So... I Bought an Abandoned Mansion...



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    1. 911fan

      Central vacuum definitely installed throughout the house, speakers in every room, Ethernet ports in every room, epoxy covered garage floors, theater room and definitely big gun room

    2. ZmieniK

      Never understud americans building their houses 90% of timber.

    3. Marta Flores

      Dude are you using VetRanch donations for this SMH

    4. Maureen Arrivillaga

      Name it Animal House and use it for special animals. Bird and dog floor and so on.

    5. theApeShow

      Some gangster epoxy counter tops.

    6. Project 86 I roc-z

      Your a stupid piece of shit. This asshole gets everything handed to him doesn't work for anything he has. One day you will lose it all.

    7. Wu Gambina

      I can't imagine the expense...the landscape work is what I'm most interested in

    8. Green Arrow

      Do it like the house on Yellowstone.

    9. Debbie Sineath

      I think it’s a wonderful idea!

    10. Aiden Robertson

      Just knock it down and build a new house there still have the same veiwes and probably cheaper 🤷🏻‍♂️

    11. JonyRoks

      Great place, what a vue, go for it !

    12. Jacob Fox

      i think its great start with the walls

    13. Calibir1

      Ha, Welcome to the "Overlook Hotel" ... Mer - I'm home!!!

    14. R-Bee Media

      An indoor shooting range comes to mind !

    15. Cobb Adams

      Totally do a western theme with an old saloon in it

    16. chantal navarro

      I love this kind of content i'm subscribing

    17. Michael Hamilton

    18. Michael Hamilton

    19. Mckenzie Pittser

      I used to watched when I was younger, I was so inspired by you! I’m going to major in zoology in two years, and I volunteer at my local shelter rn.

    20. Snow • Bunny

      I’m looking for a comment talking about the channel name and doctor Phil

    21. TXC Rag3

      0:39 *experiences major seizure*

    22. magicbuskey

      I take it the outside of the house was protecting everything inside from the elements? Also, how do you know that the plumbing/electrical works properly. For example, is it on city sewer, leech field, etc.. and how does one test that water coming in and out doesn't come through cracked pipes which will invisibly erode and damage the house over time? Thanks.

    23. Cee Vee

      How much was the mansion?

    24. Sebastian Worthington

      HELL YEAH... good for you

    25. aka_just_matt

      🗣PSA... I can't remember exactly but you said if any video on Off The Ranch got 100k likes you was going to do something 🧐 All the true fans should remember so leave it in the comments and like this so Matt will see.

    26. Felix lbhr

      I'm always impressed how bad american houses are build ...

    27. William Webster

      love those kids

    28. Garrett Bell

      Yes, y'all are crazy.. but honestly I don't think I'd watch the channel if y'all were sane. Can't wait to see this project

    29. Subdued

      Those kids were probably busting out nuts too

    30. g12345

      your wife is beautiful

    31. Stargazer

      Definitely needs an infinity pool out back with that view!

    32. Yay KRUSER

      would give up everything i have fot this house...

    33. JJ Jr

      Or completely bulletproof room

    34. JJ Jr

      Make a volt for your guns

    35. danialphaomega

      Indoor target range!!!

    36. Mustang G483

      Indoor gun range

    37. Mason Miller

      You need a gun room and a long range gun range for your .338, .300, and .50 bmg

    38. James Murphy

      Why would they just stop building and leave ........ Check for indian burial grounds

    39. Timothy Chang

      Indoor paintball range

    40. SSMC_King Short film's

      Here's my suggestion Matt: make it your home

    41. Bruce No ya

      The headquarters for the demolition!

    42. mackjeez

      I've worked on much worse and bigger projects, I'm dying to know the final sale price unless there's a non-disclosure in place.

    43. mobilemodo

      You have to put fire cannons at the top of each wall corner to fire off like in Mad Max Thunderdome.

    44. Ryder Harvey


    45. Not Sure


    46. santiago furst

      You are crazy though in the end it will be worth

    47. Apache Moonshine23


    48. Steve Allmand

      How much land came with it?

    49. Eric VanGompel

      I do awesome woodwork!

    50. Tristan Smith

      go legit old English country house with the garden, patterned gardens manicured lawns, a maze, etc...

    51. dan McManus

      A nerf assault course for the kids....and the Massive kid in you!😂

    52. Seeking Asian Life

      How does such a fag have 3M subs? It's a SYMPTOM of Americas illness.

    53. Lisa Kempson

      Make it a adult only swingers resort and you can recoup all your costs in a year

    54. Robert Dolan

      A mansion with standing seam metal roofs? Only in Texas I guess. Let me know if you need a construction manager. I can turn shit into Shinola.

    55. Louis Soon

      This is awesome. I cant wait to see the finish. Subbed and liked.

    56. Kymberly Sedillos

      That is the coolest place ever

    57. Retired driver

      Bulldoze it and start over LOL

    58. Tyler Kippenberger

      That house screams “it’s okay for me to finally buy a tank”

    59. conover221

      It’s the gold poop emoji

    60. Glenn Chapman

      Big project! Guess you like challenges ..

    61. FishFind3000

      Well they started at the beginning of the 2000s and probably stopped when the recession hit.

    62. Robert Jensen

      You could flip it, you could keep it, or you could make it into 2 or 3 units, keep one and sell the other(s). Best of both worlds.

    63. Philip Hines

      Sniper Nest on the roof... with castle parapets!

    64. Philip Hines

      Get Drewski + DesertFoxAirsoft to recreate a Ghost Recon Wildlands mission at the house!

    65. Derek Van Kampen

      You should build a indoor gun range... so you don’t get in trouble with Mara. The next time you shoot in your house.

    66. Marauder777

      This absolutely needs the following: a brewery, a cheese cave, hidden rooms/hallways/stairs, a soundproof theater room, an observatory, and a panic room / gun vault that retracts into the floor.

    67. Dave Black

      Your kids are really going to love this house when it's done

    68. Craig Tate

      I would have loved to take on a project like project house is probably a bit worse then yours at least..and yes your crazy for buying a house like this...but your my kind of crazy, I would have done it too!

    69. Josh Kemp

      Fix it make it beautiful, then I recon it should be the new base for the Demo ranch

    70. susan lash

      Perfect place to build underground bunker...👀