish, or permit fish I’ve never heard of people doing that

    16. Peter Kleppe

      Hey man I really appreciate the videos. They make my day. I’m from Charleston sc and my buddy and I just bought our first boat. A 17 ft sea pro we had to build the whole motor and re wire the boat. Never did it before it’s a Johnson 90 from 83. I just wanna say your videos make me a better person and you encourage me to make the best of life. My family and I strive to be like y’all. Love the videos man keep it goin

    17. Lauren Moran

      Does anyone know what type of silver stag he’s using? I’m trying to get it for my boyfriend for Christmas and I know nothing. Help lol.

      1. vincent hernandez

        Lauren Moran it’s the deer meat one look on their website I think it’s called woods and water

    18. mouse trap

      Bro give me ur plate lol

    19. Amsa Sitanggang

      May God Bless You and Family Amsa Sitanggang frm Indonesia Jakarta. Please come to Indonesia

    20. Abdhulmuneer Muneer

      king cobra fish???caught monster madinji fish , kerala village fishing and cooking

    21. Abdhulmuneer Muneer


    22. T33OT

      You should look up YBS channel hes a australian dude hes got some of the sweetest fishing spots in the world you need to check him out bro and do a you tubers collaboration it would be awesome to watch.

    23. Giovilladancer88

      I love watching your videos, I'm not a hunter nor a pro fisherman, but I do love the outdoors and nature. I was raised by a single mom and by watching youtube I learned to fish. I go every now and then, its so peaceful, I love it. Even though im not a pro, watching your videos are super entertaining. You seem like a great human being, its nice to see before a meal you thank God 👍 In general your channel is Great, glad I subscribed 😁

    24. fiskuy

      Robert and his big family has inspire me to start the same movement, wish what he do with the outdoor activity for better world can be replicate here in Indonesia -

    25. Jaco Benade

      In florida you can fish for snook in your back yard. In R.S.A you can only get them by deep sea fishing lol!!

    26. Press Woodard

      If that’s your hometown, I guess beginnings weren’t so humble lol nice homes

    27. Rusty Lee

      I love to see you fish, I love to see your family, but most of all I love to see you pray before you eat. God bless.

    28. Justin Flannery

      What a cool guy

    29. Clinton Evans Jr

      You’re an amazing man. Christ has truly blessed your heart. Great dad & fisherman!

    30. yokill16

      Veteran owned and operated. We make Metal art of all kinds from signage to business logos and more we can make any animal or fish species. We make custom art as well check us out on Facebook or at FREE shipping for all orders on the website till Christmas Eve!!!!🎄🎄🎄🎄

    31. Kodi

      Great video

    32. Bangladeshi dad london Uk

      Living the dream, love this channel, every time I watch I get hungry

    33. Creek Fisherman929

      I know you know what you’re doing but at the tail don’t cut just flip the meat over the you can cut the meat off while keeping the skin still attached to the fish

    34. Marc Ras

      Hi Guys, new to the channel and lovit. Hope you join me in Mauritius soon for some crazy adventures!!!

    35. 934 505s

    36. Joe Real

      Did you save me a plate?

    37. Sean 22

      do people get mad that you are fishing in front of their house?

      1. A2theE2

        You can't own the waterways!!! Its all.public land owned by and state and federal government. You can only own private ponds. Rivers and feeder creeks are public domain

    38. Hermihead BarbiQ

      I would love to buy one, but I cannot find them in Germany! So, what‘s the big idea for me???

