So no one told you life was gonna be this way



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    A requested piece of art from the recent Hitman video, Ross has finally snapped. Source is here:
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    1. RTGame

      I didn't plan on uploading tonight, but there were a lot of requests to upload a standalone version of this from the Hitman stream. So enjoy some next tier CZ-news poop

      1. Justice League Gaming

        Hey I watch friends

      2. Brooke Farlow


      3. Mobnout Pie


      4. Naterocker 05

        This is perfect thanks

      5. Naterocker 05

        This is perfect

    2. FluffyMuffin456


    3. Dylan White

      when you finally reach unagi

    4. kat uwu

      So no one told you life was gonna *end* this way 🔫🔫🔫🔫

    5. Border Gore

      Where my ten hour long version damn it

    6. NeoGeoThomas

      Friends: American Edition

    7. 7BMan777

      I keep coming back to this every couple of days!!

    8. Rallymatt 1

      what audio program are you using

    9. HockeyRocks2006

      *So no one told you life was gonna be this way* 🔫🔫🔫🔫 *Your life's a joke, you're broke* *Your whole life's D.O.A* *I mean, your whole life's stuck in second gear* *And it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but* *I'll keep shooting you* (when the rain starts to pour) *I'll keep shooting you* (like I've done it before) *I'll keep shooting you* *'cause you don't want me tooooooooooo*

    10. SpizganyKrólikTV


    11. triPPy

      I feel like I'm the only person here that doesn't watch friends

    12. _Zealos_


    13. Zapzir

      so no-one told you life was gonna be this way? okay then, i'm not stopping ya *gunshots*

    14. cameron

      hahahahahahahah this is my new cocaine

    15. Mackenzie Comer

      My friend sent me this with zero context and just told me to watch it... this is depressing

    16. Chak Vang

      Someone show this to Mini Ladd

    17. KorliWolf

      Imagine if these wernt lyrics but just being said *No one told you that life was gonna be this way* **BANG BANG BANG BANG**

    18. GIguyjoe

      Well if this wasn't disappointingly predictable.

    19. Ricardo Espinoza

      *Reloads M1911, about to enter the hit's house.* *Hit is in the bathroom.* *Kicks open bathroom door* Hitman: So no one told you life was gonna be this way. *Gunshots*

    20. Niklas

      Thats the csgo awp sound....

    21. Anthaleus Decriseus

      *Tony Soprano Has Entered The Chat.*

    22. Buckaroo Man


    23. Robin Bazinet

      The media: Probably because you play videogames

    24. RadDrew42

      So no one told you life was gonna end this way...

    25. Dudey Goosey

      So no one told you life was gunna end this waaaaaaay... Bang bang bang bang

    26. sl1cky_n1cky

      Top tier shitpost

    27. Joe

      Literally wake up in America Bang Bang Bang Bang Die Thanks fbi

    28. MrOrangeCloud

      I just realised this video is after pumped up kicks in my good songs playlist

    29. modman484

      Doomguy after an imp spawns in front of him

    30. Ellie Fuhrman


    31. Benjamin Longhway

      This has more views than the hit man video, which means there are people watching this with no context

      1. Roasty

        Benjamin Longhway its probably because its short so it was on repeat

    32. Wuuff

      Here before this arrives in my recommended again after 9 years

    33. Audrey Robey

      Dredgen Yor *really* hates Friends.

    34. The SmorgMan

      Sad but the first thing that came to mind was making a music video with the recent shootings...

    35. james sillint


    36. Chey but WHY?

      I still clapped

    37. capital

      i wish that the friends theme tune was just 4 minutes of the clapping part on end

    38. Dave Jarvis

      USA the past 2 days:

    39. AmanXzGaming


    40. fzzzGIEeezzzqqq

      i found it!!. so no one told you laugh at this way but its not the original

    41. Morgan Baumgartner



      HOLY SHIT!

    43. hooman republic

      This is the type of vid that will pop up 13 years later

      1. Roasty

        hooman republic this is the type of comment that people have and will copy

    44. alex Barbosa

      What the crap?

    45. Gewoondavid

      damn are you alright man

    46. Ryan Barham

      Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's KIA...

    47. Contentdeleted


    48. Fri3ndlyFir3

      full cover please

      1. Breekace

        The shots were the band getting shot, there's no one left to do a cover.

    49. tuxlos ez


    50. Tonaldf Drumpf

      **looks at hands** What...what have I done?

    51. Olly Mars

      Oh... oh they CLAPPED clapped

    52. Shane Evan

      This is my favorite video on the internet

    53. David Maglioli

      Without context as to what this is I would be worried for you RT.

    54. Lea Slazak

      thanks i’m deaf now

    55. letsgoshutup the second

      Saw this without context first, laughed my ass off, saw it with context, still really fucking funny ngl

    56. Szabelle Junio

      I'm making this my ringtone for my friends and nothing is going to stop me

    57. fredrick banks

      friends no longer

    58. AnnoyedSpy

      Boutta see this in my recommendations in 2025

    59. vader1361

      When you do a run with this music as your cue to kill, make it into a friends meme intro. i'm sure you got enough clips to make a whole intro.

    60. Andrew Kim

      And with that, Ross was finally silenced...

    61. Nicholas Kaiser

      truly beautiful

    62. Aren Walesa

      Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T

    63. that guy from there


    64. Love Boi


    65. Elizabeth S.

      MY S A N D W I C H ? !

    66. Stupid skitz

      So no one told you that life was gonna end this way. BANG BANG BANG BANG

    67. Heavy Pokelover

      Friends school edition

    68. Several

      The forcing fans to build stuff Minecraft series in a nut shell