SNL gives impeachment hearings a soap-opera spin

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    The "Saturday Night Live" cold-open Nov. 16 portrayed former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch's testimony as an episode of "Days of Our Lives."
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    1. Jake Ryker

      Even they know how big a joke the *Impeachment* is xD

    2. Eric Burton


    3. Ronnie Baker

      I saw a player without a helmet and I attempted to put it back on. I'm tired of being falsely accused! Lol!

    4. p tard

      Liberal Propaganda...They just can't help it...Lou Michaels sucks

    5. Lynn Hanson

      WTF! SNL has "Sunk to a New Low"

    6. RustyAngel

      I remember when SNL was actually funny.

      1. Yeti

        RustyAngel It’s not funny in comparison to reality

    7. VG CC

      I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful; but every time I look at Mr. Shiff, I can't help seeing Quico from El Chavo del Ocho. In the episode "El Cumpleaños de Quico" from 18:57 to 19:29, you might see the "Impeachment Hearing."

    8. Planepants Games

      They shouldn't give Stefanik the attention of getting an SNL character. If they do, they should cast Chris Peterson

    9. anti-left crusader

      Am I the only one that gets homicidal whenever I look at Adam Schiff. He literally makes my blood boil

      1. Yasmine Kattan

        Yeah looks like you’re the only one

      2. Yasmine Kattan

        Ted Bomba LOOOL

      3. Ted Bomba

        Anti-left - aside from the wife, who upvoted your comment or get slapped around again, that's sure how it looks...

    10. Todd Miller

      Never ceases to amaze how a coward not willing too fight for his country gets so many people supporting him. They even attack those who do.

    11. Ryan T

      BOO HOO she got fired cause she didn't want to play ball w/ the new Ukranian President. Her issue is an HR issue, has nothing to do w/ a Presidential Impeachment..

      1. Ariemius

        Abuse of Power - Without any big words is "using the functions of your position in a manner intended for personal gain". Example Given - firing a career public servant (function of your position) not because of some failure to preform their duty, but because they won't participate in the (potentially illegal) back channel foreign policy seemingly designed to help your re-election.(in a manner intended for personal gain)

    12. Diego Fonseca

      ''Excitement...emotion...and none of it...from me''. Adam Schiff in a nutshell. I just love the guy! XD

    13. John Barrett

      That was lame.



    15. 143freespeech nobuts

      Nobody's taking this seriously. Everyone can see what both sides are going to do. I'm just afraid what the GOP will do when it gets to the Senate. They could subpoena everyone and drag this out for a year.

    16. Stephen Dise

      Which one is parody and which one is real? Can't tell the difference.

    17. Anthony Kollar

      I believe the one about putting the helmet back on his head.

    18. cutnrun22

      Fox’s Schiff is much funnier

    19. wolum andreas

      Absolutely, when comedic parody cannot outperform genuine travesty. How can any rational American voter give a Schiff about the Democratic party?

    20. Joseph Arce

      The impeachment hearings are more rediculous than this skit ! Dems need a safe space because of a tweet. Its all an orchestrated partisan coup attempt.

      1. Michael Donovan

        yeah, yeah says the trumptard defending his tangerine fuehrer...

      2. Shawn

        How does it feel going through life being this stupid, and unable to think for yourself?

    21. The Spectosphere

      Criticism is threats? By that standard Secret Service better raid WaPo for threatening the POTUS every single day...

      1. Shawn

        Must be hard going through life being so easily manipulated. I wonder how you will survive when Trump is gone, who will your mindless brain cling on to then?

    22. Splendor Neko2

      SNL losers

    23. Splendor Neko2

      SNL really is a waste land of pathetic talentless 💩heads! SNL is a worthless program for dumbass mentally arrested 💩💩💩’s.

    24. mieczyslaw herba

      What is the main issue of Trump's and Republicans' success? They just don't steal! People in USA work, as they worked before, the only change is on Presidential position. If dems just don't steal, USA would be much richer than it is now, people living in USA would be much much richer. Where are that money? Who steal the. money?

    25. excolso

      SNL managed to retain truly clever political satire, long after the rest of their sketches became cringingly bad. Until now, I guess. The premise of this sketch was solid but the writing and execution was truly pathetic.

