Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys' Week 7 win over the Eagles | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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    Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys stomping the Philadelphia Eagles 37-10 in a huge NFC East match up last night.
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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
    Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys' Week 7 win over the Eagles | NFL | UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

      Are the Cowboys serious Super Bowl contenders this season?

      1. Sa1Blad3

        @Stacy Lynn Sutherland great answer

      2. Jd Hendrix

        @Hector Rodriguez lucky? If they won lucky it would have been a 3 point win. 37 to 10 is a blowout not lucky

      3. Matthew Burnett

        JacquesAnthonyMusicTV by the way that defense carrying Brady also ranks number one in offense

    2. O Oh

      Dallas won’t win any more games

    3. Ciaran Finneran

      How bout Dem cowboys , no more excuses shannon just admit it we will win the NFC east

    4. The Underdawg

      I like Shannon better when he's roasting the cowboys

    5. Juan Hernandez

      Only reason why they had second best rushing defense it’s because everyone was throwing against their awful secondary

    6. Edwin Kubena

      Next time they play and they will Eagles will whip Cowboys S

    7. Mikel Keith

      Shannon you need to shut up, you really look like you hating Zak because he's a light skin black man, so you need to shut ,up you and Michael Jordan hating on Steph Curry , saying that he's not a Hall of Famer , which is, totally ridiculous, that can't be no accident, take your time look in the mirror, get a grip to reality, the Optics just don't look good you're from the south he's from the Optics, and he's light skinned ,and you constantly not wanting to give him his credit just like Michael Jordan does , he deserves his money ,and credit, if all those other fools got theirs.

    8. ThE PrEdAtOr

      It was a good win vs a depleted eagles team. Might put Dallas around 15-18th right now. Hopefully they get a lot better after the bye.

    9. nieooj gotoy

      Hearing Shannon talk shop, you just imagine what kind of head coach he would be in the NFL.

    10. Karl Semanski

      As a die hard Eagles fan I respect and appreciate skips comments every week after every game . Thanks skip for the insights into your knowledge of the game while keeping your loyalty to the team you love. And that you to Shannon for your support 👍 you guys are awesome thanks for all you guys bring to the sport. But as a proud member of the LTBB community Go Carson most still believe! Let The Bronco Buck!!!

      1. lemon 7

        Listen dallas made it twice and we lost first round in play offs and then next second round we are developing

      2. nieooj gotoy

        What makes cowgirls Super Bowl contenders after beating the eagles who clearly wasn’t playing they best and gave them 14 points we will be back at the top #FlyEaglesFly💪

    11. afutla qian

      Shannon “BUT HERES THE THAAAAANG SKIUUUUUUP” Sharpe - love this show and all that they do. Best sports debate show on tv! 😂✊🏽🗣

    12. fatfitness vang

      Cowboys and pres still suck

    13. J S

      When Skippy talks about Dak the ball sack... He/she (not sure the pronoun) reminds "you" of Uncle Rico (Napoleon Dynamite) I'm talking about his quarterbacking days...

      1. J S

        @afutla qian I want them to win too...but Dak won't get it done

      2. afutla qian

        How Bout DEM BOYS!! 😎

    14. Donald Pace

      The Bird's suck right now...

    15. MattnCam0408

      Wentz is wayyyy better then Dak hahaha

    16. MattnCam0408

      Dallas hasnt beatn anyone hahahaha

    17. MattnCam0408

      Skip is such a hypocrit

    18. JEFF JACK

      Jason the "clapper" needs to go away.. Let ROMO coach the team.. Jerry loves romo give the man a shot to coach

    19. T Wik

      They will lose next time

    20. Branon Fontaine

      The Clownboys were hardly dominant, they beat a horrible Philly squad, so what?! All that means is the Niners, Packers, and Shithawks would destroy Dallas....Dallas won't win a wild card game, if they even make it THAT far....smmfh

    21. NO PATS JIM

      win a couple more games first come on, they are still 1-3 in last 4 games looks TERRIBLE!

    22. Chris Barnett

      How is beating another team at 500 a quality win? News flash guys. NFC East is by far the worst division in the NFC if not in the NFL. First place Dallas has a worse record than ever second place team in the rest of the divisions in the NFC. That is pathetic. The NFC East is garbage. Who wins this division will be 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 at best.

    23. Bobby Axelrod

      i LOVE to see shay shay eat crow

    24. McLaren

      Nothing for Shannon and Skip to debate.... a rare boring Cowboys segment

    25. vincent james

      How bout them COWBOYS

    26. Stay Trippy

      What makes cowgirls Super Bowl contenders after beating the eagles who clearly wasn’t playing they best and gave them 14 points we will be back at the top #FlyEaglesFly💪🏾

    27. Carson James IV

      OK SKIP, ,🤣😂😎

    28. Carson James IV

      "HUNG 50 oN EM", SHEESH, SHANNON!!!😎😎✔✔BANK!!

