Slipknot - Solway Firth [OFFICIAL VIDEO]



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    "Solway Firth” | New song & video out now, featuring footage from the new Amazon Original series The Boys created with Uproxx and Amazon Prime Video.
    The Boys is out now only on Amazon Prime Video
    M. Shawn Crahan - Director
    Nic Neary - Producer
    Kurt Campbell-Anderson - Executive Producer
    Ben Majoy - Creative Director
    Jamie Carter - Director of Photography
    Ryan Mackfall - Director of Photography
    Mike Spagnoli - Editor
    Today, up on this hill, I’m counting all the killers
    They sway as they swarm, a look of gluttons in their eyes
    They mutter as the body loses warmth
    They pick your bones like locks inside a tomb
    And take great care to not take care of YOU
    While I was learning to live, we all were living a lie- I guess you got what you wanted
    So I will settle for a slaughterhouse soaked in blood and betrayal
    It’s always somebody else… somebody else was me- you want the real smile?
    Or the one I used to practice, not to feel like a failure?
    I don’t need you to do it for me/I don’t need you to understand
    I don’t need you to hide it from me/ I just want to feel like any other man
    I won’t show you the whole story/I won’t show you the aftermath
    I won’t show you my allegory
    Don’t look away… HERE’S AN UNEXPLAINABLE ONE
    I’m not ahead of my time- I just drew the first breath- If I’m alive tomorrow
    I will alleviate the pressure… by cutting you out of me
    I found my bottom line- dead on the front lines- I know I’ll never go home
    So set fire to your ships and past regrets and be free
    I don’t need you to do it for me/I don’t need you to understand
    I don’t need you to hide it from me/ I just want to feel like any other man
    I won’t show you the whole story/I won’t show you the aftermath
    I won’t show you my allegory
    Don’t look away… HERE’S AN UNEXPLAINABLE ONE
    While I was learning to live, you taught me how to die- I guess I got what I wanted
    Another needle in the back through purified scarification
    It wasn’t somebody else- you fucking did it to me.
    You want a real smile?
    I haven’t smiled in years.

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    1. Slipknot

      We Are Not Your Kind is available worldwide. Listen here: If you purchased a pair of tickets online to the Knotfest Roadshow, check your email now to redeem your digital copy.

      1. david baumgras

        Best fucking show of my entire life, got to see you at DTE for the first time. Thank you guys for not only being a huge part of my life, but continuing to be as incredible 20 years later!!!! Long live the knot!!! Cant wait to see you guys again in the future!

      2. Scootalo o

        Loved seeing the Decker mask at 1:18

      3. Lance raven Mallorca


      4. Lance raven Mallorca


      5. A Stringer

        @Alamyst2011 fair enough, not heard anything before Crowz in 97

    2. Jake Allen

      who else saw the ad on youtube for their new album?

    3. Binha Araújo

    4. дмитрий е%иванов

      не то.

    5. Alexandru-Nicolae Mocanu

      This is such bullshit:)))

    6. djhow Slip

      Curto sliP, há 15 anos e vim agradecendo a cada álbum deles,como fä sempre tive respeito e fidelidade pela banda... Mais vai toma no cù,essa é a melhor música que já ouvi na vida...vai se foder eu como fä posso dizer,música do caralho ela explode minha imaginação......pancada ...pancada...pancada....não sei se vivo ouvindo ao vivo.

    7. Anthony Genovese

      Welcome back! I loved it

    8. Em Emmi

      I enjoy it with my BaBy.

    9. Ahmad Haikal

      The bassist look even scary

    10. Sharing Lungs

      I love the part at 2:22 when the drums kick in to double bass.

    11. J. Sam

      Thank you slipknot,,,,,, head bang 🤘🤘🤘🤘 hair thrashing

    12. Gustavo Loyo

      Definitivamente estos malditos tipos son "otra vaina" cada vez suenan mejor...

    13. aleks bro

      Розстрелять нахуй!!!

    14. Puppy Pet

      come on… If you like it fine but it shows just how many of you are living sad lives. Check your wife and kids whom are not there… Check your financial records there bleak… have another snort drink another beer for this is you… Until you look for the real good stuff bands like this will rape your pockets for your measly pennies leaving you corrupted and leaving them rich

    15. Sławek Kozik


    16. Pepeh


    17. Manuel echeverria

      I bought some new headphone to have this song blast straight into my ear canals good thing I got warranty because they broke

    18. Leandro costa

      A melhor!

    19. The Token Vamp

      I really dig the new song. Glad to see Mick and Jim are still badasses. I didn’t much care for Corey’s new mask..I just felt like the Phantom of the Opera was yelling at me 🤣. All seriousness tho it’s good. 🤘🏻

    20. Jasu Nasu


    21. Kid Bengala

      Five five five six six six

    22. Dan Wood

      9.5k ppl need their faces smashed in porcelain basins

    23. Marianna Rossini

      Melhor clipe da minha vidaaaa 🔥🔥🔥

    24. jonathan silva

      Muito foda. 👽

    25. Joshua Stubbs

      This is the type of thing that makes me want to go to a slipknot concert, but sadly 12 year old me will never.