    39. John Mark Delovino

      I've been watching a lot of your vlogs since the last 3 months. Ad what I've noticed is how you love our God. The one who guvrs all of our needs, I can see how thankful you are!😊 I know God will lift you up! And most of all you deserve a lot of millions of subscriber! 💞

    40. Bill H


    41. Guillermo fitz virgil

      @DMFD give us backround music while you cooking i suggest kpop girlgroup song THANKSS

    42. womsterr

      Good stuff Robert. Crushed them last week in Charlotte harbor. Season closed :(

    43. iamDevon

    44. يوتيوب دين ودنيا

      want happiness and true life:

    45. Jodean Salisbury

      Hi, Deer meat for dinner, I'm a big fan enjoy your videos. My spouse and I are in Tennessee for a vacation this week. When you say Everglades seasoning is your favorite. I wanted to try some. Well I seen a Publix grocery store in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We found some got all-purpose, cactus dust, and Everglades fish and chicken which we have not tried yet. WOW my spouse says this stuff is Good. And I think we will getting more when this is gone. Hope you see this reply. This is excellent seasoning. Thanks for showing how you live and love your family. Sincerely, Jodean from Michigan.

    46. john barnes

      best part of being stuck on a 24 hour duty in alaska for the army is watching DMFD all day to remind you of home

      1. A2theE2

        Thanks bro, stay warm

    47. Rick Sanchez

      Did somebody ever told you that your food taste bad?? Lol that shit will be funny af

    48. Lacrosse Boss

      How was your audio pack rigged up when you went in the water? Or is it waterproof? Still great quality

    49. OneWayLuis

      What happen to his foot?

    50. Dj Pitetti

      Love your videos. Finally ordered myself some Everglades also you should try fishing flaming gorge in Utah/Wyoming. Awesome fishing for kokanee salmon rainbow trout lake trout brown trout and burbot

    51. Brayan Rivera

      *mad as a fish getting caught* “Are you kidding me !?” “Most importantly we’re out here having fun”

    52. Red Powell

      Have you ever considered ikejime for the fish you keep. It's supposed to give fish a cleaner taste and be more humane. Ive used it before and you can actually taste the difference because you drain the blood.

    53. Pro Answers

      why not use straight braid avoid the break offs? flour carbon leader in that stained water isnt really needed iMO- snook similar patterns to largemouth bass. Great flavors put together for the snook.

    54. Pat Cunningham

      Hey Robert what pound line do you use for that rod

    55. Mason Martin

      And why is the first ad an impeachment poll? Lost my respect

      1. Andygeofri

        I don't believe he has any control over the ads. Likely it's based on your own Google history.

    56. Redfishin727

      Why such light drag? That 1st first your drag was wayyy to loose. Around heavy structure need to be using heavier leader not lighter. I use nothing but 40lb or higher in areas like you area fishing and tighter drag

    57. Josiah Knapp

      That place where you lost that big fish is the same wall that lawson caught that giant jack and has caught more huge fish that seems like a Great Wall to fish

    58. Jared Miller

      You oughta show us how to make some good meatballs one episode! Out of whatever meat you want! And some Gar meatballs!

    59. The Cajun Redneck

      Doesn’t Florida have another fish called a soap fish?

    60. Samuel (Sam) Smith

      That looks great! Will try this recipe with some trout or redfish sometime!


      PK.. Hey Rob Rob.. Yeah PK PK.. I bet you cant jump out the boat and land a fish while standing in the middle of the river. Rob.. Hold my Mountain Dew!!! LOL YEAH BUDDY!!!

    62. Zachary Tuckfield

      Why don't you get that kinda action @lawson Lindsey ?????

    63. Primetime Fishing

      Like always, what a great video.

    64. jack peruso

      DMFD why don’t you throw a power pole on that bad boy, since you love shallow water fishing

    65. freediver

      10 subscriber gets a cookie

    66. vodkalima

      Waiting for the sour/bored lady to pop out of the house anytime and ask you to leave, typical Bluegabe video 😂

    67. Sanders Park

      you've discovered one of korea's secret ingredients, gochujang! so many uses. you can make an amazing stew with it with grouper or snapper head (prized among us koreans). this way you have virtually no waste. i'll make it for you!

    68. Tyger King of kings


    69. Quantum Bob

      Soap Fish.... Does that mean you don't have to clean them?

    70. Gabriel Gonzalez

      your kids eat more than me wtf