Sketch Comedy on Tik Tok

Cody Ko

Cody Ko

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    Sketch Comedy on Tik Tok
    Cody Ko
    Edited by Noah Samsen

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    1. Flaming Shark 808

      I’m watching this video at 4 AM and Cody is the only good part of it but the rest is just bad period just bad....

    2. Sebastian Rodriguez

      I almost wanna dislike Cody’s video because of how shit the TikToks are

    3. Team Leaf

      Boy Cody really loving that graduation theme huh

    4. kate linehan

      I cant even watch this

    5. Rion Shellooe

      The mom is thic that’s the whole thing chodester

    6. Anita Ādmine

      Cody ko: "Tiktok is stupid" Also cody ko: makes a tiktok account and posts on it

    7. Rebecka Fjällström

      her sketches are more confusing than my sexuality

    8. Red Mustang 1976

      The only thing you need to make video's like this is a Hot thic blonde girl in tight pants acting like a dumbass and you are golden.

    9. S VdL

      I saw a TikTok of someone saying this; “People say I’m a Barbie because I have blonde hair, long eyelashes and long nails, but what they don’t know...IS THAT I BROKE 3 FINGERNAILS LIFTING HEAVY STUFF... IN THE GYM, But I don’t complain about it” I was just like bruh

    10. Wilson Yeap

      Great video, Cody. I

    11. Gavin Su

      9:54 Myles Garrett Thursday night

    12. Justin Daniels

      What song is Cody ok mimicking 8:36

    13. drysoup

      Tik tok? more like lik cok

    14. Val B

      Cody looks like a fucking great grandpa on his 103rd birthday when his great grand kids give him gifts 4:43

    15. Katelynn Puckett

      Cody is really the only youtuber that makes me laugh

    16. Trevor Omondi

      so cringe😂

    17. aishaTha1st

      Dude post more...... like wtf, your other job’s so much more important now ? BITCH WE WANT MORE

    18. Josh Thomas

      1 like for every anti e boy

    19. Kristen Jeffries

      Bro, that’s five below, not Walmart, you uppity old man

    20. Ludy Waffle

      not trying to judge but some of these skits are like... literally just to show off the mum's body

    21. Kaitlyn Koelz

      Idk why it took me so long to watch a Cody Ko video.. something always just stopped me but.... I think I’m in love

    22. Annabelle Westby

      One thing I will say is that when you download a tik tok you can only download 15 seconds of it. That’s all I gotta say.

    23. Balbo Boogins

      It’s all fun in games until somebody creases your black Airforces 10:11

    24. MADEinMAIDSTONE1993


    25. EG3113

      Zoomer humor.

    26. Brenna McKinney

      Goddamnit Cody. I’m trying to do my homework and your out here being funny and distracting. The audacity.

    27. mourningdove

      1:36 the knock on the door gave me a heart attack

    28. Madi Hahn

      “it’s not your birthday angel mAmmiiii”

    29. RA bk

      2:35 Travis Scott

    30. Baka

      It’s not your birthday angelmami!

    31. Ford Mustang

      That mom is a thirsty slut....lmao

    32. Madison Freeman

      That is FIVE BELOW my man otherwise known as my poor childhood hangout

    33. Madeline

      i think it's weird how where i live there's a china one right next to a subway, and wherever this family is, as well

    34. Brent Lievense

      Please don’t buy booty shorts

    35. IntrinsicSuave

      Wtf, there's a poster or framed photo of my pfp in his room 🤔

    36. KC

      *THAT'S IT*

    37. Danny Madison

      Oh god lol, she thinks she's a "model"

    38. Anna Christine

      Y’all. Why is Tik Tok so bad? I feel like I’ve seen one funny tik tok ever.

    39. Josh Thomas

      guess who has to switch towns cuz this woman went to the same barber as i do

    40. Romy Thijssen

      Nobody: Cody: HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA 0:06

    41. Nicole

      I lost a minimum of 2,853,674 brain cells watching their Tik toks

    42. UrBoiAaron YT

      10:09 who else sees the vain poping out of his hand

    43. NotBlizzardWolf

      Thank you Cody Ko for ending the video by giving me anxiety. I need that punchline, bro. I need it.

    44. tooblanktofunction

      4:39 is a cameo from Drew Gooden

    45. Logan Schlaud

      Yooo when he put that knocking sound effect in their I lowkey thought someone was at my house and it late that shot had me dead

    46. santiago

      Honestly you need to have very high iq to understand angelmamis tik toks

    47. Marijayne Whitefield

      What kind of Walmarts do you go to? Because that was five below.

    48. isabelle giaquinto

      do a thats cringe on charlie damelio

    49. TTV.URDAD

      Can u do a that’s cringe again

    50. Sam Gomez

      The video they made addressing how weird their videos are felt like a fever dream

    51. - BurritoVikings -

      Why is pomp and circumstance his background music lmao

    52. Vlatku A.

      0:41 Danny Duncan's merch

    53. Jiminsi Boi

      Your just getting the worse of tiktok, the scraps of the bottom. There’s some actually funny ones💀💀

    54. The Cynster

      I think she’s making fun of people

    55. Blaaz3 ↇ

      That mom is definitely a milf Wish she was my stepmom

    56. ClaraBell3452

      Who else wants cody to release a complete cover of that song?

    57. yikes

      they’re speaking the language of the gods

    58. kayla martinez

      Am calling CPS that child isn’t safe. He’s living with reptilians.

    59. Logan Mcintire

      20 bucks she left her husband got all his money was with the black dude her whole marriage then found tik tok

    60. Bethany Barrick

      Funny you are and good looking cody

    61. linda iglesias

      6:04 that's the same face I had during the whole situation. Just WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK AM I WATCHING?

    62. aaron grisham

      She’s the type of lady to say the N word and get away with it cause she’s married. But, those people are dumb. I wanna kill myself after this.

    63. Minipic

      This video had me DYING.

    64. Naomi Blankcard

      I have no brain cells left after these videos.

    65. phatbaby

      she hella thick tho

    66. ItsRuta

      7:20 he's going mentally insane

    67. ItsRuta

      5:59 bro he broke the fourth wall

    68. parallel bebo

      Is that the new iPhone 11


      Do another video with Noel pls

    70. Luke Odea

      Ok Boomer