    29. Carson James IV

      How Bout DEM BOYS!! 😎

    30. Prentice Faber

      Carson aint that good Sharp.

    31. Kool Change


    32. gold mouth garage

      Let's go

    33. Ricardo Jimenez

      Is it a requirement to talk about the cowboys every show. How fkn ridiculous. There are 31 other teams.

    34. Meme Buffet

      Philly take them Ls after they lost against a team that can't get a proper offensive touchdown

    35. Kamu Ela

      Been waiting for this all season

    36. The Tyler Show Network

      This guy skip Said Tipoff for a Football game

    37. Stephen McCulley

      Give some love for that 63 yard leg blast.

    38. Account Security

    39. Buttstank McGoo

      Jason garret needs to get fired

    40. keepaustinweird714

      "ZEKE...….AND...….DESTROY!!!!" They should play that at every home game when he makes a TD....."Searchin', Seek and Destroy".

    41. Alex Torres

      The eagle's have a depleted secondary. Wait till the next game. The cowboys will lose and all the analysts will be dumbfounded again. This shows how much theater these actors give us. Skip Bayless is truly out of his mind. He pisses everyone off for ratings. Everyone knows the cowboys are not contenders. End of story.

    42. Lisle Tenderfoot

      They haven't mentioned the Titans in a single segment all season

    43. Samuel I

      If that SAME scenario had happened in reverse, and the Cowboys had turned it over twice, Shannon would have been calling them trash... not making excuses.

    44. Ryan Lauderdale

      Houston was locked into Patrick Mahomes from jump. So did the Colts. The Chiefs and the Eagles both have trash defenses. Doesn't mean the Cowboys can beat the best in the league. Did Carson Wentz play bad, and the Cowboys play good? Yes. But I'm not worried about Dallas. They still lost to Aaron Rodgers, Sam Darnold, and Teddy Bridgewater. They will lose to Tom Brady before the season is over. Enjoy your one quality win while it lasts.

    45. Gengi Webb


    46. christopher frey

      Dallas still hasn’t beaten anybody. And I’m an eagles fan. Philly sucks this year. Besides their packer win. They haven’t played well against a good team

    47. Ufo World [Nasar engineer technology ]

      Best team ever hooooeah

    48. Colby T

      Hahah come on man it was a healthy team vs a banged up team and the healthy team won

    49. Army Strong

      Yes my cowboys where highly motivated to win that game as they should, i will take the win but i want to see this effort for the rest of the season. This game is just 1 game. We leading division but. Ot conference so we still have work to do

    50. Adam Maes

      Dak (on his back ) prescott .why didnt the cowboys beat the jets .oh cowboys were injuered lol 😂 eagles are so injured and depleted but skip dont say nothing about that huh

    51. Adam Maes

      You gotta be reved up pumped up locked in every game skip .hey skip do u look foolish to get t.v ratings cause i know your not that really stupid to think the cowboys are so great .u hit dak he crys

    52. JMart

      As a cowboys fan, I honestly can’t stand this homer named Skip. All I know is Garrett ain’t taking a very talented group of guys anywhere this year. JG has got to go. Jerry just to stupid by keeping him

    53. TurntUpJess

      Cowgirls fans are so delusional lmao😂😂😂 one win and they think there gonna win the Super Bowl when before this they lost 3 in a row

    54. victheslick22

      Humble pie for Shannon!

    55. Christopher Hensley

      Shannon: Breaks down football plays like an analyst should. Skip: ON DISPLAY IS JUST HOW GREAT MY TEAM CAN BE WHEN THEY ARE LOCKED IN.

    56. RASTA GOD

      One win dont mean Superbowl

    57. BDN Roll

      Eagles gave the cowboys and their fans false hope they beat a bad team, look at skip react to this win. Eagles defense is garbage and the receivers aren’t helping Wentz at all. Let Wentz get an Amari or Zeke.

    58. dr_kingschultz93

      Respect to Shannon on facing the music on this one.

    59. Michael Sinclair


    60. jacob crabb

      To be fair nobody ever said cowboys sucked we said Dak sucks n he does the running game sets the tone for y'all when tht gets shutdown all eyes on Dak n he plays terrible in those moments.

    61. fireball1

      I'm Late but where my eagle fans at?

    62. Michael Sinclair

      WE??? WE???? Didn't know if you you were on the SEAGULLS??? GOT Milk hmmmm

    63. harmonyam


    64. Matthew McPeek

      When the division? Yes. Lose in the 1st round of the playoffs? Yes.

    65. Dwood Wow

      Eagles trash

    66. Jessica Garza

      Eagles is a joke!!

    67. Juan Nunez

      I meeeeeeaaaannnn the Eagles are close to being really bad. So it's a somewhat of a quality win.

    68. Julian Upchurch

      we would have won if we had DeSean Jackson

    69. Jessie Couch

      I think loseing to jets lit the fire

    70. snoozeflu

      Disappointed these two didn't acknowledge the 63-yard field goal by Maher. That's not easy and deserves recognition.