    26. Timeless

      Pencil necked Schiff needs to take care of his troubles. Why was he hanging around Ed Buck at the Gay Meth House Murders? He needs to sit down while he is secretly being investigated-allegedly.

    27. Pat d

      SNL used to be somewhat funny & interesting, many years ago. Now, it's just boring.

    28. Ken Hill

      This fell flat for me. Perhaps because what is happening here and what is at risk is too serious. There are things that are just so sad and sobering like the erosions of values, including respect by the US of allies and others and respect of democratic principles and the law that one cannot make it the source of humor.

      1. Paul Delaney

        Insightful comment

    29. Adam Gardiner

      The bit where Trump tweeted threats during the witness speaking was a bit of a stretch. Wait... what is facts?, what is reality? Does anything matter anymore?

      1. The Spectosphere

        “Threats” LoL... open criticism is “threats.”

    30. Marius Thefaker

      Swing and a miss SNL 🤨

    31. Jack Ryan

      Isn't this the actual video clip of the hearing?

      1. reverant tangent

        Some of them are, but yes, the parody clips were very subtle and hard to notice 😄

    32. Dever 506 use sis bthday

      ithis a big fraud

    33. Howard Roark

      She was fired for undermining US foreign policy. US ambassadors are supposed to represent the US president abroad and she was opening supporting the corrupt ousted former Ukrainian leaders, which was the opposite position as the US president ... The president sets foreign policy, not some un-elected bureaucrat.

      1. car. A

        @Howard Roark Ah, but he did have a reason, or that is certainly what is quickly being determined. They can't remove anyone for corrupt purposes, and that Guilliani, Lev, Igor and junior were involved (none of them government officials two of them arrested, one under criminal investigation, and the last the President's son) sure makes things appear corrupt.

      2. Howard Roark

        @car. A The President doesn't need to give a reason for dismissal ... and that is known by all ambassadors.

      3. car. A

        well that's not true. She was given no reason for her dismissal. She was extremely highly regarded, and was asked to do another year. And why the public smearing by by Trump abd Junior? That's weird af.

    34. Lisette Land

      The helmet thing got me 😂

    35. Tequila D'killa

      More of these types of videos on the WaPo channel would be nice!

    36. Tequila D'killa

      More of these videos on the WaPo channel would be nice

    37. hey funny

      I would love to see an SNL skit where McConnell, Graham, Jorden, Gaetz, McCarthy, and the rest of his lackeys try to wrestle that cell phone away from Trump's tiny fingers.

    38. extra solar

      when the polluted dnc base relies on snl too heavily to be their coffee cup conversation and their john kerry school of diplomacy credentials, assuming baldwin is wasted again beyond belushi recognition, then they might become confused or resentful, based on reality. its kinda like when they depend on avenatti to be their next president, it can certainly entertain accurately. kinda like how the post doesnt try to. but they will at least admit its another clinton catastrophe crew circus that needs some very creative adjustments. lol.

    39. Gamma Bravo

      These are our finest politicians, comedians and journalists... all hope is lost.

      1. TheEsotericZebra


    40. Stephen Jenkins

      What happened to snl? They used to be funny. The snl vets must be shaking their heads. Even Chevy Chase says so.

    41. multiplepov

      God, what a stupid take by SNL. The Brett Kavanaugh skit was a good parody. This one is trash.

    42. Edward Terry

      Democrats give all of reality a soap-opera spin.

      1. Veracity North

        @Edward Terry - I stated a fact about Trump following your comment.

      2. Edward Terry

        @Veracity North Hey, I'm just following your logic. 🤔

      3. Veracity North

        @Edward Terry - You are one who made that claim. I didn't. You have no idea my opinion.

      4. Edward Terry

        @Veracity North So, you figure Trump is suddenly the example that the Left should be following? 🤔

      5. Veracity North

        Funny you would say this. Trump believes he lives in a TV reality show.

    43. Jerry Martinez

      He designed a tweet wow can I designed one wow I want one of my own

    44. Mr. Daman L Sun


    45. Dale Walker

      SNL sure sucks from the old days ............ Just Piss Poor hacks.

    46. Raymond

      The only way snl the mainstream media the DemonCrats and the nevertrumpers will see their wet dream come true.

