SML Movie: The Imaginary Girlfriend!

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    Joseph gets an imaginary girlfriend!

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    1. Kaykay Abuel

      The worst she can say is i would rather die

    2. Mr Groove Doctor

      I think I know what Joseph did...

    3. Alex Valadez

      What were is sprinkel jospe is sould post to dateing sprinkel

    4. Kimi Mataakama

      Joseph love girl friend

    5. Crusader Gaming

      Predicted Logan and chilly's future

    6. sala yaj


    7. sonyboy Orellana

      8:34 is my fav

    8. i’m tired

      Make a video of Joseph’s time in the Park with Paige

    9. ice_berg gaming

      Eat Your Cereal!!!

    10. ice_berg gaming

      Rip juice

    11. Luis Garcia

      2:38 Cody your dating a doll

    12. Kevin ayala do you hv a dog

      hahaha! i liked when junior singed the wedding song thank you for ALL the video thank you so music

    13. zCottonCobra

      6.9m views... nice

    14. Mini ayo and mini teo

      1:28 Cody cheater

    15. jazzypooholarry08

      Joseph you f* page wow thats fast

    16. caiden tafoya

      Cody is🏳️‍🌈

    17. George Pizarro


    18. Marc Garfield Wesh

      It’s a secret

    19. GamingWithJohn

      Each character likes an animate objects Junior: Thomas Joseph:Paige Cody:ken Me: all my eletronics

    20. Adam Jr

      0:03 funniest part with 13:30

    21. lrblythe

      I love that Juice WRLD song

    22. Mary Maggard

      What did Joseph to the paper

      1. Eric Zheng

        He stuck his private part through the mouth and female private as a sign of intercourse

    23. Tefdon08 YT

      He met her at paper world

    24. Spider- Raptor SonicScout

      I think Joseph is on drugs. Anybody agree with me?

    25. knockout hail

      I love how when he asked are you singing juice world he said the same line in the new video and he did to

    26. Zolai Gil

      RIP juice wrld

    27. Clarice Robinson

      It would be stupid

    28. Xander Deleon

      oh no she didet

    29. Kenzie Gutierrez

      This video was so funny I exploed

    30. Rossi Nguyen

      It would be i admit it another hoe got me finished broke my heart oh no tshe disnt

    31. Aaron Tablet

      Assert Aqa

    32. Kxctz !

      When u watch sml as ur watching TV. ...

    33. Brandon Bagneris

      i haven't eaten in weeps 0:51

    34. blackjblck

      When the doctor said ew that made me laugh

    35. Angel Ahmed

      Joseph poop

    36. Chopli _

      This is how much Joseph Said take your time: 👇🏾

    37. A'Myah Randolph

      i can be joseph girl im pretty and hot soooo i like him

    38. Amazing Abel

      Is having a relationship with fake things just a trend now!😂😂😂 no hate

    39. X v Breezy

      Joseph is funny

    40. Davis Family Finesse

      she got good brain ya good top

    41. Jennifer Smulin Diver


    42. XxbrinxX

      What about sprinkle

    43. Fortnitekiller 2682

      3:02 Joseph page that’s the most beautiful name in the world jounior yea you would say that with any name we gave you

    44. iZAENE BENTO

      Mia cause she's my girl l friend.I am a boy this is my mom's account.

    45. Knuckleshacker66

      Joseph: there is no other girl like you Cody: Ctrl-V Ctrl-C

    46. TheMsguttachick2010

      G Vkcmffff🤷🙏👍😍😍😁😞💞💞😻👍😝🍎💞💞💘

    47. CryYeet

      Coby is SO FRICKING GAY

    48. Rylee Brickey

      If I could date anyone I would date Finn Wolfhard

    49. Ryla Kidd

      I would date Malachi

    50. Man of Fnaf

      Can you make a part 2 to this please

    51. zeyad channel

      And I like and sudcrib and ton on nodokeshkn

    52. zeyad channel

      And my chanl name zeyad chanl

    53. zeyad channel

      Hahaha Joseph and go to my chanel

    54. indra wijaya


    55. James Salinas

      I would date...........NO ONE


      If I could date anyone it would be Pokimane

    57. R72 Alpha

      at 10:25 I yelled r.i.p to the goat r.i.p. juice wrld

    58. Colby


    59. Mustache productions

      13:59 evil laugh intensifies

      1. Mike Phelps

        I bet Logan a million dollars that he’s gonna make Joseph become evil. Some video.

    60. Mustache productions

      13:46 she got dat thang on her

    61. Mustache productions

      10:46 Y U BREAK FOURTH WALL?!?!

    62. Fatima Hernandez

      He's a doll dude hahahaha 🤣🤣

    63. Kimberly Burris


    64. Kimberly Burris

      Hell ya

    65. 🕇Blood Emerald Kingdom🕇

      VIDEO IDEA Jeffy New girlfriend When Jeffy in school doing his usual stuff and Jackie chan introduce an new girl and her name was janett to and she pretty much Least ugly and Jeffy fell in love with her and Jeffy ask her out and she yes and two weeks later they became Boyfriend and girlfriend and jeffy introduce to mario and mario got shock but he accept her and jeffy did not know that his girlfriend been cheating him with scotter and Jeffy found out and beat the crap of scotter and jeffy kick out scotter and his Ex Girlfriend and jeffy go to his room and crys and jeffy was Singing Haunt U By Lil Peep and Mario confert jeffy and Told him theres plenty of girl out there and everything go back to normal end out the video

    66. Hippobuttgod9000 Crackerjack

      Is that bimbo chilly

    67. Xbox_ToasterSystem

      Cody: Ken Jospeh: Drawing Jr.: Chef Pee pee

    68. HyperMovies

      😂 juice wrd

    69. Gabriela Martinez


    70. Liz Lopez

      My crush 😍