    26. mateo zambrano

      CZ-news: I did not see anything...

    27. skulletor

      Chick at 2:45 looks like one of the Manson family women

    28. Dakota Robinson


    29. Suba-Dude

      I think I have given this video about 10K views, myself alone 😱😬😎 .... so sick!

    30. Donna Camacho

      Movie??, wich is it name?

    31. Jesús de la Rosa

      This song is ahead on time... Brutal!!!!

    32. J3RIT0_7


    33. Thembinkosi Sikuza

      it's so funny that i am a black man who loves hip hop n Rnb but also listening to Slipknot,when i played his music someone would ask me" why is your favourite artist always so angry when he sings "

    34. Raven Black

      I'm just a proud maggot from Tunisia 🇹🇳✊

    35. Anthony Picklesimer

      Is it just me or does some of the drums sound like Meshuggah bleed

    36. Felipe Mora

      His voice Is so cute

    37. pinanti

      WTF ?

    38. Marcos Gonçalves

      Muito foda 🤘🏻☠️👺

    39. Wheress_Aldo_

      Just got done watching the boys. IT FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD YALL NEED TO WATCH IT

    40. Noah Selkirk

      Makes me wanna rob my own house

    41. Tiago Amorim

      Vai se foder que música foda do caralho!!!!!!

    42. honk monk

      The big wheel at 1:02 ruined it completely

    43. Randy Longstreet

      Slipknot + The Boys FUCK YES.

    44. aaarthur

      Best song from WANYK

    45. John Williams


    46. iruleharderthanyou12

      He is definitely not using an english accent in the chorus, dunno what Fantano is hearing

      1. Jack M

        Hes an American

    47. Marko Zivanovic

      One of those intros you never skip 👌

    48. Марија Симић

      I played this all day! It's so powerfull!

    49. Jair Sánchez

      Wow! You got an unique talent to make all of your songs sounds the same!

      1. Jack M

        Ah yes. Because people=shit is identical to Snuff.

    50. missmicheleo

      People that like this band have lost their hearing.

      1. Zetoria

        Go listen ed sheeran if you dont like

    51. Кирилл

      What is the name of the film that is in the clip?

    52. Jose Hernandez

      Corey Taylor at his finest

    53. divinefallfromgrace

      This is my favourite Slipknot tune in a long time. I'm a passive fan of the band, and I don't think the in-between stuff is poor, just that THIS is particularly good! It's more... dark and seething again?!? 🤔🙂

    54. Matty's Guitar

      Muy satanico quiasco

    55. Hemant Sharma

      With every new mask Corey surprise the hell out of me with his creativity. 🤟🏼

    56. Elan

      i played this at my school, now it's... wait where is the school? Oh, it became an asylum.

    57. Ёжик Александрович

      Кори Тэйлор Пидор, который превратил всё в деньги. Уволил хороших людей. А так, неплохо.

    58. Thiago Bampi

      Caramba velho... que som poderoso tem essa Solway Firth. É porrada na cabeça!! Muito bem feita, a cara do Slipknot. Em minha opinião, é a melhor do We Are Not Your Kind.

    59. Anon

      I guess they couldn't be bothered to make a real music video. Just phoned this one in. Horrible.

      1. Jack M

        Virtually every music video from the 70s is just live and they are some of the most iconic videos so shut up kid

      2. Jack M

        Oh get over it you whine bag.

    60. James Risk

      I love how they feature clips from 'The Boys' on here but make it seem more like a gritty gangster flick than a sci fi show about evil superheroes

    61. Brude Witch

      I give this 11 Corey Taylor YEEAAAUUH's / 10

    62. Chris Sutcliffe

      People getting hyped at fuck for one dude in a mask! I remember when people were getting hyped at all these mother fuckers wearing masks and no one knew who they were. I’m too old for this shit I don’t even know why I’m typing any more ........ zzzzzz

    63. Shiiro Megitsune

      I love you Slipknot 😍

    64. Derek M

      Imo the best new slipknot song, you guys are sofa king brutal. I love it 🤘"you want the real smile, or the one I used to practice not to feel like a failure."🔥🔥🔥

    65. Shiiro Megitsune


    66. fuckthesystem

      One of the most agressive songs ever in nu metal history. Absolutely love it

    67. apram

      10%what song 50%what album 100%what film !

    68. Chris Tina


    69. Rebel Rocker

      Rejoice Maggots Slipknot are #1 on the album chart.

    70. Robin blup

      His screaming is fking dope!!