    47. Dippidous Fippidous

      SNL has gotten shittier every year

      1. Ronyfcb Farfan

        Because they keep pointing President Man Child's flaws?

    48. mad max

      I use to like SNL, now they just suck.

    49. Letitia Makowski


    50. Mike Ray

      Snl hasnt been funny since Chevy Chase

      1. mike mike

        @Mr Johnson You betray the Fellowship of Trump!! How dare you admit to indulging in Liberal propaganda!!

      2. Wayne Brinker

        @Darth Wiffy & Mike Ray It hasn't been THIS funny since Chevy Chase. We got a mini Golden Age happening! Hey Darth, I'm a boomer and I resemble that remark.

      3. Edward Terry

        @Darth Wiffy Okay, Kiddo.

      4. Mr Johnson

        Well the early 90s

    51. Silky Johnston

      SNL gets worse and worse every time.

      1. mike mike

        Trump is laughable. He loves being laughed at.

      2. Jack Butler

        Tds is showing

    52. Semper Fortis

      Trump has an inability to separate his ego and belief from conversations... especially when faced with objective facts or criticisms for his failings and shortcomings. That degree of insecurity alone is enough to deem a president inept to the task at hand. But as a veteran, i am concerned... it has long since been the point that he has gone from national embarrassment, to becoming a national security risk.

      1. Andi Amador

        @Ignaremes Nothing wrong with calling out the MSM for biases. I do it all the time. They aren't so much left or right, but more like blue team, red team---both playing for corporations and their major beneficiaries-----often their own friends and relatives----and not nearly as divided in their own mutual social circles as they help cause us to be in ours.... But, what you said in your comment referred to what one sees and hears from Trump in public---and that would be Trump's words, his demeanor, and his self-focus, all of which he displays a great deal in public. Now, if you want to hear more of what comes out of Trump, you want to watch him on the so-called 'left' media (blue team). If you notice, most of Red Team TV (FOX) tend to not show so much of Trump speaking----tending to talk about what he said and/or what he meant by what he said instead, in a protective function.

      2. Ignaremes

        @Andi Amador not to believe the biased and left leaning media??? What's wrong with calling that out?

      3. Andi Amador

        @Ignaremes The things Trump actually says in public should be very concerning to anyone and everyone who hears him. Have you ever actually listened to what Trump actually says? Trump advised people to not believe what they see and hear on the news. The stuff that comes out of his own mouth on camera and from his own fingers to tweet out to the public are not fake news.

      4. Semper Fortis

        @Mr Johnson I don't even bother with MSM. On C-SPAN one can watch our representative government in action; instead of 3rd party interpretations. Not to mention the vast majority of reports that come out of various international observers, watchdogs, NGO's, UN, etc. But it is a bit of a burden reading as much as is necessary to have a more well rounded understanding of the contemporary geo-political climate. But i'm sure you knew that. Plus world travel and military service ... gives a perspective civvies will never know.

      5. Ignaremes

        Have you ever had a conversation with Trump? Or are you basing this solely off what you see in public?

    53. Leslie Powell

      💩🗣️WP🗣️💩 💩🧟😵SNL😵🧟💩 Dum-A-Crats 🖕

      1. Leslie Powell

        @Ronyfcb Farfan The do nothing Dum-A-Crats can impeach the moon for all we care! Donald J Trump is the President!! He ain't getting removed from office!!! Quid pro Joe is done. He is a swamp creature! 🖕 Impeach this 🖕 💋

      2. Ronyfcb Farfan

        Trump supporters can't accept that they voted for a traitorous man child

    54. ganga dharan

      They are all motherfuckers at WP

    55. Bryan Meekins

      SNL has skewered every president since Ford. If you're president, you're fair game. So far, Trump is the only one who has made an issue of it.

      1. Dearly Diane

        Bryan, I tend to agree but I don't really know anybody personally in DC. I don't know Trump either. If you think you can say that "Trump is a person without decency or honor" based on articles from Washington Post, I suggest more caution.

      2. Bryan Meekins

        @Dearly Diane well, here's the thing: Trump is a person eithout decency or honor. That is not a partisan statement, that is not TDS. Trump is simply the most visible freak in the sad pathetic freakshow that Washington has become. There is NOBODY, Republican or Democrat, in DC right now who has a shred of honor or decency. All I see on both sides are a bunch of yammering children throwing tantrums and getting nothing done. Just a bunch of rats in a maze. As president, Trump is merely the easiest target. Democrat, Republican, whatever; they're all rotten.

