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Ryan Prunty

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    Today I decided to sneak into the Funk Bros house. This was a challenge to see if I could get into the Funk Bros house without them seeing me! A lot has happened since Stove was kicked out of Carter Sharer's house. I saw him at the funk bros and we talked. I have a lot to tell everyone in my next video so please stay tuned.
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    1. Jay Flum

      Hey Ryan ur videos are LIT! 🔥🔥🔥 also he’s Tanner Braungardt

      1. BeccaBopper 8

        I love them

      2. Star raider

        He is?

      3. Hazel Martin


      4. N_j A

        Jay Flum Ryan Carter and legs are there and still with them

      5. Christopher Jacinto


    2. Shaylynn Weinhold

      wow you did that you should do that in to stoves little house just like lizzy did

    3. Turbo Joker

      6:01 Carter 6:07 Liz 6:51 Stove

    4. Gabriela Rodriguez Castro

      If you love Ryan turn that button blue

    5. Jessica Barwick

      I shall liz

    6. Braylon Owens

      His name is Tanner Braungardt

    7. Lizzy T

      Stove Carter Liz and Matt are there so you were probably invited

    8. Lilly Tablet

      I the tagr rillyl

    9. sofia's arts & crafts

      I love spying on people

    10. Bennett Platt

      Ryan is like my mom thats a fun car lol

    11. Elizabeth Woolbright

      I know all them I'm subscribing like to the funk Bros I watch them every day

    12. Robert Risley

      Are Carter and Liz there

    13. Clarissa James

      I love your vids and he's, name is Tanner Braungardt

    14. Sushmitha C

      Ryan your videos are 🔥🔥.... PS:I follow you on Instagram

    15. Olga Farias

      Does dogs are bad arent there sapouse to barck bad dogs bad



    17. Joshua Nelson


    18. ellaTwin 's


    19. EliteAndrey


    20. Meredith Cripe

      Morgan has crush on you

    21. Captinkid 2424

      Tanner b

    22. fortniterxxcayd Sub to me


    23. Leam Vlogs

      That is Tanner Brungard

    24. Lavinia TAUKEIAHO

      heyyyyy ryan i love ur video plzzzzzzz keep doing ur video

    25. Yashas Tarikere

      3:33 ummm

    26. Shammy Afsari

      Ryan you have amazing content and the persons name is Tanner Braungardt

    27. Jennifer Dye

      i saw stove,lizzy and carter

    28. Nickisha Lindner

      do you like lizz

    29. Franklin Wilkinson


    30. bimbolin 1227

      Ryan ur vids are epic and u look way more manlyer then him

    31. ballo yaya

      Hes tanner braungardt

    32. Roseline Etelier

      I love your intro 😄

    33. Viksgang ForLife

      They know he's there bc they all went there as a trip to hang out

    34. Kate Armstrong

      It looks like Lizzy that was at the pond riding the jet sky thingymabober

      1. Shelley Pleydell

        It isn't lizzy anymore . She is called Elizabeth

    35. Kate Armstrong

      This is how many people went straight to the comments and love the dream teams videos ⤵️

    36. Gaming with Lana

      Love you

    37. Gaming with Lana

      Yes we did know you were there

    38. Tori Rose

      Ryan his name in the laundry is Tyler funk

    39. MR Aw3some 22

      That was planned

    40. zeek Ryan Albin

      Christopher Alban

    41. guff guff squad

      His name is tannar fox

    42. Marwan Soltan

      Love you 😘 ryan

    43. Amal Borhot

      I thought stove was kicked out

    44. parris & pierre gang


    45. Olya Olya

      Wait that is from where carter did the pond challenge

      1. Jadopotatoateatomato -

        Olya Olya wich vid

    46. Wyatt Moss

      I'm so sorry that I accused you for not trusting you. Anyways you deserve a lot more subscribers.😎😎😊😭 your amazing.

      1. Wyatt Moss

        @Ryan Prunty oh yeah keep making videos😁😁😁

      2. Wyatt Moss

        @Ryan Prunty I dont miss one of your videos I watch them as fast as I can, it takes no pressure.

      3. Ryan Prunty

        Hey thanks for watching!

    47. Vermeesch Adam

      Ryan keep up on the lit videos

      1. Vermeesch Adam

        @Ryan Prunty u are awesome

      2. Ryan Prunty


    48. Kaylee Hedrick

      Please answer what happened to huter

    49. Itismebrayden

      Was that tanner brungart

    50. Goof Ball

      In tanner Braungardt’s video I told him you snuck in

    51. Riley Parkinson

      Stove is not pz9 Chad wild clay said pz9 is melvin Anthony search it ryan Carter sharer and lizzy capri

      1. Nargis Sajid

        It’s not me Melvin Anthony because the google imaged every pic and everyone was Melvin

    52. paulo dybala

      He is tanner

    53. Cheryl Roberts

      Carter. And. Lizzy are. There. And. Stove

    54. Superstar channel


    55. georgie Marbus

      see this is not boring but your friend carder is sooooo boring👎

    56. Maria Carrillo

      I think you are working for PZ9

    57. Vextal

      I thought Stove moved out

    58. Lucia Navarro

      Are u the real flash

    59. Jonathan M

      you are pz9

    60. Jenny Cruz

      Ryan I know your Pz 10 give it up

    61. YOSHILoverzz ROBLOX

      Ball pits are..... FUZZY????? Ryan, R U Ok?????

    62. Skyler Slisz Fox

      0:01 lol

    63. Barry

      He is Tannar Fox

    64. Dre Jones



      everyone unsubscribe


      why do u work for pz9

    67. Kellen Isom

      Ryan listens gonna hide and no be fair there and they she's going to take all the stuffing out a happen it and prank you watch out

    68. Jaime Gonzalez


    69. Odnoo Odnoo


    70. Kathy Obryan

      Tell carter that his brother is in trouble