So... I Bought an Abandoned Mansion...



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    1. B_

      That is such a beautiful answer "why" haha

    2. B_

      Hah, are you trying to literally create a horror movie?

    3. Tom S

      I think you're nuts and you have a lot of working in front of you. But I think it's cool that you bought it good luck to you both. I hope you can turn it back into a beautiful home

    4. Jon Booty

      What a place. Congrats on your purchase, it'll keep you busy for years. I speak from experience!😄 Here's what we bought- 3 years on, we aren't even halfway there.

    5. Slice of life

      Indoor shooting range!

    6. Tory White

      Who's coming to the shower I was self invited🤣🤣🤣

    7. Ántrax-Axel

      That is how a “horror movie starts”

    8. Bob Ge

      Fire pole, that house needs a fire pole. A big brass pole in the middle of the house. In fact, do it in a fire station theme. Then don’t tell Mere, but buy an old fire engine

    9. donald trump

      I don’t think mehr likes the idea as much as you 😂

    10. Mary Ellen Thompson

      I want to see you make this mansion beautiful.

    11. Matuba Shand

      Indoor range

    12. G C

      House is Awesome if you want to do something a little different with the shower room have a sky lite and a water fall going into a bath / hot tub and have a huge big ass window looking out over the hill whlist in the tub. Good luck youve got a shit load of work. But no doubt will be fun as you accomplish room by room.

    13. Cs3000

      Screw the house Matt is so cute very sexy😜

    14. Tito frost

      I wonder how close the house is to downtown San Antonio

    15. Seth Segall

      dude ....! with the wind blowing all that insulation arround you should be wearing goggles and Masks until you get those walls sheetrocked up..getting that stuff in your lungs will give you cancer!

    16. Hasselnøtt Per

      So glad you bought it. That mansion is on a strategic hill.

    17. Sincerely Majestik

      A pool in the middle of the house

    18. ٌREEM Yos

      instantly subscribed when he said “ a lot of CZ-newsrs buy Lamborghini , but not. I buy a lot of work” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. ٌREEM Yos

        “ is that our windows?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg

      2. ٌREEM Yos

        “ magnificent pies of pop you ever seen” sorry I’m just gonna keep quoting him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Rayray Juilerat

      As you said roller coaster I was thinking ferris wheel gate

    20. Jonni IInferno

      Looks like you're really gonna need some expert help - you should probably call - Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer-Upper...

    21. Jeremy Mead

      This was the ultimate don’t tell mere

    22. Kenneth Oliver

      why would you buy a abandoned house ? should just buy a nice beautiful house ..that is not a safe place for kids to be in ...

    23. ElectricSoldier

      That place has the protentional to be a million dollar home. Might take 5 years to do, but more than worth it. I'd keep it. as well. Great find! I particularly like, that view! the room entry arches, the ceilings and stone floor. Indoor range?

    24. Mihai Ciubotaru

      off grid!!!

    25. Jade a

      Big open windows that open to the outside and sky lights. Be friendly to the spirits.

    26. Seiwa清和


    27. Dylan Proctor

      Get rid of that fiberglass and spray foam

    28. jebun

      This was the premise of the Haunting of Hill House jsyk

    29. phone phone

      I know from experience kids love breaking glass my favorite thing to do used to be going into the woods and breaking glass bottles by throwing them at tree's

    30. Aviana Holkesvik

      I think you should put a trampoline inside the house 🏡

    31. Oodle Bear

      I can’t wait to see the progress!!

    32. Hunter Eisenhart

      Shrek 2 into anybody

    33. hichizarai

      Please have me there. I'd help you

    34. Max Bowen

      I have missed so much this year😂

    35. Klaas J

      nice for some pornhub vids

    36. Velma Henson

      I would take one section at a time and turn it into aB&B

    37. Jadde K. Astrie

      He should say we bough an abandoned mansion :)

    38. Gabriel Marino


    39. Maurice Shaw

      I have no no one

    40. Brookelynn Hogan

      Please make one room a Trampoline ROOM! Watch Dharma and Greg TV show so you can see what Im talking about

    41. Joe G.

      I been seing this abandoned mansion in some other CZ-newsrs channels and how they trashed your mansion...

    42. Kevin C

      Please call the shower room: *_The Giraffe Bath_*

    43. Dodgeit629

      Can’t wait to see if more videos have been done on this.

    44. stepa kykki

      привет . я чет подумал реально ли забить гвоздь пулей

    45. Robert Reynolds

      I was wondering who bought this house. Now I know good luck.

    46. Joshua Gwinup

      Indoor soundproofed gun range.

    47. Alicia Pimentel

      Haunted house ..

    48. Debra Augustine

      You can get it beautiful

    49. Debra Augustine

      You can do it

    50. DEVO lutionist


    51. Johana Lozano

      U should do a slide coming out from the top floor to the outside like a cleaner slide

    52. Justin Butcher

      Indoor gun range with casing scooping robots!!!!!

    53. Love Is The Answer

      6:55 Of course you don't stand behind it, you stand on top of it.

    54. Grimes Finds

      I totally would by this place. Cant wait to see what you do with it. From Dallas Texas.

    55. Rail Nocerous

      Listing price? Square footage?

    56. Perry Cripps

      Do who think you will have it for the uk

    57. Perry Cripps

      Best think we can work on

    58. Luke O'Leary

      Matt, I always thought you were cool but seeing you subscribe to Logan Paul. You lost my respect. Urbanites like him are a threat to our very way of life.

    59. Irma Monroy

      You Got My Sub 👍 I was just going to say water slide and then you literally said it. Maybe a slide that leads to a hidden pool ((the ones that's transform from pool to hard floor)) that way if and when it's to cold for a water slide you can just turn off the water raise the pool so it's hard floor and you can use it as a regular slide as well. Here's a link to video for the pools that I'm explaining terribly: Can't wait to see what you guys have done by Christmas 🎄

    60. Alisha Hoskins

      First. I wanna see a rap around porch. I mean. I think it would be nice.... maybe a playhouse for the kids

    61. 4szn_thrillseekers Gta

      Clean it out like spiritual cleaning

    62. gerald fields

      So how much was the purchase price

    63. Norma Mimosa

      For me, essential for such a renovation would be a ballet studio, complete with tons of space, mirrors, barres, audio video equipment, sprung, Marley floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on to the view.

    64. Brandon Smith

      House looks freaking awsome. Id love to get my hands on a house like that. man cave/ gun room

    65. tinko mertens


    66. Christina mosher

      Wow super awesome ton of work but should be fun don't get stuck on the small boosie stuff and don't helicopter the contractor wow can't wait till you get it finished good luck and enjoy the ride

    67. Derrick Weese

      I think you should build a secret panic room with a hidden walk in gun safe, and hidden passage ways to it and your garage. Just saying...

    68. Posie75

      I am SO excited to see this come together!

    69. Lexturn

      at around 3:00 it looks green screened

    70. Life With The Campbells

      a pool with a water fall and a water slide