      3. Dearly Diane

        I think actually Obama was quite bland in terms of character. Imitating his way of speaking was a nice shtick but that's about it, unless they wanted to be rude, which they didn't. Obama was mostly untouchable due to PC.

      4. moguns1971

        When did they do obama so much material there.

      5. Dearly Diane

        Yes, they are only appealing to TDS sufferers these days and perhaps producing more of them with every show.

    56. cbr1thou

      Well they got the fake impeachment part right, remember to vote for Trump!

    57. gbonkers666

      Still not funny.

    58. David Nierzwick

      🤮snl not funny. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 thanks Adam

      1. David Nierzwick

        @Ronyfcb Farfan oh yeah🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      2. David Nierzwick

        @Ronyfcb Farfan you support transgender SOCIALIST and baby killers, facts. Yes I can call myself an American... what gender do you identify as? I don't want to offend you and send you running to your safe space.

      3. Ronyfcb Farfan

        @David Nierzwick Sorry, but you can't call yourself an American for supporting a draft Dodger who believes he's above the law.

      4. David Nierzwick

        @Ronyfcb Farfan ❤🇺🇸💪🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🙏

      5. Ronyfcb Farfan

        Poor sensitive Trump supporters, you can't accept that you voted for a man child

    59. Sharalynn Shanley

      Good one!!!

    60. Nick Kelly

      the Ambassador will now be heading to Georgetown University to do what exactly with tomorrows minds?

      1. Trevorkian

        There will be no minds of tomorrow.... Idiocracy was actually a documentary made in our future

    61. huckle berry

      TRUMP will win again in 2020. Durham and AG BARR will be taking many people to jail.

      1. Mr Johnson

        @88Crager Why? Cause Obummer did so well? GTFOH!!!!

      2. David Nierzwick

        Many Democrats to jail

      3. 88Crager

        One term president, time for a Democrat to take control.

    62. J T SMITH

      Not funny at all

      1. OlderG0ds

        Jack Butler good question. Probably because it’s owned by a guy with half a billion

      2. Jack Butler

        Then why are they still on air?

      3. Gustavo Davila

        Your the best u should run for president J T SMITH 2020

    63. Trevorkian

      Another piece of propaganda being pushed by the fake news media propaganda......

    64. Carl Brutananadilewski

      SNL = Political Propaganda. Garbage.

    65. catalinacurio

      SNL are genius and their much needed, humour helps people cope with the horror that trump and his GOP bring to America and her allies. 💖

      1. catalinacurio

        @Leslie Powell Way better, you mean the rise in white supremacy murders, racism and hate rhetoric under trump, THE RISE OF PUTIN! 🤢🤢🤢🤢

      2. Jerry Martinez

        What you think that's funny did somebody bribe you, what yea they did ,I knew it your guilty

      3. Dale Walker

        You are a joke certainly not SLN ........... They are real crap these days !

      4. Leslie Powell

        You ride the short bus? Or what? Trump has turned this country around, and things are going way better. The Dum-A-Crats are fueling all of this hate because they can't except 2016. Nobody likes Hillary. Should have went with Bernie. Too late 😔 SAD4U 😔

    66. Rune Hove-Kreutzfeldt

      When comedy is less crazy than everyday reality, there is something wrong

      1. 143freespeech nobuts

        @Dearly Diane There was an actual criminal charge with mountains of real evidence from Ken Starr in Clintons Impeachment. There is bi-partisanship in Trumps inquiry but it's between the Reps and Dems not the other way around. You see, Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn't go down this road without bi-partisan support. She lied. There was no bi partisan support for the Impeachment but there was bi-partisan support against the inquiry.

      2. Mr Johnson

        @Samuel Alexander Agreed!

      3. Samuel Alexander

        Dearly Diane Clinton is an actual criminal. That’s the difference

      4. mike mike

        @Mr Johnson Trump isn't God. Stop shamelessly dropping to your knees in admiration. If Trump was Jim Jones, you'd be speeding to the airstrip ready to silence pesky reporters.

    67. Tseleng Botlhole