SML and Tito's New Ride for 21 HOURS! (BED in the TRUNK!)



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    He'll never learn and Tito keeps getting pulled into this mess lol at least the had an awesome way to get there!
    Going to try to get fan mail out tomorrow!!

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    1. Jonah Schwartz

      Can you guys just drive to Alaska cause fuck it?


        Alakazamlover4 r/wooosh


        Yveltr r/wooosh

      3. Gregory Amicar 57

        My name is Gregory Amicar 57! Racer of dinocolight! My first win was at the motor speedway of the south.

      4. Zazy Mendez

        I mean junior goes ice fishing would be a good Alaska vid 😂

      5. Mike The security guard

        Jonah Schwartz how about seattle?

    2. Jake Doig

      £€€¥|\ |\\ ¥€

    3. Jake Doig


    4. Amint TubeYT

      Pimp my ride😂

    5. Miami Marlins 27

      My favorite things are monster jam monster energy ama supercross nascar football and baseball

    6. Frantic

      Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pat

    7. jonathan higgins

      But how are you gonna go Hawaii if they play there?

    8. Julia Rafael

      Why steelers i love steelers

    9. Lego Stories

      This is how many times logan says come on pat 👇

    10. Emberlion 23

      12:08 in the background look at the number

    11. CharcoalBird 542

      Yeah pat

    12. Zedak 35

      I live in Richmond please visit me please Logan please😢

    13. Jay Collins

      I am biggest fan chilly From jay

    14. Thepoophead27

      You guys where 2 or one town away from me and I missed it F

    15. Tarasco1911

      Fuck the patriots

    16. Cinnigen19

      Florida to Australia challenge

    17. Gabe Delmaro


    18. Mary Kachuk

      Detroit lions are better

    19. John Stull

      “Today is Thursday now it’s Friday” Logan 2019

    20. Tanner Picks on nerds

      Logan brush your teeth.:(

    21. Dylan Snyder

      So have you guys seen the new smash direct

    22. FreeLos

      Is that a Filthy Frank reference?

    23. The Classic 80s

      This is how many times he said thats what im talking about pat | | 👇

      1. SuperFreddy FNAF6

        Like beggar.

    24. William Collesano

      As a bills fan, born and raised in Buffalo NY, nothing angers me more than god damn Tom Brady

    25. o noes

      Lol Logans puns with Big burger

    26. Easton Cox

      Come on JJ watt

    27. TimeFuse SuperSayian

      :O I live in Boston!

    28. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

      12:08 guy with the jersey number 69 lol

    29. Damian Gonzalez

      Seahawks forever

    30. Big arlo fan O yaa lets go

      My team lost nooooo

    31. JSA Xaraz

      Make a stop for Tennessee. Come see me. Logan: nah I’m good. I’ll put a $100 bill in it. Logan: ummmm. Brooklyn t guy: Okay!! I’m on my way champ!!

    32. Alicia Bagwell

      i thought teeds license was suspended

    33. ledeel lee

      I'm a steelers fan

    34. Short_Stack_ 8488

      Steelers all the way

    35. Short_Stack_ 8488

      Fuck the patriots

    36. King 80hd

      Omg I’m in Boston

    37. toxic

      im offended becuase ......... im a steelers fan u big bitch logan lol

    38. Snoopy

      The patriots are retards. They deflated the ball in the super bowl against seahawks.

    39. Ben Wilson

      Steelers all the way

    40. galactic melon

      I thought Logan said he would never drive again

    41. The Not So Good Guys

      Tito's hairline and forehead make me moist

    42. THE REAL ONE

      I haven’t seen this channel in a long but Tito looks like a white rick James 😆

    43. asen1448 espinoza

      I hate the Patriots, but I love SML

    44. Kenshi Experience

      Pause 12:08 A 🐀 in jail

    45. Gavin lane

      Steelers is my team

    46. JayceThe Face2

      why did my balls go in and my dicky stick a wicky

      1. JayceThe Face2

        stick stickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstickstick

    47. Matthew Davis

      Go patreyets

    48. Ryan Parmer

      The song at 4:57

    49. Kye Playz

      I’m a Steelers fan :( stop makin jokes about Ben Roethlisberger

      1. Snoopy

        Your a stealer

    50. Holben 2005

      When Logan & Chilly said they hate Godsmack, that was one of the most offensive things I've ever heard :/



    52. Egg Productions

      The patriots suck

    53. Juelius vas

      Get it right it's a SUV

    54. Dried Water

      Poopy yum poooop

    55. Dried Water

      Poopy yum poooop

    56. Dried Water

      Poopy yum poooop

    57. Dried Water

      Poopy yum poooop

    58. Dried Water

      poopy yummy poooop

    59. Jeffy Jeffy

      Ben WroteHisBurger

    60. Shane Hickoriy

      Godsmack is a great band

    61. Shane Hickoriy

      Godsmash, or Godsmack

    62. Ali jallow

      Why tee do look like lord far quad in shreck

    63. GUCCI LPS

      I had a field trip there for school

    64. iiryanblaney ryan

      I was at the game but i dint see yall i had sideline pass

    65. Blaise Campbell

      I wonder if they like other rock bands cause they barely talk about their music preferences other than pop

    66. Lashawn Bolona

      What the hell is wrong qith logan crackhead ass But chilly is just fine me liked

    67. Inoob8C

      Hi can you give me a shoutout im a HUGE fan

    68. Joseph Matteson

      F*** the patriots. Go pittsburg!!!! And also they got the 2018 superbowl champions wrong the eagles won.

    69. Gary Guy789


    70. Juan Rivera

      I am from Philadelphia